15 Ultra-Gory And Blood-Splattered Slasher Movies Of 21st Century That Kept The Genre Alive!

    The mid-70s and early-80s are largely regarded as the slasher film’s golden age. Slasher films were a popular sub-genre of horror films during this time period, thanks to monstrosities like Michael Myers and Leatherface. When we think of a typical, blood-splattered slasher film, we think of a maniac or a paranormal entity murdering innocent people.

    There is enough of graphic violence and gore, and even the predictable nature of the films is entertaining. Nothing satisfies the audience more than ingesting heinous, unfathomable criminality in a beautifully packaged story.

    Despite the fact that the golden age has passed, the slasher genre continues to thrive today. We’ve had several unique slasher flicks that maintained up with the tradition of the bygone period thanks to the 21st century’s amazingly original notions. We’ve included some of the best modern horror options in this video, and it’s up to you to find out where the line between loving the horror and turning away in dread is for you.

    The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

    The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

    Leon is an aspiring photographer who wants to make it big in the industry. He is urged to make certain alterations to his work after his meeting with a well-known art gallery owner. He chooses to photograph the city’s dark underbelly at night and goes about seeking for suitable locations. He saves a young girl who is being assaulted by a gang in a subway station one night. The next morning he is shocked to find that she has gone missing.

    His complaints to the police are met with a cold response, and Leon slowly becomes obsessed with the mystery. In the course of his daily travels, Leon also observes a strange character – a butcher named Mahogany. He takes the train each night, and Leon believes that the man might be the killer responsible for multiple missing persons around the town.

    He starts to stalk Mahogany, and some horrible secrets are revealed! It turns out that the late night commuters are being butchered in the most gruesome ways, and Mahogany is a part of a larger plan to appease a shocking entity living in the subway tunnels! What will become of Leon now that he knows a secret that is kept from the public?

    The film is highly recommended for fans of gory slasher films. We were captivated by the plot, which was further enhanced by the well-developed characters. It’s based on a short tale by Clive Barker, and the film’s general gloomy tone adds to the mood. Many of the events take place in unsettling locations, such as subway stations at night and slaughterhouses, and this enhances the eerie charm of the narrative.

    It would have been better if the makers could hold the suspense for a bit longer because early into the film, you get to know what Mahogany is up to. Yes, there is a shocking twist at the end, but the rest of the narrative is fairly predictable. However, that doesn’t take away from some of the most shocking death sequences that you will ever see. Bodies are sliced open, dismembered, and chopped neatly into pieces, and this movie is not for the squeamish.

    The movie strikes gold in terms of performances from the cast. The likes of Bradley Cooper and Vinnie Jones are terrific in their roles, and they make a straightforward story look mysterious. The Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura succeeds in bringing a claustrophobic feel to the movie and the dark and grim cinematography fits right into the ambiance. Overall, The Midnight Meat Train is intensely shocking, and the idea of a ruthless serial killer finding victims in the late-night subway ride is worth giving a try!

    The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

    The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

    This film is a remake of Wes Craven’s 1977 masterpiece, and it is even produced by him. The Carter family is celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary by vacationing together. The couple, their three children, their son-in-law, and their infant granddaughter make up the group.

    Apart from the couple, the others seem to think that traveling through the wilderness is a crazy idea. However, their fun trip takes a turn for worse when they listen to the advice of a sketchy gas station attendant about taking a short cut through the hills. This detour takes them right inside an area that is closed off by the US government after using it for nuclear testing.

    When their car breaks down, they soon realize that the entire charade might be an elaborate trap for them. They are not alone in the hills and a group of mutated cannibals are stalking every move they make. It seems like the hills indeed have eyes, and there doesn’t seem to be an escape route for the family!

    There are no surprises in store for those who have seen the original film. It’s the usual story: a family is abandoned in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by cannibalistic mutants that want to eat them. Alexandre Aja demonstrates his ability as a filmmaker, and he adds his ruthless touch to the story.

    Usually, the violence in slasher films never seems to be mean spirited. However, this movie has some outright mean and cruel stuff going on. The gore element gets too vicious at times, and this is what makes it different from the original. It might please the gorehounds, but suspense goes right out the window with the excessive action thrown in. There are some interesting characters in the mix of things, but their personalities are revealed through their actions.

    Only the strongest characters survive, and there are hardly any exceptions to this rule. This movie shines in the special effects department, and the mutants look freakish enough to spook the audience. The actors have done a fine job, but it is really more about the events in the film than their performances.

    The story will appeal to those who love an exciting tale of survival, but the relentless gore might not be suitable for everyone. If you want a disturbingly graphic version of Wes Craven’s classic from the 70s, this might be the remake to go for!

    Wrong Turn (2003)

    Wrong Turn (2003)

    Chris is on his way to a job interview in another city. He takes a diversion since the roadway is blocked, and he collides with a stranded car. Because of a flat tyre, this car belongs to a party of campers who are stranded in the middle of nowhere. What seems like a regular accident soon turns into something far more serious, when they discover that the accident was carefully orchestrated.

    They head into the surrounding woods to look for some help, and they come across an isolated cabin that seems abandoned. When they explore the cabin they find human remains, and they are shocked to find three cannibalistic hillbillies reside there.

    These inbred, demented cannibals start hunting them down one by one, and it becomes a struggle for survival as the protagonists try their best to escape. If you get lost in these woods, you are surely going to become the next meal for the cannibals!

    This is a classic splatter film from the 1970s, with a simple plot and plenty of gore. The characters are sketchy, but it isn’t a major flaw. On the contrary, you’ll fall in love with the film’s evocative visuals and the relentless excitement of the story. The creepy setting lifts the mood of the movie, and the realistic make-up works wonders for the storyline. It is all about the special effects and remarkable sets that make things look uncomfortably real.

    The eerie musical score helps the cause even further, and there are some shocking moments that will make you sit up in your seats. The gore is abundant, but it doesn’t look cheap at all. The movie, however, comes with its fair share of flaws. The duration could have been a bit longer because there are times when it feels like the film is abruptly cut short. The cheesy dialogues might be somewhat annoying for people who prefer a more serious narrative.

    The actors deliver the goods, and some of the violent deaths will haunt you for days. The scene with barbed wire will make many look away, but the thrill of the disfigured cannibals hunting down the protagonists will keep you hooked on to the story. Yes, Wrong Turn is full of splatter flick clichés, but it is still a decent enough horror slasher with loads of excitement in store for its viewers.

    Don’t Breathe (2016)

    Don't Breathe (2016)

    Alex, Rocky, and Money want to make a full shift in their life, so they plot a robbery. The plan seemed to be very straightforward: they would break into the home of an elderly and blind Gulf War veteran who is said to have $300,000 in cash.

    He got this huge amount after his daughter died in a car crash, and the three delinquents plan to break in and steal the wealth. However, they do not have the slightest clue that the blind old man is not as defenseless as he seems. He is quick to overpower Money, and shoots him dead. The other two try fleeing the house, but it is much harder than it sounds.

    They find their way into the basement, and they are shocked to find a young pregnant lady held captive. It turns out that the old man was desperate to have a replacement for his dead daughter, and after he accidentally shoots the pregnant lady dead, he wants Rocky to deliver him a child. Will they manage to get away with the money, or do their dreams end in a demented man’s mysterious house?

    This film is directed by the same person who recreated the Evil Dead, and he delivers a spine-chilling thriller. There is more to the world than meets the eye, and this story proves it! There are a few clichés in the film, but it is undeniably a wonderful example of making the audience gnaw on their nails.

    There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot, and the director, Fede Alvarez did a fabulous job with the visual style. He is known for his violent style of filmmaking, but in this movie the violence is not as graphic. It still has some brutal deaths, but the killings have been toned down considerably. Even the blood looks straight out of ketchup bottles and fails to give you the jitters.

    There are, however, some shocking moments and the turkey baster scene will make sure that you stay away from a Turkey dinner for a long time! The cast comprising of the likes of Stephen Lang and Jane Levy are quite competent, and the former is sufficiently menacing as the creepy old man.

    There are some logical inconsistencies here and there, and the protagonists make some really poor choices. If you are willing to let that slip past you, you are in for a brutal and suspenseful journey that will be worth your time!

    The Purge (2013)

    The Purge (2013)

    The story is set in a futuristic American civilization that has fallen as a result of an economic crisis. A totalitarian dictatorship has taken power, and a legislation has been passed allowing for the Purge, a yearly event that legalises all types of crime. James has a family, and he intends to stay in his home and wait out the Purge.

    His wife and two children are supposed to be safe because they have a highly advanced security system protecting their house. All hell breaks loose, when a wounded man is allowed to take shelter in their house. A gang of armed men demand their victim, and unless the family complies they would invade their house.

    James is faced with a moral dilemma! If he lets the man stay, it will endanger his beloved family, and if he accepts the demands then he would be no better than the criminals outside! The emergency services are canceled during the twelve hours of the Purge, and the family must hold out long enough to call for help!

    There’s no doubting that the film offers a novel idea, as such a notion has been seldom explored before. However, you frequently get the impression that there is just too much going on and that the filmmaker is unable to control the mayhem. But before we start picking flaws, let us check out a few positives. The lighting is innovative, and the makers find ways to shoot the movie even in the dark.

    When the mob gets vehicles to light up the house, it makes for an atmospheric light and shadow play. In many ways this is a well-made satire about a futuristic America, and the hypothetical nature of the narrative might seem interesting for many. The acting performances by the likes of Lena Headey, Rhys Wakefield, and Ethan Hawke leave nothing to complain about.

    Now coming to some of the problems, the length of the movie is too short, and they could have turned this into a long, gritty, home invasion film. The basic premise was underused, and that could have proved to be a genuine asset for the movie. Despite such shortcomings, The Purge is a taut and gripping thriller that has certain slasher flick elements to please the gore hounds.

    High Tension (2003)

    High Tension (2003)

    Marie and Alexia are at college and are planning a trip to Alexia’s parents’ remote farmhouse for a few days. Alexia’s father invites them in, and it may provide the ideal place for them to study in peace. Their lovely trip, however, turns into a nightmare that night. A sadistic killer breaks into the house, and slaughters Alexia’s entire family.

    He also kidnaps Alexia while Marie watches in horror from her hiding place. She gathers enough courage to stalk the maniacal killer to rescue her friend and thus begins an intense cat-and-mouse game. The identity of the mysterious killer is revealed at the end, and you will watch with bated breath if Marie will be able to save her friend from the madman?

    Alexandre Aja has a history of making splatter films, and this one is no exception. In terms of the cruelty depicted, High Tension is a return to the exploitation era of the 1970s. The violence is extreme and the graphic nature of the violence makes it impossible for the weak hearted folk to sit through this one.

    What makes things more real is the use of practical effects instead of CGI ruining the show! The narrative is riddled with some tense moments, but the element of gore often takes the attention away from the main plotline. There is no stopping once the blood starts to flow, and things get more morbid by the minute.

    Dialogue is kept to a bare minimum, and the visceral shocks rule the narrative. Even the background score is somber, and the dark and grim nature of the movie gets to you after a point. We were not particularly delighted by the twist at the end because it seemed like the makers tried too hard to look intelligent. Such twists have been overused in horror history, and the freshness of the movie gets affected. However, High Tension still stands out as an excellent horror movie that combines suspense and gore for a perfect movie night.

    Hatchet (2006)

    Hatchet (2006)

    The film starts off on a foreboding tone, with a father and son team hunting alligators in a swamp. They are shortly assassinated by a horrible thing, and the plot shifts to another group of tourists planning a journey to the swamp. The usual tour guide is unavailable due to his negligence, and a rookie steps in to fill his shoes.

    The tour is meant for taking them across the supposedly haunted swamp land, and the curious mix of tourists seem oblivious to the dangers that are about to welcome them. It all starts when their boat sinks and they are stranded in the wilderness. Rumor has it that a horribly disfigured man named Victor Crowley haunts the region.

    He was bullied as a kid for his deformities and he was supposedly killed with a hatchet by his own father. Now, he haunts the swamp and the tourists soon find out the hard way that the local legends might be true! Can they escape from the cursed place with their lives and limbs intact? You’ll have to watch this film to find out.

    The narrative makes it evident that the film is not attempting to pass itself off as a genuine horror film. This horrific slasher film is a throwback to the golden age of slasher films in the 1980s, and filmmaker Adam Green is a noted aficionado of the genre. While the movie acts as a tribute the low budget doesn’t help the cause.

    Some of you might find the cheesy dialogues annoying as well. However, the locations in Louisiana are spot on, and the predictable narrative doesn’t bother the viewers because of all the action the follows. The killer with a mutated face looks perfectly grotesque, and he is played by none other than Kane Hodder.

    All the death scenes celebrate the good old fashioned prosthetic effects, and the campy gore is fun to watch. The narrative has everything from suspenseful drama to women stripping, and it comes as a lifesaver in an era of drought in the slasher genre. The acting performances are sincere and we enjoyed the rowdy wit associated with the story. Hatchet is not some groundbreaking classic, but it is tremendously fun and cannot be missed out by the slasher fans!

    Halloween Kills (2021)

    Halloween Kills (2021)

    The Michael Myers storyline is far from done, as the plot resumes off where Laurie managed to capture the masked monster in her basement. Laurie is badly hurt and is transported to the hospital, but she feels she has finally slain her tormentor of a lifetime.

    However, Michael Myers somehow frees himself from the trap, and he once again goes on a killing spree. Laurie fights through her pain and she inspires the residents of Haddonfield to rise up against the murderous maniac. The women form a group, and they set up a vigilante mob to hunt down Michael Myers for once and for all. But it is not easy to finish off the dreaded monster, is it!  

    Let’s start by being honest about one thing: this film will struggle to impress lovers of the classic Halloween films. There isn’t much of a plot, and the only attention is on the murders. A lot of the stuff that takes place doesn’t make much sense, and even the fans of Jamie Lee Curtis are going to be disappointed by her small role.

    There are plenty of throwbacks and winks to the fans of the original, but that is just not enough to hold their attention. The movie opens well, but it soon descends into the world of chaos. The subplots lead nowhere, and the fan service is no more than a mere distraction. The core of the narrative is violence and sadly this sequel does not have much suspense to offer.

    It is annoying to watch the characters make one stupid mistake after another, and at one point you start to feel that they should all be dead! But Halloween Kills is not all bad. The visual treatment is appropriate and we loved the dark and gritty nature of the movie. It is fun to see some of the original actors back in their roles, even if it is very brief.

    The story has a modern touch that might be appreciated by some, and all the goof-ups didn’t matter because ultimately the movie turned out to be quite entertaining. If you are very picky about your slasher flicks, you shouldn’t even be watching most of them in the first place!

    Saw (2004)

    Saw (2004)

    Two strangers wake up in a filthy restroom with no recollection of how they got there. Dr. Lawrence Gordon is one of them, while the other is a freelance photographer named Adam. Both of these men are tethered to pipes by their ankles. In the bathroom, there’s also a dead guy with a revolver and a hand-held recording recorder.

    The two men have tasks to complete if they want to get out safely, and it turns out that they are the new victims of the infamous Jigsaw Killer. The movie takes us to a series of flashbacks that show more about the horrible games that the killer played with the previous victims. The stakes are high, usually the lives of the victims, and if they fail the task they die in the most gruesome ways imaginable!

    This killer is unique because he doesn’t really kill his victims, but simply makes them kill each other or themselves. The two strangers must find a way to escape before time runs out. Even though the strategy seems unlikely, they do figure out a way to get away. But at what cost!

    Some movies have such a gripping opening sequence that you’re immediately immersed in a world of tension and drama. Saw offers a comparable feeling, and it seems like you’re driving a Ferrari from zero to hundred miles per hour in a matter of seconds. The plot is like a giant puzzle, and the scenes of torture are merciless.

    The situations are so absurdly haunting that you can only imagine what the victims are going through! The claustrophobic feel to the story is perfectly added for the disturbing experience. What makes Saw such an enjoyable franchise is the ability of the movies to dwell on the impossible!

    The concepts are out of the ordinary and often so bizarre that you don’t notice the minor loopholes in logic here and there. We must spare a special word for the two main performers, Leigh Whannell and Cary Elwes, who deliver magical performances despite being tied to a pole for the majority of the time.

    Even the side story dealing with the characters individually is quite interesting. After a brief slowdown towards the middle, the movie again picks up pace in the concluding moments. The climactic finale is shocking to say the least, and you will be left bewildered for sure. This film is only for the most courageous people, and it might be a tough ask to sit through the hours of dread, torture, and pain that you witness on screen.

    Creep (2014)

    Creep (2014)

    Aaron is a struggling cameraman who gladly accepts a job that asks him to travel to a distant lodge to meet his client Josef. The customer has a brain tumour and is unlikely to live long enough for his pregnant wife to deliver their kid. He asks Aaron to make a video journal for his child, but because of Josef’s odd conduct, this supposedly passionate request looks bizarre.

    Aaron realizes that he is in danger when he is able to intercept a call from Josef’s supposed wife, who turns out to be his sister. She urges him to leave the place as fast as possible, and he desperately escapes. However, his troubles are far from over because even after he gets back home Josef seems to stalk him. There seems to be something seriously wrong with this client, and his motives are sure to shock the audience! Watch out for the twist in the climax! 

    It is critical that we offer you no further information about the narrative if you want to appreciate the film. This is a film using discovered footage elements that works surprisingly well. The two key characters will capture your interest right away, and despite a sluggish start, you’ll quickly realise that something dreadful is going to happen.

    True to its name, the movie is exceptionally creepy, and it is a very well-made movie for how simple the storyline is. The dialogue seems natural, and the creepy guy Josef is every bit as weird as you would expect him to be. Mark Duplass is convincing as the psycho, and the director Patrick Brice succeeds in creating a scary, claustrophobic atmosphere throughout the narrative.

    This doesn’t have the usual elements of a slasher flick, but the mayhem that unfolds at the end surely warrants an entry into that domain. The slow pacing of the movie helps in understanding the plot better, and the plot does well to be consistently frightening. Is this one of the best movies in the found footage genre? It certainly isn’t, but it is still exciting enough to be worth a watch! You might think twice before answering a Craiglist Ad after watching this film!

    Candyman (2021)

    Candyman (2021)

    This film is a follow-up to the first Candyman film from the 1990s. It’s been a few years since the last of the Cabrini towers was demolished. Anthony and his companion move into the neighbourhood, and he has an unusual meeting with an old-timer. He learns more about the actual story behind Candyman – the man who was beaten to death by people who falsely believed that he hid razor blades inside a candy to harm a little girl.

    The old man reveals that someone else was behind the actual crime, and Anthony is so inspired by the story that he makes an elaborate art piece based on the legend of the Candyman. However, he has no clue that he is about to unknowingly open the doors to the horrors of the past. When a terrifying wave of violence is unleashed it remains to be seen how the people deal with the threat this time around!

    The visual attractiveness of this film is one of the first things you will notice. The shadow puppetry and the frigid cityscape stand out, and the utilisation of reflected surfaces to depict the horrors to follow is an intriguing notion. The narrative relies more on imagery than the so-called scary sequences, and the vulnerability of the protagonist will strike a chord with the audience.

    The plot is cleverly interwoven with elements from the original movie, and the follow-up will be appreciated by most of the people who loved Candyman. The movie is appropriately atmospheric, and the gory night moments are haunting to say the least. The new Candyman has little of Tony Todd’s majesty and menace, but you will still find him to be creepy enough. The charismatic cast put up a decent acting performance, and the effects also work just fine.

    There is a moderate amount of blood and gory violence, but you should expect nothing less from a movie that derives from the slasher classic, Candyman! Many have gone on to suggest that this movie is even better than the origin, and while we wouldn’t go that far, we have to admit that this is a genuine effort to recreate the magic.

    Hostel (2005)

    Hostel (2005)

    Paxton, Josh, and Oli, three pals, set off on a journey around Europe. They had a good time in an Amsterdam nightclub, but due to a curfew, it is too late to return to their accommodation. They are now compelled to live in an apartment provided by a guy named Alexei. Their next plan was to visit Barcelona, but Alexei advised them to visit Slovakia instead.

    There is a hostel in Slovakia that is filled with beautiful women, and it is enough to lure the friends right into a trap. Once they arrive, they find that their actual experiences are even better than all the stories that they heard about the place. However, the fantasy-filled trip soon turns into a nightmare and the three friends are separated. They realize a little too late that the alluring hostel has some deep, dark secrets, and they had no idea of what they were signing up for! Watch their unforgettable vacation to find out if they will make it out alive?

    We would not suggest this film to a sensitive audience since it is nasty and gory. Although the horrific tale sometimes straddles the boundary between horror and torture porn, it would be unfair to label this film as a shameless cash grab. The director, Eli Roth, is known for another bloodied affair in the movie Cabin Fever, and he works through the low budget to bring you another horror flick served with a generous dose of blood and guts.

    The scene with the eyeball does go out of bounds, and there are a few other such moments that will make you look away from the screen. However, the movie is powered by some good acting performances. The likes of Jay Hernandez and Derek Richardson manage to deliver the perfect change to their characters as they go from heaven to hell! Jan Vlasak steals the show as the blithely sadistic businessman, and there are some alluring women adding to the charm.

    The latter third of the movie is our favorite part because of the typical revenge-seeking thriller that it turns into. There are plenty of adrenaline pumping moments, and it almost becomes like two movies combined into one! Besides the plentiful gore, the ladies often shed their clothes, and that seldom disappoints the viewers. You might call it clichéd, predictable and generic, but the entertainment value cannot be questioned. Overall, it has to be said that the idea is decent enough and together with some interesting characters it makes for a compelling watch!

    Final Destination (2000)

    Final Destination (2000)

    If you play with fate, the repercussions might be devastating! This film is the first of a lucrative franchise based on this theme, and it’s a blood fest that you won’t be able to look away from. It all starts when Alex and his entire class board an aircraft, and just before departure, he gets a vision in which the plane explodes shortly after takeoff.

    He gets off the aircraft accompanied by a few others, but the flight takes off as scheduled. To the horror of the onlookers, the flight actually explodes soon after, and by a stroke of luck Alex has saved himself and a few others. The FBI suspects him of some foul play, but there is no evidence to back their claims.

    The twist of fate begins when the survivors start to die one by one in freak accidents. All the deaths are extremely gory, and it is almost like their destiny is avenging the lost chance to claim their lives previously. There is no escaping the jaws of death, and defying it the first time might make things worse!

    This is the first instalment of an exciting franchise, and it introduces the horror genre to a brilliant, unique notion. James Wong, who is most known for his role as the veteran from The X Files, is also making his feature picture directing debut. The best part about Final Destination is that there is never a dull moment.

    It continues with a suspenseful journey towards eventual death, and you never know where fate is going to take the protagonists. The threats come from the unlikeliest of places, and you wouldn’t be able to predict them before they happen in the wink of an eye. The opening flight scene is going to aggravate the fears of flying, and the effects of the explosion are quite impressive.

    If we had to pick one problem with the movie, it would have to be the half-baked script. It comes across as awkward, and the story could have been explained better. There are some scenes that are overtly grisly and surprisingly gory, but these are nothing so extreme that you haven’t seen before. The frenetic climax has a nice twist, and this original concept hits a perfect home run with a solid presentation. The cast is reasonably good, and this film deserved to spawn a successful franchise!

    Malignant (2021)

    Malignant (2021)

    What if all of your darkest fears turned out to be true? Malignant opens at a bleak Research Hospital, when a renegade patient murders numerous staff members and physicians. Madison, a pregnant woman living in Seattle, has an abusive spouse who torments her several years later. During one such attack, he smashes her head against the wall and knocks her unconscious.

    When she wakes up she finds her husband murdered, and the troubling part is that she had a dream, where a man was violently killing her husband. Later, she wakes up in the hospital and learns that she had a miscarriage. She continues having similar visions, where the killer takes down multiple victims, and they all turn out to happen in real life. There is something about Madison’s past life, elements in her locked up memories that can solve the puzzle!

    The skill of refining a horror film is difficult to achieve. The filmmakers must appeal to both the general public and seasoned horror fans. James Wan appears to have mastered the craft, and Malignant is a shining example of his abilities. The problem is that James Wan has a thing for action, and somehow, that bit doesn’t fit in as effortlessly into the plot as some of the other elements.

    If you are prepared to suspend your disbelief for a while, you are in for a treat. Yes, there are some abrupt cuts that hurt the movie, but that is no excuse to miss out on the fun and horror on offer. The sheer audacity of the story will grab anyone’s interest, and the narrative is punctuated by some good hooks and twists.

    After a point you will not even notice the weird bits of the plot at all. The fast-paced story adds to the cinematic wizardry of James Wan and this might be the perfect movie to satiate your thirst for something out of the ordinary in the horror genre.

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

    It’s always nice to rediscover masterpieces from the past, and if the repainting is done correctly, the item still appears to be a wonderful work of art. The 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre involves members of the original film’s crew, and it aims to stay true to the original’s essence. The story traces a group of five adults, who are traveling through the heart of Texas to attend a concert.

    They encounter a traumatized hitchhiker who keeps talking about a very bad man, but he is so disoriented that he soon shoots himself dead. The group tries to contact the police, and they eventually find a house in the middle of the woods. It soon becomes clear that they are caught in a terrible situation with a deformed chainsaw-wielding Leatherface on the prowl.

    The residents of the house are a bunch of inbred psychopaths, and they derive some kind of sadistic pleasure by brutally slaughtering their victims. One by one, the members of the group are hunted down, and they have to make an escape plan before it is too late!

    This bleak reimagining of the macabre classic checks all of the requirements. Although the odds were always stacked against the concept of replicating a successful film, this has to be one of the better tries. The narrative concentrates on the direct, in-your-face brand of horror, and the build-up is just perfect for the eventuality of death. Some changes have been made to the plot from the original, and it seems fresh and intriguing enough.

    We loved what they did with Leatherface this time around. He is a deformed monstrosity, and the sights around his lair will leave the most hardened horror fans in shock. The teenage cast works for the movie, mostly because a majority of them have to be killed off anyway! The narrative is packed with grisly graphic violence, and the horrible gore might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

    There are a few occasional moments that are completely devoid of logic, but surely you aren’t looking for rationality in an outright slasher flick! In short, this is a Chainsaw Massacre that you wouldn’t regret watching, and the sheer entertainment and excitement on offer are reason enough to try it out!

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