5 Anime To Watch If You Love Fire Force

    You’ll appreciate these fantastic anime if you’re a fan of Fire Force.

    Fire Force is a shounen-action anime that debuted in the ferocious summer of 2019. The world of Fire Force, which the David Production company adapted, has a new cause of death. This phenomenon, known as “Human Combustion,” transforms people into infernal fire creatures. Firefighter Shinra Kusakabe possesses the ability to control the flames beneath him.

    Compared to many other anime in the same genre, it is far more heartbreaking and emotional since it emphasises love via naive devotion and showcases the female viewpoint. However, there are a lot of amazing shows like Horimiya that cause the same heartbeat-racing response as this one. Viewers had best get their popcorn and tissues ready!

    Numerous new anime defied expectations and earned their spots on this list of Horimiya-related shows in the spring and summer of 2021. Horimiya fans are pleased for the abundance of heart-pounding romance anime that is currently available. Some more entries have been added for romance anime viewers to further broaden their selection for those who have already finished the initial list.

    1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    If Enen no Shouboutai has the best state firefighters, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has the best state alchemists! An anime that excels at both characterization and story-telling is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It stands proudly in the hall of fame as one of the greatest anime of all time for a reason, after all. This anime is not only jam-packed with excitement and action, but it also lacks no essential elements. It effectively captivates people’s hearts, minds, and souls and offers an unforgettable experience unlike any other.

    Most likely, if you enjoy anime, you’ve already seen Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. If you’re a fan of Fire Force and haven’t yet attempted this classic, this is the ideal opportunity to do so. A group of state alchemists, or government-appointed warriors, are seen in FMA. They employ alchemy for a range of purposes, from peacekeeping to combat. While some of the group’s members are compassionate and well-intentioned, others turn to alchemy for violent ends. You’re right if you think the setup reminds you a lot of Fire Force.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a spring 2009 release, is a shounen-magic anime. The main protagonists of the anime and Fire Force both have special abilities. Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force and Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood both have the ability to control fire with their feet. Regarding their sibling, Edward and Shinra disagree with one another. Due to illegal alchemy, Edward lost a portion of his brother Alphonse. Where Shinra believes infernals have devoured his brother is Fire Force. 64 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood were broadcast over its one season.

    Are you currently interested? You ought to be! “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back,” says an old saying. The only emotions you’ll have left after finishing this exceptional anime are serendipity and contentment.

    2. Soul Eater

    Soul Eater

    You might be perplexed as to why Enen no Shouboutai and Soul Eater seem so similar. That makes sense since the same person created both anime. Problem resolved! One of the strangest anime programmes of its generation is Soul Eater. Nothing at the time really compared to it. Its theme and artwork are a little weird and otherworldly, but in a good manner, of course! Personally, I think this show is really outlandishly fashionable!

    Atsushi Okubo, the manga author and artist behind Fire Force, was the one who originally came up with the idea for Soul Eater. It’s not at all strange that the two get along because of this. The two stories have quite different themes; in Soul Eater, pupils must either learn to use human beings as weapons or transform into them in order to combat evil. Fire Force, on the other hand, is only marginally comparable in that they both aim to combat evil. However, the art is almost same, and the humour and fan service integration techniques are strikingly comparable.

    I’ll warn you right away that the anime has a dismal conclusion. That’s because when its anime version came up to it, the source material was still unfinished. Really, it’s a shame because this show is still quite enjoyable to watch. Do take a look! After all, Soul Eater is quite unlikely to ever fall short in providing a really unique experience. Just keep reading the manga if you chance to get there so you can complete the gap yourself.

    Atsushi Ohkubo is the author of the dark fantasy manga Soul Eater. It centres on three teams of students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, who are required to build a Death Scythe for the headmaster as their weapon. However, in order to avoid starting over, they must also gather the souls of 89 people, including a witch. There is a female lead named Maka Albarn, in contrast to Fire Force. Going back to view the author’s first well-liked manga would be the ideal decision if you liked Fire Force.

    Soul Eater is a fantasy shounen anime that was released in the Spring 2008 season. Given that Atsushi Ohkubo made both the anime and Fire Force, they are similar to one another. Character design and Shinra Kusakabe’s recognisable smile are two examples of Soul Eater influences that may be found in Fire Force. There is a supernatural foe in each anime. Evans the Soul Eater must battle Shinigami, while Shinra must battle Infernals. Both of them must train to becoming stronger while defending their respective realms from danger. One season of Soul Eater contains 51 episodes. A 12-episode spin-off series of Soul Eater called Soul Eater NOT! was also produced.

    3. My Hero Academia

    My Hero Academia

    In both the real world and the world of fiction, firefighters are unquestionably heroes. That is something Enen no Shouboutai brings up really well! Well, the majority of shounen anime contain a “hero” element of some sort. So since we’re on the subject of heroes, let’s move on to one of the best superhero anime ever created: Boku no Hero Academia! All of the “hero” components of Boku no Hero Academia are flawless. I can’t help but feel pride and respect in each and every epic scenario sculpted into this animation. This programme exudes true heroism. It is emotionally impactful in many ways. It gives you the inner conviction that it is worthwhile. Every superhero anime should aspire to be like this one!

    Kohei Horikoshi is the author and artist of the fantasy comic My Hero Academia. American superhero comics like Marvel and DC comics serve as several influences. The narrative centres on Izuku Midoriya, a young child who was born without abilities yet still aspires to be a hero. He enrols in a high school for new heroes after being discovered by All Might to share the same superpower as him. You can’t go wrong with My Hero Academia since Shinra from Fire Force wants to be a hero.

    You can never be too late to start watching the show if you still haven’t. You need to stand up and prove to the world that you’re superior, just like this anime did to prove to everyone that it is one of the finest. It’s okay now. due to the arrival of Boku no Hero Academia!

    4. Blood Blockade Battlefront

    Blood Blockade Battlefront

    A gate connecting Earth and Beyond one day opens in New York. That incident happened three years ago. Today, New York is referred to as Hellsalem’s Lot. The current inhabitants of Hellsalem’s Lot are extraterrestrial beings that coexist with humanity. To prevent this otherworldly commotion from wreaking havoc on the outside world, an organisation known as Libra works covertly. Libra unexpectedly hires Leonardo Watch because he possesses the “All-seeing Eyes of the Gods.” Leo accepts the position in order to find the answers to his queries that may assist restore his sister’s vision.

    Humans and supernatural creatures live side by side in this world. At the expense of his sister’s vision, a professional photographer acquires supernatural abilities. He encounters Libra, a group that upholds interspecies harmony, while searching for the reasons behind the occurrence. existence of groups made up of people with extraordinary ability. The settings of both tales are in a realm connected to a different dimension.

    When a doorway to a demon world opens up in New York City, both residents of the city and the demons that pass through are stuck together in an impenetrable bubble, meaning they’ll have to cooperate if they want to survive. However, getting along is distant from some species’ thinking, and conflicts frequently arise. That’s where Libra, a covert agency tasked with preserving order, steps in. Even though Libra’s struggle is very different from that of Special Fire Force Company 8’s, the group’s unique individuals provide for an equally thrilling viewing experience.

    Yasuhiro Nightow, the creator of the Trigun and Gungrave manga series, wrote and illustrated the shounen manga Blood Blockade Battlefront. The protagonist of the tale is photographer Leonardo Watch, who sacrificed his sister’s sight in order to obtain the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods. After that, he joins the Libra Organization to defend the streets from criminals and to support his sister.

    5. Promare


    Fans of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill will recognise the aesthetic of Promare because director Hiroyuki Imaishi and writers Kazuki Nakashima collaborated on it. Fans of Fire Force, though, will recognise the story pretty well. That’s because they cover essentially the same ground. Promare describes the conflict between Burning Rescue, an anti-Mad Burnish organisation, and Mad Burnish, a group of fire-spewing mutants out to end the planet. It’s difficult to find two anime that are more alike, despite the fact that not every element is the same.

    Trigger and XFLAG together developed the original movie Promare. Thirty years later, a new species of mutants demolished much of what humans had created. A new terrorist organisation threatens the peace despite the fact that things have returned to normal under Kray Foresight’s direction and with the help of a crew of firefighters known as the Burning Rescue. The newest member of Burning Rescue, Galo Thymos, sets out to learn more about the mutants, this world, and Lio Fotia, the terrorist group’s leader. This one is a movie, therefore you are free to watch it more than once.

    Promare is an action-superpower anime movie that was released in May 2019. The movie and Fire Force both take set in a world where fantastical fire creatures are common. They are called Infernals in Fire Force. They go under the name Burnish in Promare. The Promare fire department’s Burning Rescue unit is responsible for putting out the Burnish. In a comment of Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine, Asushi Ohkubo, the developer of Fire Force, alludes to Studio Trigger’s Promare concepts being appropriated from Fire Force.

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