Everything You Need to Know About Crysis 4

    The most recent teaser for Crysis 4 has everyone in the devoted gaming community itching to don their nanosuits once more and dispatch some aliens. The teaser did not, however, show any gameplay. The Frankfurt, Germany-based game developer called the new Crysis a “truly next-gen shooter,” and it seems like Crytek will include its user base directly in the game’s development. You guys will learn everything you need to know about Crysis 4 in this video.

    Introduction of the Franchise

    Introduction of the Franchise

    It is impossible to discuss Crysis without mentioning Crytek, particularly the game engine. When the original Crysis was launched in 2007, both gamers and game developers were astounded. Nothing comparable existed on the computer. Excellent visuals were used. Even the extended draw distances and sharp graphics were light years ahead of their day. The lighting effects alone were leagues ahead of any other engine. Many people believed it to be ludicrous that a PC could manage something of this nature.

    Therefore, it was not surprising that the online gaming community and the PC machine requirements were made fun of. Even a meme was made out of this. When Crytek planned to expand beyond CryEngine 2, they moved to Frankfurt just before the launch of the game that launched Crytek to new heights. A second studio in Kyiv launched, and shortly after that, a team in Budapest.

    There was an expansion for the game called Crysis: Warhead that was released exclusively for PC; the Playstation Network and XBOX live versions were released in 2011. After acquiring several studios in the design and game-making industries in 2009, CryEngine 3 was introduced. Game Developers Conference 2009 saw the first glimpse of the engine, which would be available on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

    In 2011, Crysis 2 was launched. In this period, Crytek was looking beyond the Crysis series. Just before THQ filed for bankruptcy, they developed other games like Ryse: Son of Rome and Homefront 2. CryEngine 3.4 SDK added full Direct X 11 functionality to its portfolio in 2012. Crysis 3 was launched in 2013 to positive reviews, despite gamers’ growing dissatisfaction with the series’ linearity.

    While the effect of the next two games paled in contrast to the first, nonetheless all three Crysis games are absolutely outstanding. The games aren’t particularly masterpieces of storytelling or gameplay, but Crysis pioneered the nanosuit theme that we now see in Call of Duty and other shooters. Let’s talk about the story of the franchise without trying to give any spoilers as there will be many young gamers who might not have played this franchise yet. The setting of the first game begins on August 7, 2020.

    It was the future at the time, and the fictional Lingshan Islands had been seized by North Korean forces. Archeologists discover an alien technology that ignites a war between Americans and North Koreans. They had no idea that aliens are also now involved in the situation. The soldiers are provided with nanosuits that grant them extraordinary abilities capable of astounding feats. The soldier’s health can be recharged by the nanosuit before irreparable damage occurs. In the same way, persons wearing the suit have four settings to choose from. First, the armor mode that deflects damage and recharges the suit’s defences faster.

    The strength mode grants superior hand-to-hand combat abilities almost like that of a superhero. You may kill adversaries by throwing stuff at them, as well as jump higher and aim more precisely. Speed is another useful powerup, as it accelerates everything from movement to reloading. Finally, Cloak, a power most known for its appearance in the Crysis series, renders you invisible and silent.

    By combining these abilities, the player was forced to constantly adjust their approach against enemies. Talking about enemies, let’s talk about the primary enemies of the franchise, The Ceph, short for Cephalopods, are a highly superior alien species that arrived on Earth 65 million years ago and serve as the series’ main adversaries. They are hostile to humans and appear to be undertaking an extermination campaign against them. Although there are numerous explanations, it is thought that they have been operating to protect the Earth’s environment from human destruction.

    The Ceph on Earth comes from the Triangulum Galaxy, often called “Messier 33,” which is about 3 million light-years away in the constellation Triangulum. These ships were last active roughly 2 million years ago, after which they stayed dormant until 1922 when Jacob Hargreave initiated a few events in Tunguska that finally led to the waking of the Ceph lithoships all over the world. However, this activity began in the early twenty-first century with little testing and technical tests before being fully awakened by the Korean People’s Army on the fictional islands of Lingshan.

    The Ceph’s true origin and antiquity, on the other hand, are unknown. They first appeared in the Solar System 65 million years ago, along with a number of space vessels/seeding ships with an unknown mission (though the one on Earth is similar to a scientific outpost).

    The seeding ship discovered on Earth is assumed to have been the source of the mass extinction at the time, and it was rendered dormant for an unknown amount of time before reactivating and accumulating energy with other Ceph devices around the world to build a network. If you guys are more interested in knowing about their purpose then do check out the novel Crysis Legion.

    The first two games Crysis and Crysis Warhead (an Expansion) are first-person shooter games set in 2020 on the fictitious Lingshan Islands off the coast of the Philippines. Both games’ protagonists are members of the “Raptor Team,” a US special forces unit dispatched to the island to examine North Korea’s provocative actions.

    Traditional projectile weapons like pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles (all of which may be changed in real-time with scopes and attachments), as well as explosives and the nanosuit’s innate powers, are used by the player. Multiplayer game modes offer hypothetical futuristic weaponry based on extraterrestrial adversaries’ ice technology, which is subsequently discovered to be present on the island.

    Raptor Team is pitted against both the North Korean military and these extraterrestrial opponents in single-player mode. Crysis 2 is a three-year sequel to Crysis that takes place in 2023 in New York City, which has been afflicted by an unknown virus. The player takes control of Alcatraz, a US Marine who is discovered nearly dead by Prophet and given the updated Nanosuit 2.

    Prophet assigns him the mission of rescuing Nathan Gould, a scientist. Crysis 3 is set in New York, just as its predecessor. Prophet returns to the now nanodome-encased New York City in 2047 on a mission of vengeance against CELL, having discovered the truth behind their motivations for building the quarantined nanodomes. Crysis 3 was supposed to be the end of the trilogy but I guess there is more to it now.

    Crysis 4 story and When Is It coming?

    Crysis 4 story and When Is It coming

    Nobody expected Crytek to reveal the fourth part in their Crysis franchise this year. An unexpected announcement from Crytek did surprise fans after years of staying mum. The information regarding Crysis 4 is sadly lacking, however, we believe this franchise will revive itself with amazing graphics & gameplay that will potentially change how first-person shooters are played.

    The gameplay trailer will reveal this to us once it is released. Crytek hasn’t even provided an official release date yet. This information will not be delivered to us for another few months. Fortunately, Crytek has confirmed that job openings are available so that’s good news right? We’re speculating they’ve extended the development timeframe for Crysis 4, putting the game’s release date somewhere between 2023 and 2024. However, for the time being, these launch schedules are just that: hypothetical.

    New York City is expected to return as a playable area in Crysis 4. New places, such as San Francisco or Chicago, could also be explored. After 45 years of infection, how would the virus affect these areas? Now that’ll be something we’d be interested to know.

    However, for the time being, there is little information on the gameplay or the story/setting. Fortunately, this shows that Crytek is serious about the development process. We’re nearly certain to see a fantastic game in which Prophet or Alcatraz make a comeback as playable characters. We all want to participate in missions that take us to Alcatraz in Chicago or New York City. Seeing these super troops participate in battle royales, on the other hand, would be the ultimate Crysis improvement as that’s what the generation demands right now.

    The teaser includes shots and moments which are presented in a montage fashion where each moment is shown for a split second, judging from the montage we have detected that the formation of the sun is shown so we are speculating that this game will probably show how the solar system come into being so naturally it will show the history of the Cyph and how they came into the world.

    But these are all speculations from our end as there is very little information given by Crytek, in a few months’ time we are sure we will receive more info on the game. With each iteration of the Crysis series, Crytek has published a demo. When Crysis 4 releases, we expect demo’s to be available for the Xbox Series X and PC. I mean this would allow us to test the game without spending money which is much better than preordering a game & hoping for the best. The official system requirements for Crysis 4 have yet to be disclosed by Crytek and we are pretty sure we will know about it soon.

    So that’s it for today, people. Let us know in the comments what other games you’re looking forward to playing that haven’t yet been released. See you in the next one!

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