8 Anime To Watch If You Love Gintama

    After spending a year outside his hometown Edo, Shinpachi Shimura comes back to Edo. However, the scenario is completely changed once he comes back to his place.  He discovers a startling revelation: Gintoki and Kagura, two of his closest mates of Yorozuya members, have gone through a massive transformation!

    As Shinpachi flees from the Yorozuya headquarters in bewilderment, he realizes that all the residents of Edo have witnessed improbably dramatic alterations in both behavior and physique. Amazingly, his sister Otae has engaged the brazen stalker and Shinsengumi leader Isao Kondou, and the couple is expecting their first baby.

    After being baffled, Shinpachi accepts to become a member of the Shinsengumi at Otae and Kondou’s insistence and discovers much more remarkable changes happening within and outside the group. Shinpachi and his unexpected Shinsengumi partner, nevertheless, start a journey to restore Edo to it as it was.  They make this decision on learning that Vice Chairman Toushirou Hijikata is still the same. 

    The Yorozuya company appears to have mishaps in the colorful, foreign realm of Edo as Gintama pursues them with further dirty jokes, ironic remixes, and blatant comparisons.

    The anime was released a decade ago back in 2012. Following the manga, the anime has a total of 51 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes per episode. The anime is a mix of action, good comedy, and amazing fiction-based content. If you are looking for more such anime then a list is mentioned below for you to check.

    1. Daily Lives of High School Boys

    Daily Lives of High School Boys

    The anime goes around the lives of three boyhood friends, who adore each other and love spending time in each other’s company. These three old friends can be seen wandering ad goofing around the corridors and classrooms of their school- all boys Sanada North High School. Ironically, all three of them have different personalities and doesn’t share any identical trait. However, their bond is too strong to be broken by silly differences. The trio consists of the oddball captain Hidenori, the enthusiastic Yoshitake, and the logical and responsible Tadakuni, who is the most intelligent amongst them.

    Three of them live in their dreams more than the reality. In their vivid imaginative scenario, they feel more alive and lively as their lives are exactly like they want them to be thrilling, adventurous, and have a perfect love affair. In their imagination, they picture a life filled with enormous machines, a love that lasts, and intense drama, which keeps the action going on.

    However, in reality,y they are simply a normal group of three guys attempting to spend their good timetrying to live in reality. They defy the notion that regular life is boring and plain.  They make their ordinary school life equally interesting The anime  DanshiKoukousei no Nichijou is packed with weird yet wonderfully real scenarios that are realistic and not ordinary in the least.

    The anime makes the simple of scenes interesting and fun.  whether it be a complex RPG recreation or an unanticipated emotional rendezvous on the riverside at dusk, with some girl they like. The anime keeps winning our hearts through its sensual plot revolving around friendship. 

    The anime is inspired by a web manga. Filled with comedy, a television adaptation came was aired a decade ago, back in 2012, consisting of 12 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes. The anime is loved for its characters and the fun plot. You can always watch it on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

    2. Noragami


    You can trust in the unjust world after watching the anime Noragami. In the television series, we come across the character of Yato who is seen performing his best to assist people. You just need to glance closely around you to find the number calling to which you can have access to him. On looking closely enough, one can locate a strange mobile number. It turns out that the number which is inscribed in red can be of great help to people. A man answers the phone after dialing it with a boisterous voice. The boy which appears on calling the number presents himself as Yato- a minor God.

    Yato is revealed to be a diminutive god who is not very famous. He refers to himself as “Delivery God.”, as he shows up for help when called using a number.  He aspires to have a sizable following like the well-known deities.He craves intensely for the devotion of billions of people.

    But he is a long way from succeeding in his goal. He appears to lack just a single temple that is solely devoted to his name. He is currently working on menial activities for cheap compensation, chargingfive yen for each task, as he aspires toreach this aim very badly. He seemed to be in constant strife. This goes on until his trusty sidekick decides to abandon him because he is fed up with his inept master.

    His prognosis appears to worsen. When everything was sinking,  a  middle schooler named Hiyori Iki saves his life during his difficult moments. She is reported to have taken the blow on Yato’s behalf, preventing him from being involved in a fatal car accident.

    There were nil prospects, but fortunately, she survives.In 2014 fans,  saw the anime airing on various television platforms. Action and drama abound in the anime. It also includes fictional worlds and legendary figures like gods. The numerous setbacks in Yato’s life maintain the anime’s ambiance. Check out the impressive and fun anime Noragami if you enjoy watching action-based science fiction. It is accessible on several platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Funimation.

    3. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    All of us have craved to have supernatural powers at one point in our lives. Few of us are lucky enough to have them, but not all of them feel blessed. Telekinetic powers can appear to be a boon to the normal person, but for the young  Kusuo Saiki, this doesn’t mean more than an ugly reality. He considers his wide range of paranormal gifts—which include everything from telepathic abilities to x-ray vision—to be a punishment rather than a privilege. Kusuo only wants a typical, trouble-free life —a living where innocence is bliss—as all the troubles he has to keep piling up his troubles.

    Regrettably, a psychic’s lifestyle is anything from tranquil. Although Kusuo attempts to prevent unwanted notice by hiding his abilities and keeping them as a mystery from his friends. However, he unintentionally ends updrawing the unwanted attentionof numerous strange personalities, including the naive Riki Nendou and the hallucinatory Shun Kaidou.

    The anime is inspired by a manga publication. The television series aired in 2016, and consists of 120 episodes, with a runtime of 5 minutes each. The short duration of the anime makes it bingeable. The anime is an epic comedy piece, which has gathered a wide fan following. Its supernatural powers seem realistic and make the character more engaging. The anime is available on Funimation and Netflix.

    4. Good Luck Girl!

    Good Luck Girl!

    The anime revolves around two girls who share completely different personalities. The stark difference is overwhelming and at the same time adds more crispness to the anime. The first character is Ichiko Sakura who leads a carefree lifestyle.  She is the version of a perfect and happy life.

    Ichiko is blessed with everything one could ask for.she has all those assets she wanted like her stark appearance, brains, and money. All is because of her great luck. On the other side, we see-  MomijiBinboda- who is popular as  The goddess of poverty.   She is plagued with misery, in sharp comparison to Ichiko. Not only this, she doesn’t even have a pretty body.  On her arm, one can seea permanent scar. She is not plump and has a flat breast. Her riches include a box below a footbridge as a house.

    The plot turned when Momiji conforms to her name and tells Ichiko the bad information. She tells her the reason for her exceptional happiness. It is the result of her unconsciously siphoning luck from everyone near her. This sudden twist of information spins their world.

    It falls upon Momiji’s shoulder to save everyone’s happiness Before Ichiko depletes their resources and makes it impossible for anyone to even survive. Momiji has been assignedthe task of reclaiming Ichiko’s money. However, it is not easy especially when Ichikohas all the luck to herself. She defeats the queen of misery with the assistance of the traveling priest -Bobby Statice. Due to her failure, the goddess Momiji is forced to solicit the help of unwanted persons like Momoo Inugami, who is a sadistic dog god, and Kumagai, her stuffed toy companion.

    Ichiko’s peaceful existence is overtaken by everyday struggles for her riches, which leads to madness. In order to survive Ichiko will require all the good fortune and blessings which she can avail herself in Binbougami ga 

    The anime was released a decade ago back in 2012. Following after a manga, a television series was aired consisting of a total of 13 episodes. The anime is enriched in comedy and its super natural characters make It more crisp. The polar opposite personalities of the goddess make the anime more fun to watch. For those who want to watch it, the anime can be accessed on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

    5. Rurouni Kenshin

    Rurouni Kenshin

    The anime is a story of repentance and grief. A warrior whose name used to be enough to scare people has now disappeared from the world to lead a life of non-violence. During the last days of the great Bakumatsu age, HitokiriBattousai, an infamous killer used to thrive.

    He was unequaled in the nation and dreaded as a ruthless maniac who won’t hesitate twice before killing someone. A strange incident happened at the height of the Japanese Revolution. As the revolution reach its peak, the infamous warrior magically vanished. A decade has passed quietly without any horrors since then. Even after ten years mere thought of Battousai still fills fighting heroes with dread.

    Nobody knows the truth. They are unaware that Battousai has been living a life of disguise. He haschanged his identity to Kenshin Himura, a roaming samurai with a positive outlook and a deep commitment. He now wishes toatone for his misdeeds and leaves behind his bloody past.

    Kenshin pledges not to ever murder again and commits his life to defend the helpless. He runs into Kaoru Kamiya unexpectedly, at her kendo dojo. He saw her when a fake Battousai is threatening to attack. The veteran killer briefly puts an end to his adventures after obtaining assistance from Kenshin and being granted permission to live at the academy by Kaoru.

    The anime Meiji KenkakuRomantan’sRurouni Kenshin chronicles Kenshin’s efforts to help needy people, after he spends his prime year slaughtering others, and many innocents. Now the question stays Will the repentant assassin be able to preserve his recently instilled values?  Especially when adversaries both ancient and modern start to appear. What will he do to manage such tough times?

    The anime follows the manga. The television air consists of a total of 94 episodes, with a runtime of 25 minutes per episode. The anime is famous for its action and adventurous plot. The salvation of the warrior also adds fun to the anime. The anime is full of drama and comedy. For those looking forward to watching it, the anime is present on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

    6. Full Metal Panic!

    Full Metal Panic!

    A trained squad is sent on a delicate assignment by Mithril, a clandestine defense organization that uses cutting-edge intelligence to thwart violent operations. Kaname Chidori is a young girl who unintentionally possesses ground-breaking information about science and is referred to as a “Whispered.” As ordered by a senior commander – Melissa Mao, two officers namely Sousuke Sagara and Kurz Weberare tasked with protecting Kaname. The two officers are to protect her from intelligence authorities and other departments who are interested in investigatingher skills.

    Sousuke joins Kaname’s high school where Kaname goes in order to watch her more nicely.  where as Kurz and Melissa are present outside the school to help her out.  His military training and social awkwardness make it more hard for him to adapt to daily life in the normal civilian world and workforce. He ends updrawing unneeded notice, and Kaname usually becomes skeptical of him due to his behavior.

    Even After Sousuke’s best efforts, a terrorist attack makes his work much more difficult. Sousuke ignores his instructionsby officers to make sure Kaname is secure after spotting the evil person who was responsible for the attack.

    The anime was released way back in 2002. It’s been two decades but still, it is known for its action and comedy. Fans love watching its fictional plot and vibrant characters. The anime television series follows after the light novel. The anime has a total of 24 episodes with a runtime of 24 minutes per episode. The anime can be found on various platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

    7. Arakawa Under the Bridge

    Arakawa Under the Bridge

    The anime follows a simple and funny story of a rich kid who doesn’t like to take help from anyone as it makes him indebted to the other person.   Kou Ichinomiya is the child of a successful entrepreneur who has a strong sense of care for his reputation regarding his special privilege. As a result, he is committed to preventing getting into debt with anybody else. However, he doesn’t control his fate. nonetheless, on a fine day following an argument with some cheeky children on the Arakawa Bridge, he actually ended up tumbling into the river that flows beneath the bridge. In such a grave moment, he is fortunately saved by a stranger. Hence the thing he feared the most happens, he ends up owing this stranger his existence!

    Kou is incensed by this and wants to make things equal between them by paying her back. Ignoring human emotions he goes on making the deal, which might be the biggest bad business decision the conceited guy would make. He is completely unknown of The strange girl. She is a stern, homeless woman with no where to go. Known as  Nino, the woman resides in a carton beneath the overbridge and has none but one wish in life: to find true love, which will last. As he wants to ay her back, she proposes to him to be her boyfriend.

    Owing to his ego, he has no other choice but to accept the proposal. What is more troublesome is him shifting from his luxurious and well equipped home to the carton under the bridge where she lives! Hence, begins the roller coaster ride of the couple, who got together owing to unfortunate circumstances.

    The anime was released a decade ago and is still well known for its fun plot. The television series produced takes after the manga and has aired a total of 13 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes per episode. The anime is a fun-to-watch series as its romantic plot and characters make it interesting. The anime can be found on platforms like Funimation and Crunchyroll.

    8. KonoSuba


    What will you do if after your death you were given the chance to choose your destiny? A simple student Kazuma Satou, who studies in high school runs into a fatal accident that caused his untimely death. After thetragic incident, the studentfinds himself in front of Aqua, a gorgeous but annoying goddess. He lost his life when he was returning home from getting himself a video game.

    During their meeting, shegives him two choices: to end up in heaven or be reborn in a fiction realm of each gamer’s dreams! The thought of heaven doesn’t excite him so much, hence he decides to start over in a world of fiction. Kazuma is soon given the assignment of putting an end to a Demon King who is causing trouble to innocent villagers by destroying their villages. The soon to behero chooses Aqua to help him on his journey before leaving, though. However, Aqua is absolutely worthless, and Kazuma realizes he has made a terrible error by choosing her. 

    But it seems like, it wasn’t the end of his and Aqua’s troubles. He soon understands the dynamics of the new fantasy world and realizes that it is a lot different from how his world used to function. It’s not about adventure., they need to manage their own expensesfirst and gather enough money to afford little adventure. The journey, therefore, is not fun and is full of troubles.

    The anime takes after a light manga, which was aired in 2016. The anime has in total of 10 episodes with a runtime of 23 minutes. The anime is well recognized for its adventure and comedy. The fiction world presented is mesmerizing. The anime is accessible on several platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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