Top 12 Brilliant Dark Cartoons That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time & You Must Watch’em Before You Die

    The idea that cartoons are only for children has been disproved in current times. Adults have found animated shows entertaining due to explicit sexual jokes, violence, and even political satire. Some well-known cartoons have since been shown to contain hidden jokes and meanings that alter the entire plot of the series. Numerous ideas have been proposed to extract various darker interpretations from popular cartoons, but some are simply made for a wider audience, making them inappropriate for youngsters to watch.

    Teenagers are still allowed to watch them and enjoy the hilarity or thrills, but youngsters under the age of ten are not allowed to take the correct message from these shows. With that out of the way, let us get into today’s video, which is about the top 12 adult cartoons that have made their presence felt in a big way.



    Love, Death, and Robots is a Netflix original adult-animated horror anthology series. On March 15, 2019, the first season of the 18-episode series was released. Tim Miller, Joshua Donen, David Fincher, and Jennifer Miller are the show’s producers. Different crews from various nations animated each episode.

    Fincher and Miller’s long-in-development reworking of the 1981 animated science fiction picture Heavy Metal is reimagined in this series. The animated show comprises self-contained episodes that are all under 20 minutes long and produced by various actors and crews, but certain episodes may share staff members. Although not every episode contains all three aspects, the series title relates to each episode’s thematic relationship to the three issues indicated above.

    Love, Death, and Robots result from an undiscovered, darkest subgenre of dark genre films/series ever seen. They call it an animated anthropology series, but it takes about a minute to figure out whether it was real action or animation. The photorealistic CG animation employed in this series is so good and so close to perfection that it jeopardizes the careers of numerous live-action performers.

    A great mash-up of “Black Mirror” with the 1981 film “Heavy Metal.” Each episode’s tone, subject, and style of this over-the-top animated shorts anthology series differs greatly. This helps to hold your interest, but it makes it more difficult to pin down in comparison to other prominent anthologies. Each episode contains at least one standout moment, ranging from hyper-realistic neo-cyberpunk pit fights to nearly Pythonesque tales of sentient yogurt. These short films are excellent and it’s a must-watch for all horror lovers.



    Every night, a brilliant mouse and his idiotic companion attempt to conquer the world. A genetically modified mouse and his mad cohort strive to take over the world every night. Pinky and the Brain are two spliced-gene experimental mice at Acme Labs. It is a Tom Ruegger-created American animated television series that aired on Kids’ WB on September 9, 1995. It was the first animated television series to be broadcast in Dolby Surround and Steven Spielberg’s fourth collaboration with Warner Bros.

    Animation and his production firm, Amblin Entertainment. The characters were initially featured on Animaniacs in 1993 as a recurring gag. Due to its success, it was eventually spun off as a series, with 66 episodes made. The characters later debuted in the show Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain, and have recently returned to their beginnings as an Animaniacs sketch in the show’s 2020 resurrection.

    The creators of Animaniacs have created a clever animation. The show is about a lot more than two mice that want to rule the world. It’s an open and funny conversation about society’s idiocy and how far backward in evolution the world actually is, to the point that lab mice are continuously approaching near to taking complete control of everything. And with such a ridiculous plot, the animation remains new while simultaneously providing commentary.

    One of my favorite episodes is when Brain does dominate the universe, but he decides that instead of being controlled by his thoughts, he wants everyone to follow him out of their own free choice. This show is fantastic and it is still relevant today. While it’s prevalent for children’s shows to contain references that only adults comprehend, Pinky and the Brain contains so many ambiguous historical references, pop culture parodies, progressive ideals, political satire, and adult themes that it’s difficult to classify it as a true children’s show, despite the fact that it first aired on Kids WB.



    The Fox Kids Network premiered X-Men on October 31, 1992, in the United States. After the pilot, X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men, was not picked up, Marvel Comics attempted a second animated X-Men TV series with X-Men. Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Jubilee, Jean Grey, Professor X, and an original character, Morph, star in the show, which is based on the early 1990s X-Men drawn by Jim Lee and features Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Jubilee, Jean Grey, Professor X, and an original character, Morph. Divorce, Christianity, the Holocaust, AIDS panic, and emotions of loneliness are all addressed in the series.

    In the episodes “Mojovision” and “Longshot,” television was mocked. The X-Men were pitted against human conspirators creating mutant-killing Sentinel robots, Magneto’s attempts to start a human-mutant war, and the great mutant Apocalypse’s designs to eliminate the weak, both human and mutant alike, in the first season of the program.

    Mister Sinister plans to exploit the genetically perfect mix of Cyclops and Jean’s DNA to create an army of obedient mutants in the second season, so Cyclops and Jean marry and become targets of Mister Sinister. The Phoenix, the cosmic energy that unites with Jean Grey and transforms her into the wicked and powerful Dark Phoenix, is the subject of the third season.

    The animation was more faithful to the original comics than recent adaptations. You have to keep to the script or the outfits sometimes, haha. Yes! They’re bright, with brilliant colors, and there’s nothing tactical about them, but that’s what makes them fun and fictional, especially the soundtracks or theme tunes. The prize for the best kids’ television show in 1992 went to X Men: The Animated Series.

    It had excellent acting. Cathal J Dodd’s in particular. Some of those performers did, however, engage in some modest adult comedy and jokes. The pinnacle of superhero animation. Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, Storm, Jean Grey, Jubilee, and a slew of other mutants and humans embark on missions to save the world and keep all mutants and humans safe and at peace.

    It may seem prudent to keep politics out of a Saturday morning cartoon, but the political aspect of the X-Men cannot be totally avoided. Slavery has been present in some of the darkest periods of human history, and showing it, even in a Saturday morning cartoon, can have a powerful impact. The X-Men are continually confronted with hostility and persecution. It’s a concept that runs across the bulk of their comics, and the cartoon does a fantastic job of capturing it.



    Courage, the Cowardly Dog, is a four-season American animated television series about the adventures of a dog named Courage and his owners Muriel Bagge, a kind old Scottish woman, and Eustace Bagge, a grumpy old farmer, living together in a farmhouse in the middle of the town of Nowhere, Kansas, and encountering strange things. It originally aired from 1999 to 2002. Courage began as a one-episode Canadian animated series that was featured in the Cartoon Network special “The Fifty Greatest Cartoons of All Time.”

    Except for a word said by Courage, there was no speech in the original cartoon. The villain in this short was an extraterrestrial chicken, who will return for vengeance in the American series. The Chicken From Outer Space received an Academy Award nomination. Courage the Cowardly Dog follows the antics of Courage, a little pink dog who, despite his name, is terrified of everyday objects. Eustace, Muriel, and Courage are continuously attacked by or run into numerous creatures, aliens, curses, natural disasters, and other sorts of hazards Courage must encounter, therefore his anxiety is generally justified.

    Strange things happen in Nowhere, and Courage must rescue his new home. More of Courage’s history is revealed in a later American episode, in which it is revealed that his parents were unwittingly transported to the moon by a deranged scientist in an experiment to make animals stronger. Courage also appears to have the strange ability to change his shape in a comical manner, such as folding himself up to fit through the letter slot or resembling a monster in a futile attempt to warn his owners of danger.

    Courage the Cowardly Dog is a masterwork of children’s horror animation. This animation stood out in a world of superheroes and gorgeous, joyful dream landscapes. It managed to have a bizarre and cartoonish sense of humor with its viewers while also being genuinely terrifying. The mummy story and the devil in the mattress episode are two episodes that have been graved into the minds of most of its fans.

    This show is frightening and might give you nightmares. There are several personalities and sound snippets that struck everyone’s mind. That’s what made the show so entertaining! It was creepy, but never in an unacceptable way. Despite the frightening themes in a children’s animation, it is hilarious, entertaining, and downright entertaining. Every episode has an odd event that puts an ordinary elderly couple and their dog on an adventure, and Courage is called upon to rescue the day. Muriel is a sweet and compassionate old lady, while Eustace is a grumpy and greedy old guy.

    This show provides compassion, with so many different meanings, which is exactly what the world needs. Despite Eustace’s cruel treatment of Courage, he never despised him since he considers him a father and Muriel a mother. Courage may appear to be a coward at times, but his ability to always be the greater person and face his anxieties is what makes him even braver. While this is going on, Courage strives to overcome his fear of monsters, demons, and zombies that are putting his master’s life in jeopardy. This show’s violent aspects are unsuitable for youngsters under the age of ten.



    Rick and Morty were created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Rick, a genius alcoholic and irresponsible scientist, and his grandson Morty, a 14-year-old worried child who isn’t so bright, star in an animated sitcom on adult swim about their endless escapades. They explore the limitless universes together, causing mayhem and getting themselves into trouble. The sitcom follows the exploits of the Smith family, which includes Jerry and Beth, their daughters Summer and Morty, as well as Beth’s father, Rick Sanchez, who lives with them as a guest.

    The family resides outside of Seattle, Washington, according to Justin Roiland. Rick and Morty’s adventures, on the other hand, span an endless number of worlds, with the duo traveling to different planets and realms via portals and Rick’s flying automobile.

    Summer, Morty’s 17-year-old sister, is a more traditional adolescent who is concerned about her social standing and occasionally joins Rick and Morty on their travels. Beth, the kids’ mother, is a typically calm and forceful figure in the family while being self-aware of her professional job as a horse surgeon. Jerry, a simple-minded and insecure man, disapproves of Rick’s influence on his family, and she is uncomfortable with her marriage to him.

    It’s scientific and focused on exploring worlds, giving the program an endless supply of creative ideas. Fantastic animation. Fantastic experiences and witty sarcasm. The voice performers in Rick and Morty are the finest. Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith are both voiced by Justin Roiland, who even gets drunk to assist play Rick. Rick & Morty reimagines what it means to be irreverent. This superbly inventive sci-fi/comedy soars to previously unimaginable heights thanks to dark, wacky, quick-witted dialogue set amid dependably innovative narrative lines.

    The key feature that distinguishes this program from others in the genre is its singularity: dark humor, drunkenness, catchy words, a down-to-earth character named Mr. Poopy Butthole, and profound scientific topics all in one place. Rick and Morty are aimed at mature audiences who can handle the show’s excessive violence, alcohol usage, and sexual material. The plot revolves around a dysfunctional relationship between a worried, socially marginalized adolescent and his deranged grandpa, who pulls him across time and space in bizarre plots.



    Ren is a schizophrenic, greedy chihuahua, and Stimpy is a chubby, goofy cat. These two odd friends go on a series of amusing escapades, including selling rubber nipples, locating property for Canada, spending the night in a spooky home, and just seeking work.

    Off-color and absurdist comedy, as well as slapstick, are prevalent in the program. Along with Rugrats and Doug, The Ren & Stimpy Show was one of Nickelodeon’s first original animated shows known as “Nicktoons.” It has sparked debate because of its dark comedy, sexual innuendos, adult humor, violence, and shock value compared to other series on the network.

    This show is, without a doubt, one of the greatest animated shows the network has ever shown. It was essential in forever altering the scope of television animation, shaping its development, and establishing trends still in use today. The humor is unlike anything you’d see on a typical kids program, in a good sense, and it transcends boundaries. All of the characters are well-developed and have memorable catchphrases. It’s a scary, violent, and horrific animation, yet it’s also vibrant and darkly humorous. It is similar to Spongebob but better and fueled by dark humor.

    This program is still a fantastic cartoon. Despite a bad adult spinoff tarnishing its reputation, the Ren and Stimpy cartoon are one of Nickelodeon’s finest series. Ren & Stimpy is still too edgy and mature for younger children, regardless of format. Ren & Stimpy’s once-shocking take on classic cartooning is now an old hat. Teens may like the scatological comedy and the odd effort at social criticism, but Ren & Stimpy’s once-shocking take on classic cartooning is now old hat.



    Adventure Time chronicled the exploits of Finn the Human, his best friend and adopted brother Jake the Dog, who possesses the magical ability to change shape and size at a whim. Finn is described by the series’ author, Pendleton Ward, as a “fiery little kid with strong morals”. Jake, on the other hand, is based on Bill Murray’s character Tripper Harrison from Meatballs. This means Jake will “sit down and offer him some excellent counsel if he truly needs it” when he is carefree.

    Finn and Jake reside in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, which was devastated by the “Mushroom Conflict,” a nuclear war that wiped out civilization a thousand years before the events of the story. Princess Bubblegum, the queen of the Candy Kingdom and a sentient piece of gum; and the Ice King who is a frightening but mostly misunderstood ice magician, are among the important characters Finn and Jake meet throughout the novel.

    Marceline the Vampire Queen, a thousand-year-old vampire who enjoys rock music; Lumpy Space Princess, a melodramatic and immature princess made of “lumps”; BMO, a sentient video game console-shaped robot who lives with Finn and Jake; and Flame Princess, a flame elemental who rules the Fire Kingdom. The series’ origins may be traced back to a seven-minute animated short film of the same name.

    Adventure Time is a notable show in Cartoon Network’s history. It was essential in bringing Cartoon Network out of an age where there were few animated shows and a lot of live-action series. It aided in the emergence and consolidation of the cartoon renaissance. The show was not just for children but also for teenagers as it explored complex emotional places. It was jam-packed with a funny humor, entertaining stories, and endearing characters. The narratives were well-written and interesting, with intricate storylines.

    They had a lot of values to learn as well. Characters in the program grew and matured during the course of the series. The vivacious individuals had incredible personalities. There are many other animated television programs with intricate stories and a large cast of recurring characters, but the way Adventure Time handles it while still remaining approachable and hilarious is something to be studied and admired.

    As the crowd grew older, the entertainment got better and better. The characters develop and mature, the various and distinct plots stay fresh and engaging throughout, and the animation improves. Not to mention the subtle touches and elements that add to the overall quality of the presentation. The music is amazing, and the sound design in most episodes is fantastic, making the episodes atmospheric no matter what happens.

    Although it is clearly geared towards children, it has many adult themes, which explains why it has such a big adult audience. It interests youngsters with its aesthetics, comedy, compelling characters, and exciting narratives, just like good kids’ shows. Many allusions will go over the heads of most children… and even a sizable portion of the adult audience.



    Family Guy is a Fox Broadcasting Company adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane and developed by MacFarlane and David Zuckerman. A dysfunctional family struggles to cope with everyday life in a wacky Rhode Island town as they are thrown from one crazy scenario to the next. The Griffin family’s experiences are depicted in this cartoon series, which is sick, twisted, and politically wrong.

    The Griffin family is made up of the father, Peter Griffin, a bumbling and clumsy yet well-intentioned blue-collar worker, and Lois, a pretty stay-at-home mother and piano teacher who is a member of the wealthy Pewterschmidt family. There was also Meg, their often harassed teenage daughter who is also repeatedly derided or overlooked by the family, and Chris, their awkward teenage son, who is overweight, inarticulate, and, in many ways, Brian, their smart, smoking, martini-swilling, snarky, English-speaking anthropomorphic dog, lives with the family. Family Guy has received a lot of praise since its launch. The show has been nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and 11 Annie Awards, with three of them going to the show.

    Every episode has a slew of jokes that will either make you laugh out loud or make you laugh out loud. Each episode concludes with a happy, wholesome conclusion for the Griffin family. Because it debuted in 1999, like SpongeBob, it is now one of the longest-running animated series that is continually producing new episodes. Good animation. Brian, Stewie, Cleveland, Joe, and Peter are all likable people. Peter Griffin’s bouts with Ernie the chicken are fantastic and hilarious.

    Something about witnessing two individuals battle each other, kill many others and destroy a city is both terrifying and thrilling. There’s action, drama, humor, and a thriller in this program! It always owns up to its ludicrous scripts and locations, which only add to the enjoyment of the stories.

    Let’s not forget the impromptu musical pieces performed by various characters to lighten the atmosphere. Family Guy similarly explores a plethora of global conversational challenges, but its foul vocabulary makes awkward talks more comfortable. It even pays respect to legendary franchises by putting its own unique touch on the plot.



    Follows the antics of four irreverent elementary school students in the tranquil, dysfunctional hamlet of South Park, Colorado. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, an inquisitive, adventure-seeking fourth-grade gang of ten-year-old boys, all participate in buffoonish exploits that occasionally result in nothing. Trey Parker and Matt Stone developed the American cartoon series, South Park.

    South Park was created by Parker and Stone from two animated short films titled The Spirit of Christmas. The second short became one of the first Internet viral videos, which led to the development of South Park. The boys reside in South Park, a fictional tiny town set in the real-life South Park basin in central Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, about an hour’s drive from Denver. In addition to children, families, primary school employees, and other people, the town is home to a diverse cast of personalities.

    South Park Elementary, different neighborhoods and the surrounding mountain range, authentic Colorado landmarks, and shops along the town’s main street are all prominent locations. Plots are usually put in motion by events that occur in the town, ranging from the mundane to the strange and spectacular.

    When these occurrences produce fear or incongruent behavior among the adult population, who are typically characterized as illogical, gullible, and prone to overreaction, the boys frequently function as the voice of reason. They are usually perplexed by their parents’ and other adults’ inconsistent and hypocritical behavior, and they frequently consider them as having erroneous ideas on morality and society.

    The series has the potential to be both wholesome and filthy. This is a humorous and brilliant program that frequently brings up serious and fascinating themes while still making you laugh. A nice quantity of voice acting, witty gags, fantastic characters, and a good choice of the cast.

    The characters are some of the most imaginative and brilliantly made characters ever, and there are no words to explain how legendary this program is. The creators are capable of depicting current events in the most sarcastic and objective manner conceivable. It’s a timeless classic that never fails to wow. South Park is a satirical animated television series aimed at adults.

    There are mature themes, cursing, over-the-top cartoon violence, filthy humor, and innuendo throughout the film. South Park is a program that doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on how old the characters are meant to be, thanks to a mix of actors acting on a floating timeline to avoid aging and having the child stars engage in subject matter that kids aren’t supposed to be interested in. Although it is a cartoon is not fit for children below 15 because of its dark and filthy themes.



    The Simpsons is an animated comedy developed by Matt Groening for Fox Broadcasting Company in the United States. Animated primetime sitcom about the activities of the Simpsons, a bumbling and semi-dysfunctional nuclear family that reside in the imaginary town of Springfield, whose diverse citizens add to the series’ humor, angst, satire, and parody. Springfield is home to The Simpsons, the dysfunctional family.

    In terms of seasons and episodes, it is the longest-running American animated series, the longest-running American sitcom, and the longest-running American written primetime television series. The Simpsons are the primary characters, and they reside in Springfield, a fictional “Middle America” town. The father, Homer, works as a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, a job that contrasts with his sloppy, buffoonish demeanor. There was Marge Bouvier, his prototypical American housewife.

    They have three children: Bart, a ten-year-old joker; Lisa, an eight-year-old activist; and Maggie, the family’s baby, who seldom talks but communicates by sucking on a pacifier. Despite the fact that the family is dysfunctional, many episodes focus on their interactions and bonds, and they are frequently seen to care for one another. Grampa Simpson, Homer’s father, now resides at the Springfield Retirement Home after Homer forced his father to sell his home in order for his family to purchase their own. Grampa Simpson has appeared in a number of episodes.

    Despite the fact that yearly events such as holidays and birthdays are depicted, the characters do not age between episodes and appear to remain the same as they were when the series began. Even though the characters do not age, the series features a floating chronology in which episodes normally take place in the year they are created. Characters are periodically seen in flashbacks and flashforwards at different stages in their life, with the timeline of these portrayals often drifting relative to the year the episode is made.

    The Simpsons is a cartoon show created by Matt Groening. It’s a legacy. A program that will change your life and make you giggle. In its purest form, it is a great, smooth animation. Family Guy, The Critic, and Futurama have all had crossovers. Humor and writing are both really clever. Excellent voice acting. Characters that are likable and memorable, particularly Homer and Bart Simpson.

    Each member of the family has its own personality. The show is hysterically funny. In all 32 seasons, you witness a lot, and it feels like it never stops. You can detect how genuine the voice actors are to the characters by listening to them speak. You can’t deny how much they’ve accomplished and the influence they’ve had on late-night television. The Simpsons have taught us a lot of life lessons, such as how a family may quarrel but yet come together in difficult times, forgive, and forget.

    The characters, music, and episodes were constantly new and exciting, with new experiences to be had. Homer and Bart were both excellent charters, and the others weren’t far behind. The narrative was also fantastic. The Simpsons had a mature sense of humor that was coupled with cartoon frivolity.

    The program does involve violence, sexually graphic content, substance abuse, and anarchy at times, according to the group, which makes it rated for adults. Groening is certain that his cartoon family will become popular among adults as well as children. “The Simpsons isn’t aimed at kids; it’s aimed at adults,” he explained. This is one of the most amazing animated shows ever!



    Raphael Bob-Waksberg developed the adult animated comedy-drama streaming television series BoJack Horseman. BoJack Horseman grapples with his deteriorating popularity, depression, addiction, and maintaining relationships with those he cares about while living in the satirical, pun-filled city of Hollywood, California, after starring in the popular sitcom “Horsin’ Around” in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

    The story takes place in an alternate universe where humans and anthropomorphic animals coexist, with most of the action taking place in Hollywood; the name is altered after the D from the sign is taken. BoJack Horseman is the former star of the 1990s comedy Horsin’ Around, in which a young bachelor horse tries to raise three orphaned human children. BoJack is planning a major comeback to public importance with a tell-all book written by ghostwriter Diane Nguyen, who is now living in relative obscurity in his Hollywood Hills estate.

    Simultaneously, he battles with his drug and alcohol addictions, as well as the consequences of his behavior. BoJack also has to deal with his agency and former girlfriend Princess Carolyn’s demands, his freeloading roommate Todd Chavez’s foolish pranks, and his erstwhile competitor Mr. Peanutbutter’s shenanigans. The first five seasons each include 12 episodes, but the sixth and final season has 16 episodes divided into two sections, each with eight episodes.

    It’s a program that’s honest, humorous, tragic, bold, intriguing, and profound all at the same time. The characters are superbly crafted, the acting is enchanting, and the conversation is buttery smooth. Both in a funny and emotional sense, the animation is superb. There are a lot of subtle meanings in everything this program has to offer if you look attentively. An animated show with a sinister undercurrent centered on mature topics. TODD Mr. Peanutnutteer and Jane, the protagonists of BoJack Princesses, are quite appealing!

    The program is incredibly realistic in its representation of human interactions and psychology. In real life, many of the personalities are incredibly relatable. After a while, you forget it’s animation and assume it’s real people since the scenarios and dialogues are so beautifully crafted. The character arcs are really well done, and the writing is sharp and snappy.

    Relationships develop in unexpected ways, and it’s never all uphill. It is faultless in its depiction of genuine human interactions. It’s raw, but it manages to be funny at the same time. Although BoJack Horseman is a comedy, when it turns serious, it goes all out. It tackles problems like addiction, sexuality, codependency, and depression, which are generally avoided in live-action films. There could be all kinds of double entendre because it was on streaming, but they never went as far as South Park. Animal figures were utilized to generate jokes and ridicule Hollywood.



    The bizarre day-to-day lives of three buddies who have the same surname. The show centers on three friends with nearly identical names: Ed, Edd, and Eddy, who live on a cul-de-sac. Ed, Edd n Eddy is a Cartoon Network animated comedy television series developed by Danny Antonucci. It is the network’s sixth Cartoon Cartoon. They reside in Peach Creek, a fictitious town, on a suburban cul-de-sac.

    The three routinely devise plans to extort money from their friends in order to buy their favorite dessert, jawbreakers, under the unofficial leadership of Eddy. Their schemes almost always fail, placing them in a variety of embarrassing situations. Adult artist Antonucci was challenged to make a children’s cartoon; while working on a commercial, he came up with Ed, Edd, n Eddy, which he designed to seem like classic cartoons from the 1940s to 1970s.

    The three concoct schemes to elicit funds from the other youngsters in their cul-de-sac in order to purchase jawbreakers. However, issues inevitably arise, and the Eds’ ideas almost always fail and humiliate them. The Eds are not accepted into the cul-de-sac kids’ group, making them outcasts.

    Apart from the Eds, the other cul-de-sac youngsters, and the Kanker Sisters, no other characters were featured in the series until the fifth season, when shadows of other characters were occasionally revealed, and the arms of Eddy’s father and mother were seen in “Mission Ed-Possible.” During “Smile for the Ed,” an arm of Eddy’s mother was also displayed. Eddy’s adult brother was first shown in the series finale, Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Big Picture Program, making him the only non-main character and the only adult character to ever completely appear on the show.

    Ed, Edd, and Eddy is a gem from Cartoon Network! The animation has a very flowing feel to it. While the character designs were not as impressive in the first season, they vastly improved in the second and subsequent seasons. Instrumental theme music with a catchy melody. The eponymous trio of Ed, Edd, and Eddy, in particular, are endearing protagonists.

    A wonderful show that kept the audience laughing from beginning to end. It shouldn’t have worked, given the diversity of people and limited places in the program, yet it did. The personalities melted together, the one-line quips were delivered masterfully in episodes, and the characters’ continued presence in the cul-de-sac made it feel familiar to us. Who can forget Rolf’s trademark comments, Kevin’s ‘dorks!’ or Plank, the legendary figure who was a piece of wood?!

    The goofy antics of Ed, Edd, and Eddy will delight younger audiences. The series contains cartoon violence and some light name-calling, but it’s mainly a harmless half-hour of entertainment. When asked about the absence of adult appearances on the show during an interview with Danny Antonucci, he stated that “That’s intentional too, throughout the long days of summer you simply didn’t see anyone else’s parents and sometimes you didn’t even see your own.” This is unquestionably a must-see classic Cartoon Network show!

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