12 Anime To Watch If You Love Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul left all of us in bewilderment on its release. The series introduces us to flesh-eating dangerous characters called ghouls. Looking like humans, they are actually a threat to humans. The story is about Ken Kaneki and the woman who asks him out on a date- Rize Kamishiro. It turns out the date doesn’t go well. Rize wasn’t as good as she appeared. In the end, Ken finds himself unconscious and was saved by Rize, as she does her organs to save him.

    He saw changes in him, and eventually became a ghoul. It involves an excellent plot. The series involves a lot of bloodshed. The series is a fit for those who are looking for some dark anime. If you are looking for similar anime, a brief list is mentioned below.

    1. Attack on Titan

    Attack on Titan

    Attack on Titan has always left us mesmerized and in awe through its well-built plot and excellent action scenes. The anime seems real and the characters- are lively. The anime has recently released its final season, and the wait is almost over to know what will follow the fate of our hero- Eren.

    The anime is a perfect fit if you are looking for something similar to Tokyo Ghoul. Engaging in extreme violent scenes, the anime gets us hooked through its amazing fights.

    The story revolves around the character of Eren, who lost both his parents when the Titans attacked. He befriends Mikasa and Armin, who stay with him till the end. On losing his parents and all his family, he decides to take revenge against the titans, which continues in the long run. In the end, we also see that under the guidance of the beast- Zeke, our hero- Eren changes sides.

    He is cast as a negative character, more villainous. This came as a setback to both fans and his childhood friends. Deep down his friends still hope that all humanity within him hasn’t died and he can still come back to his original self. Eren has different plans. He is far from the fight going on between eldia and Marley. He wants to put an end to the long battle and, then work on his real aim. The plot keeps on getting mysterious, as fans linger more and more to know about the real aim of Eren.

    Like Tokyo Ghoul, the series will satisfy you with its fulfilling action scenes which includetense battles and war tactics. Violence also forms a major part of the anime. The change in emotions of the character further built the plot in an interesting way. The series is a big yes if you love Tokyo Ghoul.

    2. Psycho-Pass


    Psycho-Pass is another anime that has enhanced the standard of action and suspense anime. The anime comprises a series of twenty-two episodes, in which the fans got to see, excellent action scenes full of violence and tactics. The anime introduces us to a very different and unique concept, which was a win-win for the show. The plot is set in the future in the 22nd century.

    The administration and justice system have tightened. It focuses to prevent the crime before it actually happens. For this, every citizen is passed through a test to check the level of criminal offensethey can commit. The test is called psycho-pass. Inspectors make sure that those with malicious intentions are well punished, and no mercy is shown. These inspectors are assisted by enforcers.

    Akane Tsunemori, our protagonist steps into such a system, in order to make the existing justice – Sibyl system better. The series takes us through twists and turns when the definition of justice begins to change. She works alongside the enforcer- Shinya Kougami, with whom she discovers the corrupt system, and wonders how it fits right. She then works on her way to improve the existing system and make it less cruel and tedious.

    The series was aired a decade ago but still is loved by all. The anime consists of just 22 episodes and o duration of twenty-threeminutes. If you love Tokyo Ghoul and looking for a similar vibe, Psycho-pass is perfect.

    You’ll absolutely love the series if a fan of action and mystery anime. The anime manages to keep the suspense alive through the anime, and this is what makes it worth a watch. Like Tokyo, Ghoul involves violent scenes too, which can give you chills down your spine.

    3. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

    Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu

    Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu or Parasyte: The Maxim is another dark anime, with excellent action, and scenes horrifying enough to give you goosebumps. The story of a sixteen-year-old will definitely grab all your attention. The series involves science fiction, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the scenes of raging battles between aliens and rescuers of Earth. Advanced villains are shown, with more powers. As the aliens hijack the brains of the native humans, crises become apparent.

    Shinichi Izumi can’t help but become a victim of the parasitic aliens. As she gets involved with Migi – it somehow failed to take whole control of her body. The parasite Migi ends up getting stuck the right lobule of her brain. She cant get out of her head, and hence it becomes important that Shinichi stays safe, so that Migi too can stay safe. Tables turn, and without you even realize, both Migi and Izumi are against the parasites, in order to protect themselves.

    Therefore the chase begins, which forms the climax. If you loved watching Tokyo Ghoul, this anime too will win your heart through its hardcore science fiction and action scenes. The anime also has rich horror scenes, which can leave you wondering what happens next! A perfect pick, if you loved Tokyo Ghoul. The series aired a few years back, but still hasn’t lost its charm, and has a vast range of characters, which makes it more engaging.

    4. Deadman Wonderland

    Deadman Wonderland

    Deadman Wonderland has left us amazed through its action and violence. The scenes are horrid enough to give one chill. Deadman Wonderland steals the limelight every time. If you enjoyed watching Tokyo Ghoul, this one is surely for you.

    The plot covers a school trip gone wrong. Ganta Igarashi, a high school student is equally excited as his other classmates about the school trip. It is already planned that they will be taken to the prison amusement park, famously known as Deadman Wonderland. What was supposed to turn out as a normal event, turns into a deadly state of blood and shooting. The park was famous for its prisoners, who would perform dangerous and risky acts for the entertainment of the visitors.

    In a minute, tables turn, when Ganta’s friends are massacred by an unknown man, wearing all red. Seeing the massacre, the blood leaves Ganta a complete mess and startled. To add more to his misery, he is convicted of the crime of committing the massacre, as he is the only one to survive. The man in red disappears. He is falsely framed for the massacre and accused of killing all his classmates. He is sentenced to death.

    More struggles fall upon him when he has to face real dangerous inmates and survive with them. Coping with the loss of his friends, the false accusing, and now the jail makes his desirefor the red man strong. As he survives in a place, where no one is trusting, the plot becomes more engaging, and the viewers are always left wondering what step will be next

    The series was released a decade ago, and still has maintained its char, through its uptight plot. The anime, just like Tokyo Ghoul, presents to us a dark theme, involving tons of bloodshed, shooting, violent scenes, action, and a plot thatdoesn’t lose its mysterious aura.

    5. The Future Diary

    The Future Diary

    Released a decade ago, this twenty-six-episode anime still has a wide fan following. The series will take you into a world of strange magical powers, and intense action. The story revolves around a loner- Yukiteru Amano. He doesn’t have any friends at school, but not according to him. Quite often, he used to enjoy the company of his imaginary friends- Deus Ex Machina and Mur Mur. As strange as their names are, their titles are equally strange- Ex Machina is supposedly the god of time and space, whereas Mur Mur is his servant. Yukiteru is also seen all the time on his phone. He is constantly updating his e-diary, recording details of his everyday life.

    A strange thing happens one day when his e-dairy mentioned beforehand the things which will happen to him on that day. He does not bother to pay attention to those events until they begin happening in real life. To his surprise, he is not the only one with that kind of diary, his classmate- Yuno Desai, has a similar diary.

    Unknowingly both the boys are dragged into a strange competition. There isa total of ten contestants including them, who will be put into tough competition, and those who will survive it will be given the title of the successor of the diety. After multiple refusals, and protest the boys give up and are forced to participate in the risky venture. Their diaries will act as their tools, which will tell the future events, and will want the, beforehand to prepare against the danger.

    Aseries like Tokyo Ghoul has supernatural elements and a world of fiction. The well-planned games further add more interest to the anime’s plot. It’s a perfect pick if you are into the action and suspense genre. The Future Diary is acknowledged for its interesting plot and is worth a watch.

    6. Pupa


    The pupa is a heart-touching story of a pair of brother and sister. The extent of siblings’ love is shown in the anime. Alongside strong relations, it also shows high action and a unique plot. The storyline is such that viewers can’t resist, and the temptation is there to know more and more.

    The anime introduces us to Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa- a pair of siblings, who have suffered at the hands of their parents, and are eventually abandoned at the end. The siblings start their own journey. Surprisingly they start to follow a bunch of red butterflies, which immediately grabbed their attention. Mesmerized by the beautiful creatures they can’t help following them.

    However, they were totally unaware of the danger which was awaiting them. The butterflies were actually associated with a virus called Pupa. Sooner, the whole or less of the population was under its impact. And so were the siblings. We see Yume transforming into a deadly monstrous creature, which lusts for blood and flesh. The series hereby present us with a lot of bloodshed and killing. Utsutsu on the other hand is partially located and still hasconsciousness and control over himself. It falls upon him to save his sister, and control her thirst for flesh. Putting himself in danger, he stays by her side throughout and swears to protect her, and other people from himself.

    The series touched on emotional notes and presents violence at the same time. Damaged parental relationships, but strong sibling relationships, form the core of the anime. The anime is fit if you are into fiction, action, violence, and emo drama at the same time.

    7. Elfen Lied

    Elfen Lied

    It is another anime that takes us on a rollercoaster of supernatural creatures and powers. The series introduces us to many new characters with a vibrant personality. The overall picture of the story is satisfying, as we see a plot with uniqueness. In the series, we see supernatural characters called- Diclonius, who are human-like appearance, but in addition to that, they have hon and telekinetic hands which are invisible. Their special features make them an interesting subject for government to conduct research on. This is the story of one such Diclonius called- Lucy, who is held captive by the government for experimentation. Tired of facing the brutality on a daily basis, she gathers the strength to escape from there.

    However, it didn’t go smoothly for her. While escaping her, she got a head injury, which damaged her severely and divided her head into personalities. She has a mind like that of a naïve child, with very limited words and understanding of things. On her run, she meets Kouta and his cousin Yuka, who is currently in college. The students being completely unaware of the danger she might impose, and her true identity, decide to help her out. They befriend her and keep her with them. However, soon they realize they are in danger and have become a target of the government and engaged in dirty conspiracies.

    The dark anime resonates with Tokyo Ghoul, as it too has supernatural creatures and high-level violence. Not only this, the mysterious plot further sets the plot on fire. If you are into violent action-based anime, Elfen Lied is a perfect choice.

    8. ANOTHER


    The anime another is one of those which takes us back to highschool.The story is about a transfer student- Kouichi Sakakibara, who took admission to North Junior High.He is attracted to Mei Misaki instantly. Turns out he had met the girl back in the hospital.

    What’s more surprising is that only he can see her, and no one else. His friends warn him to not befriend anything suspicious and stay aware. He soon realizes why everyone was warning him when he unfurls new secrets, which led to unfortunate events. The whole class of 3-3 engages in bad events. As he sets out to discover the reason for the mishappening he also discovers the connection between him and the new invisible girl. To know more they must take the risk.

    The series is horrifying and keeps the suspense well managed. It will give you chills through its horror scenes. If you are into action, drama, and horror anime, this one is for you.

    9. Ajin: Demi-Human

    Ajin Demi-Human

    If you are looking for another horror anime, which can equate to Tokyo Ghoul- Ajin is the answer. The story takes you to an altogether different world. It is about the characters called Ajin, who were first seen in Africa, almost seventeen years ago. These creatures are immortal, and being different than the rest of humankindwas immediately declared a s dangerous. People began to fear their powers, as no way was available to destroy them. A distance began to be maintained, and actions were taken against them. Now if any ajin I spotted they are immediately captured and held under imprisonment.

    The story is about an ajin- Kei Nagai, who was originally born as a human and was studying medical science in highschool. Being an ignorant student, he never paid much attention in the class, and totally skipped the part which told that ajin is considered different from humans. After a deadly accident, he is converted into an ajin, and there begins his survival on a daily basis to save himself from the authorities. He has to live a life in hiding, and soon he realizes that he might not be alone and that there must be others of his kind. And thus begins his journey to protect himself and the others of his kind.

    If you loved the action, chase, and constant tension in Tokyo Ghoul, you will totally get hooked by Ajin. The anime has a lot to offer and is a perfect fit if you are looking for something similar to Tokyo Ghoul. Its supernatural creatures also add more vigor to the anime.

    10. Akame ga Kill

    Akame ga Kill

    Another anime involving secret organizations and a strong enemy is here to leave you baffled. The story shows how an organization works it’s way to overthrow the current prime minister of the country. Night Raid is a secret assassination group and part of the Revolutionary Army. Their mission is to overthrow the prime minister as he was abusing his power. As it happens, the country isin ruins, as thereis no leader to guide and govern.

    Revolutionary Army methods are violent, and they absolutely tolerated nobody whosoever stood in their way. Be aware that this won’t continue in the long run, they are to figure out a different way. The Army has fans too. One such is a teen boy, from a small village, who joined the army as he wanted the welfare of his village, and also he was inspired and impressed by their working mechanism and ideal. His name is Tatsumi.

    As he began working he understands the depth of the work he was assigned with, and alongside also understands his job. Slowly he comes across dangerous enemies, and missions, involving death risk, but still, he sticks to his commitment.

    You will anime a comfort if you are into violence, bloodshed, action, and ongoing wars.

    11. Death Parade

    Death Parade

    Another anime that falls under the genre of suspense and drama is Death Parade. Asa interesting as it sounds, the plot is equally ravishing. The viewers will also come across supernatural elements, which add more thrill and suspense to the anime.

    The twelve-episode-based anime was aired back in 2015 and has gained much popularity now. The plot takes us into the world of hell or even. The hit also introduces us to a third-place- Quindecim. The place is reserved only for pairs who die at the same time. Not all souls after death have access to Quindecim. The arbiter of the bar is called Decim. He is not easy. The judgment for the pairs is announced by him, but not that easy. He puts them into life-threatening situations and challenges them to survive those.

    These battles are crucial as they decide whether a soul ends up in the world by rebirth or is destroyed. The game’s intensity range from basic to tough, from dart games to wrestling. The policy remains unchanged, and he enjoys himself while souls fight in order to survive. His rules come to a question when a black character makes a sudden experience.

    If you loved watching Tokyo Ghoul, this anime- Death Parade might fit as a perfect pick. Like Tokyo Ghoul, the plot is built on supernatural elements and suspense. There are fighting scenes as well. The dark anime- Death anime quotes to Tokyo Ghoul on several levels and is a good choice if looking for similar content.

    12. Guilty Crown

    Guilty Crown

    The anime Guilty Crown amused us through its storyline. The audience went crazy on seeing the theme of apocalypse. The anime was released a decade ago and is still counted as one of the best dark anime. The setting of the plot is done in the future. The year is 2029.

    It is about Christmas time- December 24th. As the apocalypse virus spread through Japan, the day began to be recounted as Lost Christmas. The virus has wrecked the country and is looming in crisis. External help is provided by United Nations. It sends GHQ to handle the situation and relocate the administration, which is in ruins. However, it seems like in the name of helping out, they cleverly acquired control and began ruling. It’s been a decade since the disaster happened.

    In the middle of all this chaos, a group of revolutionaries- Funeral Parlor decides to fight for Japan’s freedom. The group leader is Gai Tsutsugami who is determined for its success. The first task is to steal the Void Genome. Unfortunately, they don’t succeed at the first attempt, and eventually, the Genome ends up at the hands of Inori Yuzuriha- an internet vocalist, whose life was eventually chased down by GHQ people. On run, she meets Shuu Ouma, who turns out to be her huge fan and a high schooler. As he tries to protect her from GHQ people, he spills the Void Genome which ends up giving him huge power like that of Kings.

    The anime relates to Tokyo Ghoul because of its supernatural elements, and the apocalypse renders the viewers in awe. There are enough war scenes and violence for action lovers.

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