Its’ Werewolves Galore In The Amityville Moon

    The Amityville Moon will be released on DVD and VOD on October 5 by Lionsgate for fans of the Amityville franchise and werewolf horror. The teaser for The Amityville Moon is premiering exclusively on Dread Central today. Take a look at the trailer and learn more about the film below.

    What if a holy place turned out to be a shelter for evil? Karla is slain by a nasty, semi-human beast as Alyssa and Karla attempt to flee the church home where they are held captive.

    Alyssa informs Detective Kimball that women convicts disappear every full moon and shows him the silver rounds in her revolver after being apprehended at a boisterous biker club. The two must now return to the halfway home to face the priest and nuns—as well as the growling, vicious evil that resides there.


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    Thomas J. Churchill wrote and directed The Amityville Moon, which stars Cody Renee Cameron best known for their role in The Neon Demon and Tuesday Knight, seen in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4. James T. Bruce IV, Steven Louis, and Mike Lischke serve as executive producers for The Amityville Moon. Producers include Churchill, Binh Dang, and Phillip B. Goldfine.

    The trailer is gory and the werewolf presence is definitely there to drive a chill up your spine. This movie follows the many Amityville movies made which are loosely based on the original work by DeFoe but largely cater to the horror audience who are fans of the Amityville theme.

    Regardless, looks like this one will be a creature feature and we can’t wait to see it. The movie will not be released in theatres, nor on video subscription platforms so fans will have to purchase the DVD or VOD versions to watch this one.

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