Where To Watch “Mirror, Mirror (2022)”?

    Antaviana VFX & Postproduction developed the parallel world “Mirror Mirror” (2022), which was finished in Mistika Ultima.

    The story of “Mirror Mirror” (Espejo Espejo), a Spanish comedy that explores the unique identities of each character, is comprised of four coworkers who are confronting their everyday lives in front of a mirror. The Hero Suite Mistika Ultima by SGO was used to complete the VFX, which plays a crucial narrative function in the plot by enveloping the audience in the characters’ emotions and ideas.

    The Antaviana VFX & Postproduction team found creating the tension between the characters and their reflections in the mirrors to be the most challenging VFX task. Numerous camera motions, various visual effects, and various sequence shots were only a few of the difficulties encountered in the difficult post-production process.

    Antaviana VFX & Postproduction handled all aspects of the feature film’s post-production, including VFX, Edit, Color, and Finishing, streamlining communication and workflow across various departments. The crew was involved in the project’s pre-production phase since the VFX workflow design had an impact on numerous key production elements, including the storyline, the shooting schedule, and the character preparation for certain moments.

    The crew used Mistika Ultima in addition to VFX to accomplish color grading and finishing duties, producing several final deliverables for the big screen, television, and other streaming platforms. Mistika Ultima was used to handle material for VFX pulls, conform, and review as part of the project’s VFX workflow. ACES also finished up the VFX color process.

    Another problem for the artists was to make sure that the cameras couldn’t be seen in the mirrors and that the two figures and the camera had perfect timing. However, Mistika gave them the freedom to concentrate on the artistic features of color and compositing together.

    Mirror Mirror, which Sandulela Asanda directs, will be released on September 10, 2022.

    Is “Mirror, Mirror” on Hulu?

    “Mirror, Mirror” won’t be coming on Hulu. Best flicks: Anaconda, Big.

    Is “Mirror, Mirror” on Prime Video?

    “Mirror, Mirror” will not be shown on Prime Video. Best choices: The Descent, The Dilemma.

    Is “Mirror, Mirror” on Netflix?

    “Mirror, Mirror” won’t release on Netflix. Best alternatives: Locke & Key, Virgin River.

    Is “Mirror, Mirror” on HBO Max?

    “Mirror, Mirror” won’t premiere on HBO Max. Best shows: Cloverfield, Moon.

    Where to watch this movie?

    Where to watch this movie

    Mirror Mirror, which Sandulela Asanda directs, will be released on September 16, 2022.

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