Modern Remake For ‘Under Wraps’ A Disney Channel Original (1997)

    The Disney Channel Original Movie Under Wraps, which debuted in 1997, is getting a modern makeover, and we learned today that it will premiere on the Disney Channel in October.

    Check out the official trailer here along with more details on this remake!

    The comedy features Christian J. Simon who is best known for his appearance in Sydney to the Max, Malachi Barton who was seen notably in Stuck in the Middle, Sophia Hammons who was seen in The Social Dilemma, and Phil Wright who is best known for Disney Fam Jam.

    The plot revolves around a mummy, same as the original film. And it also happens around Halloween.


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    A few days before Halloween, Gilbert played by Simon, Marshall played by Barton, and Amy played by Hammons, are 12-year-old pals who unintentionally resurrect a mummy they uncover in a neighbor’s cellar. They affectionately name this mummy Harold and the mummy is played by Wright. They must, however, hurry to return him to his final resting place by Halloween midnight.Along the way, the trio narrowly avoids a sinister gang intent on selling the mummy to the highest bidder. When Harold is apprehended, Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy must come together to confront the criminals, confront their fears, and save their new, but rather “ancient”friend.

    Under Wraps had introduced a generation of kids and families to what would later become the backbone of Disney Channel Original Movies, according to Lauren Kisilevsky, vice president, Disney Channel Original Movies. Disney’s programming around the world: Disney Channel Original Movies. She added that they are thrilled to reintroduce all the viewers to the Halloween spirit by celebrating the odd relationship that develops between three children and a mummy as They set out on an adventure and, in the end, save the day.

    The new film, directed by Alex Zamm, will be released during the Halloween season.

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