Bastard – Everything You Need To Know

    Bastard!!: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy is a very popular manga amongst the Japanese youth. Kazushi Hagiwara is the author and illustrator of the manga series. Shueisha- a Japanese entertaining company that looked after its publication, published 27 volumes in a decade. The first volume emerged in 1988. The publication continued with gaps, and hence by 2012, a total of 27 magazines were out in weekly magazines like Shonen Jump and Ultra Jump.

    The strong plot attracted the attention of international readers and hence it was licensed by an anime manga publication company in North America- Viz Media. An original Video Animation for the manga has been aired back in 1992. The series total consisted of 6 episodes of runtime having 30 minutes. Katsuhito Akiyama directed the series which aired for a period of one year from 1992 to 1993.

    Before the release of the anime let’s have a look at the synopsis of the manga. The storyline revolves around a 14-year-old boy, inside whom a beast has been sealed by a priest. The seal needed to be broken when The four Lords of Havoc decided to destroy and recreate the world.

    To stop the attack, the Dark Schneider is awakened who was inside a 14-year-old boy. A maiden of the kingdom Metallicana, which defeated the wizard, does this job, to save humanity. Yoko was chosen as only a kiss from a maiden could do the task.

    Dark Schneider a deadly wizard had different plans though. The question of security lingers on the earth, while the wizard is concerned about having all the women and conquering all the population of the world.

    The Dark Schneider is awakened to help the Kingdom of Metallicana- the same kingdom which defeated him 15 years ago. Priest unleashes the devil within Lushe. The dark wizard is to fight against allies of which once he was part. Though whole different plans are formulated in his mind. The fight is set between the Kingdom of Metallicana has the support of the Dark wizard, and Gara, Kall-Su, Abigail, and Nei.

    Is there an anime adaptation of the manga Bastard?

    Is there an anime adaptation of the manga Bastard

    Another Original video animation is about to be released, following the storyline of the original manga. The announcement was made on February 3, 2022, that an anime adaptation by Liden Films will follow. It has been announced on Netflix’s official Twitter account.

    What is the expected date of release of the anime adaptation?

    What is the expected date of release of the anime adaptation

    The expected release date is June 30, 2022. The number of episodes as of now is 24. The runtime is still unknown. Scriptwriting is done by Yosuke Kuroda. Takaharu Ozaki has been directing the anime. The initial release will be on Netflix. There is no information regarding release on Television.

    Who all will be the characters of the anime adaptation?

    Who all will be the characters of the anime adaptation

    The anime will have all the major characters- Dark Schneider voiced by Kazuki Yao, Yoko by Yuka Koyama, Gara by Tessho Genda, Nei by Rei Sakuma, and Kall-Su by Toshihiko Seki.

    What will follow the plot of the anime adaptation?

    What will follow the plot of the anime adaptation

    The Dark Schneider was defeated 15 years ago. Using his dark skills, he can save himself and resides in the body of a young boy- Lushe Renren. When he is unleashed, he gathers his army called Four Heavenly Kings. He leads humans and demons in the war against the Gods.

    With different plans of the dark wizard, the kingdom of Metallica can be saved from the tactful allies?  The storyline follows a set of strong enemies. Kall-Su possesses incredibly good magic skills. Priest Abigail is the Fourth Lord of Havoc. He is ancient and also organizes the whole resurrection ceremony of Anthrax. Empress Arches Nei a very dearly character to Dark Schneider, shares the same powers as him, and also is immortal. She is like a daughter to the Dark Wizard. And the last- Gara an exceptionally well Ninja.

    The Original Video Animation will cover the story of the Kingdom of Metallica, the downfall of Lord Schneider, his reincarnation as a young boy, awakening, and the final fight. The anime will be a combination of entertaining action, with a twist of romance.

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