About us

    Hello All! Thanks for showing interest in our website. Our site was founded back in early 2020 and we aim to make this site the biggest entertainment site on the internet. Our organization is run by a small group of like-minded people. We have a team of 50 people at the moment who work from our office space to deliver and cover everything that our readers and fans are reading on this site.

    Ashish Chandrakar


    Ashish & Ahtesham started this adventure 7 years ago

    Ajay Katre


    Ajay is all about machines and art! He has a brilliant way of thinking about things and is an extremely organized person.

    Ahtesham Quraishi


    Ahtesham is a profound lover of Action movies, Videos games, Comic books and Good Food!

    Kamran Khan


    Kamran is one of the first volunteers that started working along side Mark and Mary, dedicated to Nature Love

    Vikas Dhruw


    Vikas is a big guy with a big heart who loves to read novels and spends his free time playing various sports!