Top 22 Best Lesbian Anime Of All Time – 2022

    Anime has always kept us in wonder through its interesting plots. Lesbian romance is also highly preferred and liked by the audience. For the lovers of such anime, a list has been mentioned below.

    1. Bloom into You

    Bloom into You

    Bloom into you is a romantic anime, which will completely grab your attention through its character, and a journey that teaches self-love. The story protagonist is Yuu Koito, who has a high interest in reading manga and is a huge fan. She has a dynamic personality. Out of the blue, she receives a proposal. At first, she acts careless towards it and tries to ignore it. Nut she can’t hide her feelings for long, and hence her struggle begins as she tries to comprehend them.

    As she joins college, she gets to know Touko Nanami, who is the student council President. Grabbed by her personality, she develops feelings, and hence begins their journey together.

    2. Sweet Blue Flowers

    Sweet Blue Flowers

    The anime Sweet Blue Flowers narrates the story of a first-year student- Fumi Manjoume. She studies in an all-girls school- Matsuoka Girl’s High school. The story covers her heart breaks and falling in love all over again. Initially, we see dealing her with a brutal break-up, and that she is trying to deal with the post-breakup phase. Fumi is friends with Akira Okudairs since her childhood. Akira is in Fujigatani Girls Academy.

    Akira reaches out to her, and the old friends are reunited. However, Fumi begins to develop feelings for Akira. She decides to confess her feelings to Akira, as she found herself in love with her. We do not see a clear response from Akira at first. The bond of the duo keeps on getting stronger, however.

    3. Simoun


    Simoun is known for its unique plot and a completely different storyline. Set in the region of Simulicram, the story follows that every born citizen is a female. Their assigned gender at birth is only female, however, they can choose their sex when they turn 27, after a proper ceremony. The girls who are under 17, or haven’t experienced the ceremony were allowed to fly the ship Simoun, which defends Simulicram.

    Simulicram faces an attack resulting in destruction and chaos by the enemy. After the attack, Aer was assigned as the pilot of Simoun, alongside Neviril, who lost her partner in the attack. As working closely with Neviril, Aer couldn’t help but feel attracted to her. Slowly the desire to be by her and know her well develops in Aer, and thus begins their journey.

    4. Whispered Words

    Whispered Words

    Whispered Words fits perfectly for a lesbian romance anime. The anime explores the relationship of two young girls, who are in love with other. Sumika is a student who aces in academics and has feelings for one of her classmates- Ushio. It takes a lot of courage for Sumka to confess to Ushio. She has this notion that Ushio might reject her, as she is very particular about her choices.

    However, when she approaches Ushio, she is shocked by her reaction. She comes to know that Ushio also has similar feelings for her. She wasn’t confessing because she too has a similar fear that Sumika might turn her down. Once the whole episode of confession is completed, the girls come into an open relationship, and therefore their romance begins.

    5. Revolutionary Girl Utena

    Revolutionary Girl Utena

    The anime explores the relationship of two young girls named Utena and Anthy. Utena is an ambitious and passionate girl. She sets her goal to become a prince when she gets insured by one, who helped her. She achieved her goal; When the Prince left her. He gave her a rose stone ring. Utena however had no clue what to do with the ring, or what purpose it had. Years later she takes admittedtoOotori Academy. In the academy, she sees that those who are wearing these rose crest rings were paired against each other in a fight.

    The fight was to win the rose bride Anthy. The story hereby takes us through various emptins of competition, victory, romance, and adventure.

    6. Discipline


    The anime Disciple is a novel adaptation. The anime takes us back to school life. It also highlights issues like bullying. The anime provides a deep insight into an all-girls school mechanism, and the mischievous the students there do. The anime is also popular for its nude scenes. Living in an all-girls, they get bored of the daily activities, hence when they see a man, they can’t help themselves.

    Unaware of Takuro’sultimate sex power, they eventually become close to the male. The anime presents us with a close outlook ongirls’ school life.

    7. Sakura Trick

    Sakura Trick

    Sakura Trick is another anime that takes us back to high school romance. Haruka Takayama is the main lead who studies at Miasto West High School. She is very good friends with Yuu Sonado. Yuu, unlike Sakura, is a popular girl, who starts making new friends and expanding her group. Haruka can’t help to feel jealous when she sees Yuu getting close to other girls. To retain their special bond Yuu suggest that they should have something which will make their bond different from the rest. Hence Yuu proposes a kiss.

    But after their special moment, feelings begin to stir between the duo. Though they try to hide their feelings, it becomes evident, and the duo acknowledges that they are attracted to each other.

    8. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica is an anime well known for its visuals and soundtrack, The anime had a mix of supernatural elements and magic. The main characters are Maddoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki. The plot is set in the city of Mitakihara. The girls meet a cat, who promises them that they will possess magical powers, once they will fulfil some requirements mentioned by the cat- Kyuubey. Madoka becomes magical, and as she fights witches she tries to be with her old friend. Madoka takes the main lead.

    9. Kiniro Mosaic

    Kiniro Mosaic

    The anime Kiniro Mosaic discuss how a group of lesbians- initially keeping their identity a secret, accepts it and starts embracing their real self. It’s the story of acceptance and self-love. It takes us through a whole roller coaster ride of emotions. The story revolves around a group of 5 lesbians, who finally break their shells. The main lead is Shinobu Oomiya who move to England at an early age, and Alice- the girl whom Shinobu meets there. Soon the pair becomes good friends and develop a strange attachment. Within a short span of time, their friendship deepens so much that it becomes really hard for Shinobu to leave back for Japan.

    After several years of their separation, Shinobu receives who is now in high school receives a letter from Alice, who informs her that soon she will be joining her high school. The pair hence reunites excitingly, and once again the feelings begin to develop.

    10. Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo: Anata ToKoibitoTsunagi

    Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo Anata ToKoibitoTsunagi

    Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo: Anata ToKoibitoTsunagi is a highly acknowledged Yuri anime. Released a decade ago, the anime still has not lost its popularity. With only one episode of its manga adaptation, the anime has presented us with some extremely well Yuri scenes. The story revolves around two school students- Mai and Reo, who are constantly fighting against each other, and barely hang out.

    It turns out Reo was irritating her only because of feelings and wanted to have some of the man’s attention. Mai also falls in love with Reo. After a lot of twists and turns, the couple gets along together.

    11. Strawberry Panic

    Strawberry Panic

    Strawberry Panic is the sort of anime that slowly makes you fall in love with the plot. Without any nudity, the anime grabs our attention through its sensational story and passe a fit check for young watchers. The plot is set in an all-girls Catholic school, which is called St. Miator’s Girls Academy. The school is located in Astraea Hill Region. The school has categorized its students into three slots and has made different uniforms for each slot. Aoi Nagisa is a new student who is struggling to understand the system and new kids.

    She meets Shizuma Hanazono who helps her when she feels off the hill. As Shizuma plants a kiss on Aoi’s forehead she passes out. The girls, however, begin to hang out, and before realizing they have become good friends. However, the pair don’t stick only to friendship and slowly mutual feelings start floating on the surface

    12. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musumetachi

    Mnemosyne Mnemosyne no Musumetachi

    The plot of the anime Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musumetachi is a mix of romance alongside extreme violence. The anime has a wide plot and includes multiple mini-plots. What might appear hard to understand at first, will become worth a watch, as the series will advance. The anime cast Rin Asogi as the main protagonist, who is a private detective by profession. Mimi is her private. Both the girls are immortal as they ate the time Fruit from the tree of Yggdrasil.

    Everyone Rin Knows ages, except her. She faces loads of dangers, but her immortality saved her. In 65 years, the fruit has only worked wonders for her, until an enemy stringer than anything comes in light. The series thereby takes a new turn, changing events for Rin and Mimi both. The series is a perfect combo of romance and mystery.

    13. Riddle Story of Devil

    Riddle Story of Devil

    Riddle Story of Devil follows an interesting plot of romance, mystery, and violence. The plot goes around the life of Tokaku Azuma who is an assassin, as well as studying in high school. She has been assigned the task to kill Haru Ichinose. Not only her but eleven more killers are assigned the same task. However, the story goes through a major plot twist, when instead of killing Haru, Azuma starts developing feelings for her.

    She takes it upon herself, to save Haru from other assassins as well. At every step, she protects her and makes sure Haru is safe. The plot includes slow romance, which engages the watchers. The change in feelings also acts as a wonder, adding more interestto the series. It’s a perfect anime for fans of Yuri anime.

    14. Shoujo Sect

    Shoujo Sect

    Released a decade ago, Shoujo Sect has still retained its charm. It is an anime with a perfect balance of comedy and romance. The anime explores the depth of relationships. It focuses on all tell the aspects of a relationship. The Yuri anime is well acknowledged. The plot goes round about the lives of Shinobu Handa and Momoko Naitou. The story is about how they met as kids, their separation, and then rebounding again as adults.

    15. Yuru Yuri

    Yuru Yuri

    Based on a manga, the anime has gained massive characters, owning to its dynamic characters. The plot is set in high school and narrates the stories of a bunch of high school girls- Kyouko Toshinou, Yui Funami, Akari Akaza, and Chinatsu Yoshikawa. The girls are trying todeal with their changing hormones and the sudden hit of adolescence. Akari, Yui, and Kyouko open an Amusement Club as they enroll in middle school. The sole purpose of the club is to entertain, and ditch all the teen troubles the girls were facing.

    As the club slowly expands, leading to the joining of Chinatsu, their friendship becomes even stronger. Slowly, unusual feelings and romance spark up between the girls, adding more spice and twist to the plot.

    16. Noir


    The anime Noir is primarily known for its action scene of the protagonist- Noir. The anime has presented us with some impressive visuals. Along with the animation, the soundtrack also adds a lot of influence. The plot has two main assassins, and it narrated theor story- Corsican Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yuumura. Both the assassins share opposite personalities. Corsican is dominant, mature, and bold, whereas Yuumura is the exact opposite- shy, and introverted. She also has a terrible memory and keeps forgetting things. On her sudden realization of killing instincts, she remembers “Noir”. Having told this to Bouquet, the duo set their journey together.

    17. Maria Holic

    Maria Holic

    The plot of Maria Holic is set in an all-girls school. Ame no Kisaki Catholic School isa popular girls’ school, and interesting stories are always happening here. The story is about Kanako Miyamae who has recently been transferred to this new school. Like her parents found love, she also came with high hopes to find someone. The one who gets her attention is Mariya Shidou who had a pretty face, and an overall charming personality. On seeing Maruya she got a feeling that she is going to be her first love.

    To Kanako’s disappointment, Mariya turns out to be a boy, who was cross-dressed. Mariya blackmails Kanako into not telling them his real identity by threatening that he will reveal her real intentions of joining the school if she will reveal his gender secret. However, the knots are slowly resolvedto lead to friendship.

    18. Konohana Kitan

    Konohana Kitan

    The anime Konohana Kitan covers supernatural elements of magic. The show covers fantasy and science fiction, alongside representing the Japanese culture. The show highlights the varieties of races that co-exist on Earth and how they differ from each other, in regard to their culture and practices. The setting is Konohanatei, which is a hot spring inn. The main protagonists are a fox girl from the village of Spirits. She is called Yuzu. Along with Yiri, she works at the hot spring inn. Yuzu tries her best to not make mistakes and do her work effectively. However, she always ends up messing with things. Her warm nature covers for her mistakes.

    Siri is always trying to help her out by explaining things more clearly. Having found a family-like environment there, she begins to like the place and slowly falls in love with Yiri.

    19. Citrus


    Citrus is an anime that explores high school romance. The anime presents excellent Yuri or girl-on-girl scenes. The story revolves around the characters of Yuzu Aihara and Mei Aihara, two girls who eventually fall in love with each other. Yuzu loves fashion and trying out different styles. She has to change school when her mom decides to remarry. She loved that option because she was excited about new people and new experiences like her first kiss and love. To shatter her hopes, she founds her classmates to be studious.

    Mei who is Yuzu’s step sister as well as the class president tries to seal her phone. At home when they pull each other’s leg for the incident, out of nowhere Mei forces a kiss on Yuzu. Stange for Yuzu she deals with it, and eventually, the girls start to bond together as a couple.

    20. El Cazador de la Bruja

    El Cazador de la Bruja

    El Cazador de la Bruja is an anime series which introduces us to ana excellent plot full of adventures. The story is of a hunter named Nadie. Her current task is to look for a girl named Ellis, who has been convicted of murdering a popular scientist. Ellis has amnesia, which makes the case further complicated. Thanks to Nadie’s excellent skills, Ellis is captured, but in order to revive her memories of murder, Nadia had to take her to Winay Marka. Marka is in an institutionthat provides treatment for amnesia.

    As they spend more time together, they eventually become close to each other. Nadia begins to care about Ellis. She further discovers that Ellis has something to do with an Inca Rosa, which is a gemstone. All the mysteries are solved as the plot moves further.

    21. Oniisama E

    Oniisama E

    Oniisama E raises concerns like bullying faced by newbies. The story is of a 16-year-old girl- Nanako Misonoo who took admission in an all-girls school- Seiran Academy. Hoping for a better future, the girl feels betrayed when she finds herself stuck in misery. Nanako attracts the bad attention of the rich group of students, headed by Aya Misaki.

    To deal with the sadness, she reconnects with her old school teacher- Takehiko Henmi, by writing letters, and also with her four closest friends- Tomoko Arikura, Mariko Shinobu, rei Asaka, and Karou Orihara.

    The anime hence covers the life of a young girl, who tries to cope with the harsh realities of life.

    22. Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighbourhood

    Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighbourhood

    Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood has a plot filled with mystery and suspense. In the city, it is been rumored that a girl lives in a mansion and only comes out at night. The best part of the plot is that she is ageless. Akari Amano takes the initiative to find the girl and goes into the forest. There she meets the vampire- Sophie.

    The plot takes major turns thereby, and the behind the mysterious journey of the two.

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