Colombian Reproductive Rights Advocate: Cristina Villarreal Velasquez!

    Cristina Villareal is a clinician and pioneer behind Oriéntame, the primary association in Colombia to give lawful early termination and regenerative privileges guiding in the country. She has likewise made a few different associations for this purpose, like CLACAI, the Latin American Consortium against dangerous early termination. She was an individual from the sheets of heads of the NAF and the Guttmacher Institute, the Foundation for the Right to Die with Dignity, and the warning panel of Global Doctors for Choice in Latin America.

    What is Cristina Villiarreal Velasquez’s contribution to the reproductive field?

    What is Cristina Villiarreal Velasquez’s contribution to the reproductive field

    Together, Ana Cristina González and Villareal are pioneers behind the Causa Justa Movement, a development for the decriminalization of early termination, which tracked down its most memorable accomplishment in 2006, when the Constitutional Court empowered three circumstances for the act of lawful foetus removal: wellbeing grounds, sexual brutality grounds, and foetal mutation grounds, as made sense of by the association Oriéntame.

    Crafted by the Colombian ladies has been effective to the point that they have turned into a guide to continueon the planet. They are essential for the gathering of most powerful trailblazers of 2022, and it has been thanks to their commitment and battle with the development called “Causa Justa”, which figured out how to get the Colombian Constitutional Congress to support foetus removal as long as 24 weeks of incubation. The two activists are the motivation for millions additional individuals to join the safeguard of ladies’ sexual and conceptive freedoms.

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