Where To Watch “Juanpis González – The Series”?

    Plot- To inherit the family riches, the most privileged man in the country must pass a severe test imposed by his grandpa, through which he discovers what he believes is his vocation: to do politics, although not necessarily in a legal manner.

    Rodrigo Triana and Carlos Mario Urrea are the directors.

    Juan Carlos Aparicio and Daniel Cuparo wrote the screenplay.

    Alejandro Riao, Carolina Gaitán, Juan Fernando Sánchez, Julián Caicedo, Santiago Moure are among the cast members.

    Dynamo Producciones is the film’s producer. Netflix is the distributor.

    Genres: Comedy, Drama, and TV Series

    Is “Juanpis González – The Series” on Hulu?

    Since the series is not going to release on Hulu, we need to look up for alternatives. You have arrived to the right spot if you are looking for all of Hulu’s new releases. Hulu has published the whole list of new episodes and movies that will premiere in January 2022, including originals like How I Met Your Father and Sex Appeal.

    Is “Juanpis González – The Series” on HBO Max?

    As the series is not going to be available on HBO Max, we need to look up for alternatives. One series always comes up when contemplating HBO’s (or HBO Max’s) fate in 2022. Yes, “House of the Dragon,” the network’s first follow-up to the juggernaut fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” will premiere this year, and yes, its performance (in the ratings, on streaming, and in the culture) will be scrutinized by far more than the executives paid to ensure the lucrative franchise succeeds.

    HBO, on the other hand, has never staked its illustrious reputation on a single show. “True Blood” and “Boardwalk Empire,” “Girls” and “Veep,” “Band of Brothers” and “True Detective” followed “The Sopranos” and “Sex and the City.”

    Is “Juanpis González – The Series” on Prime Video?

    The series will not show up on Prime Video. So, we need to look up for alternatives. The Missing, Waitress are some best choices.

    Is “Juanpis González – The Series” on Netflix?

    Is “Juanpis González – The Series” on Netflix

    “Juanpis González – The Series” will not release on January 19, 2022.  In the United States, the most basic package, which permits only one screen to be used at a time, costs $9.99. The regular package now costs $15.50 per month, up from $14 before.

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     In Canada, Netflix has likewise raised the rates of its subscription tiers. In Canada, the regular plan has been raised to C$16.49 from C$14.99. The cost of the premium plan has increased from C$2 to C$20.99. Netflix, on the other hand, has not raised the price of the basic plan. The price stays at C$9.99.

    Netflix’s mobile subscription in India has been dropped from Rs 199 to Rs 149, allowing users to view content in 480p on their phones and tablets. The Basic package now costs Rs 199 and allows customers to stream videos on a single mobile, tablet, computer, or television screen at a time. The plan had already been proven at Rs 499.

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