Brittish Williams: The Star Of Basketball Wives Of LA

    Brittish Williams is an American businesswoman and television personality best known for her role as a cast member on the reality television show ‘Basketball Wives LA.’ The reality star is a designer of shoes and the owner of a brand called House of Labels, which is an online clothing store. She rose to prominence after becoming engaged to popular basketball player Lorenzo Gordon.

    How tall is Brittish Williams?

    How tall is Brittish Williams

    Brittish Williams stands at the height of 5 ft 5 in or is 165 cm tall.

    How old Is Brittish Williams?

    How old Is Brittish Williams

    Brittish Williams recently stepped into 32 years old in December 2021 and her birth date is December 28, 1989.

    Where did Brittish Williams get her education from?

    Where did Brittish Williams get her education from

    Brittish Williams was born and in the United States of America in St. Louis, Missouri. She has a deep connection to her small home town and still lives there today.Williams finished high school at Clayton High School in her hometown. After high school, she attended Saint Louis University and earned a bachelor’s degree in communication and journalism.

    Is Brittish Williams dating anyone?

    Is Brittish Williams dating anyone

    Brittish Williams was involved with basketball player Lorenzo Gordon based in St. Louis who has had a number of accomplishments in Israel’s National League. Williams’ basketball status enabled him to show up as a member of the cast on the reality series ‘Basketball Wives of LA.’

    What hurdles did Brittish Williams face with her relationship?

    What hurdles did Brittish Williams face with her relationship

    Her connection with Lorenzo Gordon experienced many ups and downs over the years. Since they showed up on reality television, their relationship has been constantly in the spotlight.

    Since two years of knowing, Williams discovered Gordon had already been cheating on her, prompting her to end the relationship. Williams managed to learn the news from her grandmother rather than Gordon. As a consequence, the reality star pair was decided to invite to appear on the program ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ to repair their marriage.

    Gordon wasn’t really satisfied with the divide and continued to pursue Williams’ affection, which led to him suggesting to her on live tv and she remarried him as his fiancée.They never married, but they did have a kid together, a daughter called Dash Dior Gordon. Their reawakened romance, however, was brief, as they divorced in 2019, having left Williams to raise her girl on its own.

    She has continued to publicly complain about her ex-failure boyfriend’s to pay child support. Despite the fact that there are no squabbles or issues between the two, according to recent reports. Williams continues to build her own riches and live independently after her divorce from Gordon.

    What is Brittish Williams known for?

    What is Brittish Williams known for

    Brittish Williams’ reality tv star career has taken off when she appeared on the reality television show ‘Basketball Wives LA.’ She qualified for this show because she was involved to professional basketball player Lorenzo Gordon at the time. Williams emerged in the 11th episodes  of the television series in 2014, becoming a household name across the country. The show attempts to imitate the prominence of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and its fan base in a variety of ways. She also appeared in the show ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas.’

    Her sightings on the shows raised her star status, and she managed to gain 300,000+ people following her Instagram profile as a result of them. Her presence on social media has also assisted her in reaching large viewers for her businesses.

    What companies does Brittish Williams run?

    What companies does Brittish Williams run

    She owns and operates an online clothing store with tag ‘Gossip Girl.’ Williams also is the owner of her own line of clothing, which helps to supplement her earnings. She also has a major investment in the footwear industry and she is a shoe artist herself.

    Why did Brittish Williams face felony charges?

    Why did Brittish Williams face felony charges

    Brittish has had a variety of legal concerns in her private life in recent years. She was accused with various government fraud offences in St. Louis on September 22, 2021.

    The owner of a retail boutique is accused of deception and is imploring with a court to be removed from home detention monitoring so that she can maintain her lifestyle. Williams, also known as “Cierrah,” was charged with governmental identity theft and fraud in St. Louis.

    The United States Attorney’s Office charged her with 5 felony charges of Social Security number misuse, four counts of bank fraud, three counts of submitting false information to the IRS, three counts of wire fraud, and three counts of aggravated identity fraud. Williams is alleged of used false Social Security numbers to access to loans, lines of credit, as well as other funds from various financial institutions beginning in 2017.

    Prosecutors allege she collected four checks totaling $4,500 to $5,800 into her personal bank accounts within two years. She withdrew the funds first before checks bounced or banks flagged them as fraudulent. So far, Williams had also entered a plea not guilty to such charges, and it’s unclear what the consequences will be for her in the future.

    What comprises of British William’s hobbies and interests?

    What comprises of British William's hobbies and interests

    British Williams has expressed an interest in a variety of activities after her first appearance on ‘Basketball Wives LA.’ Her passion for design can be seen in her online clothes shop, House of Labels, as well as her investment opportunities in the footwear industry. According to her posts on social media, British Williams has already been living a lavish lifestyle full of designer dresses and luxury cars, which she appears to enjoy a lot.

    In which show Brittish Williams appeared and what is the show all about?

    In which show Brittish Williams appeared and what is the show all about

    Basketball Wives of LA is a reality television series from the channel of VH1. It follows the daily lives of women involved in a relationship with men inside the pro basketball industry.

    The very first season made its debut on April 11, 2010, and lasted eight weeks, consisting of 30-minute episodes. Basketball Wives” is a reality television show that follows the lives of professional basketball players’ former, wives, and girlfriends. Some members of the cast are great buddies outside of the show, in addition to being connected to basketball players. On April 11, 2010, the first weather of “Basketball Wives” premiered.

    The show aired for five seasons before being canceled in 2013. VH1 resurrected the display in 2017, renewing it for a sixth season. The seventh instalment of season nine, that was also the series’ final episode, broadcasted on March 23, 2021. You get an unfiltered look into these women’s personal lives while they go through existence events and experience various emotions.

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