Top 12 Gore Anime Of All Time – 2022

    There is something about gore anime, which always wins fans’ hearts. Containing of brutality, crime, murders, and only dark themes, the magic never fades. Fans love the high-quality graphic usage and amazing action scenes. For all those fans who are in the outlook of the best gore content, a list below has been mentioned, containing the top 12 best gore anime

    1. Berserk


    Berserk is one such anime that covers all genres like action, horror, violence, and mystery. The story is about a man called Guts, who is being followed by beasts incessantly. His fate is fixed to die, and till the day he won’t, he would be chased by demons to hunt for his life. However, Guts rejects such a fate and tries his best to escape. His fate has been cursed by one of his close friends, whom he admired and looked up to. Hence, he decides to take down his enemy and learns to use a dangerous and powerful blade- DragonSlayer.

    As he begins his journey, he encounters many strange persons and creatures. He runs into an elf, a young thief who becomes his ally. Two of them join him, knowing that the journey is going to be extremely dangerous and they might encounter some brutal incidents. Despite everything, the trio set to begin their plan.

    The anime presents us with top-notch violence and action. It is not restricted to these two genres. There’s a lot more, like- adventure, drama, Fantasy, Horror, and supernatural elements.

    2. Genocyber


    A cyberpunk anime Genocyber follows a plot full of action, combined with science fiction. The series won appraisal for its impressive storyline. The scene is set in Kuron institute where guinea-pig escapes. Elaine- the guinea pig who escaped possesses huge power and is merely fourteen years in age. She is the daughter of professor Reed, who made her the victim of one of his experiments. He gave her a shock equivalent to nuclear fission. She is not the only child. She has a twin sister known as Diana. Just like Elaine, Diana has also experienced brutal experimentation by her father.

    The side effects of such brutal behaviour become visible in the kids, as they lose their normal health. Elaine grows as a wild child, with no realization of human senses, or an animal’s brain. Whereas, Diana becomes handicapped. Her whole body has metallic robot parts. The sisters are destructive when put to work together.

    The series involves extreme violence, first in the phase, when girls are put under experimentation, and then when they get together and create chaos. The anime has some high interesting action scenes, which get the viewers hooked. The scenes are creative. The series also includes elements of science-fiction, as one can see the imaginative concept of inserting a force equivalent to nuclear fission.

    The presence of robots also adds more imagination plus violence to the whole movie. The usage of advanced technology for innovation as well ass destruction makes the scene more violent and complicated. The anime is well acknowledged for its adventure-action-related plot.

    3. Basilik~ Koga Ninpo Cho

    Basilik~ Koga Ninpo Cho

    Adapted from the manga Basilik~ Koga Ninpo Scrolls, the anime has been acknowledged for its vast genres. The plot is about the ancient long war between two Ninja families- Iga and Kouga. The issue between them is made quite forcefully under the order of Ieyasu Tokugawa- the warlord. The flames are ignited again when Gennosuke from the Kouga clan and Oboro from the Iga clan meet and start to love each other. Seeing this pair, the bitterness is born again. Hence, a war is born out of love. The two families get brutal toward each other.

    As the plot progresses, we see more action-related scenes. Top 10 warriors from both clans are invited by Ieyasu’s grandson to settle down the dispute. Participants from both sides get engaged in extreme violent wars. The violence and killing don’t stop. With the death of a fighter, two scrolls are provided containing the names of the people who are to be killed along with him. Hence, the series retains its action scenes adding more violence and brutality. The clan that will win will have the favor of the Tokugawa shogunate for a thousand years.

    Hereby, we see that Gennosuke and Oboro are stuck. To choose violence against each other, or to stick to their love? The anime overall creates a complex plot, with the use of action, violence, and romance. The action scenes become more interesting as the ninjas jump to fight against each other.

    4. Elfen Lied

    Elfen Lied

    The anime Elfen Lied has presented us with excellent animation, along with the use of music on a large scale. The anime plot uses violence in most of the scenes. The starting ten minutes of each episode-contain exclusive action scenes. The anime is a little different from the main manga. The anime explores the question that how bad people, in general, treat people around them. HWe comments on the growing sensitivity. Lucy is the character that is used to raise this issue. The anime takes us into the violence and destruction caused due to the difference and categorization amongst humans, based on high and low status.

    Hence an attempt begins to purify the earth by killing the human population. In order to carry out this huge project, a great deal of violence is committed. The anime’s extensive use of nudity, action, war, and blood makes the plot complicated, as well as hooks the interest of the viewers. The fight is basically between humanity and inhumanity. The anime addresses to us issues like- sexual abuse, physical abuse, rapes, murders, and other crimes.

    Dark anime covers various genres like- action, sci-fiction, drama, adventure, horror, and suspense. However, this is not all that the series is about. One can see a glimpse of comedy and romance here and there. However, most of the scenes are action-based, with excellent use of graphics, which further makes the anime more fun to watch. The anime also indulges in the use of strong and abusive language. Overall, the anime with its bold scenes, majorly of action and nudity, has managed to create an influence on the fans.

    5. Fist of the North Star

    Fist of the North Star

    Fist of the North Star or Hokuto no Ken has followed anime film, series, and video game adaptations. The popular anime covers the story of a hero- Kenshiro and his quest to save his fiancée Yuria, after the post-apocalypse. The kidnapper of his fiancée, and his rival is Shin. The fight which takes place involves a huge amount of violence and extensive action-based scenes. The warrior takes the form of Hokuto Shinken- which is his fighting body. He also defends the innocents from the ravagers who want to kill them for their blood. In order to save them, a lot of violence was committed.

    Kenshirou’s fighting skills attract other deadly enemies like warlords, and rival martial artists, who are more dangerous and difficult to beat. As he finds himself in a tough spot, he is pushed to upgrade his existing skills in order to combat the enemies. His picture gets bigger, as he faces more enemies. In his quest to save the world from Shin and other rivals like Nanto Seiken school of martial schools.

    The anime uses action, drama, and fiction as well, to make the plot more engaging. The use of excellent graphics, further enhances the quality making it more hooking. As the qualities increase, the battles become more fierce, involving more blood, killings, and overall violence. The anime serves top-notch action content for viewers.

    6. Gantz


    Gantz is an anime production based on the manga written by Hiroyi Oku. The series is well known for its science fiction, combined with its psychological characters. The series involves action scenes, but is not so detailed, as there are more verbal dialogues than fighting actions. A lot of parts from the manga have been changed or removed, which has lessened the spice of the series.

    The story revolves around two high school students, and the event following their death. It has been shown that teenagers die after they save a beggar from a train. Surprisingly, after their death, they end up in a strange apartment, rather than in places like- heaven or hell. In the apartment, there is a dark, deep black sphere, which is known as Gantz. The high schoolers had access to follow their previous lifestyle, of going to school, and home. But the Gantz attracted them, and they decided to try it out. As they enter into it, they discover more about it.

    The Gantz was a game, in which players need to hunt the alien-looking, creatures. The game involved a great deal of mysteries and dangers. The episodes were filled with horror and action-based scenes. While fighting and capturing the aliens, we saw some good action content. Overall, the series has presented us with a new storyline, and a series of interesting adventures.

    7. Ninja Scroll

    Ninja Scroll

    Ninja Scroll is an anime film, which is widely acknowledged for its action-based scenes and high graphics use. The popularity ended up in the production of an anime television series as well. The story is set in the Edo period of Japan and involves trade between the Yamashiro clan which deals in gold mines, and Toyotami Shogun, who buys it. Shogun of the dark trades the gold to buy high-tech Spanish weapons. His prime reason to use these weapons is to throw out the current government- Tokugawa Shogunate.

    Violence is carried out when Yamashiro employs ninjas to kill the natives of the Shimoda Village to protect the secret of a gold shipment. The series involves supernatural forces as well, such as Devils, who kill the ninja team. Action follows as Jubei Kibagami tries to save Kunoichi Kagero from the capture of Devils. Jubei murders Tessai- the devil, along with other devils. Jubei, Kagero, and Dakuan work like a trio, and the endless tale continues to defeat the devils.

    The anime has not kept itself restricted to one genre. It has many themes like action, drama, fiction, and supernatural elements. To balance the dark side of the series, one can see little scenes involving humor and romance. The use of high-quality graphics has further increased the quality and made the anime more engaging. In the action scenes, the fans will see the use of high technology, as the series introduces us to the advanced Spanish weapon. What happened as a war out of trade will take new lengths.

    8. Hellsing: Ultimate

    Hellsing Ultimate

    Hellsing Ultimate presents us with a dark theme, dealing with evil creatures. The creatures lurk in the dark of the night, and if they come across a human being, they make sure not to spare him. The organization which is fighting against these creatures is called Hellsing. The Hellsing organization has taken it on its shoulder to protect the natives from the grasp of these evil beings.

    They work to destroy these supernatural beings. The head of the organization is Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing. She manages an army and has contributed her life to fighting against these creatures and protecting the citizens. Her ultimate weapon of destruction is the vampire Alucard. It works as an exterminator and makes sure that the leader is safe. It doesn’t discriminate between the good and bad, and is hence dangerous in a way, for the army as well. Alucard fight against everyone and everything against Hellsing along with its partner- Seras Victoria- who is a vampire servant.

    However, the battle which Is carried out to save humanity turns out to be deadly. A lot of blood, violence, and crime are committed In order to fulfill the desired goal. The series broke the stereotype that what appears is good only. Sometimes, the greatest gifts come in form of an evil disguise. The series presents us with detailed action scenes from the battle which takes place between humanity and the evil monsters. The anime series also involves elements of horror and supernaturality- in the form of evil being.

    9. Blood-C


    Blood-C is one of those dark anime productions which you cant get out of your head. The anime focuses on a bunch of teenagers, who don’t act like teenagers. Their goals and ambitions are a little “different” than thoseof ordinary teenagers. The story is about a set of teenagers who fight for their freedom. Through continuous protests and fights against the government.

    A bill called Youth Ordinance was passed to control the usage of the Internet by the younger population, and also implemented a curfew on minors. The teenagers continue their fight against such bills. The set of students who protest is called Surat. They look at Fumito Nanahara, as their main enemy. Fumita is a huge political figure and holds influence. He basically controls the whole of Tokyo, and no one dares to raise a finger against him. As teenagers begin to gather information by using the limited usage he provided to use the Internet, they discover some “dark” secrets about him.

    The group Surat learns that Fumito managed an organization called “Tower” which deals secretly in human experimentation. As they learn more about it, the battle becomes more fierce. Saya- a not-so-ordinary high school girl has personal grudges against Fumito, as he killed her close people. She begins to plan her ultimate plan.

    The series involves the use of action and fights. Violence will form a major part of the anime. With bloodshed all around the series will highlight the battles fought by teenagers against a powerful figure, with limited resources.  The dark plot will further add horror and suspense to the plot. The anime overall engages us with its action scenes.

    10. Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul

    The anime Tokyo Ghoul narrates the story of a shy young boy called Ken Kaneki. Ken is a college student. He easily becomes a victim of the ghoul- RizeKamishiro, because of his soft nature. Unaware of his real personality, he goes on a date with him, and he tries to convert her into a ghoul. His task succeeds. Ken bleeds a lot and is taken to the hospital. As he gained consciousness, he realizes that a surgery has been performed on him which has converted him to half-ghoul, and half-human. The surgery went successful, as Rize donated some of his organs to be implemented in Ken’s body.

    His world changes and becomes dark, as the only food ghoul consumes is human flesh. He is forced into a new dark world. Anteiku- the coffee shop owner teaches him how to live a normal life in the human world as a ghoul, and also introduces him to the ghoul world. Ken finds it difficult to fit in the new world. He faces trouble hiding his real identity in the human worlds, especially in public places. It becomes hard for him to control his lust for blood.

    Apart from a complicated and impressive storyline, the anime presents us with action and loads of “blood”. Scenes like ghoul-eating humans are shown which adds more violence and gore to the anime. The anime also includes some scenes totally immersed in psychological tension. The fans couldn’t control to know what follows next with every passing episode.

    11. Deadman Wonderland

    Deadman Wonderland

    Deadman Wonderland is another manga dealing with lots of violence and action scenes. The series has Ganta Igarashi as the protagonist. As aschoolgoer, he had an ordinary life like the rest of the students, until he witnessed a mass massacre. The series deals with horror and crime. Ganta was excited about his trip to the amusement park- Deadman Wonderland, along with his classmates. The amusement park was famous for its performances and risky acts which were staged by convicts. In the middle of enjoying the show, his life takes a sharp turn, when his whole class is murdered in a massacre by just a single man who was wearing all red.

    Tables turn when he was suspected of the crime. He got arrested and was transported to the same jail, he had to visit for the trip. His world changes when he goes inside the prison and encounters the inmates who looked horrible enough already. His struggle begins with his inmates, as he tries to fit in the prison with them.

    Depressed already, his new life became hell. In the quest to find the read man- the original murdered, Ganta faces a lot of obstacles. His life-risking adventures hence begin. He has to survive the inmates, who are hard to categorize into friends and foes. Along with this, he has to find the red man who caused the violence and disappeared. He was responsible for the downfall of Ganta’s life. The series is filled with extremely violent scenes.

    12. Violence Jack

    Violence Jack

    Violence Jack is an anime adaptation that is known for its scary horror element. The plot involves a devastating earthquake called Kanto which has destroyed the whole of earth and mankind. After the collapse of mankind, the remaining humans get divided into two groups- weak and strong. Violence Jack is buried beneath a pile of granite and other materials. He helps the weaker section of humanity to fight against the stronger section- which primarily consisted of murderers and rapists. The irony is Jack himself is sketched as an evil figure but is always out to help the needy and innocent people.

    Jack is a violent person and doesn’t spare his enemies easily. He is tall and violent. He is named as per his personality trait. He is not restricted to one form. Sometimes he appears as a tall man, a woman, or a kid. All his forms have the ability to transform into a golden bird, which flew and informs him who is needing his help. As the series progresses, we come to know about his real identity. He is the Devilman or Akira Fudo. The anime involves some top-notch action scenes as Violence Jack takes it in his hand to protect the weak side. The horror scenes will add more suspense to the whole series.


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