11 Most Powerful And Extremely Dangerous New Gods Who Could Appear In Snyder-Verse

    With Warner Bros. announcing that the Snyderverse would not be continued, Zack Snyder’s Justice League symbolises the end of the dream. All of you DC fans must be worried about the fate of Justice League 2 and other Warner Bros.-owned DC IP.

    Given the present squabbles, Henry Cavil’s Superman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg are doomed. Despite the hype around the Snyder Cut, Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff has stated that the four-hour version is the final instalment in the trilogy.

    We are here to tell you, however, that it is still early days. The Justice League’s success could have a significant impact on the future. There’s no reason why the fans couldn’t succeed again if they were able to elicit enough outrage to get the Snyder Cut released!

    We’ll tell you about the New Gods who could appear in a future Snyder universe in this video! The New Gods have been a vital part of the DC universe since their introduction in 1971 by Jack Kirby, and some have even become popular DC characters. Mister Miracle and Darkseid have both appeared in DC Comics, and the unique backstories of both New Gods have always piqued the imagination of fans.

    It all began when the Old Gods were all housed on a single planet, but some of the Gods rebelled against the reigning rule. As a result, the planet was split into two parts, one of which was Apokolips, a dystopian world, and the other was anarchetypal paradise. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-known New Gods, all of them are fascinating individuals!



    If someone tried to personify tyranny, it would be Darkseid. This notorious New God could just about get the better of the Justice League, and he even killed Orion in hand-to-hand combat. He could even wipe out all the other New Gods throughout Hypertime with his unwavering Omega Effect strength, which allows him to control the movements of objects with his gaze.

    The majority of the New Gods adore him, and he is one of the most feared of the species you will encounter. Many have been attracted by his Anti-Life equation, and he believes there is no such thing as free choice. We were surprised to hear that, despite having the capacity to control the fates of all things, Darkseid isn’t the most powerful of his kind!

    This character debuted in a small cameo role in the series ‘Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen’ but was soon introduced as a major character in Forever People. His ultimate objective is to rule the entire universe and eliminate all hope and free will in sentient beings.

    Darkseid would later go on to become one of Superman’s and the Justice League’s deadliest foes. So, let’s take a look at some of the superlative abilities that make this immortal God nearly unstoppable. Darkseid possesses superhuman strength and agility, as well as telepathic abilities and the ability to teleport at command.

    He has a cosmic grasp of the universe and can reside outside of time and space. This sadistic ruler towers over his opponents with his massive build and he initially had brown hair and a beard in the comic books. However, most versions of this tyrant show him bald with a rugged ruthlessness in his eyes. In Zack Snyder’s Justice League or the Snyder Cut, this character is played by Ray Porter, who did a fabulous job as the notorious New God!



    There is an opposing light force for every evil, and Highfather is the opposing light force for the infamous Darkseid. Highfather is one of the most powerful of the New Gods, and he is a pivotal figure in the Fourth World mythos. He is the ruler of New Genesis and aspires for the Multiverse to be at peace.

    Darkseid, his brother, is his constant foe, and the two have battled on several times. He also goes by the name Izaya, and after creating the New Genesis planet, he was determined to remove his brother’s dominion.

    His abilities are incredible – hecan even manipulate energy and use it for his own purposes. He is also immortal with unbelievable, superhuman strength,and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. However, ever since he took up the role of Highfather, he chose to leave these skills behind.

    He is strong enough to take on the mighty Darkseid, and he can shatter the illusions and objects generated by a lantern ring. Orion is his son, who he sent him to Earth to fight a threat that he foresaw. Highfather is more like a God among Gods, and even the Guardians of the Universe have learned to fear him.

    However, we have noticed one similarity with Darkseid: the two share a ruthless ability to command their followers. Highfather wields some cool weapons like the GenesisianScepter, which was later upgraded with the seven power rings! True to his name, this character has been one of the most-respected New Gods we have come across!



    Unlike most of Darkseid’s ruthless allies, DeSaad was born in New Genesis. He was corrupted early in childhood, however, when Darkseid convinced him that his cat had killed his pet bird, and DeSaad was forced to bury the bird alive!

    Later, when the bird came back to him, he killed it in a blind rage, and since then he has lived in Apokolips. There have been countless times when Darkseidhas tortured and killed DeSaad over the years, but given his importance to the dark lord, he has never stayed dead for long.

    In terms of abilities, DeSaad is nothing extraordinary. But, what he lacks in superpowers, he more than makes up for with his incredible ability to create weapons. He is a maestro of torture, and the pain-inducing devices he builds give him perverse delight. We must tell you about Happyland, a kind of prison DeSaad built for his victims, to give you an impression of his work.

    It resembles an amusement park, and the victims are completely unaware of the psychological tormentDeSaadis perpetrating on them, manipulating reality to cause misery. This dreaded villain is immune to all kinds of toxins and diseases and has led an extremely long life. He is well-versed with the resources of the planet,which makes him a very handy assistant to Darkseid.

    While he has some of the standard abilities of the New Gods, his deception skills and expertise in gadgets make him stand out. We were the most fascinated by his twisted mind, and he has been a classic villain from the dark quarters of DC!



    Kalibak was born to Darkseid and Suli, but his mother was murdered by Desaad on the orders of his grandmother, Queen Heggra. The boy grew up to be a fearsome warrior who frequently acted as his father’s second-in-command.

    When Darkseid tried to destroy the peace between the two planets, a brutal conflict with New Genesis ensued, Kalibak backed up his father in the fights. Because of his father’s apparent favouritism for Orion over Kalibak, he has a latent jealousy towards him.

    Kalibak’s combat skills are terrific, and he is an expert with weapons like the sceptre and the scythe. Kalibak had all the abilities common to the New Gods, and could use his incredible strength and durability to his advantage. His appearance is incredibly intimidating, and his muscular frame towers over his victims.

    He may beregarded as a dreaded New God in the eyes of mere mortals, but Kalibakhas always wished for nothing more than the love and respect of his father. It is unfortunate that despite his best efforts, he has never seemed to achieve this. Then again, Darkseid might put up a tough exterior, but his actions prove his love for his firstborn!



    Female Furies are an important aspect of Darkseid’s army. Granny Goodness is the commander of the warriors’ unit, an elite strike team tasked with protecting Darkseid. These obedient warriors have been totally brainwashed and will obey their orders to the letter. Their rigorous training includes a fealty instruction, and their dedication to Darkseid is unrivalled.

    While this vicious group of female soldiers is usually regarded as a whole, there are some individuals who steal the show. Artemiz, the archer, for instance, is a deadly fighter with her bio-seeking arrows. Bloody Mary is a ruthless vampire-like creature with energy-draining eye-beams.

    We were also in awe of Gilotina, who could cut through enemies viciously with karate chops. Their field leader Lashina, and many others such as Speed Queen make this team quite the formidable group. We’d offer you a more in-depth look at their leader, Granny Goodness, but she already has her own section on our list! The decision to train an army of female fighters from a young age proven to be a brilliant one, as the Female Furies have significantly increased Darkseid’s military prowess.



    This renowned DC character is Darkseid’s younger brother. He was reared as the son of Highfather after being traded to New Genesis. He learnt to control his fury and refocus it where needed as he grew up under Highfather’s leadership and goodness.

    With time, Orion grew to cherish his new home and became motivated to defend it against all attacks. Later on, he reverted to his natural impulse of acting out of wrath. He couldn’t hide his background because he inherited too many traits from the ruthless Darkseid.

    Orion is easily one of the most powerful heroes of New Genesis and trained hard to channel his darkness into protecting the planet. His stamina and fighting skills are simply out-of-this-world, and this seasoned warrior could put the best of opponents to the test.

    We particularly enjoyed his duels with his brother Kalibak. Darkseid’s silent admiration for his child’s prowess spoke volumes about the character’s abilities. Eventually, Orion defeated Darkseid and gained control of Apokolips.

    However, it is later learned that Darkseid purposely allowed himself to be defeated so that Orion could learn the true value of the anti-life equation, which he was able to obtain, though he later gave it up because it somehow violated the free will of the people. Given that this heroic figure even served two terms with the Justice League, this unique New God is one of our personal favorites!



    Is it possible for death to manifest physically? This is DC Universe, after all, and everything is possible! When Darkseid conquered Apokolips, he captured Black Racer, who is Death himself. The Black Racer was then connected to a sentient hostbody and employed as one of his most powerful weapons.

    This guy is as fast as his name suggests, and as you might guess, he has some fascinating interactions with Flash. In truth, the Black Racer had to be separated from Flash by the strength of the child of Superwoman and Alexander Luthor. 

    He can travel at the speed of light by using the two cosmically powered celestial skis. Often hailed as death himself, the Black Racer is one of the fastest characters in the DC universe. His remarkable appearance and mannerisms were befitting of a man who personified death!

    The Black Racer could bring death to anyone with a mere touch and could phase through solid objects.His ability to possess any host and corrupt them completely left us awestruck. His cosmic armour increases his durability, and his lethal scythe made a decent warrior out of him. With an ally like this, it’s no wonderDarkseid became so powerful.



    When someone is regarded an equal to Kalibak, you know they have considerable physical strength! Granny Goodness, the founder and head of the Female Furies, is a fearsome fighter who many claim could even defeat Orion! She founded the powerful group of female soldiers, and she maintains a high level of scrutiny before allowing anyone new into the group.

    Even by Apokolips’ harsh standards, the recruitment procedure is cruel, and this formidable old lady enjoys torturing individuals in order to get them in fighting shape. She is the most powerful being in Darkseid’s army, and she is also a technology master. And when they fought, if Orion did not dodge her Mega-Rod, he might as well have been killed by her.

    A sadistic lieutenant to Darkseid, Goodness started off as one of the downtrodden among the peasant class in Apokolips. She was trained from an early age, and as a part of her work, she had to train a dog.

    When the trainer asked her to kill her beloved pet, she killed the trainer instead, which drew the attention of Darkseid. Her pet, however, still had to die on his orders,as there is no room for mercy in Apokolips.

    After proving herself as a loyal follower, Goodness was asked to run the training facility, where she would manipulate and brainwash young people to turn them into vicious warriors. Granny Goodness is particularly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, even at her age! She might have the appearance of an old woman, but her powers are unique and extreme.



    Big Barda had a lot of talent from a young age, and Granny Goodness nurtured her to be the Female Furies’ leader when the time came. Bardawas was born in Apokolips and was taken away from her mother to be groomed as a fierce warrior.

    Despite her training, she fell in love with Scott Free, Darkseid’s adopted son, and joined the rebel cell lead by Himon. She eventually left Goodness’s nefarious army and joined Free on Earth.

    In her early days on Earth, she was oblivious to the customs and ways of life. She led her life as a wife and housekeeper but reverted to her true warrior nature whenevernecessary. She worked with the Justice League and the Birds of Prey and was extremely protective of her husband.

    She, like the rest of the Female Furies, is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Back in the day, when strong female characters were rare, Big Barda defied a lot of stereotypes. This figure, too, had an intriguing source of inspiration!

    Jack Kirby was stumped by Lainie Kazan, a Playboy model who had recently appeared topless in an issue of the magazine, and he based much of the character of Big Bardaon Kazan. It is no surprise that this became one of the sexiest female characters in comic book history!



    Scott Free was the god of escape in the New Gods mythos, and Mister Miracle is only his disguise. Scott grew up on Apokolips after being born in New Genesis. However, he and his lady love, Big Barda, defected from the despotic kingdom and travelled to Earth.

    As a performance artist and even a member of the Justice League, his escapist abilities came in handy. He is Highfather’s son, and he was brought to Apokolips as a diplomatic gesture, with Highfather receiving Darkseid’s son Orion in exchange.

    His early life was shaped by Granny Goodness, but even her sadistic training couldn’t corrupt the inherent values within Scott. With time, he discovered his talent at escaping from the most impossible situations, and Himonbuilt up Scott’s desire for freedom from his circumstances.

    Free fell for the ferocious warrior, Big Barda, and she loved him back for his innocence. When he fled to the Earth, he assumed the name Mister Miracle after the actual Mister Miracle was murdered. His love-interest followed him to this planet, and the two continued to use their skills to fight the oppressive regime of Darkseid.

    Free eventually got his hands on the Anti-Life equation, which was the ultimate objective for Darkseid. However, his morals were strong, and he was able to resist it’s tempting powers! His character turned a shade darker after Barda was murdered, and he believed Orion to be responsible for her death.



    The clever and cunning Highfather made preparations for his death. Josh Saunders, a blind psychologist, was chosen as the Source Elemental, and he was given the power to alter the Source. Takion could see everything that was to occur as soon as he gained his powers, including his entire life ahead of him and the Highfather’s death.

    Saunders’ human brain struggled to cope with the new awareness he had been given, and after easily defeating Captain Atom, Green Lantern, and Flash in a fight, he thought he was far too dangerous to be on Earth.

    The structure of a human brain is far too primitive to comprehend the complexities of the Source, and it took him some time for Takion to master his new powers. His main enemy is Stayne, the minion of Darkseid, who stops him from reaching his true potential.

    Despite starting off as a mortal, he was easily one of the strongest New Gods and could become intangible at will. His ability to manipulate time and space was one of his greatest powers, and he could even dampen energy fields such as those generated by Green Lantern’s ring! Takion was a surprise addition to the New Gods, but he was in no way any less than them – he is one of the strongest in the list!

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