Top 10 Most Powerful Men In Love Or Hooked Up With She Hulk

    For many years, Marvel has been a roaring success. With so many years under their belts, Marvel’s iconic characters have frequently boasted fascinating love lives, from Tony Stark’s numerous endeavors as the company’s iconic playboy character to Peter Parker’s difficulties in the love department as a result of his relationships with Mary Jane and Felicia Hardy. And do not forget about our girl She-Hulk, whose true name is Jennifer Walters, when you consider these circumstances.

    Bruce Banner’s cousin is She-Hulk. She also came into contact with gamma radiation. Though she was never able to match the Incredible Hulk’s strength, the fact that she was able to maintain her wits only made her more powerful. She then had command over her body and her strength.

    Jen is not only a formidable opponent on the field of combat, but she has also made many poor relationship decisions. Thankfully, the majority have not been really significant. She has slept with a god, dated another god, married an awful man inadvertently, and even had Jen from another reality further damage her dating reputation.

    We will discuss ten of Jen’s relationships with strong guys in this video.

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    Hooked Up: Hercules

    Hooked Up Hercules

    Thor: Love and Thunder’s end credits have recently introduced Hercules to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is obvious that the Asgardian God of Thunder will soon face up against the powerful son of Zeus. But he became well-known in the comics a long time ago. He even started dating She-Hulk, the playgirl of Marvel.

    Hercules was born to the king of the Olympian Gods Zeus and Alcmena of Thebes. Needless to say, Zeus was cheating on his wife Hera, which resulted in Alcmena conceiving Hercules. And Hera has never been the type to let such an atrocity go. She is notoriously known for going against the women her husband cheats on her with and trying to attack the children of Zeus, who were born outside their wedlock.

    As a result, she soon became a hindrance to Hercules and once sent a pair of serpents to kill him off. Due to his Olympian blood, Hercules was born with extraordinary strength, as a result of which, he was able to strangle the serpents to death with his bare hands. He later went for the legendary quest of finding the Golden Fleece.

    The thirtieth issue of She-Hulk’s comic series opened with a scene of She-Hulk basking in the presence of the demigod after what looked like a very busy night. Hercules was her dream man and rightfully so. The super strong woman had met her match in him as she had fantasized about being with him for quite some time.

    She meets him in the twenty fifth issue, which makes things a bit sour for her, as she realizes that he is quite the chauvinist. In his defense, he is a man from ancient Greece, ‘ancient’ being the keyword.

    She meets him again in the thirtieth issue as they both try to stop Bran Murphy from being a menace. They fight other mutual enemies such as Jazinda, and later hook up again, even though his chauvinistic behavior was quite the turn off for her a mere five issues ago.

    Relationship: Thor

    Relationship Thor

    Despite having a string of casual flings and hookups, She-Hulk is not the type to fail her commitment. During the cosmic crossover Empyre, an event that closes the Kree/Skrull War, we get to see an unusual but a seemingly compatible romantic pair up. Yes, we are talking about the mighty She-Hulk and the mighty Thor.

    Following the ascension of Hulking, the two entered a relationship. They confirmed their status as an official couple in Empyre Fallout, Fantastic Four #1.

    In 2018, the Avengers battled the Dark Celestials, and Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America were joined by Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, and Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk. With all the ruckus taking place throughout this insane arc, She-Hulk and Thor found solace in one another.

    Both of them have previously been with partners who are quite different from them. But finding yourself in a constant live-or-die situation amidst a battle cranks up your emotions. And to meet someone who can relate to exactly that can often be better than being with someone who is from a different world altogether.

    She-Hulk developed quite the crush on the God of Thunder (if he looks anything like Chris Hemsworth, then there’s absolutely no doubt about why she would feel that way) and luckily for her, the attraction was mutual. One thing led to another and the two shared a kiss in the middle of the battlefield (intense!)

    She-Hulk was a bit worried about Thor liking her not for who she is but for her super powerful form (in her defense, Thor does appreciate power a lot). However, the God of Thunder genuinely cared about her which added the much-needed softness to this Power Couple. They even had a date in Savage Land (which is a hidden tropical land in Antarctica that is filled with prehistoric creatures).

    Things seemed to cool down for the Avengers after Cotati died in Empyre Fallout: Fantastic Four #1. Around this time, Sue Storm addressed the elephant in the room as she directly asked the two if they were an item. Thankfully, Thor shyly admitted that they were very much together.

    Hooked Up: Iron Man

    Hooked Up Iron Man

    Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. That’s all the introduction he needs. Apart from being brilliant, cocky, and brilliantly cocky, Tony is also a serial womanizer. In the seventeenth issue of the She-Hulk comic ‘Planet Without A Hulk’, he finds his match in Jennifer Walters, who shares his reputation when it comes down to entanglements with the opposite sex.

    She-Hulk works for S.H.I.E.L.D., where Tony Stark is now a director. After a successful mission, Tony picks Jennifer for his debriefing session. Clay Quartermain thinks he should be picked for the debriefing since he outranks Jennifer, but Tony clearly shows how the debriefing session is actually a luxurious date set up in the nine-billion-dollar helicarrier.

    Creators Rick Burchett and Dan Slott address one of the more pressing issues in this comic as She-Hulk and Tony Stark are shown in a bedroom pillow talk sequence. Jennifer asks Tony why he is glorified as a player for sleeping around while she is demeaned and called a ‘skank’ for doing the exact same thing. The double standards are quite true as several people within the Marvel-verse seem to overlook She-Hulk’s contributions as a fighter and instead, focus on her private life.

    Their moment is soon interrupted by a commotion felt by the helicarrier, urging Jennifer to get dressed. She notices how Tony just thinks about his suit at that instant and it comes to him. This pisses her off as even here, he has it easier. But Tony points out how she does not really need a suit because she is already powerful. Whereas in his case, it takes a suit to make him Iron Man.

    Their dynamic is nothing serious as both of them look to this situation as a very casual set up, and it works for them with their one-night stands. They even manage to stay friends without any bad blood. However, the only thing making this awkward is the fact that Jennifer is Bruce Banner’s cousin. This sounds cool but imagining a good friend hooking up with your cousin can be quite strange.

    Hooked Up: Juggernaut

    Hooked Up Juggernaut

    Juggernaut, originally known as Cain Marko, is the step brother of Charles Xavier. Growing up, he had to live in Xavier’s shadow, which resulted in him resenting his step brother, especially because their alcoholic father literally abused him while Xavier was saved from the horrid treatment. He later served in the U.S. Army. During this time, he found the Crimson Gem in the Temple of Cyttorak.

    From the gem was born a power that turned Cain Marko into the Cyttorak’s Earthly Avatar, and thus, the Juggernaut was born. Going forward, Juggernaut has often been an enemy to the X-Men, but occasionally, he has filled the shoes of an ally.

    As someone who has been an obstacle for the superheroes, Juggernaut has not been the best choice for She-Hulk. As someone who has gotten involved with billionaires and demigods, Jennifer did not have to settle for less with Juggernaut. But then, you log in to social media and see all these memes about girls ignoring all red flags when the guy is super tall. Like sure, Thor and Hercules are tall and She-Hulk herself is a total beast, but Juggernaut is above 9 feet in his base form, so cut her some slack for making such a horrendous choice.

    In the four hundred and thirty fifth issue of the Uncanny X-Men, She-Hulk got involved with this unusual guy. The fact that she was actually his defense attorney during this time makes things worse. Hooking up with someone who represents you in court is not the best situation, but the fact that they hook up and she even asks him about his dreams makes the matter worse.

    Naturally, this part of the storyline flopped, especially with the fans of She-Hulk. So much so that the storyline had to be altered in a way as their hookup situation became a running joke and Wolverine went the extra mile to reject her advances, as he claimed that he did not want Juggernaut’s sloppy seconds. Jennifer constantly denied anything as such ever happening between her and Juggernaut. It was then revealed that Jennifer was being honest all along and the She-Hulk who had slept with the Juggernaut was Jen Walters from Earth-717 instead of the mainstream Marvel Universe Earth (that is Earth-616). But needless to say, the storyline was only retconned because the fans hated this pairing.

    Hooked Up: Luke Cage

    Hooked Up Luke Cage

    Unlike Juggernaut, Luke Cage is not a villain. However, he had a rocky start as Carl Lucas, who spent a part of his youth being a ruckus throughout Harlem. He committed petty thefts and got involved in gang wars after he joined a gang. This led him to juvie and it took him long to realize that his actions were hurting his family. He then tried to better himself, but his friend’s betrayal landed him in prison.

    In prison, Dr. Noah Burstein picked Lucas as his subject for a secret medical research. This was an experiment with cell regeneration that immersed Carl Lucas in an Electro-Biochemical System. While he was left unattended, a racist prison guard tampered with the controls to kill him off, but it accelerated the mutagenic change, turning Lucas into a superhuman. With his new powers, he escaped prison and became Luke Cage, a hero for hire.

    Time went on and Luke Cage was able to turn his status from a wanted man to an ex-con. He even teamed up with superheroes and together, they would do hero work for money. In the seventeenth issue of Heroes for Hire, he tried his luck with his peer She-Hulk (who he referred to as Shulkie). She constantly demeaned him due to his reputation as an ex-con. So, he made a bet, winning which would require Jennifer to go on a date with him.

    Their mission ended on a good note, prompting Jennifer to appreciate Luke Cage’s snarky sense of justice. She even went far enough to smirk and tell him that she likes it. The two ended up going on a date.

    Luke made a nice, fancy dinner reservation for Jennifer and she was quite impressed by his efforts. The two flirted a lot during this time and she even made a sexual pass at him. Things were going smoothly until their date was interrupted by the Absorbing Man and Tatiana. However, She-Hulk was interested in him enough to pursue the dynamic later on.

    It is no surprise that they did not end up together as it was just a casual fling. Luke Cage later married Jessica Jones and the two went on to have a child.

    Married: Man-Wolf

    Married Man-Wolf

    We have already spoken about She-Hulk knowing when to settle down. Despite her playgirl image, she did get married to J. Jonah Jameson’s son John Jameson (what an awkward pairing), or rather, Man-Wolf. But it was not an ideal and organic situation that made her commit to him enough to get married. To be fair, that’s good, because having J. Jonah Jameson as your father-in-law while having a werewolf husband is not ideal. And there should be an unusual explanation for justifying such an awkward romantic choice.

    John Jameson was born a normal human being just like his father, but thanks to some moon rocks, he found superpowers that turned him into a werewolf. During the events of the Civil War, he hooked up with She-Hulk. Somehow, they ended up getting married during this time and eloped… and this indeed is something, since John Jameson can be more annoying than his father (not an easy task, to be honest), especially with his whole Stargod thing. But things are crazy when you have Eros influencing and manipulating your feelings.

    Thankfully, after She-Hulk learnt about Eros being the one behind the madness, the duo called off their marriage. And rightfully so, since the match was an abomination and far from being one that is made in heaven, especially with John being judgmental and not really being interested in understanding her. Thankfully, the both of them annulled their marriage as they realized that it was a huge mistake.

    Relationship: Wyatt Wingfoot

    Relationship Wyatt Wingfoot

    After a string of weird hookups and boyfriends, She-Hulk found normalcy with Johnny Storm’s close friend and roommate Wyatt Wingfoot. He was introduced as a supporting character in the Fantastic Four storyline during the Silver Age. Maybe the fact that he had no superpowers helped in making this a better dynamic, but then, She-Hulk has been with other non-superpowered people before. But Wyatt Wingfoot is the best of the lot.

    They met after She-Hulk took The Thing’s spot in the Fantastic Four, making her a direct ally of Johnny Storm, and by extension, getting her involved in his casual life. Sparks flew with Wyatt Wingfoot after he was instantly attracted to the green, muscular beauty and things were good when they dated throughout the eighties. Wyatt being a brilliant, tall, and an objectively handsome guy just made the man even more irresistible.

    However, the ship did not sail, as Wyatt ended up breaking up with her. Nonetheless, the duo went on to become a long-time fan favorite.

    Relationship: ZAPPER

    Relationship ZAPPER

    She-Hulk’s love life has been complicated from the start, which is where her next-door neighbor from her childhood, Daniel Zapper Ridge, comes into play. They were friends from a young age and she would often babysit him. However, he ended up catching feelings for her.

    While she dated another guy called Rory, Zapper left no stones unturned to always be there for Jennifer. Rory’s nerdy and monotonous nature got tiring and Jennifer acknowledged both, Zapper’s feelings for her and her feelings for Zapper. Following her breakup with Rory, she ended up dating Zapper. Too bad Zapper was one of those ‘nice guys’ who are not really nice guys. He even whined enough to force her into a relationship with him, making this dynamic worse than the She-Hulk and Juggernaut one.

    Later, Zapper became a doctor who specialized in blood diseases and married another woman called Christian DeVasquez. He even treated She-Hulk when she was losing her powers due to War Zone’s toxins. Her death prompted him to revive her, thanks to the gamma radiation preserving her physical body and her consciousness. After her heart began to beat again, Zapper kissed her and to his surprise, his wife saw it. When revived, She-Hulk was dead against his actions as he was married.

    Despite everything, Zapper’s feelings for Jennifer did not disappear and he would always be there to aid her, which became painfully prominent after War Zone attacked her and he destroyed War Zone. Later, she attacked Zapper after she went savage, as she began to think that he had orchestrated the situation with War Zone attacking her so that he could help her and win her love. She tried to attack him and was stopped by Banner’s Incredible Hulk, which triggered a fight between the two Hulks. Ultimately, Zapper transfused Banner’s blood into Jennifer and opted for marriage counseling with his wife.

    Hooked Up: Starfox

    Hooked Up Starfox

    Okay, hear me out! Thanos was a bad guy but what he said was kind of right. The world was way too disbalanced. Sure, his methods weren’t the best, but he is not evil per se. However, his brother Starfox (or Eros) is a different story altogether. He really deserves all the hate, especially because he manipulates people to fall in love with him.

    Jennifer Walters acted as Starfox’s lawyer after a case of sexual assault was slapped against him. Apparently, Starfox had manipulated a married woman to sleep with him. Having hooked up with him in the past, She-Hulk was devastated, as she assumed that he had manipulated her into sleeping with him as well.

    It was later revealed that she had gotten involved with him out of her free will. However, Starfox did manipulate her to make her fall in love with John Jameson, and we know how well that ended.

    Hooked Up: Clay Quartermain

    Hooked Up Clay Quartermain

    S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Hulkbuster unit was quite a dynamic team and Clay Quartermain was a part of it. He had become a national hero after fighting alongside the Incredible Hulk and Rick Jones in a terrorist attack. Later, he teamed up with She-Hulk, Agent Crimson, and Agent Cheesecake. Around this time, She-Hulk and Clay Quartermain hooked up. Later, when Tony Stark started to hit on Jennifer, Clay went crazy out of jealousy. But he had to accept it sooner or later. He held it quite well after Tony picked Jennifer for a date and hookup session disguised as a debriefing, following a successful mission.

    She-Hulk has often been criticized within the framework of the comics for having a complicated love life while her male counterparts were praised for their conquests. But that did not stop her from living her life and enjoying as a single lady.

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