Where To Watch “Scream: The True Story”?

    Scream may be one of the most popular horror film series of all time, but the real terror resides in its terrifyingly true origins: serial killer Danny Rolling, also known as The Gainesville Ripper.

    The genuine story of a serial killer who believed he was possessed by a demon, and whose heinous crimes inspired the blockbuster film Scream, is based on a real story about a murderer who thought he was possessed by a demon. The docu-special examines the purported evil powers at work, as well as whether Rolling’s spirit still lingers in the shadows, through a ground-breaking paranormal investigation, archival media, and expert interviews.

    Danny Rolling stalked and murdered eight people in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Gainesville, Florida, starting in 1989. Five of the victims were college students. When he committed his atrocities, Rolling claimed he was possessed by a demon named “Gemini,” but he was eventually convicted and hanged in 2006.

    Now, paranormal investigator Steve Shippy and famous psychic medium Cindy Kaza have teamed together to find out the truth behind Rolling’s allegations that he was forced to kill by a demon.

    Shippy and Kaza are the first to perform a paranormal investigation at the campsite near the University of Florida campus where Rolling followed his victims, as well as inside his childhood house in Louisiana, where the present occupants are plagued by aggressive poltergeist activity.

    According to interviews with professionals and people involved in the case, including Rolling’s ex-fiancée, evil has run in his family for decades. Shippy and Kaza are confronted by powerful evil energy during their investigation – could it be the demonic force that possessed Rolling, or is it the ghost of Rolling himself? They request the expertise of a demonologist to execute an exorcism and aid in the fight against the evil spirits, fearing for everyone’s safety.

    Is “Scream: The True Story” on Hulu?

    “Scream: The True Story” is not going to release on Hulu. “This is Us”, “Next Level Chef” are some best choices.

    Is “Scream: The True Story” on Netflix?

    “Scream: The True Story” is not going to release on Netflix. “Raising Dion”, “LOcke& Key” are some best choices.

    Is “Scream: The True Story” on HBO Max?

    “Scream: The True Story” is not going to release on HBO Max. “Minx”, “staircase” are some best choices.

    Where to watch this series?

    Where to watch this series

    On Friday, January 14th, Scream: The True Story, a part of the Shock Docs series, will air on Discovery+. Meanwhile, on January 14, 2022, the next Scream will be released in theatres.

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