12 Mind-Flustering Hybrid Xenomorph Species Explored In Detail

    The Xenomorph is the ideal monster, the pinnacle of fear, and it has been haunting humanity since its conception in 1979. There were hundreds of different sorts of these aliens, each with its own physiology and characteristics.

    As you may know, Xenomorphs emerge from their hosts and take on their fundamental physical and genetic characteristics. As a result, different strains of them are formed.

    Anyone who has watched the Alien movies, read the comics, or simply has a passing knowledge of these creatures has often pondered what it would be like if a Xenomorph originated from various animals, such as the T-Rex, Rhinoceroses, or maybe vampires.

    You don’t have to envision them anymore because diverse authors have given them their own distinctive touches. We’ll expose you to some of the most ferocious and coolest Xenomorphs ever seen in any medium in this video. So buckle up and lower the lights because this is going to be a terrifying trip.

    Xenomorph T-Rex

    Xenomorph T-Rex

    A Trilobite developed the Xenomorph T-Rex in the late Cretaceous epoch, yet the Trilobite didn’t exist at the time. So, how did it manage to get the T-Rex pregnant? A time machine was being built by a group of scientists when a Trilobite entered the machine and travelled back in time. The monster has never appeared in a film, comic, or video game, although it does appear in role-playing games.

    It was first seen in an Appalachia village where it desecrated the houses and slaughtered the people, something that’s natural with all T-Rexes. However, a Yautja named Dark attacks it and other Xenomorphs come to the Xenomorph T-Rex’s help. The battle turned intense, but another Yautja named Ferno joined in and somewhat tamed the Xeno Rex to keep it as his pet.

    As you may know, Xenomorphs inherit a quarter of their host creature’s genetic composition and intellect. Similarly, the Xeno Rex’s major strength is its strength and endurance, as well as its characteristics.

    As a result, it is comparable to larger Xenomorphs such as the Rogue Alien King or the Queen Mother herself. While the Xeno Rex’s forearms are similar to those of a T-Rex, its torso is protected by Xenomorph armour that is stronger than T-Rex skin and muscles.

    It has a large crown on its head, similar to experienced Praetorians or Xenomorph Queens. The spikes on its back and tail save it from sneak attacks; the tail also has bladed spikes that can deal heavy damage. If the creature managed to roam around the Earth and reproduce, it would be the dominant species instead of humans.

    Dog Alien

    Dog Alien

    A facehugger impregnates a dog named Spike in Alien 3. Spike gives birth to a quadrupedal chestburster, but it has completely grown into a Xenomorph and grows into a runner.

    The Dog Alien differed from a Xenomorph generated from a human in several ways, the most notable of which being its quadruped posture and digitigrade hind legs. The Dog Alien possessed teeth in its inner jaw and a long, smooth head crest, similar to drones.

    While most Xenomorphs are greyish-black in colour, this one’s skin was a reddish-brown hue. Although capable of walking and running in a bipedal stance, the Dog Alien ran swiftly when it was on all four and preferred to remain so at all times. It’s essentially a running Xenomorph which, as some of you may already know, is a separate caste of Xenomorphs.

    Runners are the fastest of all Xenomorphs, but they sacrifice strength for speed. When they encounter a prey or enemy, they tend to outmaneuver them rather than try and overpower them. Having said that, their speed is so high that it creates a momentum capable of crushing bones.

    The Dog Alien from Alien 3 did not develop from a chestburster, as previously said. Spike instead changed into a Xenomorph following the impregnation and merely needed to expand in size. When it comes to intellect, the Dog Alien depends on stealth and surprise.

    Similarly, because they are usually in smaller groups, all runners adopt similar offensive methods. Runner Xenomorphs, like raptors and other pack hunters, wait for the right opportunity to unleash their attack.

    The Dog Alien murdered everyone on Fiorina 161, but Ripley was spared because she was pregnant with a Queen chestburster. In general situations, a Xenomorph Drone would rather cocoon humans for the Queen’s Ovomorphs and facehuggers. But it is quite possible that the canine killed humans to ensure the young Queen’s safety.

    Snake Alien

    Snake Alien

    The Snake Alien was created by Kenner as part of their Alien Series. It lacks limbs, like snakes, but has a powerful tail that lets it strike its prey with devastating strikes, frequently knocking them unconscious.

    We can see two mandibles on the Snake Alien’s upper jaw, this can be attributed to the fangs of the snake it came out from. Few snakes like the King Cobra can spit venom on their victims, often turning them blind. Likewise, the Snake Alien spits acid to achieve similar objectives.

    The Snake Alien was addressed in the comic series Aliens: Night Strike, released by Dark Horse in 1992, in the same way that other Kenner Alien toys were. The plot follows space troops on Terraform 3 as they battle the bull aliens.

    Until an assault craft flown by an unknown individual arrives for assistance, the gang finds itself in a precarious situation. Despite killing all the bull aliens and the Xenomorph Queen, another sinister creature lurked in the tall grass.

    These were snake aliens. If you wish to learn more about them, check out our video titled, “13 Dreadful And Ghastly Xenomorph Queen Species – Explored – Peek In Macabre World Of Xenomorphs”. We will leave a link in the description.

    Bull Aliens

    Bull Aliens

    Xenomorphs and cattle were mixed together to create the Bull Aliens. The Bull Aliens acquire their name from the fact that they are as ferocious as bulls and hunt by stampeding their prey, which is a behaviour that can be found in animals such as African wild buffaloes.

    They charge at their target with a tremendous magnitude of force and can cause some serious damage at a top speed of roughly 49 miles per hour. They use head-butts in the same way as the Praetorian Crushers do; the sheer force of their blows is enough to damage and overturn armoured vehicles, much alone shatter bones and kill people.

    It is commonly known that all Xenomorph strains are fire-resistant. The Bull Aliens, on the other hand, are particularly vulnerable to the element: anything beyond 164 degrees Celsius will quickly kill them.

    Another noteworthy feature of this branch is that they create their own colonies using a Bull Alien Queen. This was certainly not the case in other Xenomorph strains like the Dog Alien. A hive may consist of up to 81 drones, 57 eggs, and a Queen. Since they are formidable themselves, they don’t need special protection from royal guards or Praetorians.

    The Bull Aliens were first witnessed on Terraform 3, where they were wreaking havoc and posed a great challenge to Ripley and her colonial marines. This Xenomorph outbreak was finally contained when help arrived in the form of an attack craft.

    This species might have developed from genuine cattle, but this would have obviously resulted in the birth of Runners, thus it is evident that it could have evolved from another species. We mentioned earlier that the Dog Alien appeared in Alien 3, but the Assembly Cut of the film shows that the runner Xenomorph took birth from a bull instead.

    Gorilla Alien

    Gorilla Alien

    The space marines confronted the gorilla aliens on the planet Zeevan. It was created when a facehugger impregnated a four-armed gorilla-like mammal endemic to the planet, as the name indicates.

    A hulking Queen Gorilla was also discovered. She was hexabrachial, with the same number of appendages but two short forearms. In addition, pure Gorilla Aliens were spotted in a Weyland Yutani research centre on the USS Sephora in 2179. The Gorilla Alien could not only spew acid but also climb trees and move utilising the branches, as Xenomorphs learn qualities from their hosts.

    They were extremely fierce beasts and could kill anyone with the sheer force of their muscular and massive bodies. They have made several more appearances than other Xenomorph strains and you can catch up with them in the comics Aliens: Jungle Attack, Aliens: Meltdown, and Alien: Infestation. They also appeared in the 1993 video game Alien vs. Predator.



    These one-of-a-kind facehuggers were discovered within an Engineer Temple on Acheron, formerly known as LV-426. In Ridley Scott’s 2012 film Prometheus, it was meant to be the alien who impregnated Charlie Holloway.

    When the film was in its early stages of production, however, it was edited out. It was supposed to give birth to a Beluga chest burster and a Xenomorph in the original script by Jon Spaihts.

    Octo facehuggers live in honeycomb-like structures inside molluscoid sacs. Another member of the crew named Jocelyn Watts also came across the Octo-facehuggers but fled the spot before any of them could activate.

    Like other facehuggers, the Octo ones come out of the sacs when the Ovomorphs sense the presence of possible prey. Their acid can melt any external attachment like helmets. According to the writer, the Octo facehuggers are the original form of a Xenomorph facehugger, while the rest are the weaponized versions of the species.

    These organisms resemble an octopus with several limbs, as the name implies. They’re slimy monsters who leave a trail of mucus behind them when they go. They die like other Xenomorph facehuggers after they have impregnated their prey.

    Crocodile Alien

    Crocodile Alien

    In the Batman and Alien crossover comics, the Killer Croc Alien first appeared. It had all of the characteristics of a standard Xenomorph, but with enlarged and exaggerated crocodilian attributes such as razor-sharp claws, pointed teeth, and a long, nimble tongue.

    The plot of the comic book centres around the disappearance of Abel Barrett, an archaeologist hired by Wayne Tech. When Batman heard of the news, he decided to go to the Amazonian forests where Abel was working.

    Batman discovered Abel’s corpse that was used as a host of Xenomorph impregnation. What Batman didn’t know was that a crocodile had unwittingly come near an Ovomorph and gotten impregnated by it.

    In the second part of the comic, Batman battles the Crocodile Alien, but the gigantic beast isn’t about to give up without a fight. Surprisingly, the structure where they fought was built atop a volcanic crater.

    Batman managed to make the crocodile alien bleed just enough to melt the larger part of the arena; once he was sure enough that the Crocodile Alien would fall into the lava pit, he fled from the spot using his Batarang.

    Scorpion Alien

    Scorpion Alien

    The Scorpion Aliens were born on Tanaka 5, a desert planet, where they resided in a colony of 39 labourers, 23 Ovomorphs, and one Queen. They had poison-tipped tails like conventional scorpions, but due to Xenomorph impregnation, they also had spiky body armour.

    The only way to stop these terrible desert creatures is to use missiles and grenades. Interestingly, the Scorpion Aliens were probably inspired by the original Aliens script in which the drones were supposed to have stingers on the tips of their tail, which would have contained a serum to paralyze the victim for cocooning.

    One of the few methods to kill a Scorpion Alien is to throw a grenade, although this is perilous since when the Scorpion Aliens burst, their caustic acidic blood sprays everything or anybody in the near proximity. These vicious beasts surfaced in comics like Aliens: Desert Storm, Aliens: Operation: Rescue, and Aliens: Hive War.

    Rhino Alien

    Rhino Alien

    One of the most beautiful Xenomorphs ever seen is the Rhinoceros Alien. It has two horns over its snout, similar to a rhinoceros, and a large muscular torso. Horns can be utilised for both offensive and defence. Its exoskeleton is so strong that bullets and fire fail to have any effect on it, and the only way to control it is through freezing it in sub-zero temperatures.

    It is primarily a Praetorian or military caste, given its size and build. In the comic Aliens: Ice Storm, one of the Rhino Aliens served as a Royal Guard or praetorian. Some argue that Rhino Aliens are essentially runners because of their quadrupedal stance, but that’s wrong because they serve more as a Bull Alien or a Crusher, which love to headbutt people and vehicles.

    Vampiric Queen

    Vampiric Queen

    Aliens Vampirella is a comic about a vampire named Vampirella. Vampirella, although being a vampire, is a moral and righteous entity who works with humans. She and a group of people visit a cave because there’s reason to suspect something strange is going on inside.

    They discover many Xenomorph eggs in the grotto. The human proximity triggers the Ovomorph, and several face-huggers break out to attack the rather unsuspecting hosts. A royal facehugger impregnation Vampirella and the resultant chest burster came out as a Xenomorph Queen. Everyone else died, but Vampirella survived due to her healing abilities.

    The Vampire Queen looks like Xenomorphs who were conceived from humans, but she has wings, making her one of the few Xenomorph Queens who can fly. Furthermore, because the host was a vampire, the Royal chest burster’s maturation into an adult was greatly expedited. Vampirella and the Vampire Queen engaged in a high-octane combat towards the end.

    It should be noted that the Vampire Queen is not the first vampiric Xenomorph as a similar crossover was seen in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer short named In Space, No One Can Hear You Slay.

    Rogue Xenomorph

    Rogue Xenomorph

    Aliens: Rogue was a miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics in 1993. Professor Ernst Kleist works for the ZCT Corporation, while John Gray works for the competition in this gripping thriller.

    Gray goes underground to assist Kleist in his risky scheme to build an artificial King Xenomorph by modifying the genetics and behaviour of captive Xenomorphs. The plan’s goal was admirable, but the techniques by which it was carried out were extremely risky and devastating.

    Kleist has difficulties and disappointments at first, but once Gray’s cover is revealed, he gets an insight to do something new and insane. He successfully produces the King Xenomorph by splicing Gray’s DNA with that of a Xenomorph. This brute monster is every bit as strong as a Queen Xenomorph or her Praetorians.

    He doesn’t see humans as enemies because it was designed and engineered in that fashion, and treats other xenomorphs as hostile and begins to slaughter them. This strange and dangerous belief was Kleist’s master plan; he wanted to use the Xenomorphs to get rid of each other and benefit humanity.

    However, the base where the King was created also held captive a Queen. Being in the vicinity of another creature, the King Xenomorph felt his authority was threatened, and so broke containment and came to be known as Rogue.

    Rogue was far more aggressive and hostile than the lesser Aliens or even the Queen herself, but he was still a man-made construct with little combat experience. The Rogue managed to kill the Praetorians who were guarding the Queen, but she was eventually killed by her Majesty.



    Any examination of the many Xenomorph strains would be incomplete without including Predaliens. When a Xenomorph facehugger successfully impregnates a Predator or Yautja, the ensuing chestburster is known as a Predalien.

    It is commonly known that Xenomorphs inherit their hosts’ DNA and genetic code, but this DNA reflex is most evident in Predalien Xenomorphs, who take on their hosts’ traits such as dreadlocks, mandibles, and lighter skin pigmentation.

    As such, the Predaliens are far stronger than the Xenomorphs spawned from humans. We know that Predators and Aliens are the fiercest of enemies. Therefore, such offspring are very rare in number. Yautjas themselves consider Predaliens as abominations, and they send their best warriors to slay any hybrids.

    These monsters are lone rangers who don’t belong to a Queen’s Hive or the Xenomorph social system. The Predaliens, like the Predators, hunt for trophies such as skulls and spines. However, it would be incorrect to assume that they do this in order to gain honour and respect.

    This behavior might just be the result of the inheritance of genetic memory from the host. It is more likely that the Predalien takes trophies out of an instinctive and compulsive urge to do so, but doesn’t necessarily know why it is doing it.

    The Xenomorph planet is a bizarre and huge realm with a diverse spectrum of species. We can only hope to witness some of these in real life, so keep your fingers crossed and never give up hope.

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