Everything There Is To Know About Bully 2

    When it comes to developing games, Rockstar Games is one of the most famous studios out there. Bully, released in 2006, is one of Rockstar Games’ most underappreciated games and has gained a small but devoted fan base since then. Despite the game’s popularity, Rockstar has yet to reveal a sequel because it is currently concentrating on GTA Online and, most likely, GTA 6.

    Bully 2 is not necessarily entirely off the cards, though. In fact, several leaks and speculations seem to confirm its existence, and the game may even be in production right now. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the video to explore what is known about the possible sequel keeping that in mind.



    Since Bully’s October 2006 release by Rockstar, more than 15 years have passed. James “Jimmy” Hopkins, a rebellious 15-year-old, is the focus of the story, trying to establish influence over the many cliques at his upscale prep school. Although Bully never quite achieved the kind of devotion that the Grand Theft Auto series did, it is universally regarded as a cult classic and, as of 2008, had sold 1.5 million copies. The majority of the events in the first Bully took place in the fictitious Bullworth Academy and the nearby town, both of which were located in New England.

    While his mother and her brand-new husband are away on their honeymoon, Jimmy is sent to a private boarding school for a year. Bully 2 was initially mentioned in an interview Shawn Lee gave to The Gaming Liberty in 2009, when he stated that he would be starting the development process on it. Discussions with Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser said that the company loved the IP and that it may come back in the future after developing and releasing Max Payne 3, further fanned the flames.

    In the early 2010s, the New England studio of Rockstar also received the chance to create their own game, the follow-up to Bully. The studio believed that the chance to work on Bully 2 was an opportunity to demonstrate that the New England studio was worth Rockstar’s investment.

    The staff at other studios that the company purchased at about the same time shared the same opinion. Although it is important to note that Rockstar Vancouver, who developed the first Bully, was working on Max Payne 3 at the time, the creators did not expressly state why they decided to cooperate with Rockstar New England to create Bully 2. The Max Payne 3 Expedition, which earned excellent reviews in 2012 and was later combined with Rockstar Toronto, was developed with assistance from the original Bully’s developers.

    According to rumors, Bully 2 may not have succeeded since Rockstar Titles’ in-house staff were diverted from its development to work on bigger games like GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2. According to a report published by Video Games Chronicle in October 2019 based on insider information, Rockstar did indeed work on Bully 2 for one and a half years before abandoning it.



    Rumor has it that Bully 2 will take place right after the events of “Bully” and that the main character, James “Jimmy” Hopkins, will spend more time at home than at school. Jimmy’s stepparents’ house will serve as the setting, and Bully 2’s main characters might be Jimmy’s stepsiblings. Again, this is only a speculation, but we are eager to get a close-up look at Jimmy’s life. Bully 2’s setting is currently quite tough to foresee.

    If it’s under development, it probably underwent a number of variations before Rockstar chose the final one. It’s doubtful that the original game would resemble any early sequel concepts from this period because it was launched in 2006. Despite the fact that this is only our opinion, we believe Rockstar would be more inclined to design a new playable character for Bullworth Academy.

    This would enable the game to utilize a more contemporary setting and all the gameplay possibilities it entails. It would be fascinating to watch how Rockstar updates this complex subject in the series, given how school and even bullying have changed in the digital era. The firm would need to proceed cautiously since this is a really delicate issue, finding a method to create a fun video game without glorifying bullying or abuse.

    Bully 2 rumors have been circulating for a while now, but Rockstar has yet to make a public announcement. As a result, we are still unsure about the release date of Bully 2. And according to specific reports and claims, the game should be out by 2024.



    While we have covered most of the information about the game, fans of the franchise have to wait till there is an official announcement about Bully 2 to know more about the actual gameplay and storyline. Until then, they can enjoy the iconic game Bully, and for more updates on Bully 2 and many more games, please subscribe to our channel.

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