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    Welcome, my fellow Marvelous Gamers. We are here today with a new video that showcases a game from one of the most well-known video game brands. Yes, we are discussing Grand Theft Auto!

    We will discuss what we know about the upcoming GTA VI in today’s video!

    The follow-up to one of the most well-known video games ever has a lot to live up to. GTA 5 crashed the Epic Game Store when it was made available weekly for free, selling approximately 110 million downloads. However, fans have been waiting to learn more about the sequel and when they can get their hands on it.

    We do have some of those solutions here, so let us begin at the beginning, shall we?

    Everything We Know About GTA 6

    Everything We Know About GTA 6

    The highly anticipated sequel, GTA 6, is already in development and “well started,” according to Rockstar Games.

    We finally know GTA 6 is a real game that we will someday play after years of speculation and rumors, but we have one major question: when will it be released? something is unknown to us. Actually, we do not know a lot of details about GTA 6. Other than the official announcement of “the next edition in the Grand Theft Auto franchise” on the Rockstar blog, nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet.

    And it can take some time before we start playing the game. When GTA 6 was first revealed, there was nothing substantive to be seen about it—no trailer, no teaser, nothing. That is strange coming from Rockstar Games. Think of how Twitter teased Red Dead Redemption 2 with only one image. Additionally, this adjustment in strategy raises the possibility that GTA 6 may take longer to release than the customary two years it takes for a Rockstar game to be announced and released.

    Fortunately, the GTA fandom is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate. Therefore, there are several rumours and leaks concerning various areas of the game.

    Rockstar Games has so far kept the location of GTA 6 a complete secret, but we have a bunch of new speculations and leaks to work with. One of the first popular predictions was that Vice City might return in GTA 6. The imaginary Miami of Rockstar Games might make a comeback in the series’ upcoming iteration. Following the reimaginations of Liberty City and Los Santos in the previous two mainstream games, GTA 6 may return to the final cherished area from the original trilogy from the 2000s. This rumour has surfaced several times.

    A weird anecdote about the much-maligned Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition inspired this notion. The botched remake of the beloved games includes one little piece of additional content: a small image of a house in what appears to be a beautiful area.

    For months, this image and the probable hint towards Vice City were highly debated until a leaker and user named Matheusvictorbr on Twitter claimed that it was really from the upcoming GTA game. This is, of course, only guesswork; until the setting is officially verified, we won’t know for sure.

    Another early and persistent myth suggests that the game was created under the code name Project Americas and that it will be set in various locations of the Americas. Players may be able to travel between numerous locales in the United States, as well as Middle and South America. This story has been around for a while and is still regarded as one of the most plausible possibilities for the GTA 6 setting.

    Michael Pachter also highlighted the prospect of having different cities to explore. The business analyst, who has worked in the game industry for many years, claimed to have seen GTA 6 in one of Rockstar Games’ several studios. He said the game would contain at least four playable cities, including Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas, and Europe. Because Pachter is a divisive personality in the industry, this remark cannot be taken at face value.

    In addition to speculating where GTA 6 would be situated, fans have been asking when the game will take place. According to many reports, the next GTA might be set in the past. Others, such as Tom Henderson, claim that this is not the case and that the game will take place in a current world.

    Nothing regarding the plot or characters in GTA 6 has been publicly released. However, we encountered some plausible claims regarding what may be in the game. One of the most frequent theories is that GTA 6 will include a female protagonist for the first time in the series. Well, that’s about time!

    One of the most persistent theories about the characters in Grand Theft Auto 6 is that, like in GTA 5, you will be able to play as various characters once more. There may be more protagonists in GTA 6, even if you get to play as a woman. It’s debatable if there would be three this time.

    Anyway, It appears pretty likely that GTA 6 will have several protagonists. But there is more debate over how they will be related and the game’s plot. One early plot leak for the game, allegedly primarily influenced by the Netflix series Narcos, suggested that one of the protagonists eventually turns into a drug king. However, there is no reliable evidence to support this. The two primary characters of GTA 6 would be orphaned brothers, according to Matheusvictor, who claimed to have verified the game’s scenario.

    A more recent leak focused on potential GTA 6 characters rather than the main protagonists. A leaker stated in a Reddit post that has since been removed that two well-known characters from earlier games, Michael De Santa from GTA 5 and Niko Bellic from GTA 4, might make comebacks in GTA 6.

    The few details about GTA 6 that have been somewhat verified, relate to the game’s technological components. Tobias Kleanthous from Rockstar Games gave a presentation at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2021, where he discussed the internal AI technologies the firm as a whole developed. According to his presentation, future video games, including GTA 6, would have much improved and higher-quality AI behaviour.

    Another unintended disclosure of enhanced technological features took place. On LinkedIn, several current and former Rockstar Games developers shared several GTA 6 facts. These include Motion Matching and seamless transitions. A state-of-the-art technique that should make animations more realistic, seamless, and fluid.

    The plot of GTA 6 is unknown, as we mentioned before. But we did get a glimpse of what the game’s writing may be like. Jamie King, a co-founder of Rockstar Games, briefly discussed the potential tone-shift in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game in an interview with Killaz.

    While looking into GTA 6, Jason Schreier discovered changes to the culture at Rockstar Games. This also appears to impact the game and may result in a new Grand Theft Auto.

    Expected Release Date

    Expected Release Date

    The release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 is the subject of several rumours. Most of them suggest that the release date will be set for sometime in 2024. It appears that it will not be released for at least another two years. Of course, there have been rumours regarding various dates, with some claiming an earlier date and others an even longer delay.

    A financial report from Rockstar publisher Take-Two, which was the first reliable source for a GTA 6 release date in that time range, was released. According to VentureBeat, Take-Two’s financial estimations projected a significant increase in marketing expenses of $89 million from April 2023 to the end of March 2024. The corporation predicted a 14 percent yearly increase in another news release. Business sources claim that because these statistics are so significant, only a game as important as GTA 6 could be the cause of them.

    Famed leaker Tom Henderson, recognised for his excellent reporting and trustworthy sources, added further gasoline to the flames of a potential 2024 release date for GTA 6. In a video he posted, Henderson forecasts that GTA 6 would be released somewhere between 2024 and 2025. He provides several justifications for why this appears logical.

    Those are:

    Rockstar modified the atmosphere of their company to be less deadline-driven, resulting in lengthier production times but better working circumstances for the staff.

    Henderson asserts that the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC will be the only platforms for the game’s release, therefore Rockstar Games may want to hold off until the chip crisis has subsided and additional consoles are readily accessible.

    Rockstar would prefer to continue operating GTA Online for a few more years before attempting to compete with its popularity with the launch of GTA 6.

    According to some reports, it may happen at the end of the 2024–2025 timeframe. Chris Klippel, a French writer and the founder of Rockstar Mag, is one of them who has previously properly disclosed insider information about Rockstar. At the earliest, he projects that GTA 6 won’t release until the end of 2024.

    Some sources are a little more hopeful about an earlier release. This includes Tenz2, a Rockstar insider who frequently exposes material via Twitter. They were the first to announce the cancellation of GTA and Red Dead Remasters accurately. Tenz also spoke extensively on GTA 6 and its potential release date. According to reports, the game might be launched as soon as the end of 2023 or the beginning of the following year.

    However, this leak was essentially the only one to make this inference. The largely anticipated release date for GTA 6 is 2024, while others have said it might happen as late as 2025. We will have to wait and see, like with everything else related to GTA 6. Anything before Rockstar verifies it is merely conjecture.

    Marvelous Verdict

    Marvelous Verdict

    GTA 6 might not be a perfect game. It may effectively revitalise the series into something more fascinating and mature like 2018’s God of War did, or it could be a catastrophe on the scale of Cyberpunk 2077. I know there will probably be more than 10 years between GTA 5 and GTA 6. What are you even doing if you’re not ready or able to keep trying to evolve over the course of at least ten years?

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