Top 25 Anime Traps Of All Time – 2022

    Anime has given us amazing content, as well as amazing characters. Be it male, female, or anime trap characters, each one of them has performed impressively. Anime traps are the characters who appear to be female, but their assigned gender is male. Their hair and dressing style is as such that they are mistaken for females. If you are looking for such anime traps, then check out the list below, containing the 25 best anime traps character.

    1. Ritsu Sohma

    Ritsu Sohma

    The character of Ritsu Sohma, popularly known as Ri-chan, has appeared in the anime Fruits Basket. A third-year student at a private college, he is the only child of the Sohma Family. His dressing style is similar to a female. Often at first glance people mistook him for a woman, because of his feminine dressing style, long hair, and elegant features. Initially, he seems to possess very low confidence, which gets built up with time. It is because of his parent’s constant pressure and comparison that he began dressing like a girl. He got his anxiety from his parents, who also suffer from the same.

    Overall, he is a humble, polite, and kind-hearted man. Later, as his self-confidence boosted, he started dressing as a man. And cut his short.

    2. Fish Eye

    Fish Eye

    The character of Fish Eye is also shown as a male having more feminine traits. He has a lean body, for which he generally gets mistaken as a female. He has long hair and ties a red ribbon to fashion them. He was originally a fish who was converted into a human by Zirconia. He likes to wear hoop earrings which further make him look like a lady. He has a stone embedded on his forehead.

    His interests were purely men. He never went after women. He would reveal his true identity after the males fell in love with him. He would primarily summon Lemures. Some of them are- Tsunawataro, Sea Lion, Shufflefuruo, Kurumiwario, Tobihaneru, and Mawashitaro.

    3. Luka Urushibara

    Luka Urushibara

    The anime Steins; Gate gave us another androgynous man. Luke’s dressing style and personality resemble women, but he is a male. His interest is also in men. Mayuri Shiina is his classmate and is attracted to Luka. His feminine looks attract attention from men, which gives him trouble. As a person, he is very sensitive to emotions, and others’ opinions. He is attracted to Rintaro. Luka also manages to convince him to go on a date with him. The date however didn’t work out perfectly.

    Luka’s love for Rintaro Is unconditional. He informs her that even if he was a boy, he would still love Rintaro. Later in the anime, they both get together.

    4. Gasper Vladi

    Gasper Vladi

    High School DxD presented us with the character of Gasper Vladi- a male protagonist, whose appearance is like that of a female. Originally, he was half-vampire and half-human, though later in the series, he was turned into Devil by Rias Gremory. His bob hair cut, with bangs hanging in the forefront, adds a more feminine appearance to his character. In the series, we have seen Kiba often commenting on him as a “beautiful girl”.

    He is shown as a shy boy, who is highly under-confident. But slowly with encouragement, he gains confidence. He comes out of his feminine shell at the end and starts acting like a man. Eventually, he gathers the courage to fight as well and bears harsh beating to defend his comrades.

    5. Hime Arikawara

    Hime Arikawara

    The anime Hirogoto presented us with the male protagonist- Hime Arikawara. He is a second-year student who was saved by the creditors, as he was stuck with debt collectors. However, the condition for saving him was very different. As per the creditors, Hime had to dress up like a girl to pay off the debtors. Hence, he appears with long pink hair and blue wide eyes, which make him, look like a girl. In school as well, he is seen wearing a girl’s uniform.

    As he is dressed forcefully, he feels embarrassed or often pinpointed. Despite the harsh and indifferent behaviour he receives, he still tries his best to stay optimistic and fit in.

    6. Haku


    Naruto has presented us with many dynamic characters. One of them is Haku- an androgynous man. He belongs to Yuki Clan. HE trains hard to become a Shinobi and then a Mercenary Ninja under Zabuza Momochi. He was portrayed as very beautiful. Naruto compliments him, even after realizing that he is a male. He has long hair and wears kimonos of a brighter shade.

    As a person, he is good-hearted and hard-working. He has this notion that people become strong when they have a purpose or someone to protect. He is highly skilled and an able Ninja. In the battle fought between him, Sasuke, and Naruto, we come across his skills.

    7. Kenjiro Hato

    Kenjiro Hato

    Genshiken Nidaime introduced to us the character of Kenjiro Hato. He is the last descendent of the Genshiken family. He was a male or fudanshi, though he styled himself as a female. He has long brown hair and likes to wear feminine clothing. The female style suits him, as he gets loads of attention. He has adapted the female voice as well. To add more to his personality, he likes to keep his body shaved. He uses many moisturizers in order to keep his complexion smooth and flawless.

    As a person he is calm. Handlinga complicated situation is not his best quality. He uses polite speech and is always well-mannered. He has mastered feminine speech as well, and to such an extent that he can speak it while sleeping as well.

    8. Honjo Kamatari

    Honjo Kamatari

    Honjo Kamatari from Rurouni Kenshin is a member of Juppongatana, which is anorganization under the leadership of Shishio Makoto. He also likes to wear feminine clothes and has no shame about it. He openly accepts his female side. He admires Yahiko and likes to flirt with him. He battles against Yumi, in order to win Shishio, for whom he possesses deep love. Hence, when it comes to following his orders, he doesn’t step back an inch and gives his hundred percent.

    His admiration for Shishio is extreme. When he failed to win against Misao and Kaoru, he was ready to commit suicide, as it seemed to him a better option rather than facing Shishio. Hence, Honjo likes to dress in female clothes and at the same time is passionate about Shishio.

    9. Ferris


    Ferris or Felix Argyle plays an important role as Crusch Karsten’s Knight. For a knight, his style is excessively feminine. He has light-colored hair. He uses hair ribbons to fashion them. One can see two blue ribbons tied in his hair. Thought the ribbons are a gift from Crusch. He has opinions about death. He deeply cares about Crusch. We saw him caring for her when she got infected by the dragon’s blood. To get the cure he goes on torturing Sirius, to obtain information. He is extremely grateful to Crusch and is constantly expressing his thanks to her for all that she has added to him.

    10. Makoto


    Makoto from Minami-ke is a boy, who studies in elementary school.  He Is friends with Chiaki Minami. Though Minami would call him an idiot and has even named him an “idiotic child”. Later as the show progresses he develops a crush on Haruka Minami. Kana Minami agrees to help him out by approaching Haruka. She says that he could come to her house and meet Haruka, but for that, he would have to dress up like a girl. He was asked to rename himself “Mako-chan”. Makoto agrees to the deal and disguises himself as a girl in order to go to her house. No one canrecognize him.

    Though he doesn’t enjoy dressing up that much, at the same time, he is constantly making efforts to make his styling better and better.

    11. Ana Gram

    Ana Gram

    The anime Phi Brain presented us with the character of Ana Gram, who is shown as a student studying at Root Academy. He is a boy, but his style is similar to a female and people often mistook him for a girl. He is unaffected by this. His hair is long brown reaching down his shoulders. He is seen wearing an orange scarf which adds more feminity to his character. He even has a female voice.

    He likes to dress as a girl only. He has a huge and impressive collection of dresses and gowns, which he wears on regular basis. He spends most of his time doing art and doesn’t attend many classes. Overall he is a sweet, at times introvert.

    12. Tsukimiya Ringo

    Tsukimiya Ringo

    The Idolmaster anime introduced to us the character of Tsukimiya Ringo, who likes to do cross-dressing. He is shown on the post of an adviser. He is currently advisingA-Class. He has pretty and long lashes like girls. Apart from the eyelashes, he has long voluminous pink hair.

    As a person, he is very optimistic and seen as cheerful at all times. He loves fashion and is always styled in amazing outfits. Though he is an attention-seeker. It angers him when someone ignores him or doesn’t show much attention.

    13. Makoto Kikuchi

    Makoto Kikuchi

    Another character from the Idolmaster who likes to do cross-dressing is Makoto Kikuchi. She is an extremely cheerful girl, who likes to dress up as a guy. She has more male fans than females. She is popularly known as “The Pretty-boy Idol” and “prince” of 756 Production. She is honest and works hard to look more feminine. She has amazing dancing skills and is one of the best dancers in the whole production.

    She lives with her parents. It is because of her desire to be more feminine that she decides to become an idol, with the full support of her father. Her tracksuit and short hair though give her a more masculine look.

    14. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

    Hideyoshi Kinoshita

    The anime Baka and Test presented us with the character of Hidetoshi Kinoshita, who is a student of class 2-Fat Fumizuki Academy. He has a fraternal twin called Yuuko Kinoshita. His dressing style resembles his sister’s. He keeps his hair slightly long, with bangs hanging in front of his forehead. He even uses hair clips to fashion his hair and keeps the bangs organized. He is known for his beauty in school. His grandfather has also commented on his beauty calling it “unbelievable”. It’s hard to guess his real gender. The confusion leads to the rumor that he belongs to the third gender.

    He is fluent in both voices of girls and boys. He likes to cover his chest, which adds more suspicion to his gender.

    15. Nagisa Shiota

    Nagisa Shiota

    The anime Assassination Classroom brought tothe forefront the character of Nagisa Shiota, who is a student in Class 3-E at Kungigaoka Junior High School. Being the main lead, he is an excellent assassinate. He looks feminine because of his personality. His mother forced him to keep long hair, which adds a more feminine look to his personality. He fashions his hair in a ponytail and later in pigtails.

    At school, he has faced troubles because of his appearance. As a person, he is calm and radiates positive energy. He is friendly and gets adapted to his environment quickly. He is shy and doesn’t interact much. At times it is hard to feel his presence. The constant mocking has added insecurity and inferiority complex to him.

    16. Souta Takanashi

    Souta Takanashi

    Souta Takanashi from the anime Working! Is also a character who loves to do cross-dressing. He is a 15-year-old student who is studying in high school currently and a part-time works at a Wagnaria Restaurant. He has recently joined the post. He is lean and keeps his hair short when he isn’t cross-dressed. Though, outside work and school, he is seen wearing a long pink wig. He even stuffs material to make his chest look bouncier, and applies makeup to cover his tan. One can see bangs dangling from his forehead.

    Like girls, he goes after anything bright and cute. He is very kind towards younger children and women, but when it comes to young men or older people, he can’t hide his disliking. Overall, he is incumbent and loves his job.

    17. Rui Ninomiya

    Rui Ninomiya

    Gatchaman Crowds presents Rui Ninomiya as one of the main leads. He uses pseudonyms like LOAD. He keeps his hair short and wears red glasses. Though this is not his only style. When he used to work as LOAD, he would style himself in cross-dressing. He would often wear a wig of blonde or black color. His most common and best attire was a black dress with high boots and a blonde ponytail wig.

    As a person, he is an idealist. His ambition is to work for society and make it better. He takes it on his shoulder to mend the flaws of society.

    18. Aoi Futaba

    Aoi Futaba

    In the anime You’re Under Arrest Full Throttle we see the character of Aoi Futaba. His gender is male, but due to his dressing style, he is mistaken for a female. The reason for his feminine dressing style is a major project which he undertook. To catch a rapist he had to dress like a lady. He beats all the ladies in the department when it comes to feminity. It is discovered later that he prefers men over women. He also gets into a romantic relationship with a male, he met on the Internet.

    He used to play basketball, before adopting his disguise and was liked by many females. A fan even accepted him as a female. He keeps his hair black and long. He wearsa blue uniform running down his knees.

    19. Kaoru Hanase

    Kaoru Hanase

    Kaoru Hanase is cast as the main protagonist and the owner of the Usagi-Yama shopping district. She has kong blonde and voluminous hair. She would tie them using a pink band. She is often seen in her working outfit which she wears at work- a pink apron upon a white shirt, denim, and brown high boots. She is not only pretty but exceptionally tall.

    As a person, she is amiable and yet likes to be in her space. She makes people around her happy, by showing small signs of gratefulness. Overall, she is a welcoming person and cares for others as well.

    20. Jun Watarase

    Jun Watarase

    The anime Happiness gave us the character of Jun Watarase as one of the main leads. She is known for her looks. She is young and he personality is highly attractive. Her hair is violet in color and is long. It comes as a surprise that in reality, she is a boy, who only dresses up as a female. Even in school, you will see her wearing a girl’s uniform. She would wear shirts and skirts, along with stockings.

    As a person, she is lively and smiles all the time. She is confident in her personality and won’t mind being open about it. Comments hurt her, but she tries not to make a big deal about them. Overall, she is a vibrant person, who cares about her friends, and tries her best to keep people away from any trouble.

    21. Saika Totsuka

    Saika Totsuka

    Saika Totsuka- a student currently in Class 2F in Sobu High School is the president of the Tennis Club. Despite being into sports, his personality is quite soft and has feminine resemblances. Often at times, people mistook him for a woman. His skin is of light tone, and he has gray hair which is not too long. He prefers his gym uniform most time. Sometimes we see other accessories as well like- a towel or racket.

    He is called a Prince in school because of his delegate features. His personality aids his team in getting victories, and it creates no issue for the team or the teammates. Overall, he is friendly and a kind-natured person.

    22. Astolfo


    The anime Great Holy Grail War of Fate brought to us the character of Astolfo. He is one of the servants and a part of the army as well. He likes to dress ladylike despite his achievements and interests. He keeps his hair long and uses hair ornaments as well. He has high regard for his hair ornaments and thinks that they help him to gather his calm back and cheer him up. He likes cute things and he puts all his efforts to make his appearance as girly as possible. He even received compliments for his looks. He is called the mosthandsome person amongst the twelve peers of Champagne. It is hard to guess his gender and remains unknown.

    23. Asuramaru


    The anime series Black Demon introduced us to Asuramaru- an androgynous male. He likes to keep his hair long. He has violet hair, with two bangs hanging in the forefront. He wear sleeveless dress, which adds more femininity to his character. Though he is a demon with high lust for blood and survives on Yu’s blood.

    He has a strong built and manipulative power, which he often uses on his host’s body. He has this notion that humans are worse creatures than both demons and vampires. He does have has a good reputation and recognizes him as an enemy rather than a friend.

    24. Yukimara Kusunoki

    Yukimara Kusunoki

    The character of Yukimara Kusunoki from Boku waTomodachi ga Sukunai doesn’t share much screen time but casts a major influence in the series as a side character. The sixteen-year-old old girl likes to dress herself as a boy. Her identity makes both the girls and boys around her uncomfortable and makes it difficult for her to make friends. She a has detailed knowledge of Japanese history. In school one would often see her wearing a male uniform, and outside her maid uniform.

    Her short hair makes her look like a boy. Her confidence is low. But as the series goes on we see that her confidence is boosted up. She is incumbent and hard-working. She is also a member of the neighbor’s club.

    25. Hasuta


    Hasuta is a student at space elementary school. He is one of the main protagonists and classmates with Nyaruko and Kuko. He is the son of a popular space video game company, called- CCE(Carcosa Computer Entertainment). He keeps his appearance feminine. He likes to keep his hair long. He ties his long blonde hair in a ponytail, with a ribbon. He also fashions his hair in two binny ponytails.

    As a person, he is very shy and doesn’t open up easily. He likes to listen to others and follow their instructions. Though as the show progresses, we see a change in his personality. He becomes more confident and mature. Also, his style changes from being feminine to masculine.

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