When Is Secrets Of The Oligarch Wives (2022) Releasing?

    In the Paramount+ original documentary SECRETS OF THE OLIGARCH WIVES, the women partners of the oligarchs who installed President Vladimir Putin in power risk everything by disclosing the SECRETS OF remaining in the iron-willed dictator’s good graces and the price some have paid for speaking out. Starting on Tuesday, June 28, the 90-minute documentary will be streamed.

    The women create a terrible portrait of a spiteful, petty despot who was envious of their lifestyles, saw betrayal everywhere, forgave nothing, and settled all scores. They share tales of deceit, betrayal, and maybe murder. They endanger their own lives by doing this.

    “There are repercussions whenever you enter into a deal with the devil. Dealing with the evil side will eventually come back to haunt you “says Tatiana Fokina, whose lover Yevegny Chichvarkin had a net worth of more than $1.5 billion at one point.

    The oligarchs and other wealthy Russians have been shocked by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, placing them in the sights of the West. Even though they are exiles and have been excluded from the leader’s inner circle, their assets have been frozen and their properties have been taken.

    After the Soviet Union’s dissolution, a limited group of Russian businesspeople acquired control of significant businesses, which led to the rise of the oligarchs in the 1990s. Their extravagant fortune, which included multimillion dollar yachts, private jets, and sizable estates, was shared by their wives and companions. Because they thought President Vladimir Putin would be their puppet, the oligarchs felt invincible.

    According to Alexandra Tolstoy, whose spouse is tycoon Sergei Pugachev, who was formerly thought to be worth $2 billion, “Putin would much prefer to have been an oligarch than to have been president.”

    Up to his exile in London, Pugachev was referred to as Putin’s “banker.”

    Businessman and author Bill Browder claims that there is no distinction between Russian organised crime and the Russian government. Vladimir Putin is the Mafia boss, and the Russian government is essentially a criminal enterprise.

    In SECRETS OF THE OLIGARCH WIVES, these ladies speak the truth, even though doing so could put a target on their backs and make it hard for them to travel to see relatives in a nation ruled by a man who never forgives.

    Fokina declares, “Going to Russia now would be suicide for me, and I know what I’ve said will land me in jail.”

    See It Now Studios and BLINK FILMS are the producers of SECRETS OF THE OLIGARCH WIVES. Executive producers for Blink Films include David McNab, Laura Jones, and Justine Kershaw. The director of production is Lynsey Neale. The executive producers, supervising producer, and executive director for See It Now Studios are Aysu Saliba, Terence Wrong, Susan Zirinsky, and Adam Goldfried. The associate producers are Amy Gardner and Carlin Miller.

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    Where to Watch Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022)?

    Where to Watch Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022)

    Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022) will be premiering on Paramount+ on June 28, 2022. We do not recommend illegal streaming and always suggest paying for the content you like to watch.

    Is Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022) available on Amazon Prime?

    Amazon prime will not be streaming Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022). Additionally, several other films are streaming on Prime. Our recommendations are The Voyagers, It’s a Wonderful Life, Notting Hill, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    Is Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022) available on HBO Max?

    HBO Max will not be streaming Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022). However, HBO’s subscribers can enjoy its other popular streams like Euphoria, When Harry Met Sally and Promising Young Woman.

    Is Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022) available on Hulu?

    Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022) is not available on Hulu. The new release line-up additionally includes Pam and Tommy, How I Met Your Father, Abbott Elementary, and Vikings.

    Is Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022) available on Netflix?

    Secrets of the Oligarch Wives (2022) will not be available to stream on Netflix. However, other brilliant shows like The Power of The Dog, The Social Network, Tick, Tick, Boom, and much more are available.

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