Top 12 Disturbing And Gut-Wrenching Little Nightmares Monsters – Backstories Explored

    Storylines in video games are frequently more fascinating and well-thought-out than those in movies and literature. “Skyrim” and “Resident Evil” are two excellent examples. “Little Nightmares” by Tarsier Studios is one such videogame with an excellent and engaging plot that many gamers consider to be one of the greatest in gaming.

    There is no long, drawn-out conversation; the pacing is excellent, and the subject is intriguing, with excellent world-building. In fact, because the villains in the game don’t talk, they don’t have lines, but it doesn’t take away from their personality.

    As they pursue Mono and Six, the enemies of this universe have personalities defined by their deeds. With huge heads and horrible features, these humanoid monsters have a horrific look. There are no convoluted plotlines that are difficult to follow. The plot of Little Nightmares is straightforward and straightforward. Images are crucial, and the players’ experience makes it valuable.

    The players in the game, as well as those playing the video game, are terrified by these gruesome sights. When you consider that you are being chased by opponents from all sides, no matter what you do, adrenaline kicks in, placing you in a high-stress flight or fight position. “Little Nightmares” does a fantastic job with this.

    And there are multiple villains with distinct goals. Mono and Six are two dishes that the Twin Chefs seek to add to the menu. The Hunter intends to use them as taxidermy prey, and the list goes on.

    There are various terrifying entities in this franchise, each with their own style of wreaking havoc for the main characters. As a result, the player will have to use a variety of techniques to beat them. This movie discusses the dreadful animals, their fighting tactics, and the techniques that must be used to beat them and emerge victorious.

    What’s great is that some of these villains are representations of common human phobias, such as eating raw and unsanitary food, being exposed to others’ coughing, and being afraid of one’s own reflection, which may be terrifying for individuals who are self-conscious about their appearance.

    Six, a nine-year-old thin girl with climbing abilities, strives to flee The Maw, an iron vessel inhabited by these horrifying humanoid beings. When battle isn’t an option, the players must depend on stealth to overcome their opponents.

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    The Janitor

    The Janitor

    In “Little Nightmares,” the Janitor is one of the adversaries who opposes Six. He is also the first and second villains in The Maw and Secrets of the Maw.

    He plays a significant part in both the Lair and the Hideaway chapters. In The Prison chapter, he also makes a brief cameo.

    With a big head that joins to his torso by a turkey neck, the Janitor has a distorted look. He has a hunched back with partially peeled off skin. His skull is bare while his mouth is like the grin of a Cheshire Cat, in the sense that it stretches from ear to ear. He could use a dentist though. He also has obnoxiously tiny legs while his arms are around twice his size. Spending his years in the bowels of The Maw has put him in dire need of a skincare routine.

    He is a guy of action rather than words. Because of his adversarial disposition, this isn’t as fantastic as it seems. A red flag! He is dedicated to his work of trapping children who try to escape. Being blind has allowed him to acquire sharpened hearing and better reflexes. However, Six exploits this weakness of his and manipulates his other senses such as smell, touch, and sound. Janitor is drawn to even the slightest bits of sound, so the odds stack up against his favor.

    He can be a little too relentless at times, which leads to his losing his arms and life during a struggle with Six, who dismembers them. His sluggish pace is a drawback but if the Janitor successfully captures the player with his arms, he wins.

    Despite his strong sense of obligation, he is an odd hoarder. And he hoards dolls. He has a room full of dolls and children’s toys. He probably collected them from the children he had kidnapped.

    The Doctor

    The Doctor

    In “Little Nightmares II,” the Doctor is a villain. Despite the fact that he is the third antagonist, he is the main antagonist in the chapter ‘The Hospital.’

    When it comes to odd looks, The Doctor is just up The Janitor’s alley. He has a large set of teeth that protrude from his mouth. His gums look inflated, pale, and downright swollen. He literally looks like a corpse but bloated. Since he has been on the ceiling for long periods of time, his skin has succumbed to gravity and has been dragged down.

    He has a receding hairline as he approaches middle age. His fingers and forehead are wrinkled and his eyes are embedded deep into his sockets as he stares at his prey while hanging from the ceiling. He wears black trousers, black shoes, and a dirty coat. Despite his big mass, he is fast.

    The problem with this franchise’s characters is that they don’t speak. So does the Doctor, and his actions, like the Janitor’s, reflect his personality. He is invested in his work as well, even organized. He is a perfectionist, to the point of resorting to aggression when he feels that his efforts at doing his job i.e. treating his patients are being threatened. He takes his job very seriously.

    Despite being the bad guy, he looks after his patients and makes every effort to keep them alive. He also has a strong sense of personal cleanliness and washes his hands frequently.

    This story has a unique idea. Patients of the Doctor are those who come to him because they are bored. He replaces their flesh with artificial porcelain and he never gets complaints for his work, even if the results do not meet the patient’s expectations. He conducts his operations of replacing parts while moving throughout the Hospital as he hangs on the ceiling. He chases trespassers while on the ceiling, which allows him to avoid the obstacles laid on the floor.

    He can, however, come down. When fighting Six and Mono, it’s best to stay on the ceiling. Mono uses heavy obstacles such as tables to hide but the Doctor can lift it without much hassle and catches Mono easily.

    The Teacher

    The Teacher

    The Teacher is a minor villain in “Little Nightmares II” who takes centre stage in the chapter The School.

    She is older and wears an old-fashioned outfit consisting of a beige blouse, grey skirt, white sock, and Mary Jane shoes. She is disproportionate as well with a head way larger than the rest of her body. Her mouth is perpetually in a grin. Her neck is her MVP though. She can stretch it to great distances in a snake-like manner and uses it to spot troublemakers in school. Her neck has 360-degree rotation, similar to owls. She can also remove obstacles and reach targets. Another strength of her lies in that big head of hers. When she chased Mono in the vents, she was able to bend metal with the strength of her skull.

    She is nasty and enjoys causing terror in her students while expecting complete compliance. She teaches a class of bullies who are uninterested in understanding what she teaches, yet she is committed to her job. She punishes her students for disturbing the school’s decorum. She often goes overboard, with the sole aim of scaring her students more than necessary. Her perceptive skills are good as well.

    She is a slacker outside of the educational atmosphere. She’s also a fantastic pianist, to the point where she uses her neck’s flexibility to strike harsher notes that her hands can’t reach.

    When Mono makes a noise, she utilises her neck in the game. She uses just her neck to track for the source of the noise. However, Mono has the edge over her considering her eyesight is bad, so he can hide easily.

    When she spots Mono with the Bullies, she orders the Bullies to attack him. She joins in by lunging her neck, and on getting close enough, grabs him using her mouth and takes him back to her body.

    Twin Chefs

    Twin Chefs

    In the game “Little Nightmares,” Six confronts the Twin Chefs while attempting to flee the Maw. They appear as the main villains in The Kitchen chapter. One of them is also seen in The Guest Area chapter.

    They’re fat creatures with sausage-like arms and short, sturdy legs. They also have prominent ears, child-like body proportions, and short, stout legs. Their fingers are calloused from dishwashing and cooking. Their hair is greasy and they wear chef’s hats and a chef’s uniform which is splattered in blood.

    They do have some distinguishing features, such as one of them being cross-eyed and having a puckered mouth like a fish. The other has a wall-eyed stare with a wide mouth. Their heads hide their true faces because their heads are large rubber masks. When they eat, they put their hands under the mask. From a glance, it can be noticed that their original skin is greyish blue.

    They are dedicated slaves of the Maw and prepare food for the visitors. Chefs are supposed to keep a certain degree of sanitation, but they don’t. They do not wash their hands when cooking, cough around the food, and use toilet plungers to unclog the wash basin’s drain.They are not very aware of how to cook meat properly because they often serve meat which is still partly raw, Gordon Ramsay’s worst nightmare. When they notice her, they let out a squeal and attack Six on sight. They add her to the menu on capturing her.

    When it comes to running, they are faster than Six. They either add her to the menu to feed the visitors or choke her once they have her. Even though she cannot outrun them, she can hide from them. Six hides under furniture where the Twin Chefs cannot reach.

    Their biggest weakness is being clumsy. They cannot even reach Six if she is very high up.

    The Thin Man

    The Thin Man

    The Thin Man appears in “Little Nightmares II,” which is broadcast across the Pale City via televisions from the Transmission. He made his first debut in the end credit sequence of Secrets of the Maw but appears as a prominent character in the Pale City chapter as a primary antagonist.

    He is, as you may know, rather tall. He is dressed in a black suit. His skin is wrinkled and colorless while his structure is misaligned. His eyes are closed and sunken and he looks very much like a corpse.

    Thin Man is unlike many of the game’s other adversaries. While his peers are violent and aggressive, the Thin Man is calm and level-headed while pursuing Six and Mono. However, he always remains hostile.

    He abducted a youngster before to the game’s events, but the motive for his kidnapping is unclear. If one goes too near to a television, one may think that snatching children is a passion for him. However, after he is freed by Mono, he begins to hunt him down. He is dedicated to the task and stalks him throughout the Pale City, no matter how many times he slips through his grasp. He is also sharp and intelligent, outthinking Mono every time. The moment Mono arrives in an area, the Thin Man appears immediately as well. He is persevering, patient, and stoic. His walk is leisurely, akin to his personality.

    His abilities are similar to Mono’s, but because to his expertise, he is far more adept at employing them. He has the ability to manipulate time by using fast forward. He uses it to move to a new point easily while pursuing Mono. He can also travel in and out of the television similar to Mono, while being able to see through them. He has telekinetic abilities with which he captures Six. He becomes glitchy as he appears, causing everyone around him to move in slow motion. Basically, he can slow time in his surrounding environment.

    His adaptable frame allowed him to bend in abnormal ways, which aided him in his last battle with Mono.

    The Guests

    The Guests

    They are small foes who appear in the chapter “The Guest Area” of “Little Nightmares.” They are simply the chapter’s key adversaries.

    These monsters, like the other adversaries, are humanoid. They’re also horribly overweight. They have malformed, deformed skulls, stumpy limbs, and are fat-covered. Their faces are so bloated that they look like they are melting due to flabby cheeks, sagging neck folds and jowls. This bulging skin also hides their eyes, sinking them below. Their outfits are simpler with button-up coats that are too tight for them for obvious reasons. Some wear white hats that look like Japanese kabuki masks while some wear dress hats. While the females have neat hairstyles, styled into buns, the men are bald.

    On seeing Six, the guests want to seize her as they seat at their tables. They will try to devour her if she is captured. They quickly put down their forks and begin crawling after her. They persistently chase her and eat her as the first priority. They can pounce on her or crush her with their ginormous bodies. They are willing to die for food at any given time. Gluttony is a sin and they are the proof. Six can avoid them with enough dexterity and reflexes that allow her to dodge their attacks. Being fat, they can get stuck in various places and Sixcan use that to her advantage. Once stuck, they can’t fling their arms to catch her as their arms are very short.

    The Lady

    The Lady

    Secrets of the Maw and “Little Nightmares” both include the Lady as the last opponent. She was the Maw’s proprietress and is the one who had cast a spell to keep The Maw running. She appears in The Residence chapter and The Lady’s Quarters chapter as the main antagonist.

    She stands out as being unusually tall. She’s very thin and has the appearance of a Japanese geisha. Her black hair is generally wrapped in a bun while she sports a dark brown kimono. She wears a white porcelain mask at all times, which looks similar to the Japanese Noh mask. Her eyes are black and lifeless and her skin tone is pale.

    She walks gracefully, almost as though she’s flying. Because she is selfish and vain, the atmosphere isn’t perfect. She is constantly putting on a good show.

    She operates The Maw to feed her depravity and ego. She is okay with ugly monstrous Guests devouring badly made, raw and unhygienic food made by questionable chefs. As a narcissist, she lacks empathy so she doesn’t feel guilty for imprisoning children to feed her customers.

    She shares certain Disney villain characteristics, such as her desire to be the only beautiful person among a group of horrible humanoid creatures. That’s why she captures and imprisons the children as she is determined to eliminate any natural beauty which can be seen in some children. Feeling threatened, she plots their demise. However, narcissism comes from a very rooted sense of insecurity and as a result, she hides herself behind a mask and surrounds herself with broken mirrors only, as her original appearance is deformed much to her distaste.

    Six uses a mirror to force the Lady to see her true reflection. It causes the Lady to recoil. Obsidian is used to make the mirror. The Lady lurks in the darkness but she doesn’t have a weakness to light as such. She is the strongest antagonist of the game and can catch Six on her own. Six has to get a small mirror from an abandoned dressing room to fight the Lady who merges with the environment to attack her. When the mirror is reflected back six times, it weakens her.

    The Bullies

    The Bullies

    They are minor antagonists in “Little Nightmares II” and the main villains in the School chapter. These slender villains are children taller than Six and Mono. They dress in similar outfits that are straight out of the 1950s with white shirts, brown shorts and vests for the boys while the girls wear brown skirts instead.

    Their heads are huge. The heads of several of the Bullies are broken open. It is hollow on the inside, symbolising their stupidity and ’empty-headedness.’

    They also had beautifully combed hair, cracked white skin, black shoes, and white socks. Even though their limbs are human, they are inorganically pale. It is presumed that they are made of porcelain. 

    They’re nefarious and unsettling. When they see Mono, they assault him and harass each other. The Teacher occasionally orders them to assault Mono as well. In true bully fashion, they are rowdy kids. They are also noisy, disobedient, and hyperactive. Sometimes, they are restrained by a leash but they still try to violently attack Mono. They can only be controlled by the Teacher.

    A hammer is required to defeat them. It is quite effective against the Bullies, but they are also quite powerful and swift. They generally pursue Mono on a 1 versus 1 basis but sometimes, they team up to ambush and attack him. If Mono is unable to resist the attack of the Bullies, they strangle him after knocking himout. With numbers, they are also able to overpower Mono.

    They frequently set traps for Mono, like as loose floorboards, all throughout the School. Their heads are fragile, probably because they are empty, so Mono attacks by smashing them with objects. But Mono requires good timing and a close-range attack to do this, otherwise the strategy is unlikely to work out.

    The Hunter

    The Hunter

    In “Little Nightmares II,” the Hunter makes an appearance. He is the first enemy to arrive, and he is the major antagonist in The Wilderness chapter.

    This enormous humanoid creature also has a gigantic head. A burlap sack is placed over the neck to conceal it. There is a sole eyehole for his right eye to peek through the sack. He wears a cap like Jay Gatsby from “The Great Gatsby”. He also wears brown trousers and gloves, a green worn-out overcoat, and black leather boots. The Hunter might be filled with stuffing as the long overcoat has a tear that reveals a portion of stuffing coming out of his body. This is possible because he takes a keen interest in taxidermy.

    When he does taxidermy, he becomes sick and angry. He, like several of his game’s adversarial counterparts, is tenacious and driven. He is not likely to back down after he sets his mind to something, which can be seen as he continues to pursue Mono and Six relentlessly in the woods no matter how many times they escape from his cabin. However, he is also a little bit of a slob considering his cabin is a total mess. Maybe he’s just a bachelor.

    He is patient and does not kill his victim right away. In the Little Nightmares Comics, he had kept Six locked in the basement for a month instead of performing taxidermy on her immediately after catching her. Maybe he wished for her to die naturally out of starvation or dehydration.

    He carries a shotgun with two barrels and a lamp to assist him finds his target in the woods. He shoots at his victims as well but the players can dodge it if they get around to maneuvering the tricky terrain of the forests. Hiding behind indestructible objects also helps players in evading his gunshots. If nothing works, timed stealth is the go-to option. The Hunter hits Mono in the back of his head with the end of his shotgun.



    These are small adversaries that may be found in “Little Nightmares II.” They are encountered by Mono and Six in The Pale City chapter, where The Thin Man is the main antagonist.

    They are adults, approximately three times the height of Mono and Six. They are monsters but look more like humans than the other villains who appear throughout the game. Their bodily proportions are closer to normal with the heads being only a tad bit larger than regular human heads. Their outfits are generally business casual or casual.

    They have various hairstyles; some are bald, some have longer hair, and so on. Some people are underweight, while others are overweight. Their faces, on the other hand, are far from human. They look faceless, in the sense that their features have been wiped off completely and folds of flesh cover the face, hiding everything beneath it. They are constantly exposed to the Transmission from Signal Tower which have resulted in some viewers having concave faces due to watching television. They emit weird, deep sounds which turn guttural when they get pissed off. Their movements have a choppy edit-like feel to it, similar to stop-motion animation.

    They are hooked to television and become enraged when Mono takes their attention away from it. They also become irritated when they are unable to watch television, as evidenced by the fact that the televisions are switched off or they are not in close proximity to one. They vent out this frustration on any living being nearby, which often happens to be Mono, making him fall to his knees while being aurally engulfed by the sonic emissions. When they get close to Mono, they emit a frequency from their heads and that means ‘Game Over’.

    Mono is essentially exploiting their television addiction as an advantage for himself by turning on a nearby television or transferring them to areas with televisions. When the Viewer sees a functioning TV or Mono, they run to it at full speed, paying no heed to their surroundings. This can also kill them.

    Flesh Walls

    Flesh Walls

    When it comes to antagonistic activities in “Little Nightmares II,” these small opponents rank sixth in prominence. They can be seen in The Transmission Chapter, appearing from the walls, floors, and ceilings to oppose Mono and Six.

    The name Flesh Walls comes from the fact that the ground, ceilings, and walls are all formed of flesh. They also have huge eyes with black pupils. The size of the pupils may vary. They do not seem to be very aggressive when Mono falls on them, which is the real life equivalent of getting knocked against a wall or falling to the floor.

    The Flesh Walls are the subject of several hypotheses. It’s said to be the skeletons of viewers who were dragged into televisions. After being sucked in, their bodies fused and formed a single, fleshy monster. They are also speculated to have a consciousness while being the real bad guy on the Little Nightmare-verse. This theory has often been foreshadowed in the game.

    They emit a mesmerising glow that can be viewed from the top of the Signal Tower. This light might be the signal that allows communications to be beamed all over the planet. And this cannot be done due to the power of the Thin Man. As Mono frees the Thin Man, the Viewers become dissatisfied by the television content, to the point that they ignore the television broadcast to chase after Mono.

    The Granny

    The Granny

    The Granny, the first opponent in Secrets of the Maw, resides in its depths. She is the major antagonist of The Depths chapter and is exceedingly aggressive. The Granny is a humanoid monster who looks like an old woman. She is lanky with a saggy neck, bony frame, and long limbs. Her eyes are dark and sunken, her grin wide and her teeth crooked. She has sparse grey hair with a huge bald patch on her head. Her attire comprises a tattered brownish grey dress.

    It was revealed in the chapter “The Depths” that she had been abandoned to anger and rot. She is mostly hidden from view in the game. Her movement can be detected by a rippling motion on the water surface and a bubbling growl which grows louder and louder depending on The Granny’s proximity to the Runaway Kid.

    Her residence is a huge, flooded room. The floodwaters are unable to be drained. Unless the player is in the same water body as her, she cannot hurt him. Moving between floating objects is a good strategy for the player when going against this antagonist. Granny tries to break, push, and sink the objects to oppose the player and knock him into the water to reach him. If the Runaway Kid falls into the water, he won’t be able to evade the Granny.

    Her swimming is flawless, as well as swift and nimble. She can also breathe underwater, giving her a significant advantage in aquatic combat. She also breathes on land but she never needs to resurface for air when underwater.

    She was apparently the Maw’s governess in the past, but she was ejected. She ended up in the sewers after being thrown out by the Lady aka the current governess.

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