10 Insanely Powerful Autobots Who Never Appeared In Live-Action Movies – Backstories Explored

    The Transformers, which were created by the toy companies Hasbro in the United States and Takara Tomy in Japan, were one of the highest-grossing media properties in 2011, bringing in more than 25 billion dollars.

    The concept of enormous robots changing into stylish, macho vehicles was definitely quite appealing, providing a wide variety of warrior-like personalities for everyone. Marvel Comics between 1984 and 1991 created the original series of comics, and the second series, created by Dreamwave Productions between 2002 and 2004, was created between 2002 and 2004.

    The live-action series debuted in 2007 and was immediately well received by viewers. The planet Cybertron, where the Transformers lived, was destroyed as a result of a civil war between its two factions, the Decepticons and the Autobots. Both teams possessed a large list of powerful robots carrying arsenals, and spectators drooled over their battles.

    Naturally, a lot of the characters were able to succeed in live-action films but had far more of an impact in animation or comic books. Fans and viewers have yet to see these characters in all of their glory, therefore in today’s film, we will highlight 10 of the most potent Autobots who have not yet made an appearance in live-action movies.

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    It is known that the Cybertronians have this unique feature that allows them to transform into mostly heavy vehicles, aircraft or even primitive dinosaurs, but have you ever imagined an Autobot who could transform into a city? Yes, you heard it right. Metroplex, the legendary Cybertronian, was so huge that he was the Autobot city itself. He was among the first of the 13 so-called ‘Colony Titans’.

    Before Megatron had attacked the Ark, which was the only means of escape for the Autobots from the dying Cybertron, he was lying dormant and was known as a legend. During the war, Autobot leader Optimus Prime pulled a few switches and noticed that the city’s interiors were constantly changing to accommodate him. Optimus became aware of the presence of another Cybertronian and requested help.

    Followed by a final switch, the entire Autobot city transformed into a giant robot – Metroplex – and promised help to Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Metroplex’s addition to the team turned the tables heavily in favor of the Autobots. With a few devastating blows aimed at targets set by Optimus, the Autobots were on the verge of victory. He, however, gets shot point-blank on the chest by Megatron’s massive arsenal, after which Optimus gets captured. Megatron gloated about his victory, but little did he know that Metroplex had survived.

    Metroplex attacked the Decepticons and faced Megatron one on one. To everyone’s shock, Metroplex killed Megatron, which made the Decepticons retreat. Unfortunately, with all that fight, most of the energon that was planned to be used by the Ark for their escape got exhausted. A few days later, they found another energy source which was still not enough. Metroplex then sacrificed himself to provide the Ark with the remaining energy from his body.

    Metroplex is massive and strong and can lift 75000 tons of weight. Along with high durability, his armor is heavily weaponized. A high-energy MASTER, standing for Microwave Application through Stimulated Emission of Radiation, is mounted on his left shoulder.

    His chest module contains a bay capable of holding medium-sized vehicles. The left rear tower on his body can transform into a tank called Slammer which can fire targets within the range of 40miles. There is a small sports car named Scamper carrying a side-mounted electro blaster within Metroplex and Six-Gun, a small robot carrying six guns.



    Ultra Magnus was very similar to Optimus prime, more like a Prime-lite. His armor includes a one-headed cannon and can even transform into a truck. Ultra Magnus first appeared in the TV series in ‘Scattered’, the episode of the third season of Transformers: Prime. He was a member of the Elite Guard forces and was a commander for the special Autobot faction called the Wreckers.

    During the war on Cybertron, he was the second in command after Optimus Prime. When the Ark escaped from Cybertron, Ultra Magnus was amongst the many Autobots who stayed behind to help the Ark escape smoothly. Later, post-Cybertron’s demise, he took to traveling the stars all by himself in search of other surviving Autobots. However, he is not lucky enough to find or rescue any other Autobot, as the moment he reached, they were either dead or on the verge of dying at the hands of the Decepticons. He later worked with Dinobots and later further joined Team Prime.

    Ultra Magnus is an immensely powerful Autobot and is highly rigid when it comes to following orders. His stern methods often brought him to conflict with his fellow comrades. Besides, Ultra Magnus is immensely strong and had once knocked out Starscream with just one punch. He had also dispatched Shockwave with just one hand. He had even lifted the Forge of Solus Prime with ease.



    Next on our list, we have the very protector of Cybertron – Omega Supreme. He was in charge of safeguarding the Omega gate, which in turn gave access to the Core of Cybertron. Omega Supreme was seen mostly inactive until Megatron and his forces attacked and invaded Lacon, an Autobot-controlled city-state of Cybertron. The Decepticons fought for the Omega key and wanted to get access to the core of Cybertron.

    Foreseeing the situation, Sentinel Zeta Prime set a false alarm faking to activate the Omega key. This alarm wakes up the giant Omega Supreme as it is his sole duty to protect the core. The Decepticons, who gained control of Lacon earlier, lost all their chances of winning or surviving as the giant robot disintegrated every Decepticon. Following this, Omega Supreme went in pursuit of Megatron and attacked him viciously.

    Megatron’s forces managed to flee, but Omega Supreme eventually tracked them down and attacked with his guns, heat-seeking missiles, and Aerialbots. After a fierce battle, Megatron managed to blast Omega Supreme’s chest cavity and forced him to give him access to the Cybertron core, which he corrupted with Dark Energon.

    Omega Supreme is enormous and immensely strong. His strength and power are enough to shatter a mountainside with little effort. He can easily lift a weight equivalent to 300,000 tons and is impervious to non-nuclear explosives and energy beams. He has a plasma blaster attached to his left arm that can easily cut through a 12-square-inch steel cube and a laser cannon that can shoot targets with pinpoint accuracy at a distance of 50miles. He can transform into a laser cannon tank and a rocket with a launching pad simultaneously. He can launch rockets into planetary orbits, making them adaptable to communication.



    Fortress Maximus is stated to be one of those special Cybertronians whose sparks are special and appear one in a thousand. He is enormous and can transform into a big city. However, he is not the fighting type as it goes against his pacifist nature. He first appeared in the last episode of ‘The Rebirth’.

    During the fight between the Decepticons and Autobots to possess the key to the plasma energy, the Autobots were stationed at Nebula. After the planet’s inhabitants became their allies, one of the Autobot’s human friends, Spike Witwicky and Cerebros, created Fortrex Maximus from an old Nebulian city. The purpose was to build a giant Autobot capable of transforming into a battle station when needed.

    After the giant robot’s construction, Cerebros became the head of the robot, forming Fortress Maximus. After getting accustomed to the form, Fortress Maximus blasted up in the sky for Cybertron, where he found Scorponok, the giant Decepticon, whom he easily defeated. After their victory over the Decepticons, Autobot leader, Optimus Prime asked Fortress Maximus to stay in Nebula and protect the people inhabiting the planet.

    Fortress Maximus, by nature, dislikes war but is a valiant and courageous warrior and an Autobot unit leader. He was made for protection by Spike in case Ark, where they were hiding in, got attacked and was an extremely strong and competent robot. He is armed with a heat-seeking dual laser blaster capable of inflicting serious damage to his opponents along with a fusion-powered photo rifle and twin laser-guided mortars on his legs. He has two armored vehicles named Gasket and Grommet, which could combine to form an efficient mechanic and warrior robot named Cog. This helps him manage situations at more than one place simultaneously.



    Next on our list is one of the few female transformers, Arcee. She was an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family. She appears pink, can transform into a motorbike, and is a ruthless and effective warrior for the Autobots. She was a close friend of Hot Rod and Springer and fought in both the Battle of Autobot City and the Unicron war in 2005. She then served as one of the main warriors for Rodimus Prime and had once bonded with Daniel Witwicky to form the Headmaster.

    She had appeared in the 2009 live-action movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but her origin is best explained in Marvel UK’s future timeline. In 1995, in an alternate timeline, the Autobots were called sexist by a group of angry earthly women feminists, as the Autobots did not have any female robots in their team.

    Despite several attempts to explain to everyone that Cybertronians do not have any gender by Optimus Prime, the voices of the feminist could not be curbed. Optimus, seeing no other way out, ordered the creation of a new Autobot that would appear like a female counterpart of the Cybertronians. In an inauguration ceremony, Arcee was introduced to the world but again, being pink in color made the mob angry.

    Meanwhile, the Decepticons: Shockwave, Horri-Bull, Fangry, and Squeezplay planned and executed an attack to destroy the new Autobot. A fight was waged between the Decepticons and the Autobots, and Optimus asked Arcee to take cover. Seeing his lack of faith in her capabilities, Arcee took part in the fight instead of hiding. She single-handedly fought the four Decepticons and made them retreat. Hot-Rod admired her fight and complemented it by saying that she was Hot, which again infuriated the feminists.

    Arcee is agile and a very efficient warrior for the Autobots, and her constant urge to prove herself is what drives her ferocity in a battle. She can manipulate and refine raw Energon, and her skills in using the Energon Bow is legendary. She can fire Attacktix missiles and is extremely quick compared to a blaster-type unit. 



    WindBlade is one of the newest members of the Autobots who made her first comic book appearance in Transformers: More than Meets the Eye, issue 26, published in February 2014. She was also a major character in the Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy animated series. She is not technically an Autobot as, unlike them, she was born on a planet named Caminus, which was one of the few worlds colonized by Cybertronians after their second civil war.

    Later, when they were summoned back to Cybertron, Windblade was one of the first ones who reached and took up the role of a city-speaker as she was successfully able to communicate with Metroplex. Eventually, Windblade rose to the highest ranks within the government and became one of the decision-makers for Cybertron.

    Windblade is more like Bumblebee, whose prime importance does not lie much on a battlefield. Her intellect and communication skills make her one of the team’s superior minds. Amongst notable gears, Windblade is equipped with high-tech communication devices capable of tracking down Decepticons.

    She has the ability to fly, and her wind turbines can inflict concussive blasts capable of stunning her enemies. She is skilled at hand-to-hand fighting and also possesses telepathic abilities. She can communicate with Autobots, read minds and also manipulate them. Autobot leader Optimus Prime later upgraded her during the first season of Robots in Disguise in order to protect Earth.



    The next on our list is a Cybertronian speedster named Blurr. He is one of the fastest Autobots on land and adored my millions. Initially he was consumed with his glory and was a racer, with an extremely inflated ego. He never cared much about anything apart from racing or celebrating and did not pay much heed to the growing political unrest in his home planet Cybertron.

    However, during the initial days of the Cybertronian Civil War, all regular activities came to a halt and the only thing that concerned the citizens was taking sides in the war. His dear friend Piston joined the Autobots and asked him to come along, but Blurr denied.

    Later, while getting involved in an accident and caught in a fight, he found the body of his dead friend Piston who died fighting in the battle. Piston’s death had an effect on him and finally joined the Autobots to fight against the Decepticons. In course of time, Blurr filled in for a number of roles in the army. He was also a part of the Wreckers but finally gave up to become a bartender.

    Blurr’s exceptional ability is that he can move really fast both in his vehicle and robot form. Blurr can easily defeat Bumblebee in his car form. In his robot form, he can move so fast that his movement appears like a trail of blurred blue light, and hence the name. It is stated that he can move at a speed of 750 miles per hour. Apart from speed, he is an excellent Marksman and weapon master. He has a handheld Electro-Laser rifle which can inflict fatal blows to his opponents.



    Perceptor was one of the genius minds in Cybertron and an essential member of the Autobots even before the Cybertronian Civil War and served under the command of Sentinel Prime. Perceptor’s contribution to locating the Energon source was noteworthy during the Civil War. He also fought alongside Ultra Magnus, Springer, and Wheelie with his contribution to science and technology.

    After engaging in a mission to rescue a few captured Wreckers alongside Kup, he got himself shot in his chest. This injury was severe, and after recovery, he made notable changes in his armor, like installing a new, more substantial chest plate and a targeting monocle. His calm and composed knowledge-seeking attitude also changes, and he becomes a quiet sniper with pinpoint accuracy. He once destroyed and tore apart a Combiner with one critical shot at its connector joints.

    Perceptor is the smartest Cybertronian alive, with theories and hypotheses followed by all Cybertronians. Perceptor prefers seeking knowledge and his prime objective was its acquisition. Preceptor was not a good hand-to-hand combatant like the other Autobots but had the potential of becoming the best Marksman amongst Cybertronians. His intelligence, along with accurate aim made him a formidable and deadly opponent for the Decepticons. He used a laser rifle capable of inflicting fatal blows.



    Amongst Cybertronians, a type called Combiners existed, which were essentially two, three or five robots combining to form a single big one. Superion was one such combiner robot made up of Aerialbots. Amongst all combiner robots, there was one issue and that was the coexistence of all the different minds of the different robots which often set things in confusion.

    However, Superion could make all the different minds function in unison which is why he was a special one. Superion was made up of five Aerialbots, namely Silverbolt, Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive, and Slingshot. These five Aerialbots once were gravely dissatisfied working under Bumblebee’s command and decided to flee. After leaving the city, they were attacked and captured by Megatron, who later experimented on them and gave them the ability to combine into Superion. With this ability, the amalgamated robot escaped from the clutches of Megatron and once again united with the Autobots.

    In his combined form, Superion has two objectives to serve: destroying the Decepticons and protecting human lives. Superion is made up of five Aerialbots who give him a huge form and heavy artillery. Silverbolt being the torso, Slingshot and Air Raid being the left arm and left leg respectively followed by Fireflight and Skydive being the right arm and right leg, respectively. Superion is massive and powerful but is often taken down if he lets his guard down.



    With the ability to transform into a space shuttle, a bird, and a lynx, the next and the last Autobot character on our list is the egotistic robot: Skylynx. He was considered to be the most magnificent, fearless, and skilled robot in Autobot history. However, he had one issue: his ego, which was tolerated as the good outweighs the bad in him. He was the Lieutenant commander of the Autobot army and was sarcastically nicknamed by Springer as ‘Captain Modesty.’

    Sky-Lynx had a heroic debut where he saved three vastly inferior specimens followed by fighting some ruffians. He even took down the combined force of the Constructicons and Trypticons, who tried to shoot him down. However, during the War for Cybertron trilogy, Sky-Lynx tries claiming the Matrix that would designate him as a Prime, but is banished by Train to the Dead Universe.

    Sky-Lynx is a highly skilled warrior and doesn’t lose any opportunity to boast about his capabilities. In his Shuttle form, he can traverse through star systems, while in a different transformation, he can split himself into a bird and a lynx. These two autonomous components can also join and form a powerful bird-lynx fusion. In a different universe, he can combine to form Sky Reign.

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