Is “On The Come Up (2022)” Based On A True Story?

    Sanaa Lathan, the film’s star and director, debuted the first teaser trailer at the BET Awards at the end of June. We are beyond thrilled that On the Come Up will be available on Paramount+ this year.

    On Friday, September 23rd, On the Come Up will be accessible on Paramount+.

    On the Come Up will officially have a script written by Kay Oyegun!

    Despite the fact that Wanuri Kahiu and George Tillman Jr. were previously associated with the project, On the Come Up! will mark award-winning actress Sanaa Lathan’s feature directorial debut, according to Deadline.

    Is “On the Come Up” based on a true story?

    On The Come Up (2022)

    “On the Come Up” is a fictional story. Bri, 16, aspires to become one of the best rappers of all time. or at least take the first conflict. Bri has enormous shoes to fill since she is the descendant of an underground hip hop legend who passed away just before he became famous.

    But when you’re called a hoodlum at school and your refrigerator at home is empty because your mother lost her job, it’s difficult to make a comeback. Bri then channels her rage and anguish into her debut song, which becomes widely popular…in the worst ways.

    Bri quickly finds herself in the spotlight after being depicted by the media as being more dangerous than MC. Bri, however, is forced to succeed since her family is facing eviction and she doesn’t just want to.


    Bri is portrayed by Jamila C. Gray. She is an aspiring rapper who aspires to be the best of all time. But Bri knows she has to succeed because her song becomes viral for the wrong reasons and the media portrays her as someone she isn’t.

    Michael Anthony Cooper Jr. portrays Malik, a close friend of Bri’s who she has known since birth and has had a crush on since they were little. He is a budding director whose commitment to social justice has earned him the moniker “Malik X.”

    Miles Gutierrez-Riley fills out the friend three of the Unholy Trinity as Sonny, the friend in the center of Bri and Malik’s periodic conflicts. Sonny is a trustworthy buddy who is prepared to go away from Garden Heights for college. He is reputed to have painted rainbow fists all over the city.

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