Raygan Taylor: From Entering A New Season To Getting Fired

    Raygan Taylor is a recent addition to the Below Deck Mediterranean cast. She was born and brought up in Essex, England, and she is British. She wanted to travel a lot and although she was from a little town close to London. At a very young age, the bosun realized she would move around a lot and wouldn’t live in Essex permanently.

    She is best known for her appearance on Below Deck Mediterranean which is an American reality television show. The show follows the life of the crew members who work and live on a superyacht that is at least 150 feet long during charter seasons in Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, and Malta. It is filmed over the course of about six weeks, with the cast temporarily taking the place of the regular crew.

    What is personal information about Raygan Taylor known to people?

    What is personal information about Raygan Taylor known to people

    Bosun Raygan did provide some information about her life while on the show, despite the fact that she kept her Instagram account secret. Raygan revealed to the viewers of Below Deck Med that she is actually from Essex, England. But she spent the majority of her childhood in Turkey, where her family relocated after her parents established a few modest enterprises there.

    Raygan also admitted that she enjoys dancing and that she first started frequenting nightclubs as a youngster with her mother.

    According to her LinkedIn profile, Raygan formerly held the positions of first officer, captain, and mate on both sailing and motor yachts. On the programme, Raygan also claimed that she had previously worked as a chief stew on a yacht.

    What was Raygan Taylor’s journey on Below Deck Mediterranean?

    What was Raygan Taylor's journey on Below Deck Mediterranean

    Taylor started her career as an interior team member aboard a boat. She made the decision to work in the yachting sector after that in order to gain more experience.

    Since she made the decision to work in a field where men predominate, Taylor has had to overcome many obstacles, but she isn’t hesitant to show her value to her team. She aspires to be a significant contributor to the deck team by offering her useful assistance. This bosun who is aboard Below Deck Mediterranean is an expert at her profession, but she also enjoys herself.

    Taylor adds that despite the fact that she would be serving as a bosun, she is very eager to join Captain Sandy Yawn’s crew. Essex girl has a lot to live up to after last season’s incredible Mali White. Despite a minor incident involving one of her crew members, White’s work on the deck was consistently complimented throughout the season.

    Why are fans of the show upset with Raygan Taylor?

    Why are fans of the show upset with Raygan Taylor

    The newest crew member in season 7 might not be employed for Captain Sandy Yawn. Raygan has been criticized for being unprofessional and lacking leadership skills ever since her first day on the show. Fans had previously criticized her for frequently stopping to smoke. The captain had already attempted to make amends with her and convince her of the level of dedication required by the profession of a bosun.

    In episode 2, when Raygan’s entire crew finally shows up, things only become worse for her. She had trouble coming up with an effective schedule or management approach for her crew of deckhands. Raygan and her team received a failing score in the evaluation from the initial charter visitors. 

    It appears, though, that her words have only reached one ear. In the midst of the mismanagement and mayhem on the deck, Raygan is seen in Episode 4 having a lunch break. She was observed eating quietly and turning off her walkie-talkie as her deckhands kept asking her for advice. The fact that the bosun ignored Captain Sandy’s warnings and continued to act in an unprofessional manner astounded the viewers.

    Raygan was told to put more effort into her duties by Captain Sandy Yawn at the start of Below Deck Mediterranean Episode 4 of Season 7. Raygan promised the captain that she would work harder and refrain from making excuses for her. Raygan admitted that she thought her position was in jeopardy, although she was not seen making any decisions.

    At several points throughout the episode, her deckhands were left in the dark without a leader to turn to for guidance. Storm Smith stepped over and ran the show while she was away. However, when Sandy asked Raygan to watch the stern and direct her while she moored her yacht in the marina, things went awry. The captain struck a mooring buoy as a result of the bosun miscalculating the distance after bragging about her stern-watching skills. Sandy was enraged even though there was no harm.

    Fans of Below Deck Mediterranean empathised with Sandy’s feelings. They criticised Raygan online. After the mooring buoy incident, Captain Sandy Yawn, who was already irritated by Raygan’s lack of professionalism, started looking for a replacement bosun.

    According to the response, there aren’t any new bosuns available right now. Deckhand Storm was then called upon by Captain Sandy, who praised him for his leadership skills as he stepped in when necessary.

    The episode ended with Sandy phoning Raygan to her cabin, leaving viewers hanging. The captain’s demeanor suggested that the information she was about to provide wasn’t going to be good.

    Why was Ragyan Tyler fired from the deck by Caption Sandy?

    Why was Ragyan Tyler fired from the deck by Caption Sandy

    After causing the first onscreen collision in Below Deck history with Captain Sandy Yawn, Raygan found herself in hot water once more.Sandy had to port the superyacht early because of the bad weather, and she had to rely on her new bosun for navigation.

    Raygan assisted the skipper as the interior staff concentrated on the visitors, and somehow managed to mix three metres with zero metres.

    Sandy’s first mishap on the show occurred as a result of her error when the Home hit a buoy as it approached the port. The fact that the bosun was also seen enjoying a permitted snack break during the charter didn’t exactly assist her cause.

    Raygan’s poor navigation infuriated viewers of Below Deck, who wanted to see her return to land in upcoming episodes. Being late and inebriated at the beginning of the season caused Raygan to lose Sandy’s favour.

    Following the full turmoil during her time working on Home, Captain Sandy Yawn of the Below Deck Mediterranean let Raygan Tyler leave. She claimed that the prior charter’s docking was the tipping point.

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