5 Anime To Watch If You Love Horimiya

    Throughout the Winter 2021 anime season, Horimya attracted a lot of fans. Fans looking for similar shows can find some great choices available.

    Many Horimiya fans, both new and old, are now searching for other anime that are similar to the series that swept the anime world by storm in 2021 after the release of its 13th and last episode. The show fulfilled all the requirements for a top romance or slice-of-life program. It featured the most endearing love story, relatable characters that were realistic, strong supporting characters, and a variety of various relationship situations.

    It is far more heartbreaking and emotional than most other anime in the same genre since it emphasises love via innocent affection and utilises the female gaze. Horimiya is one of many amazing shows that, like this one, causes hearts to beat quickly. The audience had better prepare their tissues and popcorn!

    Numerous new anime that defied expectations were released in the spring and summer of 2021, earning their spots on our list of Horimiya-inspired shows. Horimiya lovers are happy that romantic anime that will make your heart thump are more prevalent than before. For romantic anime enthusiasts who have already finished the original list, several new entries have been added to broaden their horizons further.

    1. Toradora!


    Fans are all present for the famous “frenemies-to-lovers” cliche to be fully displayed. Ryuji, a kind person, and Taiga, a hothead, pair up as each other’s wingman and wingwoman so they can tell their crushes how they feel. They wind up spending a lot of time together, which leads to a surprising result. The fact that the show has hundreds of thousands of devoted fans all around the world demonstrates that it is an anime that merits inclusion on lists of things to watch.

    Ryuji Takasu, the male lead in this adored romcom series, has the look of a cold bully and has the power to frighten people away just by making eye contact. It’s all a big mistake, though, because he’s a kind youngster who enjoys cooking and gets along well with his single mother. Actually, he’s quite cuddly. The small, tough Taiga Aisaka, who is feared for her bad-girl persona but is actually rather lonely at home, and Ryuji begin a love-hate relationship (and she makes a huge mess of everything). Will these two misunderstood students ever experience real happiness?

    2. Rent a Girlfriend

    Rent a Girlfriend

    College student Kazuya Kinoshita, 20, is majoring in business administration. A month later, Mami Nanami, his girlfriend, leaves him for another man. He suffers greatly due to the result of his breakup. He then chooses to use the Diamond app to find a rental girlfriend in order to get over his ex.

    Chizuru Mizuhara, who he hires, is entertaining and appears to be faultless. Kazuya rates her poorly because he has misgivings about her and believes she is merely haughty. Chizuru criticises Kazuya and acts too coolly toward him.

    Later, he deceives his family by declaring Chizuru to be his girlfriend. Kazuya keeps renting Chizuru nonstop to keep up with their antics. Later, he discovers the startling fact that she had always been his next-door neighbour.

    3. ToniKawa: Over the Moon for You

    ToniKawa Over the Moon for You

    “How thrilled are you?” I’m ecstatic about this anime, more like. ToniKawa: Over the Moon for You is an example of a romance that rushes into a relationship right away, entirely skipping all the laborious pre-relationship steps. That’s correct, the very first episode features the marriage of Nasa and Tsukasa, our main couple here. Even if it’s completely ridiculous, at least it jumps right into the action and concentrates on the important aspects of the relationship itself.

    After a few episodes, it becomes clear that married life isn’t all that different from other types of love relationships. I could be mistaken, though, given that Nasa and Tsukasa get married right away. However, I’m sure that their loving interactions as a married couple will be enough to warm even the coldest hearts. There is only pure love and romance in Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You; there is no pointless drama, corny pranks, or overused tropes.

    4. Bloom into You

    Bloom into You

    First-year high school student Yuu Koito has no actual experience with love as of yet. Like many of us, she believes that finding the ideal partner comes first, followed by the dates. She wants it all to leave her gasping for air. She is therefore a little taken aback when she eventually receives her first confession from a childhood buddy. In the midst of trying to figure out how to react, she meets someone she may fall in love with and perhaps confide in. She may not be falling in love with the girl who confessed to her, but she isn’t willing to give up on the possibility of their developing a relationship.

    The Bloom Into You manga series, which tells the story of shy high schooler Yuu Koito encountering her inspirational senior, Touko Nanami, gave the yuri subgenre of anime a major boost. Yuu will quickly discover that Touko has at least a few secrets. Touko is idolised by everyone for being the lovely, intelligent, and kind girl that she is, but Touko is flawed. Yuu is willing to support Touko as she faces this struggle and discovers her true identity because she is dealing with some major grief and identity difficulties related to her deceased sister. Identity is rarely an easy process.

    5. My Little Monster

    My Little Monster

    Viewers are introduced to Shizuku Mizutani in “My Little Monster,” a serious youngster who solely thinks about her grades. Her life is changed when she meets Haru Yoshida, a notorious troublemaker who despises going to school, despite the fact that she likes to be alone. Even though Shizuku and Haru may not share many interests, they are the only people who truly understand one another.

    They share a similar mindset because they both like to be alone themselves and keep a distance. Shizuku discovers that Haru is more complex than just his ferocity as she gets to know him. Your memory of Hori and Izumi from “My Little Monster” will bring to mind them. Despite their differences, Hori and Izumi are able to maintain their relationship and eventually fall in love. The Roku Channel and Crunchyroll both offer access to the programme.

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