6 Anime To Watch If You Love To Kill La Kill

    Kill la Kill has managed to pull a wide crowd of fans since its release back in 2014. The original television adaptation follows a total of 24 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes per episode. The anime is well known for its action theme. You can find it on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. A synopsis is given below of the series.

    The story of Kill la Kill goes around the life of a daughter who is finding her dead father. Ryuuko Matoi has been rambling across the countryside looking for her father’s assassin since he was killed. Following her journey, she lands at the renowned Honnouji Academy. The academy is a high school like no other. after chasing her sole direction missing component of his design- the Scissor Blade. The Elite Four, the dominating and heartless leaders of the student organization, together with Satsuki Kiryuuin, govern the institute. Satsuki endows special clothing known as “Goku Uniforms” which is on top of the hierarchy of the ruthlessly prestigious university. Giving the possessor specialized superhuman abilities.

    Ryuuko escapes from the situation to her destroyed home after being soundly defeated in a battle with a classmate wearing a uniform. There, she discovers Senketsu, a precious and lifelike pair of “Kamui,” or better known as God Clothes. Senketsu activates when it comes into contact with Ryuuko’s blood, clinging to her and giving her incredible strength. In an attempt to locate Satsuki and identify the person responsible for her dad’s murder, and get over it.  Ryuuko boldly challenges the Elite Four while loaded with Senketsu and the Scissor Blade.

    The anime is a go-to go watch for the lovers of action. Not only this the anime is a perfect combination of comedy and adventure. If you are looking for more such anime which involves fiction and drama, the list below will help you.

    1. FLCL


    The anime FLCL follows the story of a Sixth grader Naota Nandaba whose life is not thrilling. Living in a small town, he doesn’t have many options. It becomes even more boring when his brother leaves for town to pursue his dreams. Naota is a regular student who lives in a city where nothing extraordinary ever appears to occur. Naota decides to take care of all belongings of his brother Tasuku left behind when he left town to play sports especially basketball in America. He even included his top bunk bed and surprisingly his ex-girlfriend Mamimi Samejima. Turns out even she hasn’t ceased clutching to Naota from the day Tasuku departed.

    Naota has no idea that his routine life is about to undergo a drastic upheaval. The credit goes to Haruko Haruhara, who is a pink-haired maniac and rides a Vespa. Alongside this, he plays the bass guitar. After their first meeting, Naota has tire prints on his back and a huge horn on his head., which he is not able to interpret. However, this is not his goal, all he wants from life is to have some peace. The condition even becomes worse when Haruko decides to stay at his parent’s place. Naota then finds himself badly stuck in a terrible and huge war, to gain control over the whole of Earth. The battle will be fierce as the aim is huge.

    The anime FLCL follows the life event of a young kid, and how he deals with them. The anime has a total of 6 episodes, with a runtime of 25 minutes per episode. The anime was released back in 2000 but still has huge fans, owing to its fantastic storyline and characters. For the fans of comedy, action, and fiction, alongside some battles, FLCL is best. It can be found on Funimation.

    2. One-Punch Man

    One-Punch Man

    One Punch Man is a series for those who are obsessed with heroes and aspire to become one at all costs. The anime goes around the life of a young teenager who spends years training to become a hero and acquire those superpowers.  The ordinary boy Saitama has indulged himself in a strange habit, which includes playing the role of a hero. Saitama is desperate to achieve his goal, and for that, he agrees to practice for a long span of three years relentlessly, A funny thing happens in the process of training, he ends up losing all of his hair and goes bald.

    However, to him, it never mattered, as all the hard work gets him to realize his true goal. With rigorous training, Saitama is now able to smash any opponent with a single punch. All this is because of his dedicated training which resulted in increased strength. Saitama, unfortunately, has encountered an unwelcome obstacle as a result no one has the capability to match his increased force. This has resulted in one more problem that he no more can feel the thrill of conflict. Not only this, he has even become extremely bored.

    When Genos, a young, 19-year-old cyborg, first sees Saitama, he is instantaneously intrigued by his massive power and requests to become his pupil. Apart from this, Genos also suggests that the duo can become participants of the Hero Association. The benefit that comes with it is that they could be recognized as superheroes and be celebrated for their services to common people. As soon as Saitama hears about getting fame, he agrees pretty quickly, to the realization that no one ever acknowledges him. Saitama heads off on a newfound expedition as a part of the Hero Association in order to recreate the adrenaline of the fight. On this newfound path, he met different pals as well as stronger opponents.

    The anime was released back in 2015 and covers excellent action. It is filled with adventures and comedy. The character of Saitama wins hearts due to his bright personality and immense passion. The television adaptation follows 12 episodes with a runtime of 24 minutes per episode. For the fans of action content, One Punch Man is an amazing choice. The anime can be found on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

    3. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    The anime follows the story of young boys who spent their life in a place, not accessible by normal humans. Invisible to the legendary world, Simon and Kamina were raised and nurtured in a secret, underground town which was located very deep from the surface. Simon’s personality is that of a shy young guy who lacks any genuine ambition, whereas Kamina is a free-spirited passionate man who is determined to make a reputation for himself. Simon discovers a weird thing one day as he was working in the dirt that reveals a secret to a historic weapon- they call Lagann. Receiving the aid of Yoko Littner, a fiery red hair wandering the realm outside, Simon and Kamina use their brand new tool to repel a sudden onslaught from the ground level.

    As the conflict ends, the sky can now be seen clearly, which inspires Simon, Kamina, and Yoko to embark on a mission to investigate the top barren landscape. The group quickly participates in the battle against the “Beastmen,” who are humanoid demons that ride strong robots known as “Gunmen”. The monsters and the robots work together in order to torment the last of mankind. The trio heroically battles these newfound foes with other humans to recover the planet, despite obstacles and defeats, while gradually solving a galactic-scale secret.

    The anime has been released a decade ago in 2007. It is an original television series that follows a total of 27 episodes with a runtime of 24 minutes per episode. The anime is a mix of good action, adventure as well as comedy. The characters are lively and vibrant. The fiction based anime is a perfect choice if you are looking for some action. The anime can be accessed on various platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

    4. Witchblade


    The anime follows the story of a pair of mother and daughter who are on a run in order to stick together. The sensational story resonates with the feelings of watchers and also follows intense action scenes. In order to avoid being apprehended by a government agency that is after Masane Amaha and her daughter Rihoko, the duo is on a run. The officials want to remove Rihoko from her mother and hence they are forced to flee. But they couldn’t run for long, they are captured, and eventually, Rihoko is removed.

    Masane is being assaulted in the meantime by a cutting-edge armament that can impersonate a person. When under trouble, she releases a peculiar light from her wrist and changes into a strong entity. As a result of the destruction of the device, she finds herself at the core of a struggle for dominance amongst strong groups. Because she wields the fabled Witchblade, she has the most powers in comparison to all of them. 

    The anime follows the story of a mother and daughter who are put into a dangerous situation. The anime through its sensational and stable plot has acquired a wide fan following, It is filled with action and drama. The anime turns out to be a perfect deal for those who are looking for some action and fiction based content. The television adaptation series was released back in 2006 and is still acknowledged. The anime has a total of 24 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes each. The anime is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

    5. Darling in the Franxx

    Darling in the Franxx

    The anime takes us into the world of fiction, filled with intense action. The anime is set in the far future. Gigantic creatures named Klaxosaurs have pushed mankind to the brink of extinction. The delicate situation has forced the survivors to seek safety in enormous walled complexes known as Plantations. Not many ways have been discovered to fight against these creatures. 

    The only method proven to be useful against the Klaxosaurs is the enormous mechas proven as FranXX. The training is provided which is taught to young people who are reared here in boy-girl couples. These young people were created just to operate these devices; they have no knowledge of the outer world and can only affirm their presence by protecting their civilization.

    Following a failure in an aptitude exam, Hiro, a future FranXX pilot, has lost ambition and self-assurance. Hiro withdraws to a reservoir in a bush after missing his class’ graduation celebration. In the jungle, he ends up meeting a weird girl with two horns protruding from her head. She uses the moniker Zero Two to identify herself, which is thought to have belonged to a notorious FranXX pilot popularly acknowledged as the “Partner Killer.” An unexpected Klaxosaur assault shakes the Plantation before Hiro has time to process the incident.

    The monster is engaged by Zero Two in her FranXX, but it sustains great harm during the battle and smashes close to Hiro. When Zero Two discovers her teammate killed, she asks Hiro to join her in controlling the mecha, and the duo quickly dispatches the Klaxosaur in the upcoming fight. Hiro now has an opportunity to atone for his previous errors with a new companion at his side. However, this made him pay a lot. 

    The anime was released in 2018. The anime follows a plot full of action. The intense battles add more drama as well. The death of the characters adds more intensity. Overall, the anime is a perfect fit for those who love watching action and drama. Not only this the anime is rich in romance and fiction. The anime is available on various platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netlfix, and Bilibili Global.

    6. Dead leaves

    Dead leaves

    Faced with similar brutal conditions, two young men come together and indulge in various crimes, in order to survive. Retro and Pandy band up and start a path of power seeking and mayhem. This happens soon after they wake up in an unfamiliar neighborhood with no garments and no memory. Due to Retro’s outrageous behavior and Pandy’s easygoing demeanor, they form the ideal criminal companions for wreaking havoc everywhere they go.

    Retro and Pandy are taken to Dead Leaves, a maximum-security facility on the Moon when an unintentional mistake lands them in jail. As they end up there, they quickly learn that all of the other prisoners are copies created as a result of genetic experimentation. They leave their prison room and plan to break free from jail. They break together with the other prisoners because they have nothing else to do. The disorderly pair starts their crazy getaway with a gang of mutants and a desire for mayhem.

    The anime was released almost two decades back in 2004. The anime is filled with adventure that follows in a fiction-based world. The anime gets you hooked up with its interesting characters and the chaos they create. The anime movie has a runtime of 52 minutes. For the lovers of action, anime is a win-win choice.

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