Sister Midnight Predator Origin – Only Yautja To Weild Witchblade To Become Most Powerful Predator

    The female Yautjas are among the most formidable warriors ever, and in addition to having enormous bodies and exceptional talents, they are nearly as strong as, if not stronger than, their male counterparts.

    They are far from rash and are more methodical and cautious when making decisions. In this video, the life of Sister Midnight, a female Yautja, will be discussed as an example. As the plot of her comic book story develops, Sister Midnight discovers that she is eerily drawn to the power of the Witchblade.

    She appears in the crossover comic for Witchblade, Aliens, Darkness, and Predator: Mindhunter, where she can defeat a Darkalien but ultimately meets an honorable end. We still do not know a lot of things about this Predator. This film, however, explores her role in the comics as well as her abilities, gear, and precisely why she is so deadly. Shall we get started?

    Sister Midnight Backstory Explored

    Sister Midnight Backstory Explored

    Sister Midnight is one of the female Yautjas best known for her appearance in the Mindhunter comic crossover. She is the most honourable hunter you will ever come across, as she would go to great lengths to find and fight her prey. Let’s dive into the comic issues featuring Sister Midnight.

    We begin with Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator: Mindhunter Issue 1, the first issue of a three-part series, which is a comic crossover between Top Cow and Dark Horse. The comic begins with Sara Pezzini, a detective at the New York Police Department and currently at the Plaza, wearing her best dress as she dances away with a man on New Year’s Eve.

    She is there on a mission, waiting for her date to incriminate himself as she puts on the best show possible, but as the clock strikes midnight, Sara gets light-headed and pretends to faint, which prompts her date, Pellegrini, to escort her upstairs. Soon after, they’re clinking their glasses together as they drink prosecco.

    At the same time, Pellegrini begins to cough up and excuse himself, which is when Jackie Estacado intervenes. Sara and Jackie are both after Pellegrini as they fight amongst themselves, but when Pellegrini hears the conversation between them, he comes out to confront them. Things don’t go as planned when a chestbuster bursts through Pellegrini’s chest and escapes, shocking everyone in the room.

    As the chestbuster escapes and makes its way to Central Park, Jackie and Sara follow it, bickering the whole way about everything that has transpired. When the two find more people dead, they realise that this has the involvement of predators written all over it, and Sara points out that something about the world doesn’t seem right at that moment. Sara also mentions that the escaped predator is a ‘she’, leaving Jackie even more confused than he was.

    Jackie confesses that he also felt like things were off because he didn’t even remember taking up the Pellegrini job, to begin with. Just then, both of them are sucked into space, and a hologram of a masked person appears, and Sara takes a minute but soon enough recognises the voice and arrogance to belong to Kenneth Irons.

    Now, Jackie and Sara are transported to an alternate future where Xenomorphs run all over the Earth and have managed to enslave humanity. Kenneth Irons reveals that he is from the future, and although Sara believes this is a lie, he admits that everything and everyone was gambled in the future, and Sara loses everything.

    As we move to the second issue of this series, Sara and Jackie are still stuck in Kenneth’s nightmare world, which is being run by Xenomorphs. Still, Sara is convinced that these are all mind games, Kenneth is making them see things, and none is actually happening.

    They can barely hold a conversation when facehuggers attack the two, and Kenneth begins to explain the plight of Earth and how it is all Sara’s fault. Before Sara can respond, she and Jackie are overwhelmed by these facehuggers. Elsewhere, Predators are trying to make their way inside Kenneth’s ship but are brutally killed by the strong defences, and the only one to survive this is Sister Midnight.

    However, she is terribly injured in the process. Back on the ship, Kenneth asks Sara and Jackie to open their eyes, telling them that the nightmare is over, or at least one of the nightmares is over. Kenneth explains that he is returning their minds, and their bodies will soon follow and catch up, although the process can be a little painful. We also see that Kenneth realises that his ship was attacked and had to defend itself, and things are about to get interesting from here on.

    Now that Jackie and Sara have returned to their normal state and realise that they have been trapped inside a simulation, their first instinct is to escape, which is when they are confronted by Sister Midnight. Sara tries her best to convince Sister Midnight that they are all on the same side and would be stronger if they worked together, increasing their chances of escaping from this ship.

    Sister Midnight was more focused on Sara’s Witchblade the whole time before she leapt off. Now, Jackie and Sara are attacked by Xenomorphs and realise that maybe Kenneth wasn’t lying about the entire thing. Meanwhile, outside the ship and in space, Jackie and Sara fight off the Xenomorphs and make their way back into the ship. Sara then threatens to destroy the entire ship if Kenneth doesn’t meet them, which is when he reveals that he isn’t even on the ship to begin with, and activates the ship’s self-destruction mode. 

    Now, Jackie and Sara try to make their way to the shuttle in hopes of escaping but are attacked by Xenomorphs, and in the process, Jackie loses his powers. This is when Sister Midnight returns, and she and Sara and Jackie make their way into the shuttle just before the ship explodes. Sara is convinced that Sister Midnight is trying to hurt her, but Jackie calms Sara down, explaining that Sara isn’t Sister Midnight’s target. Instead, it is a hybrid between a Xenomorph and a Darkalien stuck in the shuttle with them.

    As the third and final issue of the comic begins, we witness Sara and Jackie discussing just how ferocious this creature can be, because it is a hybrid. They try their best to fight this Darkalien, and Sara manages to split it in half, but it barely takes time to heal itself as it spurts acidic blood all over them. Meanwhile, Sister Midnight, who still has her eye on the Witchblade, decides to make herself invisible, leaving Jackie and Sara to fend for themselves.

    As soon as the Darkalien confronts Jackie, he manages to push it out of the shuttle, and despite its efforts to get back inside, it is unable to do so, and soon enough, the Darkalien is destroyed by the sunlight. Jackie and Sara feel like they can finally take a breather and make their way home, but there is no peace for this duo as they are attacked by Sister Midnight. Although, Sister Midnight has very little to do with Jackie as her main focus remains on Sara and the Witchblade.

    Once again, Sara tries to talk to Sister Midnight to reason with her so that she doesn’t accidentally destroy the entire shuttle they were in with the help of her plasma caster. But Sister Midnight isn’t one to reason with as she pulls out her sword, and the two engage in a fight. However, Jackie gets a hold of the plasma caster and threatens Sister Midnight, who decides to become invisible at this moment, using it to her advantage.

    Jackie and Sara figure this might be their chance to escape again, free themselves from Irons and return to where they belong. Jackie gains his powers again, but before the two can escape, the Darkalien returns and attacks Jackie while he urges Sara to run away and escape.

    The person who saves Sara at this very moment is none other than Sister Midnight. Sister Midnight manages to kill the Darkalien with the help of the Witchblade, sustaining several injuries in the process and having done the best she could. Sister Midnight returns the Witchblade and soon succumbs to her death, making Sara ponder over the bond she felt with her. Jackie and Sara do their best to honour Sister Midnight by activating the self-destruction on her gauntlet and sending her into space as they watch her explode.

    What Makes Sister Midnight So Deadly?

    What Makes Sister Midnight So Deadly

    As Sara mentioned in the comics, Sister Midnight was a great hunter, but she was so much more beyond that too, and incredibly deadly. Since Sister Midnight was a Yautja, much like the others, she was highly resilient to physical damage and possessed the ability to recover from injuries like gunshot wounds and other things which would generally be fatal to a human. She was also resilient toward viruses and bacteria.

    Still, none of this meant that she wasn’t vulnerable or had immortality of any kind, as we witness in the third issue of the comic. Sister Midnight also possessed superhuman strength, and the fact that she could kill the Darkalien and briefly fight Sara proves this further.

    Despite these abilities, her main strength and skill came from the equipment she carried with her. Firstly, the cloak helped her camouflage and empowered her with a form of invisibility that was valuable time and again. However, this cloaking device isn’t always the option as it has also been known to fail, rendering it useless sometimes.  This predator also had a bio-mask, which contains systems to enhance their thermal vision and provide additional vision modes in other electromagnetic spectra, ranging from night vision to ultraviolet and sometimes, even vibration scanning.

    Beyond this, it records anything and everything the predator sees and hears. Sister Midnight also wore a wrist gauntlet that held the ability to self-destruct, which Jackie and Sara used after she died before they let her go into space. Sister Midnight also carried a plasma caster and energy sword with her. Both were used during her time on Irons’ ship. Although we see different sides of Sister Midnight in this comic, some of which we can get on board with, there is no denying that she is a lethal predator while also carrying herself with grace and honour, which is rare.

    It is a shame that Sister Midnight’s character was so short-lived in this crossover comic, but if there’s one conclusion that can be drawn, it is the fact that neither Jack nor Sara would have survived without the help of Sister Midnight. Although we don’t witness her talk, we know she has a mind of her own and was connected to Sara through a bond while also wielding the Witchblade, which deserves an honourable mention.

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