Top 10 Spider-Man: The Animated Series Episodes

    The 1990s were the best decade to grow up in. Not only did you have famous hangout spots like Blockbuster and KB Toys every week, but you also had the beginning of one of animation’s greatest renaissances. While everyone thinks of Disney movies when they think of this, television deserves a special note.

    Hand-drawn animation had become affordable enough that cartoons could be created year after year, and there was something about the way characters were done that made them look photorealistic people.

    One of the most popular series at this time was Spider-Man: The Animated Series. It aimed to adapt certain themes while appealing to both youngsters and adults, using a beautiful cell-shaded art style that resembled comics at the time.

    The end product was five great seasons with a total of 65 episodes. We thought we’d take a look at 13 of these entries that we think are the best of the best, in no particular order, here at Marvelous. Please consider subscribing to Marvelous for more content if you enjoyed the video. 

    Night of the Lizard

    Night of the Lizard

    You can’t talk about Spider-Man the Animated Series without mentioning Night of the Lizard, the first episode. The scenario here revolves around the appearance of the Lizard, a psychotic supervillain who has been kidnapping sewer maintenance workers, as the title suggests.

    While most pilots begin with exposition, Night of the Lizard opened with an action beat—a car careening out of control. Spider-Man arrives just in time to save the driver, who had been warned of a lizard-like creature. While Spidey dismisses the stories, the Daily Bugle, where he works, actually believes them.

    Parker quickly begins investigating the sewers after editor-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson offers a $1000 bonus to whoever takes the first photos of the creature. He finds huge footsteps there, which he wants his professor, Dr. Connors, to examine.

    Parker is joined by his fellow classmate Debra Whitman. Upon entering the building, Parker’s spider sense goes off, and the danger is quickly revealed: the Lizard that’s been terrorizing the city.

    He escapes, and a flashback to a prior scientific experiment conducted by Parker and Connors reveals the origins of this predicament the two had developed a serum derived from reptiles that could restore severed limbs. Parker theorizes that this Lizard kidnapped the professor.

    As Spider-Man, Peter heads to the home of Connors’s family, where he rightly predicts that the Lizard will be. Upon fighting him, Parker discovers that the Lizard is actually Connors, his wife disclosing that Connors tried the serum on himself.

    Connors takes his wife and flees to the sewers, with Spider-Man in full pursuit. There, he frees the kidnapped workers and confronts the Lizard one more time, who plans on using a newly-constructed laser to transform the rest of humanity into reptile-humanoids.

    Spidey uses the technology to turn the Lizard back into Connors after an epic struggle beneath the sewer waters. Connors returns to his family, and Parker offers the reward to Aunt May, who berates Peter for endangering his life. Overall, a strong start to what promises to be a terrific concert.

    Chapter IV: The Mutant Agenda

    Chapter IV The Mutant Agenda

    Season-long arcs were incorporated by Spider-writers, Man’s which was a first. While many people credit Gargoyles, Justice League, and Avatar with pioneering serialised storytelling in children’s cartoons, Spider-Man the Animated Series came first, and it deserves credit for it.

    One of the best had Peter going through a quick mutation. Spidey’s powers faded during a confrontation with the newly formed Sinister 6 at the beginning of Season 2. A checkup with Dr. Connors indicated that something was wrong with his DNA, and it was only getting worse.

    Coming from a scientific background, Peter decides that the only person who can help him is a scientist who specializes in genetics mutations: that individual being none other than Professor Charles Xavier.

    Yes, fans of X-Men: the Animated Series got to see the first official crossover between the two shows, and here’s a fun fact- the producers even flew in all the original voice actors to play their specific character!

    The writers wasted no time debuting the iconic superhero team. Right from the start, Spider-Man attempts to sneak into the X-Mansion, only to accidentally trip the security and get brought down into the facility, where everyone from Cyclops to Rogue awaits.

    Surprised by their appearance, Spidey refuses to disclose the reason for his presence, causing Wolverine to threaten to disembowel him. In response, the web slinger breaks free and attempts to escape the institute, but ends up in the Danger Room where a Sentinel simulation is going on.

    Professor X appears before the two sides can continue fighting in order to stop the programme. When Spider-Man describes what’s going on and asks for a cure, Xavier replies that he doesn’t produce remedies and instead focuses on assisting mutants in dealing with their problems.Parker walks away, frustrated, only to be followed by Beast, who tells him of another scientist named Herbert Landon.

    Hien Biggerst is a scientist who is said to be working on a cure for mutations. Unbeknownstto both of them, Landon was collaborating with the Kingpinto develop an army of mutants, though fears over his technology being stolen have lead him to consider double-crossing Fisk.

    After going their separate ways, Beast is assaulted and kidnapped by mysterious security guards. His disappearance is not lost on Wolverine, who tracks his scent down to the area where he and Spider-Man talked: putting two and two together, Wolverine suspects that the webslinger has something to do with Beast  being taken.

    Parker attends a Landon-hosted convention later that day in the hopes of learning whether Landon’s study has yielded fruit. Unfortunately, the Hobgoblin interrupts the lecture. HienBiggerstaff Landon is being blackmailed by HienBiggerstaff13:12, who is seeking to collect money from him for his hidden betrayal of the Kingpin. A struggle breaks out between Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin, ending in the collapse of the structure, but not before everyone is rescued.

    Spider-Man sneaks into Landon’s corporation building to figure out why the Hobgoblin was after him. Inside, it’s revealed that Landon was the one who had ordered Beast’s kidnapping- the two used to work together as friends before McCoy succumbed to his mutation. Landon used Beast’s failure to develop what he believes to be a permanent cure for the X-gene and other mutations, which he plans to test on the blue-furred mutant first!

    Spider-Man is accosted by the Hobgoblin, who pulls him to another part of the city before the webhead has a chance to investigate further. Wolverine, who has finally tracked down Spider-Man and is, looking for answers about Beast’s abduction, interrupts their fight. As the two prepare to combat, the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

    Spider-Man’s mutation would go on to stretch for another four episodes and culminate in many things, including Peter transforming into a giant man-spider! But this episode was the first time we got to see the X-Men appear in Spider-Man’s world, and it was a comic book fan’s dream! 



     The X-Men weren’t the only superheroes to guest star in Spider-Man: the Animated Series. Long before Ben Affleck and Charlie Cox donned the esteemed red and black suit, Daredevil and his alter ego Matt Murdock appeared in the third season episode “Framed”, voiced by actor Edward Albert.

    The first scene of this entry was shocking: Peter Parker was sentenced to prison for treason. The officers are ambushed by a group of armed helicopters led by Spider-Man as he is being carried away in a police caravan! This imposter kidnaps Peter, who explains how he came to be in this situation.

    It all began when Peter was offered a job by Richard and Wilson Fisk. Beyond excited to be working with a famed philanthropist, Peter immediately accepts it and uses the increased paycheck to finally quit working at the Daily Bugle.

    Everything appears to be going swimmingly until Peter is accosted by a gang of armed men while purchasing a hot dog. Even though he tries to flee, these people apprehend him at Aunt May’s house, claiming to be federal investigators in search of a disc Peter obtained from one of Fisk’s computers.

    Susan, the top agent, points out that the contents are classified military blueprints, despite the fact that he thinks it’s merely diagnostic data. Parker is astonished to find out that he has been assigned a lawyer, blind attorney Matt Murdock, who intends to prove his innocence.

    Back in the present day, Parker is taken to a secret hideout where he is met by Richard Fisk. Fisk divulges that he indeed made Parker the fall guy for his own crimes, and that, thanks to the Chameleon, Spider-Man has also been successfully framed.

    Parker is then locked in a vacuum-sealed room that is gradually losing its air supply. Daredevil comes just as he begins to suffocate, knocking out all of the goons and rescuing him. He informs Peter that he has been sent by Murdock and takes him to Murdock’s flat to wait out the heat.

    Murdock shows his sympathy for Parker by revealing that his own father was assassinated by the Kingpin after attempting to expose the latter’s illegal chemical smuggling. He expresses his thoughts that Wilson Fisk is a mobster’s stooge. While Parker slips away, Murdock tells his own origin story of how he became Daredevil after an accident and how he knows Fisk is the Kingpin.

    Parker returns to his apartment to retrieve his Spider-Man costume, then heads to one of Fisk’s company buildings to find evidence that will clear his name. Hacking into one of the computers there, Spider-Man is attacked by Daredevil, who believes him to be working with Richard Fisk to set up Peter.

    Before their fight can finish, security assault the two and set up an explosion that blows up the entire room. The fate of Spider-Man and Daredevil is left on a brilliant cliffhanger that is resolved in the follow-up “The Man Without Fear”.

    “The Alien Costume : Part 2”

    The Alien Costume Part 2

    The writing team for Spider-Man made the unique decision to bring in famous Spidey foe Venom in just the first season. But, unlike in the Sony films, you can’t have Venom without first completing the symbiote link, and that’s exactly what happened.

    Astronaut John Jameson and his colleague travel to an astronomical body in the first of a three-part plot to extract a new elemental isotope dubbed Promethium-X. Unbeknownst to them, just before they return to Earth, a gooey black material attaches itself to their rocket, leading them to crash land on a bridge.

    Whether you’re a fan of the comics or movies you probably know what happens next- this thing is actually an alien symbiote that enhances Peter’s powers at the cost of his moral code. From standing-up to Flash Thompson to almost killing Rhino, Peter dramatically changes.

    Yet, it’s the second part that fans no doubt recall the most due to it featuring a near-deranged Spider-Man! It opens up with Spider-Man brawling with officers of the New York Police Department. While easily overpowering them, the use of a special sonic weapon temporarily gets the better of Peter before the costume pulls them to safety.

    Parker goes to The Daily Bugle, frustrated that the city is against him, to threaten reporter Eddie Brock and editor-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson over their libel. However, before anything significant happens, Jameson inadvertently informs the cops, forcing Peter to retreat once more.

    He travels to Dr. Connors to have the new suit tested after determining that it is the source of his increasing anger. Connors realises that Peter is being used as a host by an extraterrestrial life form. Peter leaves too soon, despite Connors’ warnings to get rid of it.

    Elsewhere, Jameson fires Brock after discovering that the latter framed Spidey for the Rhino’s crimes. Brock returns to his apartment disheartened, only to be assaulted by the Shocker, who wants him to turnover the photos he took of the rocket crash site due to them implicating the Kingpin.

    Spider-Man follows Shocker back to the Kingpin’s hideout, where he steals the Promethium-X. In response, Shocker kidnaps John Jameson to ransom him for the element. A standoff ensues during the tradeoff wherein Spidey and Shocker battle to the extreme- here we get some of the webslinger’s best lines, such as play audio “Shocker you can’t escape me I’ll chase you to the ends of the Earth!”

    When the symbiote almost kills the quilt-adorned villain, Peter realizes Connors was right and that he has to get rid of it. With the aid of a nearby giant bell, Peter free himself of the symbiote…only for it to attach to a trapped Eddie Brock below.

    Secret Wars: Arrival

    Secret Wars Arrival

    Marvel published a 12-issue crossover event called Secret Wars in the mid-80s. During the course of a year, a multiversal creature known as the Beyonderarrange waged a huge battle between representatives of what he considers to be “good” and “evil.”

    It was a classic bit of storytelling that brought us Spider-black Man’s suit, which would later become the villain Venom, among other things.

    Well, surprisingly, Spider-Man the Animated Series took a swing at adapting Secret Wars in its fifth season, and the first chapter set the stage for what would be a quality piece of work. It begins with Madame Web transporting Spider-Man to a plane of existence where he is greeted by the Beyonder.

    Much like the comic, he is interested in seeing a great battle between good and evil, set over a peaceful planet titled Battleworld. Despite Spider-Man’s pleas, the Beyonder unleashes a group of supervillains onto this utopia, including: Doctor Octopus, Dr. Doom, Alistair Smythe, the Lizard, and Red Skull. After a year, Battleworld has become a hellscape, and it is up to Spidey to lead a team against the evil axis.

    Parker is transported to a cosmic laboratory where he may summon any superhero he desires in a split second. Parker summons the Fantastic Four and Captain America to fight Doom and Red Skull, while Iron Man and Storm from the X-Men fill the last two places.

    As one might expect, being transferred from Earth to some random location in space produces panic and paranoia among the potential heroes, who then attack each other. The Lizard breaks in and attacks Spider-Man before he can restore order, but the other heroes manage to knock Connors out.

    Spider-Man attempts to explain what is going on, but some of the folks, particularly Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm of the Fantastic 4, find his lack of answers about everything too inconvenient and start another skirmish, allowing the Lizard to escape.

    A pursuit begins which stops when the team is confronted by a pack of giant Tremors-esque worms that shoot lasers out of their eyes!

    Despite a valiant stand, the eight (along with Lizard) are forced back into the lab where Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic conclude that the worms were created by the original inhabitants of Battleworld as a final defense against the invading supervillains. While Invisible Woman protects the building with her force field, the others reactivate the lab’s security systems.

    After Reed restores Dr. Connor’s brain inside the Lizard body, Spider-Man gathers everyone who agree to work together to stop the Beyonder, finally creating an uneasy alliance amongst each other.Elsewhere, the Beyonder is optimistic over this “promising start” but states that “there is still much to be done.”

    Back in the hall of fame, Connors consoles Peter about his reservations about leading this band of soldiers. Spider-Man, energised by the Doctor’s remarks, exposes a tape recorder and informs him of his intention to capture the struggle so that it does not stay “a secret war.” You can bet we were all excited to see what would happen next.

    Enter the Green Goblin

    Enter the Green Goblin

    Norman Osborn is a fictional character. Green Goblin is often regarded as Spider-archenemy, Man’s and rightly so: given the numerous horrific things he’s done to Spidey in the comics, he stands out as a really terrible character.

    Osborn made his animated series début as the Head of Oscorp and a Kingpin affiliate in the first season, but his villainous identity didn’t appear until the third season’s Enter the Green Goblin.

    Oscorp is under fire for producing a hazardous chemical gas, according to a press statement. Fisk blackmails Osborn into continuing the research despite bad press and fears of being fired by his own firm, threatening to destroy his family if he doesn’t.

    With no other choice, Osborn tries to speed up the project, resulting in an explosion that destroys the facility. Despite the efforts of Spider-Man, Osborn is nowhere to be found and presumed dead.

    Harry is named to the Oscorp Board, wherein he accuses the other members of betraying his dad and driving him to his destruction. In light of the fact that no body was recovered, Fisk suggests holding off the naming of a new CEO until later. Elsewhere, he orders Osborn’s assistant to finish the gas experiment.

    Later, an unknown stranger kidnaps one of the board members, then tries to kidnap Jonah Jameson as well. The person is pursued by Spider-Man, who assumes it is the Hobgoblin because to the enormous glider, but a battle exposes him to be a new villain known as the Green Goblin. Spidey’s web shooters are crushed by this Goblin, who flees with Jonah.

    Because the Green Hobgoblin received his weapons and glider from Oscorp, Spider-Man suspects the Green Hobgoblin is doing the same and examines the building, where he finds Harry upset. Spider-Man suspects Harry is the Green Goblin because he leaves about the same time.

    After learning from police detective Terri Lee that the Goblin is abducting Oscorp’s Board of Directors, Spider-Man heads to the home of Felicia Hardy due to her mom, Anastasia, being a part of it. Unfortunately, the Goblin is already there, and after a brief scuffle, escapes with Anastasia. Later, Fisk himself is captured.

    Mary Jane expresses her frustration over Harry’s lack of communication to Peter, and decides to explore the destroyed building where Norman allegedly died. However, the Goblin finds her and takes her to his hideout where he traps her alongside the others. There, the Goblin states that justice will be served to the Board Members for how they mistreated Norman in his life.

    Spider-Man comes, rescues the victims, and battles the Goblin, whose pumpkin bombs force the building to flood, thanks to a tracking device he implanted in MJ. With the Goblin buried beneath falling debris, Spider-Man unmasks him, revealing his true identity as Norman Osborn, who was gifted superhuman abilities at the cost of his sanity by the gas explosion. Norman is rendered comatose after the goblin serum runs out. As the place goes underwater, Spider-Man is rescued by Harry, who uncovered a subterranean subway tunnel that he theorizes his dad would have used to survive. To spare him the truth, Spider-Man claims the Green Goblin was holding Norman hostage.

    At a press release, Osborn claims that Oscorp will no longer be involved in the chemical warfare business and that Harry will be joining him in managing the company. The episode ends on a nice note with Felicia thanking Spider-Man for saving her mom with a kiss.

    Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange

    It should come as no surprise that we enjoyed episodes in which other Marvel superheroes were introduced, and the third season kicked out with yet another of these, this time the sorcerer. supreme he is Doctor Strange is a fictional character created by Stephen King.

    Spider-Man is shown pursuing a floating Mary Jane. An immediate flashback showcases that MJ was kidnapped after she went to meet a man claiming to be her estranged father. With Parker feeling guilty over not telling anyone else about this, he escapes into the city to try and find her where he sees the aforementioned floating cabal.

    They head to a building housing a magical wand and assault its occupant, Wong. Spider-Man attempts to intervene, but the magical powers possessed by MJ and her cohorts are too much for him.

    Luckily, Doctor Strange appears, forcing the attackers to flee. Spider-Man pursues them to a mansion, but a magick barrier prevents him from going any further. Inside, the evil sorcerer Mordo praises his acolytes, only to get a vicious scolding from the interdimensional being Dormammu for failing to get the wand.

    Back at the Sanctum Sanctorrum , Strange tells Wong he suspects Mordo to be behind the attack, having seen his darkside when they were students under the Ancient One.

    Peter goes undercover at the Center for Reunification after learning that Mordo is hiding his operations behind a charter called the Center for Reunification, only to be caught and indoctrinated by Mordo. He organises a second assault on Strange’s compound, and despite Mordo’s enchantment being removed, the wand is captured.

    Spider-Man returns to the Center, this time with the Doctor and Wong, to intervene in Mordo’s ceremony. While Strange fights the black magician, Spider-Man visits Dormammu’s dimension, where he turns into a massive purple dragon.

    Defeating Mordo, Strange follows Spider-Man, and the two escape. In the real world, Mary Jane is still brainwashed. Strange tries to help her see the truth about her father, however Dormammu grabs her and takes her to his plane of existence, attempting to trick her into becoming his vessel to enter Earth. Thankfully, Mary Jane rejects his offer, allowing Strange to pull her back and seal the portal for good.

    The two wizards part ways, and Spider-Man returns MJ to her home. Strange realises that someone is observing him at the end of the episode, and that person is none other than Madame Web!

    While Dormammu and Mordo will return in later episodes, this would be the final appearance of the Master of the Mystic Arts.

    Turning Point

    Turning Point

    Gwen Stacy  is a beloved Spider-Man character who, oddly, never made an appearance in the 90s show until the very end. It seemed strange, given Peter’s multiple love interests on the show, including Liz Allan, Debra Whitman, and Felicia Hardy(), yet the decision supposedly had to do with Stacy’s tragic fate in the comics.

    That being said, the writers did manage to do a loose adaptation of the infamous “Night Gwen Stacy Died” storyline. In the season finale of season 3, titled Turning Point, Spider-Man decides he wants to stop helping Madame Web due to him and Mary Jane loving each other. Web grants this wish, but not before warning him about facing a monster with two heads in the near future.

    In another scene, the Green Goblin, who was resurrected in Norman Osborn in the last episode, miniaturises a gadget called the Time Dilation Accelerator, which allows him to build dimensional portals. The Goblin decides to end Spider-life Man’s because he is the only one who knows they are the same.

    Using the Accelerator, the Goblin manages to spy on Spider-Man and discover his secret identity. While the Norman side pleads that Parker is Harry’s best friend, the Goblin half convinces him that Parker was merely using Harry to get to Norman.

    Mary Jane reveals that the two of them have been invited to Harry’s birthday celebration during a dinner date. The two go out the next night, only for Harry to confess that Peter was only invited at his father’s request, raising Pete’s suspicions.

    When Osborn acts strangely out of character, he makes sly references to the secrets the two of them share. When Peter realises the truth, he creates a distraction that sends everyone out of the manor. Unfortunately, the Goblin has the upper hand in their fight due to Peter’s lack of webshooters, tying him up and dragging him through the skies in a clear reference to John Romita SrThe .’s Amazing Spider-Man #39.

    Peter manages to get his webshooters on and turns the tables, causing the Goblin to rethink his approach and go after Aunt May. After seeing her asleep, however, the Goblin decides to switch gears and target Mary Jane. With the time dilation accelerator, he is able to kidnap MJ and take her to the Brooklyn Bridge. There, Spidey and Osborn engage in a brutal fight, which results in Mary Jane and Osborn being teleported away by the device.

    Distraught, Spider-Man calls on Madam Web and asks her to bring back MJ. However, Web refuses, claiming she can’t due to Peter deciding to do things on his own. Infuriated, Parker demands her to never call on him again, a promise she obliges to keep until the “ultimate battle” emerges.

    Peter is returned to the bridge, where he mulls over how he failed MJ, who is no longer with us. MJ is seen floating around in a distant-less spiral of space fog in another scene. While not identical to Gwen Stacy’s death, the fact that she never appeared again in the series was the closest the producers could get while still adhering to censorship standards.



    There’s a reason you don’t see Kasady in much Spider-Man media: he’s a completely deranged sociopath. Giving a serial killer the powers of a symbiote was a stroke of mad genius by David Michelinie and Erik Larsen, yet it limited his adaptation potential given PG/PG-13 rating guidelines.

    Despite the censors, the producers of the 90s cartoon brought him into show. In the third season, Dormammu, attempting to get back into the real world again, orchestrates the merging of the symbiotes with their hosts: Venom for Eddie Brock and Carnage for Kasady. The plan is successful, and in return, the two are obliged to steal a device for thesupervillain’s lackey Mordo.

    Carnage gains the upper hand and successfully captures the machine, which is revealed to be an interdimensional portal maker, while Spider-Man and War Machine defeat Venom. Dormammu, back at Mordo’s lair, tells Carnage that he requires a particular number of life forms to give him the energy he needs to travel to Earth.

    Kasady embarks on a “killing” spree inside the limitations of TV regulations, consuming the energy of a large number of New Yorkers. When Spider-Man tries to stop him, Kasady effortlessly defeats him. Carnage, fortunately for Spider-Man, reaches his full soul capacity, preventing him from draining him.

    At the Daily Bugle, Jonah gets into an argument with entrepreneur Tony Stark, whose company was making the device in question. Venom breaks in and attacks, wanting revenge on Jonah and Peter. The efforts of Spider-Man and Iron Man are able to stop him, but not before he retreats with Dr. Ashley Kafka, who was treating him when he was a patient of hers.

    Madame Web contacts Spider-Man, revealing that Venom can be a potential ally due to his love of Ashley. Ashley convinces Eddie to go to Dr. Connors, who successfully separates the symbiote from him.

    Kasady assaults Detective Lee in another scene. Spider-Man appears, and the two engage in combat, with Spider-Man losing yet again. Ashley arrives just as Kasady’s life energy is about to be drained, in an attempt to help Kasady in the same way she helped Brock. Kasady, on the other hand, uses the chance to steal her energy.

    Spider-Man goes to Brock for help in tracking down Carnage. Angered over what happened to Ashley, Brock rebonds with the symbiote and leads Spidey and Iron Man to Mordo’s new lair. A major brawl ensues, during which Carnage successfully unleashes Dormammu.

    Thinking fast, Spider-Man reverses the polarity of the portal gun, dragging the spellcaster back to his zone and freeing the souls that were taken. Carnage is sucked as well, but not before attempting to kidnap Ashley. Venom assaults Kasady, telling Ashley that he would always love her as the two symbiotes are pulled apart, not wanting this to happen.

    Finally, Spider-Man is visited by Madame Web, who warns him that he will have to make a significant sacrifice in the future.

    The Return of Hydro-Man

    The Return of Hydro-Man

    Remember how we stated Mary Jane would never return in the series? That was a smidgeon of a falsehood. In the fourth season, she reappeared unexpectedly, and despite the lack of explanation, Peter enthusiastically accepted and married her.

    Unfortunately, that joy wasn’t going to last. In the fifth season, Morris Bench aka Hydro-Man reappeared and kidnapped MJ during her and Peter’s honeymoon. Aided by Black Cat, Peter eventually faced off against Bench in a factory where Bench got the upper hand. However, Spidey was saved at the last minute by MJ, who suddenly had the powers of hydrokinesis.

    We’ll obtain our answers in the second part. After exiting the facility, Peter and Black Cat split up, while MJ informs the authorities about the presence of Hydro-Man. Peter and MJ go to Dr. Connors to figure out what’s wrong with her, and he puts her under hypnosis to figure out her true origin story.

    Mary Jane experiences a nightmare in which she imagines being hunted by a big clown and being forced to walk the plank of a pirate ship, among other things. Connors is hoping that these photographs would aid her in remembering what happened.

    Elsewhere, Bench meets with the mysterious Dr. Miles Warren and informs him that he’s having trouble reshaping himself. Warren warns Bench about over-exerting until he can run more tests, but Bench refuses, citing the need to steal Mary Jane from Peter Parker.

    Bench assaults MJ and Peter on a bridge, successfully submerging and escaping the former. Peter determines that the sights from her dream must contain clues as to where Bench brought her, the pirate ship being a local theme restaurant, because he has no other way of finding her.

    At the restaurant, the conciergetells Peter how a soaked MJ walked in asking for help, and when he tried to give her a coat, she vanished north. Continuing on the trail, Spider-Man finds a toy shop with a killer robot inside. Its laser blasts unintentionally unveil a secret underground area that takes Spidey to the Green Goblin lair that had been previously destroyed.

    Inside, MJ recognises the location but refuses to accompany Morrie. Miles Warren appears after another confrontation between him and Spidey. He is recognised by Spider-Man as a discredited academic who has been excluded from government employment due to unethical cloning research.

    Warren verifies this after being compelled to continue his efforts in the shadows. He explains how he cloned the first Hydro-Man thanks to Bench’s unique DNA in a much-needed moment of exposition.

    This Bench replica, on the other hand, desired a Mary Jane, prompting Warren to combine MJ’s DNA with Bench’s. Unfortunately, this clone inherited her counterpart’s memories and love for Peter Parker, and proceeded on a search for him.

    In a tragic twist, Warren claims that both clones are deteriorating. Enraged, Bench destroys the lab, accelerating his demise and allowing Warren to escape. MJ evaporates too, but not before telling Peter that she loved him. Spider-Man yells in anguish before escaping.

    Atop the Brooklyn Bridge, Spidey is met again by Madame Web, who tells him that she knows where MJ is and that she will help him find her if he fights for her in an upcoming great battle.

    Sixth season?

    Sixth season

    With the number of cliffhangers present throughout the series, it’s no secret that there were plans for a sixth season that sadly never came to fruition. However, the next best thing allegedly happened- writer John Semper, Jr. gave a copy of a script of the planned sixth season. It’s title? “Peter Finds Mary Jane.”

    We’ll provide a link to it in the description box, but suffice it to say, it lived up to the hype of a three-season investigation. All of this being stated, we strongly advise you to use this rumoured season 6 screenplay with caution for various reasons: It was put on a blog site rather than a trade, had Carnage slicing someone’s throat—an action that any writer of the show would’ve known would be censored—and discussed the appearance of Spider-Gwen, a character who didn’t even exist until 2015.

    Still, if even a part of it was true, we would have been more than satisfied.

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