Where To Watch “Remix My Space With Marsai Martin”?

    Extraordinary young people who have made a lasting positive impact in their communities will be given the shock of a lifetime when the leading lady Marsai Martin makes an appearance in their backyard, school, or local park with the wonderful news that she and her team will give them a highly personalized bedroom renovation in the new discovery+ series Remix My Space with Marsai Martin.

    In the eight-episode season, Marsai, who is best known for her role on the ABC sitcom Black-ish, will use her personal passion for interior design to create stunning bedroom makeovers recognising outstanding, peer-nominated adolescents who have made a positive impact in their communities via their actions homeless, and Marsai will use her personal enthusiasm for interior design to produce magnificent bedroom renovations for exceptional, peer students, in addition to teaching them how to cook their own nutritional meals.

    Following the good news, Marsai’s skilled design team, which includes carpenter Joanie Sprague and designer Tiffany Thompson, will build a stunning hideaway that reflects each teen’s unique interests, personality, and style.

    Hayley, a 15-year-old HONOR STUDENT who founded a successful match-up programme that links elders who need companionship with preschoolers, will have her bedroom transformed in the first episode to showcase her passion for dance. Throughout the season, Marsai will take the teens on field trips to learn more about their interests, such as photography, robotics, and even footwear, so that she may incorporate their favourite items into their new rooms.

    Is “Remix My Space With Marsai Martin” on Hulu?

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    Is “Remix My Space With Marsai Martin” on Netflix?

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    Is “Remix My Space With Marsai Martin” on HBO Max?

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    Where to watch this series?

    Where to watch this series

    Fans of Marsai can follow her new series on the discovery+ digital platforms at and on Twitter at @discoveryplus. Plan your binge today, since all eight episodes of Remix My Space with Marsai Martin will launch on discovery+ on Saturday, January 15th.

    A year’s subscription to Discovery Plus costs Rs. 399. The annual subscription is Rs. 199, while the monthly subscription costs Rs. 199. There are several subscription plans to select from. Leading credit and debit cards are accepted as payment methods. You can also pay through the Play Store.

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