Possesed Hulk Origins – Rabid & Unhinged Magically Corrupted Hulk Form Obliterated Dracula’s Empire

    Fear Itself is a 2011 Marvel Comics crossover event that includes a prequel book (“Fear Itself: Book of the Skull”) by illustrator Scot Eaton and writer Ed Brubaker, a seven-episode television series with the same name written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Stuart Immonen, Laura Martin, and Wade Von Grawbadger, and a tonne of companion books, including the majority of the X-Men series. The event centers on Thor and Captain America despite being a crossover including all of Marvel.

    In Fear Itself, all of those who were chosen worthy are conquered by hammers like Thor’s, signifying Odin’s gravest error. The deaths of a number of well-known characters last at least twelve seconds at a time, giving the Marvel Universe the short end of the stick.

    Anarchy is the only state since fear has overtaken the entire planet. Asgard’s oldest enemy, the Serpent, has awoken and is now feasting on people’s fear on Earth. Only villains and heroes who managed to evade the world panic have the ability to save the globe. Given that Odin is willing to sacrifice Earth, will their efforts to overthrow the Gods be successful? So then how can you get over Fear Itself? In our video today, we will be learning more about this.

    Hulk vs. Dracula

    Hulk vs. Dracula

    This narrative takes place after the occurrences of “Fear Itself” issue no. 5.

    “The Hammer of Nul” has taken control of the Hulk, transforming him into a terrifying and enraged monster. The Hulk crash lands in Romania while flying across the planet, much to the horror of the inhabitants. He then starts tearing through the woodlands close to the Carpathians. “The Krieger garrison,” an elite group of vampires tasked with guarding Castle Dracula, are drawn to his path of devastation.

    In an effort to convince the gamma-spawned monster that the “Vampire Nation” has no beef with him and would provide him safe passage across their territory as long as he does not damage Dracula’s subjects, the leading officer on the spot believes he can negotiate with the Hulk. The Hulk answers by using his hammer to smash the vampire’s head off. The Hulk starts destroying the fortress as the troops start firing. Captain Luna, who is nearby, sees the chaos and sends Dracula a video feed of it. “The Lord of the Vampires” determines that despite the massacre of his men, they have provided them with crucial knowledge and that the Hulk would not budge.

    Janus gives his father information about the Hulk as Legate starts to gather men to fight back. He reveals that the Hulk and other metahumans have been on an apparently random course of destruction throughout Earth, since magical hammers further enhanced them, and no one has ever been able to contain them.

    Dracula commands his minions to concentrate their efforts on finding a way to defeat the Hulk. Dracula intends to use every weapon at their disposal in the hopes of uncovering a vulnerability, given the great distance between them and the castle. First, the Hulk is challenged by a bunch of Charniputra. These gargoyle-like monsters have the benefit of flight, but the Nul-enhanced Hulk effortlessly dispatches them despite their superior flying ability. Luna, the captain, says that the animals failed.

    The Hulk, who learns of her presence, throws some pebbles at her jet, doing enough damage to cause it to crash. Dracula reviews the data at the castle and is unimpressed to learn about the Hulk’s strength being more potent than usual, at best, according to his technicians. The Forgiven, a group of renegade vampires led by Raizo Kodo, unexpectedly barge into his quarters. Dracula instructs his henchmen to stand down, when he realizes that Raizo has arrived to fight alongside these exiles prior to the sect commanders can assault them.

    However, Dracula commands them to the dungeons and says that Kodo and his supporters should be delivered a lesson about who is in power. Dracula remains unmoved despite Kodo’s insistence that this is needless, and the Forgiven voluntarily consents to be imprisoned. Although “Visigoth of the Forgiven” objects, his comrade Inka advises him to remain calm.

    Visigoth and Inka wonder why they permitted themselves to be confined when they might simply escape down into the dungeon. For their leader, Sanjay, justifies it by telling Visigoth that their imprisonment is just the start of a long process of talks with Dracula. Janus informs his father that, given the current circumstances, a partnership with Raizo Kodo could be wise. But, Dracula would not hear of it. When the Hulk is vanquished, Dracula will handle Raizo. In order to combat the Hulk, Dracula sends a group of bombers to deploy a monster army.

    As we have read in Volume 1, the Hulk, controlled by the “Hammer of Nul,” has been wreaking havoc in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, and the local Vampire Nation and the Hulk are now at odds with one another as a result of this. After the Hulk rammed her spacecraft, Captain Luna drags herself from the debris, so she can keep updating the world on the battlefield. Dracula has sent out a monster assault force in an effort to prevent the Hulk; however, because of his increased strength, he effortlessly smashes through them. Dracula, along with his son Janus, are watching from the war chamber in Castle Dracula, where they both reside.

    Dracula commands them to find a way to stop the Hulk, or else they will all be destroyed. Janus informs his dad that the final monster was slain in less than twenty minutes, which was way shorter than Dracula had planned for, while assembling his forces. Janus drags his father away and begs him to release Raizo Kodo so that he, along with his “Forgiven,” can help fight the Hulk. “The Lord of the Vampires” finally gives in and releases Razio and his supporters after some hesitation.

    When Kodo escapes the dungeon, he starts to search for whatever information he can find about the Hulk. He is swiftly made aware of the enchanted hammers that are currently destabilizing the whole planet Earth.

    Kodo deduces that the hammers were constructed specifically for each user since they did not trigger until the bearers touched them. He is confident that his “Forgiven” will keep the Hulk preoccupied while they look for a way to halt him. Raizo’s attachment to his people worries Dracula, who mocks it. “The Forgiven” are subsequently sent to Pasnic, a little settlement not far from Castle Dracula. In order to give her and Visigoth some time, Nighteyes instructs Quickshot, Inka, and Ghost Blade to evacuate the locals. The Hulk flies right by the two vampires as he arrives, not realizing that they were actually there.

    Inka frightens the villagers into running away, since the others attempt to get them out as soon as possible. They quickly discover that a pastor is stranded inside a burning church. Quickshot dives in despite the threat to himself and saves the pastor before the holy Earth can consume him.

    The Hulk encounters a couple escaping in their automobile not far away. Visigoth intervenes between the Hulk and them to protect them from being hurt. Visigoth, however, is quickly swept aside and buried beneath the dilapidated church. Legate is annoyed about Raizo Kodo’s reviewing the same information they just looked at, while they are still in Castle Dracula. Kodo fractures one of Legate’s fingers because of his continual complaints.

    “The Lord of the Vampires” could care less about Legate’s complaints to Dracula. Nighteyes is the last Forgiven member left, and he must fight the Hulk in the settlement of Pasnic. She outruns the Hulk in speed and agility, but he is still able to grasp her and throw her into a structure. Sanjay swiftly joins her and uses the Hulk’s power to turn invisible in an effort to divert him. But when the Hulk learns he can’t physically attack his foe, he uses his enormous lungs to drive Sanjay away. Raizo Kodo meditates in front of the knowledge the vampires have learned about the Hulk back at the castle while Legate, Janus, and Dracula start strategizing what to do next.

    “The Forgiven”, a group of vampires led by Raizo Kodo, who the Hulk has easily defeated, are on the front lines. Their captain promptly grabs his comrade Inka to assist with the plot after coming up with a way to halt the Hulk. In the meantime, Dracula organizes his forces, in case Kodo and his minions are unsuccessful in stopping the Hulk. The other Forgiven members, who cannot stand up to the Hulk, decide to retreat before being obliterated. “The Lord of Vampires” issued the command for his troops to start mobilizing, with the army prepared and weapons created from Adamantium. Raizo Kodo has requested them to keep the Hulk preoccupied, so they hastily get ready to return.

    The Hulk is reportedly merely pacing about at Castle Dracula as if looking for his next victims, according to intelligence sources. Knowing that now the Hulk is close by, Dracula intends to use St. Sebastian as a lure to attract the Hulk in. He commands his troops to prepare for war after passing news that perhaps the Hulk is coming for them. Then he instructs Janus, his son, to fetch his sword. During a private conversation with his son, Dracula remarks on Kodo and his Forgiven’s lack of success in fighting the Hulk and questions whether forming an alliance with them was a mistake.

    The Hulk is being drawn to St. Sebastian by the Forgiven, who are still fighting him. The Hulk appears and effortlessly destroys the initial wave. Dracula calls out to the Hulk to confront him from the fortifications of St. Sebastian. The gamma-spawned behemoth gets caught in an Adamantium snare, as he charges the fortress.

    The Hulk effortlessly smashes through the supposedly unbreakable metal and shatters the castle walls, much to the amazement of the vampires. When Kodo comes in his plane with weapons blazing, the Hulk has Dracula down and is ready to destroy him for good with the Hammer of Nul.  When The Hulk suddenly notices what looks like the Red She-Hulk on board the ship, he rushes for it.

    The Hulk fights off the Hammer of Nul’s grip and smashes it in his arms after encountering a lady who looks to be his wife. She commands the Hulk to halt and transforms back into Betty Ross. When he transforms back into Bruce Banner, he realizes that Betty was indeed the shape-shifter Inka. Dracula is enraged and attempts to murder Banner, but Banner transforms again into his natural form, the Hulk, to protect himself. The Hulk informs Dracula that if he had not spared millions of lives, he would have destroyed him and then leaps away after realizing that his spouse is nowhere to be found.

    Dracula gathers the Hammer of Nul’s remnants after the conflict is ended. Kodo instructs his Forgiven to be ready to break into “the Castle Dracula” and take the Hammer, after Dracula and his minions have left. The Forgiven are then informed by him that they have been exiled from his realm and that they will perish if they do so.

    The Reign Of Chaos

    The Reign Of Chaos

    The main disadvantage of this tale is that we have previously seen it in all of the other “Fear Itself” tie-ins. The X-Men and Thunderbolts fought Juggernaut, the Avengers fought Thing, and Alpha Flight fought Attuma, etc. At this point, the plot is predictable: a hammer-wielding character shows in, smashes some items, and then additional Serpent troops are shown on TV screens. Finally, preparations are put into action, but they eventually fail. Can Dracula defeat the Hulk with his enhanced abilities? It’s difficult to say, but it seems unlikely, given how the Hulk chopped off a vampire’s head as if he were trying to head off right on the golf course.

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