7 Anime You Need To Watch If You Love The Devil Is A Part-Timer

    These fun programmes might be of interest to anime enthusiasts who liked The Devil is a Part-Timer!

    One of the funniest anime to come out in the last ten years is The Devil Is A Part Timer. Satan must find a method to maintain himself and his henchmen as they search for a way to return home after becoming stuck on Earth without any magic. To prevent copyright infringement, this entails employment at McDonald’s, or more precisely, MgRonald’s. Satan, now called as Maou, is attempting to be the finest employee the fast food establishment has ever seen rather than attempting to conquer the world as he had initially imagined.

    Although the idea seems completely original, there are numerous anime that have themes similar to The Devil Is A Part Timer. Working!! shares its focus on the casual dining sector with I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job, which follows aspiring superheroes who are pushed into low-paying employment when their training programme is shut down.

    A somewhat original work of isekai animation, The Devil Is A Part-Timer! In traditional isekai fashion, Emilia, a demon lord’s adversary, transports him to the human world at the beginning of the anime. The demon ruler is stranded on Earth and must start hiding out as an ordinary person.

    The narrative of Satan is told in “Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer!)” as he moves from being the Demon Lord of Ente Isla to becoming the “Employee of the Month” in a particular fast food restaurant on Earth. Initially, there was a conflict! Satan and his right-hand man, Demon General Alsiel, were forced to flee to Earth after being vanquished by Hero Emilia. Satan was made helpless there on Earth, so in order to begin a new life, he took the name Sadao Maou.

    Sadao Maou must strive to make ends meet and eventually rule the globe, one step at a time, alongside his Alsiel (now Ashiya Shirou). Sadao Maou, a lowly employee now, will move up the corporate ladder until he can restore his place at the top of the world once more!

    Many people are searching for more anime now that it has entertained them with so many wild actions and bizarre jokes. This list was created with a few factors in mind, such as comedy, demons, fantasy settings, otherworldly beings, and crazy circumstances. Come on, enjoy and amuse yourself by watching anime like “Hataraku Maou-sama!”

    1. Blood Lad

    Blood Lad

    A weird vampire lurks in the realm of devils. Statistical Charlie Blood is his name. He relaxes in his realm and enjoys things from the human world, notably Japan, rather than draining blood from people. Yes, Staz is an otaku who enjoys video games, anime, and comics. So an irregular door of opportunity opens when a human female unintentionally enters his domain.

    Staz has at last discovered the opportunity he has been seeking his entire life. Right before him is a genuine female! Then, though, there is a tremor! A demon is attacking his realm, and as a result, the human girl meets an unfortunate death. What does Staz do then? Kill the aggressor, swear that he’ll revive the human girl, and be ready for their extraordinary voyage! After all, Staz’s entrance to the human world is also provided by this bizarre incident!

    2. Demon King Daimao

    Demon King Daimao

    Akuto Sai just has one dream: to guide the world toward justice! He had only ever wanted it since birth. Akuto aspires to be an all-around nice and kind supreme leader with good acts, kindness, and excellent power. But then, it took place! Akuto’s future is predicted by a ghost that may foretell a person’s future line of work. And the outcome? The “Demon King” of the future will be Akuto.

    Akuto seeks to restore his image after his reputation was damaged due to his fate by demonstrating to everyone that destiny can be altered. He will try all in his power to change his destiny because it is still uncertain. Calamities, miserable fates, and misfortunes pale in comparison to Akuto’s awesome might!

    3. Noragami


    Despite being a deity, Yato is less well-known than other gods and does not have a shrine in his honour. As a result, he performs odd chores for others for 5 yen each in the hopes that one day he may achieve the recognition and popularity that he so well deserves. His weapon buddy eventually departs him since he is basically worthless and useless. Is this his last chance? No, because a human girl by the name of Hiyori Iki arrives to help him and transform his life!

    Hiyori mistakenly believed that she was protecting Yato from a collision when, in reality, she was actually protecting a deity who was somewhat impervious to such harm. Consequently, Hiyori was the one who was struck! Fortunately, she made it through with merely the consequence of her soul breaking loose. Hiyori approaches Yato for assistance after seeing her when she first awoke. He is ultimately to blame! So here’s the deal: If she aids Yato in locating a new weapon-partner, he will repair her soul.

    4. Blue Exorcist

    Blue Exorcist

    A troubled young man, Rin Okumura gets by in life by merely letting everything go through the motions. One day, his routine existence is upended! He suddenly comes under attack from beings known as demons! He learns that his family had known something he was unaware of all along, which surprises him given the abrupt escalation. And to top it all off, Satan, the head of the devils, is actually his father.

    His family is moving to keep him safe at any costs. Satan wants him to help him in destroying the planet, nevertheless! But Rin sees things differently! Despite learning that he is a demon himself and the spawn of Satan at that, he still acts unexpectedly since his family is his first priority. Rin intends to train as an exorcist, a person who exorcises demons.

    5. Working!!


    If what you liked about The Devil Is A Part-Timer was its focus on life in the restaurant industry, you might want to give Working!! a try. It’s a slice of life anime about everyday life in a family restaurant – and of course, all of the employees are truly bizarre. Inami is so afraid of men that she’s a menace to any she comes across, Popura looks like an adorable squirrel, and if you ask the manager to do anything ever, you will face the consequences. While lacking in the same fantastical elements that characterize Part-Timer, Working!! still gets across the same vibe.

    6. Beelzebub


    Oga Tatsumi, the dominant delinquent at Ishiyama High School, brawls every day to demonstrate his might in the predominantly delinquent environment. But one day, a strange infant presents Oga with the worst problem of all. Beelzebub is that infant, and Oga must care for him!

    As if Beelzebub were a typical infant, which he certainly isn’t! He is in fact the demon king’s son! He too arrived in the human realm to be nurtured by an especially powerful human, in this instance, Oga! Everywhere—at home, at school, and everywhere—Oga shall rear and spoil Beelzebub to become the upcoming demon king!

    7. I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job

    I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job

    Since he was a little child, Raul Chaser has dreamed of being a hero and putting an end to evil in the world. As a result, when he was of age, he submitted an application to the Hero Training Program, which was created to develop heroes capable of slaying the Demon Lord. Unfortunately for Raul, the Hero Training Program has been put on indefinite hold after someone unexpectedly vanquished the Demon Lord and brought about global peace.

    Raul has now made the decision to work a regular job rather than become a hero. In a business named the Magic Leon Shop, he now performs modest electronics work. Around until a strange visitor shows up, his routine life is going smoothly. It turns out to be a fresh coworker! And not just any ordinary coworker either. It’s Fino Bloodstone, the late Demon King’s daughter. Working together: a want tobe Demon Lord and a want tobe hero? Sounds weird, yet such is a part of life’s enigmatic whims and fate!

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