10 Anime To Watch If You Love Summer Time Rendering

    These frightening anime programs will captivate fans of Summer Time Rendering and mystery anime series.

    Summer Time Rendering is one of the fantastic new anime programs to check out during the spring 2022 anime season. The ghostly mystery series, which centers on unexplained deaths and disappearances on an isolated Japanese island, attracted notice right on for its intriguing premise and gripping storylines.

    One of the season’s most distinctive programs is Summer Time Rendering since it is the only one of its sort. But there is plenty of mystery-thriller anime series that are just as thrilling to watch. While they wait for the publication of the next episode, fans of Summer Time Rendering should watch these programs.

    1. Gosick


    The third child of a Japanese officer, Kazuya Kojo, switches to St. Marguerite Academy in Europe. He is shunned by the pupils as a result of baseless rumours, which prevents him from making any friends. He meets the strange and reclusive Victorique de Blois one day and gets involved in several criminal investigations as a result.

    An unconventional investigator works in Victorique in the historical mystery novel Gosick. Even though the crimes and riddles the two become involved in are frequently perilous and obscure, Victorique’s intellect and Kazuya’s resourcefulness enable them to solve them.

    2. Astra Lost In Space

    Astra Lost In Space

    Nine young children board a spacecraft to travel to another planet for a camping trip. When they arrive, though, an enigmatic disc of light catches them and hurls them into the gloom of space. They are able to board an abandoned ship, but as soon as they do, they realise they are a long way from their home. Even worse, they discover quickly that their mishap could not have actually been an accident.

    There are several exciting moments in the brief series Astra Lost in Space. While the characters travel through space in this sci-fi series, there are also elements of suspense as the ensemble seeks to determine which among them is the traitor.

    3. Higurashi: When They Cry

    Higurashi When They Cry

    Keiichi Maebara settles in Hinamizawa, where he makes friends with a number of residents, including Rena Ryugu and Mion Sonozaki. Although the town appears to be at peace, Keiichi suspects there is something going on in the background because of random unusual events.

    The legendary mystery series Higurashi: When They Cry has elements of suspense and terror. The successor series Higurashi: When They Cry: Kai is designed to serve as the series’ ultimate resolution. The series is divided into a number of distinct stories with various conclusions.

    4. Moriarty The Patriot

    Moriarty The Patriot

    William James Moriarty is a criminal consultant who wants to utilise his abilities to eliminate the British Empire’s vicious class system and transform society. He employs his intelligence to assist victims of crimes committed against them in carrying out their retaliation covertly, but his efforts attract the attention of the renowned Sherlock Holmes.

    By presenting the tale from Moriarty’s point of view, Moriarty the Patriot adds a fresh twist to the traditional Sherlock Holmes formula. The narrative is sinister and captivating, and it’s fascinating to see Moriarty and his future nemesis Sherlock Holmes engages in intellectual combat.

    5. Erased


    Satoru Fujinuma is a typical mangaka and part-time delivery man who possesses a special ability that allows him to travel back in time to the instant before a deadly disaster takes place and prevent it from happening. When his mother is killed, he is transported back in time to his early years in order to solve a murder involving some of his classmates.

    Erased is a suspenseful time-traveling supernatural mystery. Satoru’s efforts to apprehend the enigmatic murderer and abduction are thrilling to watch, and fans of darker mysteries will like this series.

    6. Baccano!


    Being a series with many separate stories centred around many different characters and not necessarily having the events occur in chronological order, Baccano! is quite unusual. One defining characteristic unites all of the stories: they all centre on the idea of immortality and the existence of an immortality elixir.

    The show includes aspects of intrigue, paranormal activity, and adventure. There are many people in the story, including mafia gangs, robbers, Daily Days employees, and a group of Immortals who have attained eternal life.

    7. Mononoke


    A mysterious character only known as the Medicine Seller appears in this distinctive anime. Monsters known as mononoke, which are attached to bad emotions, are hunted by the Medicine Seller. Only after comprehending their form, reality, and logic can the Medicine Seller exorcise this mononoke.

    Mononoke is a remarkably distinctive series with a distinctive look that is influenced by tradition. It is less about action and more on the mystery surrounding these creatures because the action is mainly concentrated on attempting to ascertain the Mononoke’s motivations.

    8. The Promised Neverland

    The Promised Neverland

    Children at Grace Field House live happy, ideal lives in this orphanage. Emma, the series’ protagonist, believes, like the other children, that they will all be adopted and leave the orphanage one day, but one day they discover that their joyful home is darker than they thought.

    A gang of kids are urgently attempting to flee imminent death in the dark and suspenseful story The Promised Neverland. This series is still tremendously thrilling to watch even though it isn’t as heavily focused on mystery.

    9. Odd Taxi

    Odd Taxi

    Odokawa leads a straightforward life as a cab driver in a world filled with anthropomorphic creatures. He eventually becomes involved in a case involving a missing high school girl as he moves through life. Events going on around him, which he is exposed to as a result of his profession as a taxi driver, further aggravate the situation.

    At first sight, Odd Taxi may appear adorable and cuddly, but it is actually extremely gloomy. The topics covered here are fairly sophisticated, and as the series progresses, the mysteries at play only become more intricate.

    10. Monster


    Kenzo Tenma is a brilliant surgeon who has a promising future. He loses everything for the sake of his morality one day when he disobeys orders and decides to save the life of a small kid rather than the mayor. Tenma discovers a few years later that the young man he helped grew up to be a brutal, cold-blooded killer.

    The classic Naoki Urasawa comic series Monster has a fantastic anime adaptation as well. It’s exciting to observe the character drama and challenging circumstances that Tenma and the expanding ensemble of individuals encounter.

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