11 Insane & Wild The Boys Like TV Shows That You Cannot Resist To Binge Watch Like An Addict!

    If you take into account the peculiarity of the show, the crazily rising popularity of The Boys is no accident. The series is incredibly engaging because the creators capitalized on people’s love of the superhero genre and added a unique twist.

    Eric Kripke, the showrunner and creator of the comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, has brought it to life, and the reception has been, to put it mildly, overwhelmingly positive.

    It depicts the tale of superheroes who are actually the evil guys and are just interested in fame and power, as well as the vigilantes who attempt to reveal their true selves. Given the enormous fan base, we decided to present you with other similar shows that might appeal to you in this video. The show includes everything you would enjoy, including blood, gore, drama, and conspiracy.

    Preacher (2016-2019)

    Preacher (2016-2019)

    This TV series has a common name that you will find in The Boys as well – Seth Rogan, one of the developers for Preacher, worked as a producer for The Boys. The series is based on a comic series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, and it tells the story of an alcoholic, disillusioned preacher who has encountered a crisis of faith.

    When he suddenly receives the gift of extraordinary power, he teams up with his assassin ex-girlfriend and an alcohol-soaked vampire named Cassidy on an epic journey to find God. The journey takes them through multiple challenges and they have to deal with a crazy world populated by all kinds of characters from heaven and hell. The action-packed, bloody violence and the general theme of the narrative are bound to remind you of The Boys!

    Dark fantasy bolstered by a heavy dose of black humor is exactly the kind of stuff that interests those with a taste for shows like The Boys. Preacher is an almost faithful adaptation of the source material, and the episodes are constructed such that you will feel an overwhelming urge to check out the next one.

    The very first episode introduces some of the important characters, and the story moves to and fro to explain all that is happening around you. One of the showrunners, Sam Catlin, is the co-producer of Breaking Bad with a major role in the storytelling, and his skills show in this one as well. In terms of the cast, Dominic Cooper is a great choice for the titular character, and he effortlessly slips into the various shades of the role.

    Others like Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun are also impeccable in their parts, and it is fun to watch the chemistry between them. There are some hilarious moments, and the visuals look surprisingly real. In short, the show is truly binge worthy, and the unique blend of pulp elements makes it a must-watch for the fans.

    The Umbrella Academy (2019)

    The Umbrella Academy (2019)

    October 1989 witnessed a strange event, where forty-three infants were born to random women who had no signs of pregnancy prior to delivery. Following this bizarre event, a billionaire named Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven of these special babies, and he trained them so that they could become saviors of the world one day.

    He called this The Umbrella Academy, but the family drifted apart because of certain differences when the kids were teenagers. Now, six surviving members of the Umbrella Academy reunite after their father’s mysterious death, and they realize that a serious threat looms around the world. However, their personal differences keep coming in between, and it remains to be seen if they can work together as a potent force!

    Yes, the show is a futuristic shadow of the X-Men, but people started to dig the innovative premise and the thrilling narrative. Season one takes some time to get going, but once everything is set in motion, Season two truly expands on the best parts of the inaugural run. This series is unexpectedly brilliant, and the actors are well cast for the respective roles. There is a generous dose of humor, and the effects have been handled with expertise. In fact, there is one CGI driven character who looks absolutely stunning, and visually there are no complaints regarding the quality.

    The narrative has some powerful, emotional moments, and the action gets pretty whacky at times. Besides the X-Men resemblance, the series is bound to appeal to those who appreciate shows like The Boys. It is a thorough entertainer, and the story of a family with superpowers never really gets boring! With Season 3 round the corner, we expect nothing short of the excellence that we have been used to so far.

    Happy (2017)

    Happy (2017)

    Nick Sax used to be a cop, but his corrupt ways have turned him into a hitman. He regularly runs into trouble, has a trail of failed relationships, and both the cops and the mob are on his tail. He wakes up in a hospital after a serious injury, but he realizes that there is something more troublesome than his wound. He can see a tiny, imaginary, blue-winged unicorn named Happy that claims to be his daughter’s imaginary friend. This perky unicorn claims that his daughter is in deep trouble, and together they set out on a journey that has threats in every corner!

     This happens to be an adaptation of a story by Grant Morrison, and the story has been handled with a wonderfully dark and crazy touch. There are twists and turns every now and then, and you get to witness some truly memorable characters in the process.

    The narrative is outrageous and immoral, and this is not a show for kids by any means! The protagonist is a hothead with a million flaws and Christopher Meloni slips into the character effortlessly. He brings in his experience of playing similar roles, and his imaginary friend, voiced by Patton Oswald, is equally impressive.

    The writers keep trying to push the limits with this one, and there are some disturbing moments that will be right up the alley for those who like The Boys. There are some violent, over-the-top action sequences as well, and the creators simply don’t hold back on these. The show didn’t become widely popular, but we can vouch for the cult following that it has developed over time. Let’s just hope that someone realizes the true worth of the series and brings out a fitting Season 3 to give it the right closure.

    Doom Patrol (2019)

    Doom Patrol (2019)

    DC comics left the fans intrigued with their band of scarred and disfigured superheroes with strange abilities, and Doom Patrol truly comes to life in the TV series. These outcast superheroes include the likes of Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, and Crazy Jane, and they are led by a scientist named Dr. Niles Caulder who isn’t exactly normal himself!

    All of these superheroes have suffered some kind of terrible accident to earn them their superpowers along with a few disabilities, and Dr. Niles gave them a purpose in their lives. The world might want nothing to do with them, but they continue to fight for them. The series explores the adventures of this group of super-powered freaks and it puts together a perfect psychological, superhero drama.

    With the abundance of superhero content nowadays, only the ones that stand out are the ones that catch our fancy. Doom Patrol is undoubtedly different from the others because of the weird premise and the extraordinary plotline. It is technically a spin-off of Titans, but there are some subtle inconsistencies as well. The episodes grow on you with gentle character development, elements of dark comedy, and an effortless transition in storytelling from the past to the present.

    The actors have done a commendable job, and from Diane Guerro to Brendan Fraser, everyone has lived up to the expectations of the fans. Some episodes are outright crazy, but there is never a shortage of entertainment with the bizarre things happening all around. DC has certainly upped their game with this one, and if you happen to be a comic geek, the show will hit just the right spot. Season 4 has been announced, and if you are a fan of The Boys, you should waste no time in going for this underrated piece of art!

    Watchmen (2019)

    Watchmen (2019)

    Alan Moore is a special name for comic book fans, and his graphic novel in the 80s, Watchmen, created quite a stir back then. This TV series is more of a modern adaptation of the comic book with suitable changes, and it serves more as a sequel to the events of the comics. The story is premised in an alternate timeline, where history unfolded differently than what we know. Masked vigilantes are treated like outlaws, and you get introduced to vigilantes on both sides of law. A few mysterious murders, some poisonous conspiracies, and a suspense-filled lot make this a must-watch for those looking for something out-of-the-box.

    It has been a common complaint that the show is not an accurate representation of the graphic novel, but we beg to differ. Essentially, Watchmen comic was about the fear and anxiety in the society in the 80s, and the show simply translates that to the modern times. We enjoyed the intelligent writing, and the subtle connections made by the writers to continue from where the graphic novel left off are quite interesting.

    Several plot points unfold before you, and plenty of dark characters keep the viewers guessing the whole time. The narrative echoes the concept of a complex morality and a group of extremely talented actors see to it that the complications of the characters are simplified on screen. Regina King and Jeremy Irons steal the show in particular, and the new take on Watchmen deserves a chance from those looking for a superhero story with a twist. Yes, the show is quite political, but we chose to focus more on the entertainment aspect, and we weren’t disappointed.

    Legion (2017)


    There is a thin line between psychological disorders and superhuman abilities, and Legion takes you on a journey to witness the chaotic world in between. The series introduces you to a young man named David Haller, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child.

    He is a frequent visitor to psychiatric hospitals, but his uneventful regular life is turned upside down following the arrival of a new patient. This beautiful lady, Syd, immediately attracts the attention of David, and he soon learns about some extraordinary powers that he never knew he possessed. As it turns out, there is a lot more to him than his mental illness and it is time to utilize his superpowers!

    The show is adapted from a Marvel comic book, and it certainly represents a refreshing and different side of Marvel that we haven’t witnessed a lot. The weirdness of the show and the surreal nature of the narrative are a lot crazier than usual, and the creators handle a tricky subject like insanity quite easily.

    The story takes you down the confused mind of the protagonist, but the fractured storytelling never really hinders your understanding. The impressive visuals are sure to blow your mount, and the outstanding soundtrack fits the bill perfectly. Legion’s origin story is quite intriguing, and as the son of Charles Xavier, this character gives a lot of food for future plotlines.

    The unexpected violence will please the gorehounds, but it is not so graphic that you will be disturbed. The acting performances are not out-of-the-world, but the likes of Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza, Bill Irwin, and Rachel Keller are decent enough in their respective roles. If you are a fan of exploring the stories of the odd-man-out superheroes, this one will fit the bill perfectly.

    Jupiter’s Legacy (2021)

    Jupiter’s Legacy (2021)

    It is never easy for the kids of superstars to walk in the shoes of their legendary parents, and the struggle is not much different for the superhero kids out there. The show brings you a group of new generation superheroes, who must rise up to the challenge of the new threats that are coming up. Their parents have successfully protected the world for years, and now, it is their turn to continue the legacy. However, things are easier said than done and these superheroes of the new era have plenty of issues to deal with. Jupiter’s Legacy is a series that captures the drama of family dynamics, dilemmas, and struggles with superpowers through a fluent storytelling that never ceases to entertain.

    The initial plan was to turn this into a movie, but the extensive backstories meant that the makers had to settle for a TV series. The build-up is slow but steady, and once the story gets rolling the series will keep you glued to your seats. The plot development and character development take precedence over action, and this is something that annoyed some of the fans. However, we appreciate the different approach and the horror and psychological thriller flavor in the narrative makes up for the lack of action.

    There are some sudden twists that the viewers will find hard to digest, and the flashbacks are nicely arranged to give you adequate context. Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, and the other members of the cast do not disappoint, and neither does the effects department.

    If you appreciate The Boys for the alternate superhero storyline, this one should catch your attention as well. The only disappointing thing is the abrupt cancellation of the show after the first season. Clearly, it had the potential for a much longer run, but it is believed that budgetary constraints and relatively shabby ratings brought about the downfall. People really need to rethink the strategy of canceling shows so quickly without giving them the time to breathe!



    This show was created as a spin-off from the 2021 movie, The Suicide Squad, and the narrative follows the events of the film. After the injuries Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, suffered during the events of the movie, he is now forced to join a special ops squad ARGUS for a mission called Project Butterfly. The group is tasked with destroying certain deadly parasitic butterfly-like creatures who have taken over human bodies all over the world. The menace has to be stopped before it is too late, and the jingoistic killer is just the right guy for the job because Peacemaker doesn’t shy away from harsh decisions or taking lives when required.

    Peacemaker is like a breath of fresh air that takes you on a joyride with the most ridiculous and obnoxious things happening around you. The only problem is that we have no idea about the titular character because we simply cannot see anyone there!  Jokes apart, John Cena is actually the driving force in the series, and he has proven that he is no dud when it comes to acting.

    James Gunn was reportedly so impressed by John Cena’s acting skills during Suicide Squad that he developed the show to star him separately. The COVID quarantine gave him all the time in the world to pen down the draft, but he never really expected it to be considered seriously by the producers.

    The narrative is purposely juvenile and the outlandish storytelling actually works in favor of making the show so entertaining. It is quite surprising that James Gunn managed to pull this off on a low budget because the special effects and aesthetics of the show are spot on. In case you want to enjoy a light-hearted superhero show with incredibly good writing, Peacemaker should be right up your watchlist!

    The Punisher (2017)

    The Punisher (2017)

    The Punisher is a spin-off from the previous Marvel series Daredevil, and you get to see the iconic vigilante superhero, the Punisher, back in action. Following the tragic murder of his wife and kids, Frank Castle becomes the ruthless vigilante who doesn’t mind taking up violent methods to fight crime. He gets his revenge on those responsible, but it soon dawns on him that a far greater conspiracy is surrounding New York and its underworld. Will he now fight for the greater good and deliver justice like the good old superheroes? There is more to being a superhero than personal vendetta!

    We are suckers for a gritty, dark narrative with a generous dose of violence, and a show like The Punisher fits the bill perfectly. The protagonist himself is one of the most badass superheroes that you will encounter, and the show builds up his storyline brilliantly. Jon Bernthal, as the titular character, is the heart of the show, and this underrated actor is easily one of the best Punishers we have witnessed.

    The series has a few shocking moments, and deaths are plentiful and random. There is way too much blood and violence, and the show is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The fast-paced narrative never gets interrupted and the two main villains are just as wild and wicked as the superhero fighting them.

    The second season throws up some interesting surprises and twists, and the entire show promises some intense action scenes. Those who love shows like The Boys will dig the dark tone of the series, and the story of a damaged man fighting against all odds will draw you into the drama. Unfortunately, this series turned out to be the latest Marvel casualty and got canceled untimely! We would love to see more of John Bernthal as the Punisher, and more of this raw, dark storytelling!

    The Boys Presents: Diabolical

    The Boys Presents Diabolical

    Now that you have watched and acclimatized with something like The Boys, you are prepared for something more graphic. The Boys Presents: Diabolical is an animated anthology series that derives heavily from the comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The stories are all in The Boys universe, and various animation styles and techniques are adapted for the eight episodes to present this whacky but humorous series.

    This is the strangest collection of dark and violent animated episodes with some of the weirdest stories that you can imagine! You will find some actual characters from The Boys, and there are a few Easter Eggs scattered around the show. Anthology shows are not essentially people-pleasers, and this series has also disappointed many who were looking for continuity. However, that doesn’t really hurt the quality of the show, and the diverse episodes keep things exciting the whole time.

    If we have to pick favorites, we will go for episode 3 and episode 8 because of the Homelander and Billy Butcher connection. The last episode, in particular, closes out the series nicely and offers an interesting backstory. The voice acting leaves nothing to complain about, and the quality of the animation does not disappoint as well.

    Be prepared to handle some over-the-top violence and graphic content, and make peace with the fact that some weird stuff is going to happen in almost all episodes. If you can handle the emotionally shocking moments and the random nature of the narrative, you will have fun with this one. The Boys fans should definitely check this out, even if it is just for the couple of episodes with nice background stories.

    Titans (2018)

    Titans (2018)

    This is not the take on Teen Titans we needed, but the one we deserved! We simply cannot get over the gritty take on the franchise as the series explores the life of the young heroes as they gear up for greater threats. Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth are caught up in a sinister conspiracy, but they have some help in the form of Starfire and Beast Boy. The unlikely team of heroes gets together to fight evil in what is a historic series – the first live-action incarnation of Teen Titans!

    The first season of Titans truly showed some promise, but the makers failed to maintain the quality and the expectations of the fans in the following seasons. That being said, this show is not trash and there are some memorable moments when you look back. The characters are interesting, and Dick Grayson leads the way as the protagonist who has left Batman behind but still has a taste for heroism.

    He is involved in some violent fight scenes, and he has a team that backs him up quite nicely. The production values don’t appear to be cheap, and the dialogues aren’t as cheesy as some might imagine. The writing certainly could have been better, but some quality acting performances from the likes of Brenton Thwaites, Ryan Potter, Anna Diop and the others have raised the bar. Overall, Titans is definitely worth a one-time watch, and it has a little something every now and then for the fans of The Boys!

    Our Final Words

    Our Final Words

    There is simply no denying the fact that every show is special and unique in its own way. You just cannot have two blatantly similar shows because there would be no point in making one in the first place! However, the ones that we discussed in this video will be the closest resemblance that you can find to The Boys.

    Some share similarities in the themes, while others deal with weird, whacky superheroes. Some are just the kind of outrageously graphic violence that you find in the Boys, while others retain similar characters. Overall, you can try them out if the genre tickles your entertainment bones, and do let us know in the comments below about the ones you love the most among these!

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