Lady Usher – First Glimpse Into Upcoming Horror Movie

    Lady Usher, directed by George Adams who is best known for Climate of the Hunter, will be released on September 10th in select theatres, September 14th in Digital HD, and October 12th on DVD by Indican Pictures. The horror film will be available to watch on Apple TV, DirecTV, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, FandangoNOW, and other platforms.

    Producers have finally shared a few of Lady Usher’s best photos! Take a peek at them and learn more about the film in the sections below.

    In the movie, Roderick played by John Tupy, informs his fiancée Morgan, played by Billie D. Merrit, that he must quit college and return to his gothic-style southern home to be with his family when his father becomes ill. Morgan is persuaded by her friend Liz to follow Roderick, making an impromptu trip to be at his side and meet his family, despite his warnings. Roderick is compelled to introduce Morgan to everyone. This results in all of them learning about her for the first time – including the family matriarch, Lady Usher, played by Theresa Santiago, who makes it exceedingly obvious that she is unwelcome.


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    Morgan’s presence heralds the beginning of the end for Roderick’s family, who will stop at nothing to prevent their marriage in a household afflicted by madness and unrequited love. Can Morgan stay alive long enough to save Roderick from the House of Usher’s madness?

    George Adams wrote, directed, and produced Lady Usher, a modern-day adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short story, ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’, which also stars John Ferguson, seen in Army of Frankensteins, Michael Gibbons who is best known for his work in Wildlife, and Kim Titus who was in Breakers.

    The images look like this movie will definitely be a scary ride and we cannot wait for this one to finally hit our screens.


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