Top 10 Monsters (Kaijus) Who Have Kicked Godzilla’s Butt!

    Godzilla has been an entertainer for many. The monster-feature is packed with action and nail-biting moments have given the audience quite the thrill. However, the story line is far more complex that has transcended to one of the longest-running franchise in the World. The first Godzilla came out in 1954 directed by Ishiro Honda.

    The work was clearly depictive of political and social influence on it. It derives its idea from the horrific state that Japan was in after World War II. The terrifying aftereffects of the explosions exposed the harsh reality of weapons of mass destruction could really do.

    There have been over 30 Godzilla films since its debut release in 1954. These movies have been of various context bolstering the Kaiju genre. Some of these films showcase a political aspect while the others focus on the darker thematic of mythological monsters.

    Similarly, the Godzilla’s role ranges from one protecting Japanese values to a catalyst of massive destruction. The Godzilla franchise has also gifted us with a number of monsters who have time and again taken on Godzilla.   

    In this video, we have picked the monsters that managed to get the better of Godzilla, if only temporarily!



    Orga is a monster nightmares are made of. This grotesque monster definitely qualifies as one of the creepiest Kaiju. In fact, Orga is not one creature, but a group of aliens who have been fused together. The horrifying teeth lining the mouth, the mangled fleshy body, and the eerie anatomy makes this creature stand out among the worst enemies of Godzilla.

    Orga’s battle with the Godzilla definitely qualifies as an action sequence that is bound to please all action lovers. The great powers of Orga were handy while battling Godzilla, and it wasn’t easy to face the deadly plasma spit or the wave-motion beam. In fact Godzilla could not fight off his adversary with much ease.

    It was only after a few setbacks and a terrific battle that he could finally defeat Orga! This monstrous alien kaiju possessed the strength of Godzilla, and his regenerative abilities made him extremely dangerous. Imagine battling an enemy that heals itself after you cause significant damage!

    One of the reasons behind attacking Godzilla was that Orga wanted to engulf him completely and absorb his characteristics. The idea of the Big G defeating Orga is also fairly unique, where he allows him to start swallowing him headfirst and then unleashes the shockwave of atomic energy that destroys Orga! 



    The Kaiju comes in various shapes and sizes, some resemble gigantic prehistoric animals while the others are probably what your nightmares are made of. The Gigan is a mixture of both and is an artificial Kaiju created by aliens.

    The Gigan displays deadly claws and possess brutal strength that makes it a deadly opponent for its enemy. After an attack, it can grind the enemy with his belly-mounted buzzsaw. This Kaiju gains all the more strength with the ability to fly and shoot razor discs at its enemies.

    During the Showa Era, this intimidating monster faced off against the King of Monsters multiple times. Despite Godzilla’s strength and massive size, fighting Gigan off was definitely not an easy ride.

    Gigan was first seen in the movie Godzilla vs Gigan. This alien cyborg is considered to be by far the most intimidating opponent Godzilla has had to face. Later, in the film Godzilla: Final Wars, Gigan is spotted with a new head post his decapitation by the Godzilla is their previous encounter.

    The abilities of this monster were further enhanced in the video game versions, but for the Final Wars movie, his character was portrayed as somewhat incompetent. Overall, through the numerous appearances as both friend and foe, Gigan has proved to be a potent opponent that must be awarded a place on our list!



    When we have before us Godzilla, the undisputed king of monster possessing strength beyond imagination, it is hard to believe that any monster would prove to be a challenge to this hulking figure, which is why an entity had to be made keeping in mind the strength of the Godzilla.

    The strange entity was built keeping the image of Big G in mind, and the first time we get to see this powerful creature is during the 1974 film titled Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. As the story goes, humans discover a prophecy that suggests the destruction of humanity at the hands of kaiju. When Godzilla starts behaving strangely, the people are horrified, only to realize that it was a Mechagodzilla!

    The Mechagodzilla is portrayed as an amalgamation of an alien, cyborg monster. It has made several appearances in the Godzilla movie. In the first three, he appears as a robotic form of Godzilla.

    Built with space titanium, Mechagodzilla was simply too tough for Godzilla to decode. When it appeared alongside Titanosaurus, we thought Godzilla is doomed! Eventually, however, Godzilla does get the better of him, but only after teaming up with King Caesar. Keeping all their confrontations in mind, it was only logical that Mechagodzilla makes it to the list!



    What a nightmare it would be if our best attacks could only add to our opponent’s strength. This is what Godzilla had to face with Rodan. Rodan used the atomic breath to transform into a fiercer version- Fire Rodan. The two monsters continue to spar against each other until the ultimate threat takes their attention!

    Rodan first appeared in the movie titled Rodan in 1956. This film, however, portrayed only two giant pterosaurs. The audience got to see the best of him in the 1964 released Ghidorah. Rodan is well-remembered for its incredible speed. It could take its opponent by surprise and would strike them with a fatal blow.

    The destructive sonic boom only added to its menacing powers. Its beaks and talons also act as effective weapons. Rodan is mutant pteranodon. Its leather like wings helps them with their speed. Rodan was, in some ways, was a representative of the Russian nuclear threat. It was awakened from its underground dormancy by nuclear blasts. 

    Although it gave a tough time to Godzilla, in the later appearance in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, it helps the king of beasts by melting down on top of an ailing Godzilla. More recently, Rodan was seen in Godzilla: Final Wars, in a small role.

    Monster X

    Monster X

    If you ask us to pick one of the most engaging Godzilla flicks, we would probably opt for Godzilla: Final Wars. This movie was the last Goji film that Toho worked on in over a decade. The fans who expected a cracker flick weren’t disappointed as the film added several monsters to the mix to challenge the authority of Godzilla. One of the deadliest creatures from the lot was Monster X.

    This gigantic beast had an exoskeleton that covered much of his body, and this made him hard to attack. He was durable in battles, and his freakish strengths allowed him to lift Godzilla off the ground! Even when this monster was being molten into his final form, he continued growing deadlier.

    This bipedal dragon-like creature was a space kaiju that the Xilians created to make it one of their secret weapons. Monster X has a ghastly appearance with two half-skulls on his shoulders and two long horns alongside the evil, red eyes. He can transform into Kaiser Ghidorah, and in this state, it has characteristics of both species.

    However, Monster X is not evil by choice, and he merely follows the orders of his masters. He even works alongside SpaceGodzilla and proves to be a hardened opponent that Godzilla has to fight. Ultimately, Godzilla does get the better of him, but not before a nasty battle between the two. 



    Those who are aware of the origins of Godzilla are familiar with the fact that it was once a Godzillasaurus. It was the exposure to nuclear material that transformed him into what he is. Biollante is different from most other monsters on the list because it is an amalgamation of a part plant, a part human, and a part Godzillasaurus. 

    This crazy mixture worked up quite a lot of trouble for the King of Monsters and this intimidating creature first appeared in the movie titled Godzilla vs. Biollante that released in the year 1989.

    The film Godzilla vs. Biollante was when we saw the creature for the first time. For starters, the gigantic size of Biollante dwarves Godzilla, a feature you don’t usually get to see. With this tremendous size comes the insane strength that allows it to beat Big G to a pulp.

    We will never forget the image of this unforgiving monster thrashing around the mighty Godzilla, who seems helpless against this beast.  Biollante was genetically-modified and made from Godzilla’s DNA. Many people mistake her to be good because she aids humans in an attempt to defeat Godzilla.

    However, she has no regard for human life as such and was only helping out for her own motive. The destruction of Biollante was quite a spectacle where Godzilla defeated the gigantic plant beast by causing a volcanic eruption that burned her alive.

    King Kong

    King Kong

    Fans of the franchise are waiting with bated breath for the action-packed upcoming Godzilla flick titled Godzilla vs. Kong: Battle of Kings. However, we are focused on when the two giants were involved in a face off in 1962, during the Showa Era Godzilla movies.

    During this time, the themes of Godzilla flicks had changed drastically from the initial days. It was no longer the symbolism of the horrors of nuclear weapons but turned into fun B-movies.

    So what happens when an unstoppable force meets with an immovable object! Well, for starters, this interaction didn’t have as many fireworks as you would expect. Once these legendary beasts are pitted against one another you anticipate serious action. However, all you actually get is some interaction which is low-key in nature including a basketball game at one point.

    These interactions show King Kong’s developed powers and he almost gets the better of the Big G! While it was pretty interesting, we have better hopes from the one that is about to hit the theatres in the near future!

    King Ghidorah

    King Ghidorah

    King Ghidorah or Keizer Ghidorah is one name that comes to our mind when we think of Godzilla’s most consistent enemy. With this formidable three-headed dragon it briefly seems that the mighty Godzilla might have met its match.

    It is actually the final form of Monster X, and his extraordinary powers set him apart from the others. For instance, King Ghidorah has telekinesis powers that will blow your mind. The tough hide makes him a formidable opponent, and he is the last enemy that Godzilla has to face in the climactic moments of Final Wars.

    Fans will always remember the moment where the undisputed king of Monsters has to make a special effort to reclaim his throne. He had to blast King Ghidorah into space to overpower him finally.

    This three-headed monster first appeared in the film Ghidorah which was one of the brilliant works of Ishiro Honda. Since then, it has been hailed as one of the arch-enemies of Godzilla and makes repeated appearances. Although he puts up a brave fight on many occasions, Godzilla emerges triumphant.

    But, this takes nothing away from this monstrous entity that is usually shown to be even bigger than Godzilla! For instance, in the movie Rebirth of Mothra III, King Ghidorah is an absolute giant with a height of 60 meters and a wingspan of 80 meters.



    Confronting your inner demons is the hardest task and it is no difference even for Godzilla when he had to confront SpaceGodzilla, a force well-versed with Godzilla’s way, it became the one of the toughest conflicts he has to face.

    Fans were in for a surprise when the movie Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla was released which revelated that their favorite Big G may not be all that invincible. Although, at the end, he does emerge victorious, but it still comes at a very heavy cost.

    So, what is it that makes SpaceGodzilla so powerful? Well, for starters, the ability to deflect Godzilla’s energy attacks was brutally effective. The healing powers were also impressive, and even after sustaining some serious damage, it was back to the fight in a flash.

    SpaceGodzilla proved to be so powerful that it eventually took the combined efforts of Godzilla, M.O.G.U.E.R.A, and Rodan to take him down.

    This is where the sacrifice comes into the picture because one of the three wouldn’t manage to survive in the battle. Apart from the popular movie outing, SpaceGodzilla also gained prominence in the Godzilla video games.



    Does a demon from hell sound intimidating enough? Then the chances are that you would be amused with the visit of this famous kaiju to bolster the franchise. The demon’s appearance is memorable with the demon-like massive horns and the bat-like wings.

    Destoroyah is actually a microscopic organism that can take many forms. This kaiju was first revealed in the movie Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, and later on, it was also seen in popular hits like Godzilla Island.

    During the fights with Godzilla, one of our favorite moments is when it pushes Godzilla to the brink. It even successfully makes him turn weaker. The final form of this evolving monster is pretty scary, and it has bat-like wings and mean, large, curved horns on its head.

    The tail with the pincer at the end makes its appearance absolutely devilish. The fans remember Destoroyah as one of the most merciless opponents that Godzilla had to take down. Unlike some other monsters, it is aware of its actions and the destruction that it causes.

    It takes pleasure in devastating everything around it, and it attacks Godzilla both physically and emotionally. It is almost satisfying to watch Godzilla destroy this monster by blasting the floral pattern on its chest with a spiral ray that causes it to bleed to death! Thus, it is no surprise that we save this iconic monster to be our final feature.

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