Where Can I Watch Station Eleven: Season 1 (2021)?

    Station Eleven is an HBO Max’s upcoming original Sci-Fi miniseries depicting a pandemic-ravaged apocalyptic society. Directed by Jeremy Podeswa and Hiro Murai, ‘Station Eleven’, is the adaptation of award-winning 2014 Emily St. John Mandel’s novel which will span multiple generations as it tells the story of multiple survivors attempting to rebuild society in the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic.

    The trailer opens with Jeevan and Kirsten, played by Himesh Patel and Matilda Lawler, respectively, meeting outside a showing of King Lear, in which the lead actor, Arthur Leander (Gael García Bernal), suffers a heart attack. Though trained as a paramedic, Jeevan is unable to save him.

    After the show, he attempts to comfort Kirsten, who is one of the child actors in the production. An outbreak of the “Georgia Flu”—a virus that is both highly contagious and deadly—is sweeping over the world, leaving millions of corpses in its wake. Within the next few weeks, nearly the entire cast of the King Lear production succumbs to the disease, as does the majority of humanity around the world.

    The novel then jumps some 20 years after Year Zero, where a now-grown Kirsten travels with a group of actors and musicians from town to town known as the Travelling Symphony, staging concerts and Shakespeare’s plays. But not everyone has responded to this new reality with that kind of positive idealism.

    The troupe soon runs into trouble in a town controlled by a mysterious cult figure known only as The Prophet, who wants Kirsten to be another one of his “brides.” Kirsten’s fellow troupe members begin to mysteriously disappear, and she embarks on a personal quest to find them. There are a lot of characters, each with their own narrative arcs, complications, and flashbacks to Year Zero and the lives everyone led before, which turn out to be linked in surprising ways.

    Pandemic stories are fast becoming a well-trodden path, and unfortunately, Station Eleven is releasing at a time that many will be sick of even hearing the word “pandemic.”

    Is Station Eleven: Season 1 on Amazon Prime?

    Amazon prime is not streaming Station Eleven. Readers can stream other series that are currently streaming on the platform like, How I Met Your Mother; The Boys; The Expanse and more.

    Is Station Eleven: Season 1 on HBO Max?

    Is Station Eleven Season 1 on HBO Max

    Station Eleven is set to premiere on HBO Max on December 16 with the first three episodes.  Two more episodes will debut every Thursday, leading up to the final episode on January 13.

    Is Station Eleven: Season 1 on Hulu?

    Hulu is not serving Station Eleven as the part of its current listing that include the Elisabeth Moss-starring The Handmaid’s Tale and coming-of-age comedy PEN15.

    Is Station Eleven: Season 1 on Netflix?

    Unfortunately, Netflix is also not streaming Station Eleven as the part of its current listing that include Lost in Space: Season 3; Coyotes; Single All The Way; The Whole Truth and Money Heist: Part 5 Vol 2.

    Where to watch Station Eleven: Season 1?

    You can stream Station Eleven and more with an HBO Max subscription. HBO Max is currently only available in the United States and certain U.S. territories, and can be accessed with internet connection through Android products, Roku, Chromecast, iOS, some gaming consoles and certain smart TV platforms.

    The 10-episode series was originally expected to be released sometime in spring 2020. The actual pandemic, of course, twisted that fate. The show will finally make its debut on HBO on December 16. However, paying for the content you like is always recommended. We would also request our readers to avoid streaming any content illegally.

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