Where Can I Stream The Chestnut Man (2021)

    To start the Halloween season with a bang, Netflix will release The Chestnut Man, a Netflix original series that will undoubtedly terrify you! This is just one of many new Netflix titles that you should add to your list of Halloween movies and shows to binge-watch in 2021.

    The series takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is entirely in Danish, so make sure your subtitles are turned on. Because it is set to be released on Netflix soon, more information about this thriller series is becoming available.

    This series takes viewers on a roller coaster trip as it begins with one criminal investigation and then ties to another. After each clue, viewers will be taken on a trip to discover who the Chestnut Man is.

    What is The Chestnut Man about?

    The Chestnut Man is a forthcoming Nordic noir television series based on the award-winning writer Sren Sveistrup’s bestselling novel of the same name.

    What is The Chestnut Man about

    This story which is set in Copenhagen, throws us right into the middle of a frightening murder investigation. A body has been discovered in a children’s playground and is missing one of its hands. We quickly find out that the killer’s calling card is a “chestnut man,” a handmade doll constructed of matchsticks and two chestnuts that hangs over the dead body.

    The case is given to Naia Thulin, a bright young detective, and her new partner, Mark Hess. And, while analysing the doll, they make a startling discovery: it’s linked to politician Rosa Hartung’s missing and thus assumed deceased daughter.

    Is it just a tragic coincidence, or is it something more sinister? Thulin and Hess must put their differences aside to piece together the Chestnut Man’s grisly clues in order to save innocent lives.

    Where to Stream The Chestnut Man?

    Where to Stream The Chestnut Man

    The Chestnut Man series will premiere on Netflix on September 29th and will consist of six 50-minute episodes. Hence, you will have to have a Netflix subscription to be able to watch the series.

    Is The Chestnut Man on Amazon Prime?

    The Chestnut Man will not be available on Amazon Prime and there is no information yet about any other streaming service.

    Is The Chestnut Man on Hulu?

    The Chestnut Man is not available on Hulu’s vast library of movies and streaming shows so you will not able to watch it there.

    Can The Chestnut Man be streamed online?

    It is not clear when the show will be available for viewing on the mainstream subscription services. While there are free online streaming services where the movie will almost certainly appear shortly, we advise our readers to avoid all unlawful means and to only watch movies and shows online after paying for them.

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