Let’s Have A Look At The Indian Lawyer At The Supreme Court Of India, Karuna Nundy

    Karuna Nundy is the Indian lawyer of the Supreme Court of India. She has her full focus on legitimate law, adjudication, commercial lawsuit, and legal policy.

    Are you interested in Karuna Nundy’s background and education?

    Are you interested in Karuna Nundy’s background and education

    OK, so the Indian lawyer was born on 28th April 1976 in Bhopal. She had her schooling from Sardar Patel Vidyalaya. She had a desire to serve her society and country with her skills. Karuna’s parents also committed themselves to government service. Her father used to work at Harvard Medical School.

    Karuna had her graduate degree in economics from St. Stephen’s College. Karuna went on to study at Cambridge University and was awarded the Emmeline Pankhurst Prize. Karuna had her study and LL.M. from Columbia University.

    What career has Karuna Nundy chosen for herself?

    What career has Karuna Nundy chosen for herself

    Karuna functioned as a lawyer for United Nations. In 2016, Karuna represented Jeeja Ghosh in the case against SpiceJet Airlines. Ms. Ghosh had brainy palsy and had boarded a flight from Kolkata to Goa. Karuna was asked by the airline supervisor to land the flight demanding she didn’t look well and that they didn’t want her condition to deteriorate. She was humiliated. Karuna chased a case against the airline in the Supreme Court and urged airlines to treat differently-abled travellers. The Supreme Court judged in her favour and well-ordered the airline to pay Rs 10 lakh to her and for all air transporters to train their staff on the needs and treatment of such passengers.

    Karuna labels her relationship with her clients as her equals. Some of her quotes are like, “My customers are always partners in my cases.” Karuna also once said, “It’s not the kind of condition where people come and give me their problem, and I say, OK, go. Let us just deal with it. The consumer always knows the most about the case. They also know what they need and want, and what they don’t”.

    For Karuna, her career as a lawyer is a foundation of inspiration and a calling for her. She can’t envision doing something else. Karuna cares about making a positive influence on the world, and she cares about curing injustice. Karuna trusts in the Constitution of India. It’s something that inspires her, as well as global rights. Three things matter to her as she says,“I’m in it for connotation, money, and conversion.”

    Did you know Karuna played a vital role in Delhi gang-rape case?

    Did you know Karuna played a vital role in Delhi gang-rape case

    Karuna has also played an important role in recruiting the anti-rape bill after the 2012 Delhi gang rape. In 2019, the UK foreign office selected the lawyer for a new panel of specialists to develop lawful frameworks to defend the freedom of the media across the world. 

    Karuna has also recommended and worked on policy matters for the Nepal Interim Constitution, a workshop with the Council of Pakistan and the Government of Bhutan, and legal improvement in the Maldives with the Attorney General’s Office and Chief Justice of the Maldives Supreme Court. Karuna also took part in a UK board to support media liberty led by Lord David Neuberger and Amal Clooney.

    What strategy does Karuna use in choosing cases?

    What strategy does Karuna use in choosing cases

    On her policy on choosing cases, Karuna chooses them based on lawful theory and her desire for the cause and the case. When a specific case comes to her, Karuna looks at a figure of things. Karuna said that one is how much she cares. Karuna does the care test.

    Thoughtfulness has a large influence on how difficult and good the case is going to be. It’s a decent supplicant. Sometimes the perfect supplicant is whether you can find a good lawful theory to win. But fairly, occasionally, there’s a case that doesn’t have confidence in hell, but she does it anyway. That imparts her a lot about perseverance and the value of confrontation. Karuna gets to know the value of keeping something active, even when she is against the biggest business governmental Nexus, there is in the world.

    Don’t you want to witness the accomplishments of Karuna Nundy?

    Don’t you want to witness the accomplishments of Karuna Nundy

    In November 2019, Karuna met German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her 2-day visit to India. Karuna was encompassed by an Economic Times jury in a list of Corporate India’s Debauched Rising Women Leaders’ which quoted her as being well-known in the business world for her knowledge of commercial law. In 2020, Forbes Magazine termed her on their list of Self-Made Women 2020. Forbes Magazine also named her a Mind that Matters, and Mint labelled her as the Agent of Alteration.

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