Disney+ Is Testing The Waters With Horror Marvel Project – Werewolf By Night

    According to a new update on Marvel Studios’ suspected Werewolf by Night project, it might be made as a Halloween special for Disney+. There have been reports that the studio is working on a new movie based on Marvel’s Werewolf by Night comic book series that will be unique to the streamer.

    Marvel is looking for a Latino actor in his 30s to feature in an untitled Halloween special, according to a new storey from The Wrap. The outlet also claims that the special will be based on Werewolf by Night, tying it to the alleged Marvel Studios project. According to reports, production will begin in early 2022, maybe for a Halloween release the following year.


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    The titular monster is a werewolf who can shift at will, even when there isn’t a full moon. In the original comic books, the Werewolf by Night name was worn by two different characters. Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog created the first person to do so, Jack Russell, based on concepts by Stan Lee and Roy Thomas.

    He initially appeared in Marvel Spotlight No. 2 in 1972, before going on to have his own Werewolf by Night series in the 1970s, which lasted 43 issues. In this comic book series, Moon Knight made his Marvel debut.

    Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, is one of the several Disney+ series currently under development. Because that superhero first appeared in a Werewolf by Night comic, it’s feasible that the anticipated special and the Moon Knight series may cross over in some way.

    Giving Werewolf by Night a one-off special might also be a chance for Disney to test the waters with a more horror-oriented Marvel project. It’s always possible that if the special is a smash, it will be turned into a series.


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