Ivory Aquino – Transgender Actress Proving The World That Anything Is Possible In Life

    Actress Ivory Aquino is a Filipina-American. When We Rise, 2017 miniseries, featured her as transgender activist Cecilia Chung. The transgender actress Aquino apparently came out after playing transgender activist Chung in the 2017 film When We Rise. The transgender native of the Philippines came to terms with her gender identity at a young age and began her transition with hormone treatments.

    What do we know about Ivory Aquino’s early life and educational qualifications?

    What do we know about Ivory Aquino’s early life and educational qualifications

    Born in the Philippines, Aquino, she began hormone therapy in her mid-teens and said in a 2017 interview that she was transgender from a very young age. She was a female from the moment she was born; her gender had only been designated differently according to her. Despite the frequent bullying she experienced at school, her parents were accepting of her transition.

    Aquino relocated to the US as a teenager to attend the Berklee College of Music, where she received a summa cum laude diploma. Thinking there wouldn’t be any acting possibilities for a transsexual Filipina, she registered to study singing. Aquino, however, made the decision to follow her childhood passion of becoming an actor after undergoing gender confirmation surgery.

    What is known about Ivory Aquino’s family background?

    What is known about Ivory Aquino’s family background

    Although she did not mention that her parents were employed in a personal interview, she did say that her parents had been quite supportive of her since she was a little child and frequently bullied by schoolchildren.

    She revealed that she woke up holding her mother’s hands in her thoughts after having gender confirmation surgery. After the operation, her father was also there standing next to her.

    What do we know about Ivory Aquino’s career?

    What is known about Ivory Aquino’s family background

    Aquino played Juliet in a 2015 production of Romeo and Juliet in New York City. She has also performed on stage in the Lower East Side of New York’s Shakespeare in the Parking Lot productions as Desdemona, Mark Antony from Julius Caesar, and Measure for Measure’s Isabella.

    She represented Chung, a transgender activist, 2017 When We Rise. She had primarily portrayed cisgender roles at the time of her audition and was not out about being trans since there was never a reason to talk about it.” Since series creator Dustin Black was especially looking for trans actresses, Aquino made sure to let him know that she was transgender. This helped her land the role. During a press conference promoting the series in January 2017, she came out in public as transgender.

    In order to get ready for her role in When We Rise, Aquino personally met with Chung. Aquino accepts and sees Chung as to be her mentor and “elder sister” in their friendship.

    In the 2020 episode of FBI: Most Wanted called “Silkworm,” Aquino plays the little but significant role of Cassie.

    Aquino was given the role of Alysia Yeoh in the unreleased DC Extended Universe superhero movie Batgirl in January 2022.

    What activism role did Ivory Aquino play?

    What activism role did Ivory Aquino play

    Aquino has criticised the Trump administration’s decision to repeal the federal protections for transgender students in support of transgender children and their rights.

    What do we know about Ivory Aquino’s personal life?

    What do we know about Ivory Aquino’s personal life

    Aquino moves to spend time with her Shih Tzu puppy Chewybear in New York City, where she resides. She is Corazon Aquino’s niece, a former leader of the Philippines.

    What is the latest update on Ivory Aquino and her upcoming role?

    What is the latest update on Ivory Aquino and her upcoming role

    Ivory Aquino, a Filipino-American actress, has been chosen to play Batgirl in the upcoming DCEU movie, according to an exclusive report from Deadline. Alysia Yeoh, one of the first transgender DC characters, will be portrayed by Aquino, who also acted in the 2017 ABC docudrama miniseries When We Rise. Since the news first surfaced in the media, many members of the LGBTQ community all around the world are eager to learn more about this American actress.

    However, in August, Batgirl actress Ivory Aquino, who portrays Alysia Yeoh, the first significant trans character in a live-action DC picture, begged with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO to consider releasing Batgirl over the course of 12 tweets.

    What is known about Ivory Aquino’s personal life and relationships?

    What is known about Ivory Aquino’s personal life and relationships

    It is unclear whether Ivory, who is transgender, has romantic or close contact with any male. Any media outlet with a man has never photographed her. She has only disclosed that she has a pet dog and lives all by herself in the United States. While still having her parents in the Philippines. She has collaborated with a variety of male performers, although nothing has been reported regarding their romantic involvement.

    What are the few things one needs to know about Ivory Aquino?

    What are the few things one needs to know about Ivory Aquino

    Ivory discovered she is transsexual when she was five years old.

    She enjoys donning miniskirts.

    Chewy bear is the name of her dog.

    Cold coffee is Ivory’s favourite beverage.

    In order to learn more about Cecilia Chung’s role in When We Rise, she personally met her.

    Currently, she views Cecilia Chung as her older sister.

    She had previously spoken out in support of transgender rights, denouncing the Trump administration for removing federal protections for transgender students.

    She enjoys taking her pet for walks.

    Ivory’s vision is poor.

    On Instagram, she has a following of about 5k people.

    What is Ivory Aquino’s total net worth?

    What is Ivory Aquino’s total net worth

    Over the course of her career, Ivory has been in numerous TV series and used her outstanding acting skills to develop enduring characters.

    Ivory has placed a sizable sum of money into her bank account from her profession as an actor. She worked hard and as a result has enjoyed a comfortable life. She has a long history in the field. It’s believed that she has a net worth of $1 million USD.

    She is a very hard-working woman and has diligently worked hard in her career so far. Her talent is yet to garner more and more attention in future.

    And her dreams to have all the transgender kids believe in their dreams would also be successful.

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