6 Anime To Watch If You Love 86 Eighty-Six

    The Republic of San Magnolia asserts that its prolonged battle with the Giadian Empire is now without victims, but that is simply deception. Those with other looks are held in a hidden eighty-sixth group, whereas the silver-haired Alba of the Republic’s eighty-five regions lives in security within secure barriers. They are obliged to combat against the Empire’s impartial Legion, which itself is led by the Republican “Handlers,” and are called inside the army as the Eighty-Six.

    Vladilena Milizé has changed the Spearhead squadron’s prior Handler. She maintains to struggle over her peers’ brutal intolerance despite being dismissed by them because she was embracing Eighty-Six. Shinei Nouzen heads the Spearhead squadron as its captain. He is renowned because he is the only winner in each and every squadron he has been in and persists in retaining the identities and final requests of his fallen friends. Will the confluence of these young people’s destinies from two completely distinct universes spark the flame that brings them to redemption or will they destroy themselves in the embers of desperation?

    The anime was released in 2021. Taking inspiration from a light novel, the television adaptation has a total of 11 episodes with a runtime of 23 minutes. The anime is rich in action and drama. Over the time, the anime has received massive positive responses. Better known as a masterpiece, presenting us with one of the toughest storylines. The series takes over with its characters, art, and direction. The plot is well connected and so are the characters. For the fans, who are wondering, the anime streams on Crunchyroll, Bahamut Anime Crazy, Bilibili, and iQIYI.

    For those who are looking for similar content, comprising rich action and characters, the list below is mandatory to check.

    1. Aldnoah.Zero


    The anime takes us deep into aspects of science fiction with its discoveries, which human kind is yet to make. The human population was once capable of teleporting to Mars thanks to the locating of a hypergate on the Moon. Those who took the plunge to stay there encountered a technological advancement that was far superior to that existing on their home planet, which they called “Aldnoah.” The Vers Empire of Mars was set up as a result of this knowledge, and warfare was started against the “Terrans,” many who remained on Planet. Unfortunately, a struggle on the moon that eventually began to be known as “Heaven’s Fall” forced the hypergate to blow, devastating the moon and causing the two worlds to come to a shaky ceasefire.

    But the tranquility they experienced was fleeting. Inaho Kaizuka, a high school student, sees the intended assassination of Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia of the Vers Empire, who’d already arrived on Earth in an attempt to restore relationships between both the dynasty and its country, fifteen years afterward. The Martians anew launch an attack on the Terrans after the simple stop is breached. Inaho and his allies must therefore fight the Vers Empire to resolve the war in the midst of this unstoppable nemesis.

    The anime was released back in 2014. The original adaptation has a total of 12 episodes, with a runtime of 23 minutes each. The action based science fiction is very famous for its plot twists and rich characters. One will come across the characters of Inaho, Slaine, Asseylum, Inko, Yuki, Rayet, Darzana, Cruhteo, and others. The anime is primarily known for its aesthetic. The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

    2. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

    Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

    The anime presents you with an exclusive space battle. Rich in action scenes, the anime presents warfare between humanity and space entries. The Calamity War, the greatest battle between Earth and its space colonies, actually occurred more than three thousand years ago. Four economic coalitions currently control Earth, and the paramilitary force Gjallarhorn is in charge of maintaining stability. In contrast, the economy of Mars is indeed highly dependent on that of Earth.

    A teenage nobleman from the Chryse Autonomous Region Kudelia Aina Bernstein supports the fight for Mars’ sovereignty after already being outraged by the horrible living situations its subjects would undergo. To resolve the issue, she seeks the assistance of a nearby business, Chryse Guard Security (CGS), to assist her on the excursion to Earth so that she might discuss economic terms with the worldly coalition that administers the province. She is selected to be guarded by the Third Army Division, which includes Mikazuki Augus, Orga Itsuka, and countless more young troops.

    It is on OrgaOrga and his supporters to prevent Gjallarhorn from executing the teenage revolutionary who has undermined their objectives when he assaults the CGS buildings. In actuality, Gjallarhorn’s deeds might eventually wind up becoming the accidental trigger that pushes the youngsters to establish their new future.

    The anime was released back in 2016. The original television adaptation has a total of 25 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes each. The anime is rich in action. The fiction-based drama is known for its unique plot and representation of space in a different way. The anime introduces us to several characters like Mikazuki, Orga, McGilis, Atra, Akihiro, Lafter, Gaelio, Norba, Biscuit, and others. The anime is known for its quality scenes and a rich storyline. The anime is streaming on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

    3. Violet Evergarden

    Violet Evergarden

    The anime presents a beautiful love story and explains the essence of affection. It revolves around the Great War. Mainly dealing with the post-effects of war, the anime highlights how the bond is created in wars and gets torn apart. The war went on for a long period of four years. The terrible issues caused a lot of damage and finally came to an end. After some time, recovery begins and Telesis begins to develop again.

    The heroine of the anime series is Violet Evergarden- a garden who was born and brought up only with the motive of fighting in battle. She was taught no human emotions. In the last phase of the war, she gets badly wounded and ended up in a hospital when the war was officially over. She wakes up to recall the last words said to her, but without having any understanding towards them.

    Looking for more meaning and to be more productive, she starts working at CH Postel Services. Tho she had relatives to stay with, it didn’t work out, so she got separated. As she began working, a strange incident happens, when she comes to know about “Auto Memory Doll”. The doll specializes in putting out people’s thoughts into words. As she was confused about the meaning of the last words said to her, she gets enticed by the doll. She felt so intrigued by the invention that she begins to work as an auto memory doll. This act of kindness explores new passages in her life. She begins to meet new people, as she helps them out.

    The anime is a beautiful story of how one learns to love oneself and others. It is a story of self discovery. Taking after a light novel, the television adaptation has a total of 13 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes each. The anime is much of fiction and drama. One doesn’t get to see much about war scenes. The anime series is solely streaming on Netflix.

    4. Darling in the FranXX

    Darling in the FranXX

    The anime is set in the near future. Dealing with extraterrestrial creatures, the anime introduces another theme with the concept of saving humanity. There is no doubt, that the anime is rich in gore. In the near distant future, gargantuan predators identified as Klaxosaurs had also pushed mankind to the point of destruction, prompting the remaining to take shelter in enormous citadel fortresses dubbed Plantations. The first and only armaments produced to be functional against the Klaxosaurs are indeed the colossal mechas proven as FranXX, that are presented to young adults educated here in boy-girl combinations. These college students were produced solely to manage these gadgets; they have really no information about the outside world and they can only validate their survival by maintaining their breed.

    Upon struggling with an entrance examination, Hiro, an upcoming FranXX pilot, had already ended up losing motivation and confidence. Hiro wants to withdraw to a body of water in a wilderness after passing his school’s graduation ceremony, in which he fulfills an enigmatic girl with two antlers projecting from her head. She puts in uses the pseudonym Zero Two to identify herself, which is reported to already have held to a renowned FranXX pilot called as the “Partner Killer.”

    An unanticipated Klaxosaur invasion rocks the Plantation while Hiro has a chance to process the experience. The monster is fought by Zero Two in her FranXX, but it takes substantial harm during the combat and collapses adjacent to Hiro. While Zero Two learns her companion is gone, she encourages Hiro to accompany her in operating the mecha, and the two immediately defeat the Klaxosaur in the upcoming battle. Hiro is now given the chance to apologize for his mistakes of history with a new relationship in his arms, albeit at what price?

    The original television adaptation has aired a total of 24 episodes, with a duration of 24 minutes each. The anime is rich in action and drama. The anime has a little bit of romance. The science fiction faces a great deal of warfare and shows team spirit. The pain of leaving a loved one but still going on is what is being shown in the anime. The anime was released back in 2018 but is still acknowledged well. The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Bilibili Global, and Netflix.

    5. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

    Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

    With the annexation of Japan in the decade 2010, the Holy Kingdom of Britannia is strengthening its position as a formidable military strength. After already being promptly destroyed, Japan was assigned the new moniker Area 11, and it has experienced armed opposition from these dictators in an endeavor to recapture its sovereignty.

    A teenager from Britannia nicknamed Lelouch Lamperouge unluckily discovers himself ensnared in the gunfire between both the military of Britannia and the Area 11 rebels. He is nevertheless capable of escaping when a mystery girl called C.C. reaches up at the right moment and grants him Geass, the “Power of Kings.” Lelouch starts on a hazardous adventure as the costumed bandit nicknamed as Zero, spearheading a relentless attack upon Britannia in order to exact vengeance after understanding the enormous opportunity of his previously undiscovered “gift of unquestioning loyalty.”

    The original television adaptation was aired back in 2007, and has a total of 25 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes. The anime is rich in gore and might contain slight profanity. The anime is rich in action and drama. The fiction based anime is well known for its gore content. The anime is streaming on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.

    6. Deca-Dence


    The living creatures known as Gadoll magically appeared as a menace to mankind in the very distant. The Tank, a sub-community in the massive mobile fortification Deca-Dence, is where the only remnant people on Earth are imprisoned. The mass of Tankers is willing to assist the front ranks by chopping Gadoll meat and fortifying barricades, in contrast to the warrior Gears that dwell on the upper elevations who go into combat as volunteers of the Power. Untroubled by her replacement right arm, Natsume is one of those who wish to fight along the front ranks. She needs to join the few Tanker warriors that join the fight against the Gears.

    Natsume’s application for membership in the Power hasn’t been granted, regardless of the fact that her shelter peers all have been granted their assigned duties. She starts working as a maid in an equipment maintenance crew headed by the jaded and callous Kaburagi, who appears to be much more nuanced than he allows on. Although he treats his optimistic assistant cruelly initially, he eventually sees her as having the possibility of altering the way things are on the earth. As Natsume’s new trainer, Kaburagi assists her to get preparing for her distinctive and special position as a crucial system defect.

    The anime has a total of 12 episodes, with a total runtime of 23 minutes. The anime is rich in action and adventure. The fiction based anime is popular for its tech plot. It is amongst those rare original series that are well liked. The anime is famous for its Storyline, art, sound, characters, and entertainment. The binge-able anime is streaming on platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. One will get to see several characters like Natsume, Kurenai, Jill, Minato, Kaburagi, Donatello, Hugin, and others. The anime is a ten.

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