Paradise Cove: New Film On The Block

    The new thriller film ‘Paradise Cove’ is all set to release this February, starring Todd Grinnell (‘One Day at a Time’), Mena Suvari (‘American Beauty’), and Kristin Bauer van Straten (‘True Blood’). American Greed’s Martin Guigui directs the film. With a poster that gives a bit too much away of the film’s plotline, featuring the line “a view to die for,” the film has made quite an impact with just the trailer.

    A Trailer Too Descriptive

    The trailer features a deranged homeless woman, a producer’s wife, living under the beach house where a couple moves in to turn it around and then sell it. Most of the trailer seemed to show the woman playing games with the two as they ask her to leave not once but several times. As things keep escalating, with her burning the money offered to her by Todd’s character to find another place to live in, we see that she becomes increasingly invasive of their home as she enters the shower while the husband is using it and even snoops around the wife’s computer.

    What We Can Expect

    Perhaps the terrifying aspect of the film lies in the fact that the homeless woman is not someone who is lurking in the darkness of the night, hidden away from the public eye. She is very well known to the neighbour hood and even the police for being unhinged. She does not shy away from contibually bullying the couple until she finally decides to harm them physically. The film is adapted from a screenplay written by Sherry Klein and looks like a classic thriller of who-will-beat-who.

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