American Horror Story Season 10 Fan Theories – Aliens, Vampires And More

    As fans of American Horror Story wait for the release of season 10, rumours regarding the themes and plot are still circulating online, with one speculating that the sirens will be the result of alien research. American Horror Story, developed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, is one of the most popular horror TV shows in recent years.

    American Horror Story is an anthology series that has developed its own universe. It all started in 2011 with the season retroactively titled Murder House, which focused on a haunted house and the ghosts of those who died in it, and since then, each season of American Horror Story has focused on different themes and concepts from the horror and sci-fi genres.

    American Horror Story is gearing up for its tenth season, dubbed Double Feature, which will be split into two stories: one set by the sea and one set by the beach, with aliens and sirens as themes, though how these will relate remains to be seen.


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    Fans are speculating about what the stories of Double Feature will be about, as well as how and why the aliens will return, and how these will connect to the sirens, as the posters and trailer have indicated.

    A fan on Reddit provided their interpretation of one of the posters, which depicts one of the siren monsters licking an extraterrestrial, revealing that both creatures had sharp teeth, leading them to believe that the sirens were “engineered” by The Chemist and that the black pills were involved.

    Another speculated that the aliens would crash land on Earth and be discovered by a scientist (perhaps The Chemist) who believes they are “the ultimate life form,” leading to a series of experiments to crossbreed humans and aliens, ending in hideous sea-creatures. Another idea is that the sirens are the product of extraterrestrial research on humans.

    There are brief views of aliens experimenting on a man in the trailer. Given the sharp fangs and a sequence in the teaser in which one of these has a Nosferatu-like appearance, there’s also conjecture that the sirens are a mix of these and vampires.

    We will only have to wait a few more days to learn more about Double Feature.


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