Chucky Season 1 Detailed Recap And Everything We Know About Season Chucky Season 2

    The Don Mancini-produced horror television series is a faithful continuation of the Child’s Play film series. After the events in Mancini’s 2017 supernatural horror slasher film Cult of Chucky, the events of Chucky are seen to have occurred. Trust us when we say that you would not want to be a victim of this killer doll’s bloodlust, despite the doll’s three feet tall appearance.

    Here is a detailed overview of the first season’s events for you since a second is on the way! You had better be prepared for this bloody tale!

    Chucky Season 1 Recap

    Chucky Season 1 Recap

    Jake Wheeler, a resident of Hackensack and a student at Perry Middle School, purchases a Chucky the Good Guy doll from a neighbourhood yard sale for his modern art project. After a tense family dinner, Jake’s alcoholic, violent father Lucas burns the artwork because he does not like the way his son lives. Jake chooses to bring Chucky to his school the following day in the hopes of selling the doll for a fair price after learning the real cost of the Good Guy doll online. His scheme fails, and instead he experiences bullying from his cousin Junior’s girlfriend, Lexy.

    Later that evening, Andy Barclay calls Jake and advises him to check the doll’s batteries and to be very careful with it before abruptly hanging up the phone. Jake tosses the doll aside after finding it still functions without the batteries, but Chucky follows him to the school talent contest.

    There, he not only forces Jake to take part in the performance but also coerces him to put on a bogus ventriloquism act while openly embarrassing Lexy in front of everyone and verbally abusing the crowd. Of course, this particular act has Jake suspended from school and he even gets caught up in the middle of a physical argument with Lucas back at home concerning his sexual orientation.

    With Jake locking himself up in his room, Chucky strategically executes his first kill by electrocuting Lucas. Detective Evans states the incident as ‘death by misadventure and Jake is sent off to live with his uncle, aunt and cousin. It is there that Chucky finally introduces himself to Jake and addresses him as his friend till the end. Chucky tells him that his father deserved to die post which he strikes up a conversation about Lexy calling her a   bitch.

    As the story moves ahead, we get to see a string of flashbacks, each exploring the past life of the notorious serial killer, Charles Lee Ray, who post getting shot inside a toy store, had transferred his very soul inside a Good Guy doll before dying. One of the first flashbacks has a seven-year-old Charles returning back home after an eventful day of trick or treating and checking out all the candies only to pick up an apple with a razor blade inside and eat it regardless of his mouth profusely bleeding.

    Coming back to the present storyline, Jake resumes school post his father’s death and gets invited to a classmate’s Halloween party. With no one at home, Chucky cold-bloodedly kills the maid at the Wheeler’s residency and pretends to be innocent when confronted by Jake later. While it is regarded as another unfortunate mishap, the detectives begin to link Jake with the freak accidents.

    As for Junior, he starts getting worried for Lexy. With the night of the Halloween party finally arriving, Jake decides to give it a miss but upon not finding Chucky in his room, he rushes to the party at Oliver’s. With Lexy putting up her special act of dressing up as Jakes’ father and ridiculing his death in front of everyone, Jake is beyond furious but despite his feelings of fury for Lexy, he prevents Chucky from killing her and leaves with the doll. Later that night Chucky gives Jake a pep talk; he addresses the whole world as the super bowl of slaughter and tells Jake to man up and make the right choice by killing Lexy.

    Jake seemingly looks convinced and is seen to go after Lexy tracking her phone’s GPS location the next day with the knife Chucky had handed to him the previous night. However, he is not able to execute the task as he gets bumped into Junior during the run. Turned out that it was Junior the whole time who was carrying Lexy’s phone, and with him handing it to her later, he tells her to apologize to Jake and not make things worse.

    In the meantime, Lexy’s little sister Caroline, has grown obsessed with Chucky since she first saw him at the school talent show and with her outbursts for Chucky becoming more than frequent, Lexy decides to go and apologize to Jake post which she asks him for the doll with the sole intent of making her sister calm down.

    Of course, Jake initially refuses to hand over Chucky but after the latter decides to do the former’s job for him, he accepts the offer and hands over the doll. With Lexy’s parents not at home, she organizes a rave party at her place calling over a bunch of classmates from school. Chucky, inadvertently ends up stabbing Oliver mistaking him to be Lexy and finishes the job regardless.

    As for the partygoers downstairs, they remain oblivious to Oliver’s murder. In due course, he is able to corner Lexy inside her very room and with him attacking her, an eventual fire breaks out thereby spreading through the whole Cross residency and engulfing it in flames.

    Mind you, all of this happens while Jake is seen visiting the graves of his parents. A flashback in between shows a young Charles aiding an unknown serial killer, who had broken into his home and killed his father right before him by stabbing his very own mother to death and calling it an act of help when discovered by the killer.

    The fire at the Cross Residency ends up admitting Junior, Caroline, Devon along with the others in the hospital. The excessive smoke due to the fire has Caroline in the ICU and Junior undergoing Bronchoscopy. With Jake coming to the hospital, Lexy tells him how Chucky is responsible for the whole fire and is even more surprised to learn that Jake knew about the whole thing and that it was him who sent the doll after her in the first place.

    While she decides to tell everyone about Chucky, Jake tells her not to because nobody in their sane minds would believe her. Detective Evans pays her son, Devon, a visit and starts questioning him about the party as well as Jake’s doll. She also informs him that Oliver did not die in the fire and that someone killed him before. A fight ensues between the Wheeler and the Cross parents with each family blaming the other for the fire until Detective Evans breaks to them the real cause of Oliver’s death – severe blood loss as a result of multiple stab wounds.

    As for Lexy, the high probability of her getting killed by a toy has her reluctantly team up with Jake and the duo visit the burnt up Cross residency to look for Chucky. Devon, on the other hand starts, researching on the Good Guy doll Chucky and finds an Urban Legend piece on the serial killer Charles Lee Ray and Chucky. We along with Devon learn how Charles post the brutal murder of his parents apparently at the hands of an ‘unknown assailant’ was placed in a boy’s home in South Jersey.

    A teenage Charles is seen spending a few relatively quiet years at the Wayward Boys home till another violent incident altered the very trajectory of his life. While playing what seemed to be a regular Captain Hook game, he ends up leading the other children deep inside the forest towards Captain Hook and in this case, the dead body of the home janitor. While most of the other children run away screaming in terror, a young Eddie Caputo who will eventually become the future accomplice of Charles stays behind unaffected by the gory sight.

    With Charles eventually leaving the boarding home, he leaves behind the severed hand of the janitor as a farewell gift to young Caputo. Coming back to the Cross Residency, Jake and Lexy get into an argument leading to the latter losing her balance and almost falling off the railing. Chucky appears and tries to convince Jake into letting her fall down to her death but Jake tells him that he is nothing like him and instead pulls Lexy back up.

    Soon after, Detective Peyton arrives at the house and takes the duo along with Chucky back to the hospital. While Jake is stopped by Detective Evans and taken inside a room for questioning, Devon tells Lexy the truth about the doll. As for Peyton, he is first stabbed by Chucky with a scalpel in the spinal cord and then thrusted with a multitude of used syringes till he starts bleeding from everywhere.

    Next, Chucky has the life support of Caroline unplugged thereby creating a code white situation and alerting everyone. The bloodied body of Det. Peyton is discovered inside the room and Chucky is seen showing his middle finger to the trio of Jake, Lexy and Devon.

    Another flashback shows an adult Charles enjoying himself at a night club. He picks up a dancer from there along with another red headed woman and brings them both back to his hotel. Charles stabs the dancer later in front of the other woman much to her delight, may we add? No points for guessing that the red headed is eventually disclosed to be a young Tiffany Valentine. Coming back to the present storyline, the Cross house is renovated and with Caroline recovering, the family is seen coming back home. A new Good Guy doll called Tommy has been given to Caroline in exchange of the burnt up Chucky doll.

    In spite of having thrown the old Chucky doll previously in the hospital garbage, Lexy’s father finds it back in the house. Seeing him take the doll outside and throw it in the trash can, she asks Jake and Devon to come over to her place immediately.

    The trio is seen beating the shit out of the old doll to its supposed death. Jake and Devon are so euphoric that they are even seen sharing their first kiss post the incident.  The children decide to move on with their lives. Meanwhile, at a local Hackensack hotel, Tiffany is seen staying with a possessed Nica Pierce and two male victims held as hostages. One of them is already dead and the other is bound and gagged.

    With the duo getting into a bit of a squabble, Nica is seen gaining back control of her body for a brief period. We get to know of Chucky splitting his soul into pieces about two weeks ago and while he did put most of the pieces inside the dolls, he put the final piece inside Nica’s body thereby possessing her. Now, with Nica attempting to save the other victim, she eventually gets possessed back by Chucky and ends up slashing the victim’s throat instead.

    We also learn about Junior’s mother, Bree, diagnosed with the final stage of cancer and that she has plans of admitting the truth about her illness to her family. A town meeting in relation to the recent series of unfortunate accidents in the community is held at the school by Mayor Cross and Det. Evans.

    While the latter is seen announcing a curfew with immediate effect, the decapitated head of Principal McVey rolling on to the stage raises back the fear quotient. As for Chucky, he is very much seen to be alive, having transferred his very soul in to the new Tommy doll.

    A new flashback shows Charles and Tiffany buying a Coronado red Pontiac Parisienne and slitting the car salesman’s throat using a nail file. While they drive by, Charles is seen reading a Voodoo book. Cut to present, Andy Barclay and his foster sister Kyle are seen posing themselves as agents from the US Census and on a mission to destroy the remaining Good Guy dolls. Back in school, Biology teacher Rachel Fairchild gets arrested for the murders of Principal McVey, Oliver Hayden and Detective Sean Peyton.

    It does not take the trio much time to realize that it is Tommy who is Chucky now and joining the dots, they are able to contact Andy Barclay who asks them for the address. As for Nica, she regains back control of her body yet again and tries to pretend to be Chucky in front of Tiffany. Of course, Tiffany is able to see through her act and knocks her out after letting her know that she has bought Chucky’s childhood home on Sherwood lane.

    Tiffany has big plans for Nica; having grown fond of the latter’s company over Chucky, she takes her into the house and keeps her tied up there. Bree is finally seen revealing her sickness to Logan and Junior. However, a meeting with her therapist proves to be fatal; Chucky, who had followed Bree to her therapist, shoves a mail cart towards her ultimately pushing her out of the window and making her fall to her death.

    The therapist Bree had been seeing, rules her death as suicide. With Logan and Junior visiting the funeral home, Jake sets up a trap for Chucky at the Wheeler house along with Devon and Lexy. Chucky proves to be a step ahead of the trio yet again when he ends up tricking Det. Evans into coming there and looking for Devon and ultimately attacking her by pushing her down the staircase thereby breaking her neck and killing her.

    Junior is seen to have an outburst at his mother’s wake; he ends up hitting Jake and holds him responsible for everyone’s death. Tiffany is also seen to turn up at Bree’s wake uninvited; she kisses Logan in front of everyone and leaves from there without uttering a single word.

    Andy, on the other hand, leaves his sister at a gas station and drives down to Hackensack all by himself. Devon, post his mother’s death moves in with his aunt for a while and tells Jake of his eventual plans of leaving New Jersey. With Jake trying to convince Devon not to leave, the latter tells the former how being around him hurts and that he reminds him of his mother’s dead body. With Jake asking Devon if he can come back some other time to see him, Devon tells him not to. He is seen packing when he is struck by the idea of probing deeper into Charles’ childhood home.

    Mayor Cross is seen holding another town meeting where she informs the press of having a suspect in custody, one who is believed to be the individual accountable for the murders. Urging everyone to leave behind the past and start healing as a community, she announces the charity matinee of the universal classic, Frankenstein, the proceeds of which will go directly to Better days Children’s Hospitals all over the country and the appearance of a special celebrity guest as an added treat.

    As for Chucky, he is seen making Junior as his next target to do his bidding and drives him to murder everyone that he holds guilty for the current state of his family. Jake, not knowing what to do anymore ends up stealing some money from Logan and leaves for the nearest bus station.

    Post seeing a delivery guy carrying a packed Good Guy doll, he buys it from the guy paying him extra money, asks him for the delivery address and goes to Lexy’s place. Devon, on the other hand, breaks inside the Sherwood lane property only to get taken as a hostage by the possessed Nica.

    Tracking Devon’s phone location, Jake and Lexy realize that he is currently at Charles Lee Ray’s home, the same address that the courier guy was delivering the package to. With Chucky being able to convince Junior that his father was having an affair with Tiffany, Junior lashes out at Logan beating him to death using the doll. Speaking of a tied up Devon, he finds himself surrounded by an entire army of Good Guy dolls.

    We are also taken to a flashback that shows Tiffany and Charles buying an apartment in Chicago and carrying on with their killings only to have Tiffany come to a realization later that Charles has also been committing murders behind her very back. With her confronting Charles about it, they have an argument, one that leads the latter to angrily leave his apartment.

    Cut to the present storyline, Andy turns up shortly at the Wheeler residency looking for Jake. Post not finding Jake or the doll, he warns Junior to stay away from Chucky and leaves. Jake and Lexy are in the middle of an intense conversation trying to figure out why Chucky is so hell bent on making them or in other words, make the children kill when the Good Guy doll Jake had bought from the delivery guy becomes alive. He is about to attack the duo when Kyle bursts inside the Cross Residency and blows the doll’s head off.

    Kyle explains to the duo that Chucky can splinter himself into identical looking Good Guy dolls to use them as a vessel and that all Chucky requires now is just one kid to step up and play, and that will bring an entire army of Good Guy dolls alive. With Jake and Lexy telling Kyle about Devon, she drugs the duo to keep them safe and heads over to the house by herself. Back at Charles’ old house, Tiffany comes back and tries to drug Nica only to find that she is possessed by Chucky again. The possessed Nica knocks her down and is just about to kill Tiffany when Chucky intervenes the situation having come to the house along with Junior.

    Tiffany takes the group downstairs and shows them the whole army. Chucky meets the entire troop and comes to a conclusion that their potential victims will be children above 6 years. Tiffany eventually realizes that Chucky is extremely self-involved and he only thinks about himself. With her hitting the possessed Nica, the latter gains back control of her body. Chucky tells Tiffany to kill Nica telling her that there’s 72 more of him now and that he doesn’t need her.

    With Tiffany hesitating to kill Nica, Chucky asks Junior to do it. But Tiffany having had enough of Chucky’s disrespectful behavior towards her, and add to that his petty shit, massive ego and small genital, decapitates the doll using her nail file. She also discloses to him that it was her who had called the cops on him which is precisely why and how the cops found him that night in Chicago. The flashback shows Tiffany calling up Detective Mike Norris and stating that she has some information on the Lakeshore Strangler.

    After packing away the other dolls with the intention of distributing them all over the world, Tiffany plants a bomb inside the house for Andy and is seen to drive away along with a drugged Nica and Junior. Andy is able to gain access to the house and while he is able to free Devon, Kyle triggers the bomb unknowingly causing the whole house to explode. Jake and Lexy are seen waking up the next morning to find the news of the explosion. Thinking Devon died, Jake rushes to his place to mourn but eventually finds Devon arriving there.

    It is only fair to say that they resume things between each other. At the Mayor’s benefit for the children in need, Tiffany makes her celebrity appearance and states how the vintage Good Guy dolls will be sent all over. She is even seen handling one to Caroline after she insists on having one. Lexy, on the other hand gets lured by Junior and Chucky to the theatre backstage. Caroline takes her doll inside the theatre for the Frankenstein screening only to have the doll start stabbing the guests from under the seats.

    Chucky is successful in killing many spectators, one of which happens to be the Mayor’s husband. A chaos breaks out and everybody starts to run out of the theatre. Speaking of Junior, he tries to have Lexy on his and Chucky’s side but after Lexy convinces him to do the right thing, he stabs Chucky instead but also gets stabbed by the doll in the process. Junior dies in Lexy’s arms and apologizes for all his actions. With Jake and Devon reaching the theatre, the former is able to strangle Chucky to a point where his eyeballs come out.

    Andy is also shown to have survived the explosion at the Charles Lee Ray house. While he is successful in hijacking the delivery truck full of toys, he is taken as a hostage by a Tiffany doll who appears from the back. The next day, we find Nica and Tiffany back at the Hackensack hotel and a horrific discovery is made. Afraid of the things that Chucky will do to Tiffany if he takes back control of Nica, she was left with no choice but to amputate all of Nica’s limbs.

    Season one ends with the trio of Jake, Lexy and Devon visiting the grave of Junior and unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by someone.

    Everything We Know About Chucky Season 2

    Everything We Know About Chucky Season 2

    Addressing all Chucky fans out here, you are in for another crazy thrill ride – courtesy, the second season of Chucky, one that will bring back your favourite killer doll in a manner never seen before. We know the filming of the second season, which began in April this year is about to come to an end sometime in August. We have Don Mancini returning back as the head writer along with the familiar faces of Zackary Arthur, Björgvin Arnarson and Alyvia Ann Lind portraying themselves as the leading trio – Jake Wheeler, Devon Evans and Lexy Cross.

    Actor Devon Sawa who portrayed the role of twin brothers Lucas and Logan is reported to come back in season two but in a brand new role, most probably as a priest, looking at the trailer. We also have staples Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly returning in their respective roles along with Barbara Alyn Woods as Mayor Cross and Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce. But what is really interesting will be seeing Lachlan Watson portraying Glen/Glenda after Tilly’s revelation about it on Twitter.

    As fans of Chucky, we can’t really wait to see the murderous mayhem that Chucky will unleash in season two that is set to release on October 5th. With eight more episodes and hundreds of Chucky dolls on the loose, the killing count is bound to go way up than 21.

    With this, we have come to the end of our video here. Do hit us with your thoughts in the comments section and let us know how excited you are for season two. Till then, stay tuned with us for more interesting content on Chucky!

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