Top 13 Werewolf Tv Series Of All Time

    Halloween may be over, but the spirit of Halloween lives on at Marvelous Videos 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And it means that we can fawn over the supernatural, horror, and the gruesomely dramatic at any time of day.

    When we think of supernatural creatures, we think of characters from fandoms, novels, and mythology. You name it: vampires, witches, werewolves, banshees, zombies, chimaeras, and so on. And, as you may be aware, vampires and werewolves frequently compete for the top rank.

    I’m not going to take sides here; both animals’ lores are intriguing, and the substance is plentiful. Werewolf shows and movies, on the other hand, are frequently followed with a delve into the protagonists’ emotions. You may wonder why, and we can tell you why.

    We know that many of them are fine individuals who turn into werewolves on the night of a full moon and struggle with animalistic inclinations, based on how lycanthropy is depicted. They rarely preserve their memories after reverting to humans. As a result, the werewolves and their minds go through a lot of turmoil. They have a human and a carnal aspect to them. There is a dualism, and the tug of war between a person’s two sides gives their personality depth.

    As a result, the topics in werewolf stories are frequently quite sophisticated. That is also feasible with other monsters, but for the time being, the focus is on werewolves. Apart from Jacob Black and Remus Lupin, there are many more interesting werewolves in popular culture for supernatural horror newcomers. So, in this video, we’ll have a look at 13 series where werewolves are the main characters!

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    Teen Wolf (2011)

    Teen Wolf (2011)

    The first is Teen Wolf, which I’m sure most of you are acquainted with. This American supernatural drama is a loose version of the same-named 1985 werewolf film. It was developed by Jeff Davis and revolves around a young werewolf named Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey). He protects California from supernatural threats.

    Scott is a senior at Beacon Hills High School. He was bitten by a werewolf, and not just any werewolf, but the pack’s alpha. His life took a turn for the better or the worse, as some may feel, and he struggles to balance his life as a regular teenager with his day-to-day life as a high schooler versus a life as a powerful werewolf who tries to protect his hometown. Unfortunately for him, Beacon Hills is home to a host of supernatural activities.

    He was not physically gifted at the beginning. For obvious reasons, his senses and abilities become heightened and sharpened after receiving his new capabilities as a werewolf. But, being a good guy, he has to control the carnal instincts that come with being a werewolf making full moons really rough as they heightened his animal instincts.

    He develops love for his classmate Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), which complicates matters further because she comes from a family of werewolf hunters. Scott’s best buddy Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) and natural-born werewolf Derek help him maintain a sense of balance in his life. Meanwhile, other people from their class begin to acquire supernatural abilities as well.

    The show is ideal for teenagers since it combines an intriguing supernatural notion with issues of adolescence. The music in the programme is exceptionally well-crafted and enhances the tone of each scene. Songs like I Found by Amber Run and Famy by Ava improve the experience of the show.

    One issue, though, continues to irritate fans: the show’s confusing finish. Season 6’s major villain lives, much to the dismay of the audience. It was probably done that way for a possible spin-off or maybe even a possible 7th season but since both options seem to be quite far out at this point, the conclusion of the show feels a bit unsatisfactory.

    Werewolf (1987)

    Werewolf (1987)

    The original show on the Fox network Werewolf is a 1987 American supernatural horror series that popularised werewolves on television to a degree.

    After being assaulted by his werewolf friend Ted, college student Eric Cord (played by John J. York) becomes infected with lycanthropy. Ted had requested that Eric shoot him since he couldn’t deal with his deadly inclination.

    Eric attempts to cure himself of the curse after transforming into a werewolf. The only way to accomplish this is to assassinate Janos Skorzeny, the bloodline’s founder. However, things aren’t as simple as hunting down the bad guy because having killed Ted, Eric becomes a murderer with a bounty on his head.

    Alamo, the bounty hunter Joe Rogan is on a mission to find Skorzeny, and he is pursuing him. Eric travels from one location to the next, meeting new individuals. He uses his werewolf avatar to hunt evildoers instead of innocent people but his self-control was gradually getting worse similar to that of Ted. And the only way out was by ending the curse asap.

    But, in a storyline twist, Eric discovers that Nicholas Remy, an even more cruel and powerful werewolf, is the true creator of this cursed bloodline. The story, however, ends before Eric is able to put a stop to his curse.

    In comparison to other depictions of werewolves, this series is unique in that the protagonists can shift into werewolves even when there isn’t a full moon. Furthermore, the idea of being able to heal the curse of lycanthropy by destroying the bloodline’s founder is a fascinating element to the lore of werewolves that is rarely discussed.

    The series’ rock soundtrack keeps things lighthearted and hardcore. One of the most rewarding aspects of Eric’s trip is seeing him gradually unravel from his soft, kind side to one where he begins to succumb to his animalistic subconscious. Most impressive of all, the special effects in the series were quite impressive considering the fact that it was an 80s TV show.

    Wolf Lake (2001)

    Wolf Lake (2001)

    Another spooky television series has been added to the list. Wolf Lake is a CBS television show about werewolves that dwell in the Seattle suburbs. The series ran for five episodes before being cancelled until UPN aired the entire thing after a year.

    John Kanin is a Seattle police officer. Ruby, his fiancee, is assaulted in a car and vanishes. When John looks for her, all he discovers is a severed hand. Devastated, he heads to her hometown Wolf Lake to investigate the matter after getting an anonymous tip.

    The residents of Wolf Lake are not enthusiastic about John’s coming and actively oppose him. It’s also a place where people go missing all the time. Sheriff Matthew Donner also turns out to be less than reliable due to his suspicious clues that lead John to suspicious and wrong places so John decides to stay in Wolf Lake. Not like the town isn’t suspicious either. The soup the sheriff serves John happens to be quite uneventful as well.

    John looks into the disappearance of Sophia, the Sheriff’s daughter. When it comes to topics about the town’s history, however, he is kept in the dark.

    Sophia acts strangely, as if she were an animal. Furthermore, Ruby’s parents appear to have moved on too quickly from their daughter’s absence. Sherman Blackstone does not give out too much information about Ruby’s disappearance either but John suspects that he knows a lot more.

    Wolf Lake isn’t called that for no reason. After all, some of the town’s occupants were werewolves, and they resided on the “Hill,” where they received preferential treatment that other humans did not.

    Instead of revealing everything early on, the plot unfolds progressively with each episode. Because the series only has nine episodes and all of the events must take place within that time frame, the slow burn keeps the suspense alive but isn’t overbearing.

    With time, John notices the municipal politics, but they are eclipsed by the otherworldly features of the performance. The show’s selling point is the city’s ominous and mysterious atmosphere, as well as the way everything is presented on screen. It is atmospheric and bizarre. The eeriness complements what you would expect from a series revolving around dangerous creatures of the night.

    Wolf Blood (2012)

    Wolf Blood (2012)

    Werewolves are popular among teenagers, which is why several teen television shows with supernatural themes feature werewolves as central characters. However, America is not the only country that subscribes to this viewpoint. British-German fantasy series Wolfblood is one such show that has enjoyed popularity and success after being co-produced by CBBC and ZDF/PDF.

    Maddy, a 14-year-old adolescent, is the protagonist of Wolfblood. In the novel, a race known as the wolf blood exists, and Maddy and her family are members of it. They are not humanoid werewolves but they can turn into wolves at will after a certain age. Basically like the werewolves in Twilight instead of Harry Potter.

    Maddy passes through various transformations as her physical abilities improve. They are at their weakest during a new moon, and at their strongest during a full moon, as you may already know. In the series, we get to see Maddy’s journey with understanding lycanthropy. She also navigates her relationship with her parents and her friends from school. On top of that, she belongs to a community of people with the same ability as hers and we see Maddy’s relationship with them as well. She meets Rhydian, a wolf blood who is a new arrival to the foster care.

    The story is more about Maddy’s struggles in her day-to-day life as a wolf blood than it is about carnal murders.

    Wolf blood distinguishes itself from other werewolf shows by emphasising Maddy’s human experience rather than showing werewolves as purely deadly beasts. The intended audience is young teenagers, and the cast accurately portrays that. Despite being kids, the actors succeed at putting up a stellar performance. Humans being able to turn into wolves will also help the series stand out and it helps the audience see them from an empathetic light instead of perceiving them as antagonistic creatures.

    Debbie Moon wrote the script for the show. Her writing has succeeded in properly capturing the essence of the show’s characters. Adding this layer of human emotions and experiences to a show about werewolves shows that there is much more to the television shows directed towards children than mere entertainment. It is not just casual throwing in of supernatural elements to keep youngsters entertained and in fact, has depth.

    Bitten (2014)

    Bitten (2014)

    Women of the Otherworld is the basis for the Canadian television series Bitten. Kelley Armstrong wrote a series of books set in a fictional village named Stonehaven.

    Brad Turner directed the first season of the show, which lasted thirteen episodes. It centres on a North American pack of werewolves, similar to the adaptation. Jeremy Danvers is the leader or rather, the alpha of the pack. And they are not just relatives. A formal hierarchy of power is present in the pack.

    A judge, a jury, and executioners are present. They are in charge of the North American pack as well as the rogue wolves, or mutts. The pack remains under control but the mutts could use some more discipline. These mutts do not engage with the pack as much, steering clear from areas like Stonehaven and they generally keep their status as werewolves a secret. These are also rules that must be followed according to law and not abiding by it would result in the destruction of the mutt.

    And with too much structure comes evil behaviour, as evidenced by Clayton Danvers of the pack, who is so protective of his people (or rather, wolves) that he becomes the mutt’s source of ruin. He also poses a threat to his own family and Elena, his true love. According to Armstrong’s books, Clayton is much more in sync with his werewolf side than his human side.

    Elena had been bitten by him and changed into a werewolf, but she now lives outside of Stonehaven, trying to live a normal life as a regular human while also being the sole female werewolf. Elena, on the other hand, must keep her werewolf status a secret from her husband Phillip, for if the pack found out, they would kill Phillip to maintain secrecy.

    Bitten is a loose adaptation of the books on television. Because the books are well-known, viewers that tuned in to the show were dissatisfied by a lot of alterations. The book lays much more emphasis on Elena compared to the series which primarily revolves around the pack. On top of that, Elena’s personality is extremely different in the series, where she is portrayed as a glamorous socialite where she is canonically supposed to be much more of an outcast.

    Even though the programme is interesting to watch for those who have never read the novels, it can be a letdown for those who have because it is only a loose adaptation that isn’t really faithful to the source material.

    She Wolf of London (1990)

    She Wolf of London (1990)

    In the early 1990s, the Finnegan Company, MCA Television Entertainment, and HTV created the American television series She-Wolf of London. During the second season, which was shot in Los Angeles, the show’s title was altered. Here, it was called Love and Curses and the cast had been reduced drastically compared to the first season shot in England under the title She-Wolf.

    Randi Wallace is an American graduate student. As a mythology student, she travels to the United Kingdom. Professor Ian Matheson’s trainee, she is said to be. On reaching Britain, she finds out that instead of being old, Ian is a young, attractive guy and the two find themselves to be attracted to one another. However, paradise doesn’t last for too long as one day, Randi is bitten by a werewolf in the moors.

    She is transported to the hospital on the edge of death, where physicians suspect she was attacked by a rabid wolf. She informs them that the wolf wasn’t just any wolf, but that something otherworldly was at work.

    Randi makes it out alive and seeks Ian’s assistance. They work together to look into the show’s supernatural features while also seeking to discover a treatment for Randi’s lycanthropic condition. He takes care and oversees her everytime she transforms and her new form acts like a magnet for other supernatural elements such as spirit possessions, evil carnivals, a boogeyman, and other werewolves.

    Randi’s popularity grows as she is confronted by zombies while in her werewolf avatar, and she eventually appears on American television with Ian, and the two migrate to California. Ian begins hosting a talk show devoted to psychic phenomena.

    The show contains comedic elements that keep it light-hearted, such as the romance between Randi and Ian. Randi’s changes are not given centre stage unless it is a full moon, so the show keeps the inquiry of the two at the forefront of the plot. However, the romance between them was a bit rushed.

    The series’ horror elements are also explicit and nasty. When you consider the show’s minimal budget, the execution is quite outstanding.

    The Order (2019)

    The Order (2019)

    Dennis Heaton developed the Canadian-American television series. This horror drama series premiered on Netflix in 2019 and received a lot of attention. The reception for the first season, both critical and commercial, was quite positive.

    The show was renewed for a second season the following year, however it was terminated in November 2020.

    The Order’s plot revolves around Jack Morton. He is a college student who joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a secret society. The society deals with the occult teaching and practise of magic. Jack investigates the history of the organization and as he goes deeper, he uncovers family secrets revolving around a battle between the magical dark arts and werewolves.

    As a supernatural show, The Order is good enough to be mentioned alongside, if not in the same breath as, shows like The Vampire Diaries. The war between the werewolves and the witches, which is revealed in the third episode, is the most tense component of the show, whereas the first two episodes are more heavier with happenings on the college campus. However, things really take a turn for the better following the plot twist while the humour and a good script keeps the audience engaged.

    The reason behind Jack’s grandfather enrolling him at Belgrave University is a source of intrigue, but the reason is unknown. It’s something the audience will have to discover for themselves as the show’s details unfold one by one.

    Jack and Alysaa’s romance appears to be rushed, and Jack’s over-flirtation is revealed to be excessive. The friendship that has grown up around them, on the other hand, appears to be based on mutual respect.

    The Neophytes are a group of magic users, and their war with the werewolves is revealed a little later than most people would prefer, given that modern humans’ attention spans aren’t the best. After episode three, though, things start to improve, and you’ll see why the first season received such excellent reviews and acclaim from reviewers and audiences alike.

    Hemlock Grove (2013)

    Hemlock Grove (2013)

    Hemlock Grove is an American horror television series created by Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy and produced by Eli Roth. It is set in Hemlock Town, a fictional town in Pennsylvania.

    Strange things are happening in Hemlock Town. The village has been shaken by rumours of murders. There is a newcomer in town called Peter Rumancek. He is befriended by Roman Godfrey, the heir to the wealth of the Godfrey family. Together, the two work to investigate these murders and strange incidents in Hemlock Town and at the same time, hide their dark secrets from one another.

    Due to the closure of a steel plant, there is a stark divide between the rich and the impoverished in this town. Along with the municipal hospital, Hemlock Acres Hospital, the Godfrey company is the only source of employment. However, a strange rumour states that sinister experiments are conducted on the down-low in the hospital.

    Peter Rumancek, 17, becomes a key suspect after the murders of two adolescent females. Another bizarre rumour on the fly is that Peter is a werewolf. He pairs up with Roman Godfrey to solve the murders, as we have already mentioned and does not disclose his lycanthropy. Roman is also a werewolf and the reason for the murders due to his insatiable hunger and bloodlust.

    After being bestowed with incredible power, Peter’s cousin Destiny and Dr. Johann Pryce of the Godfrey Institute climb the ladder to become part of the main cast of the show in the second season. A local cult wants to exterminate the strange beings who live here. The main characters Peter and Roman also struggle with their lycanthropy.

    Peter, whose human conscience is stronger, goes through a battle within himself as he struggles to not give into the urge of being murderous while Roman’s hunger for killing has only increased. Even though the two fight enemies, they are also in a constant battle within themselves.

    The show’s exploration of the minds of its main characters adds to its thematic maturity. From time to time, graphic sights appear, such as a werewolf removing a human finger from a cat’s belly. To make matters more interesting, the cat was possessed.

    Big Wolf on Campus (1999)

    Big Wolf on Campus (1999)

    Big Wolf on Campus was a television show that aired from 1999 to 2002. Thomas ‘Tommy’ Dawkins is the protagonist of this Canadian supernatural television series.

    Tommy is a teen who was bitten by a werewolf while camping in the woods before his final year of high school. He then returns to Pleasantville, where he was born and raised. His transformations capture the attention of the people but no one knows that it is Tommy, the son of the mayor, who is the Pleasantville Werewolf. That is until his friend Merton finds out about it.

    The two join forces to combat the ghostly entities that have made their way into Pleasantville. People mistake Tommy for a dangerous and irresponsible monster, despite the fact that he only wants to help people. In fact, Tommy’s twin brothers are oblivious to who the werewolf is and they are hell bent on hunting it down, much to Tommy’s displeasure.

    Tommy’s love interest, Stacy, is completely unaware that he is a werewolf. Their relationship suffers as a result of his alterations and hectic schedule, making it difficult for him to sustain it. As season 1 ends, Stacy leaves Pleasantville for college.

    The werewolf who bit Tommy is a show adversary who makes living in Pleasantville extremely uncomfortable for the main character. Because Tommy is an Alpha, a Werewolf Syndicate wants to use him to make other werewolves, but he refuses. A real alpha move.

    Lori, Tommy’s new girlfriend, discovers his secret and joins Tommy and Merton in their battle against the supernatural. Merton, on the other hand, is cursed by Medusa, and the Syndicate proves to be more of a barrier than expected. Merton and Lori become werewolves as well transformed by Tommy himself, both unintentionally. However, they are not permanent werewolves unlike Tommy, who is unable to find a cure for his condition because unlike them, he is a full werewolf. But as time goes by, he accepts his fate.

    Despite the fact that the Pleasantville Werewolf is filthy and deadly in the eyes of the locals, Tommy makes every effort to maintain a personal life and make his relationship with Stacy work. His efforts, however, do not assist him in achieving success. And yet, as a protagonist, he is quite well written as the big wolf on campus.

    Being Human (2008)

    Being Human (2008)

    Being Human is a supernatural horror television series based on the BBC series of the same name. In terms of genre, add humour and drama to the mix, as the show is quite thematically diverse, with numerous components being acted out at the same time. Josh, Sally, and Aidn are supernatural creatures – werewolf, ghost, and vampire respectively. They are also roommates.

    Josh and Aidan move into an ancient house. Sally, a spirit, haunts the house. After learning about the ghost’s living predicament, the lads befriend her and sympathise with her. The first season dives into the background revolving around Sally and how she died. We also learn about how Aidan transformed from a regular human into a vampire. The werewolf Josh meets Nora and the two grow into a romantic attachment with one another.

    After Bishop, the vampire who transformed Aidan into a vampire, dies, Aidan takes care of all the orphan vampires. He also runs across an old love interest and comes to terms with his feelings. There is focus around Aidan’s internal journey. Josh and Nora, who are both werewolves, go on a mission with other werewolves to kill the alpha who turned Josh into a werewolf. Similar to the 1987 series Werewolf, this series follows the plot point of the curse being lifted after killing a particular werewolf, in the case of Josh it is the one who bit him. Sally meets her mother for the first time following her death.

    After resurfacing from a coffin after being buried alive, Aidan discovers that his entire vampire family has been carried away. He is on the verge of dying and must learn how to stop. Sally meets with a witch to fix a situation involving someone from the past while Nora and Josh take the aid from a young girl to learn on their journey to get rid of lycanthropy.

    Aidan meets a new vampire boss and finds a new love interest. Josh returns to his old self, and Sally comes to terms with her emotions.

    Being Human has a slew of memorable characters that have aided the show in attracting the interest of its audience. This, combined with the show’s distinct tone and its ability to currently avoid depicting bloodshed, makes it all the more compelling to watch.

    The Originals (2013)

    The Originals (2013)

    The Vampire Diaries is a well-known series. If you were an adolescent in the late 2000s or early 2010s, there’s a good chance you devoured the series. The Originals is a spin-off from that show and it follows the life of Niklaus Mikaelson, the vampire-werewolf overpowered hybrid from the parent show. Klaus and his family find themselves involved in the supernatural politics in New Orleans – French Quarter.

    The series revolves around Klaus and his siblings Rebekah and Elijah. The Mikaelson family is known as the Originals because they are the first vampire family to exist. Klaus’s one night stand Hayley ends up being pregnant with his child.

    After 1919, the Mikaelson siblings returned to New Orleans. They had established the French Quarter but had to abandon it due to their furious father Mikael. Klaus resolves that they had to take their quarter back from Marcel and the only way to do that was by taking him down. At the same time war was brewing between the werewolves, vampires, and witches.

    Klaus’ magical kid with Hayley would not have an easy life, and the Mikaelson family would have to protect her from the dangers she would face.

    The siblings’ parents return, and Klaus’ child is threatened by an aunt. However, assistance is on the way, as a new family member arrives.

    There’s also a prophecy about the Originals’ demise after they’re attacked by the first generation of non-Original vampires. This generation nursed a grudge against the Mikaelsons and sought vengeance for a millennium.

    There is a five-year gap in the timeline. The Mikaelsons are confronted with a new problem: an ancient supernatural threat of devastation hell-bent on annihilating everything in its path.

    There’s a seven-year gap between now and then. Hope, Klaus’s daughter, is now an adolescent. She attends a school called the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted. The Mikaelsons try to reunite their family while facing the ancient menace.

    The Originals gets off to a solid start thanks to a previously known fan base from a highly successful series. However, it failed to live up to the expectations set by its predecessor.

    True Blood (2008)

    True Blood (2008)

    True Blood, an American fantasy television series, has created a name for itself in the supernatural horror drama genre. It’s based on Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels.

    The protagonist of the story is Sookie Stackhouse. She works as a waitress and has psychic abilities. She is also a human-faerie hybrid. The show is set in Bom Temps, Louisiana, which is a fictional town. Most of the show revolves around vampires instead of werewolves though.

    A synthetic blood product was produced two years before the events of True Blood. It’s called ‘Tru Blood,’ and it allows vampires to break free from their graves and take control of humanity. As the vampires seek equal rights in society, anti-vampire organisations find themselves gaining more and more power. The protagonist Sookie pulls a Bella Swan and falls for a 174-year old vampire named Bill. Talk about big age differences. In the series, she navigates the issues that come within her relationship.

    Unlike a number of other shows, this one does not feature vampires and werewolves living in secrecy, oblivious of their presence. No, the premise implies their existence, but this occurred only two years prior to the premiere of the series, following the creation of the synthetic Tru Blood. It was invented by Japanese scientists for vampires and eliminated their need for human blood for survival. So, vampires came out of their coffin and revealed themselves to the world, now that they did not need to be a threat anymore.

    Following the Great Revelation, vampires were divided into two groups: those who wanted to integrate into human society and gain equal rights and citizenship, and those who believed it was impossible for the two to coexist due to the vampires’ predatory nature. Werewolves, witches, faeries, and shapes hifters all had ideas on whether vampires should be allowed or eliminated in the show’s supernatural universe, which included werewolves, witches, faeries, and shapeshifters.

    The show is fantastic because it employs a supernatural premise to tackle real-world issues including prejudice, equal rights, violence, the media’s impact and grasp on the public, and the value of family. It also brushes aside issues like identity troubles. Using deeper themes in a supernatural show makes the themes more accessible as the format is a lot more exciting to consume.

    Shadowhunters (2016)

    Shadowhunters (2016)

    The Mortal Instruments novel series by Cassandra Clare has been a huge hit. It has a lot of buzz among fantasy readers, so when Ed Decter created Shadowhunters, fans were overjoyed at the prospect of a new supernatural drama series.

    Clary Fray is the protagonist of the series. Clary discovers that she is more than a typical human on her sixteenth birthday. She is a descendant of the Shadowhunters, a race of human-angel hybrids. These Shadowhunters hunt demons but at the same time, deal with the struggle of forbidden love.

    Clary accepts a position at the Brooklyn Academy of Arts. She notices a bunch of people that seem suspicious while she celebrates her birthday with Simon, her best friend. However, nobody else can see them. She follows them and watches them fight. As the matter goes out of hand, she interferes with a blade, trying to save those people from the attacker but believes that she has committed murder. She rushes back home with a heart full of guilt when her mother Jocelyn makes a life changing revelation.

    She notices that her mother has the same markings as others at the club and realises that she is in danger. Clary is then transported to Luke, her lone father figure, via a portal. However, Clary returns to her apartment. Jocelyn is missing and the one who sent her through the portal, Dot, is now monstrous.  

    He asks her about a Mortal Cup. However, a blond boy from the club arrives at the nick of time and saves her. He tells her more about herself and who she really is and she joins a group of Shadowhunters to save her mother from Valentine Morgenstern. Valentine is Clary’s father and the villain.

    Clary enters her new world as a demon hunter and begins a voyage of self-discovery, learning more about her background and attempting to comprehend what her future may bring.

    Live-action adaptations, as fascinating as they sound, rarely succeed in maintaining the enthusiasm surrounding the source work. As a result, whether you’re a beginner to the show who hasn’t read The Mortal Instruments, you’ll find yourself genuinely enjoying the content. But for the fandom, things are not as good. And to be accessible to the crowd, a lot of the graphic violence from the novels were taken away, which only made fans more disappointed.

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