The 5 Best Underrated Anime Of 2021 You Need To Watch Right Now

    Animes have gained popularity in the past few years. Everyone is familiar with an anime or two. You might not have binge watched it, but you definitely heard the characters. There are few series that are highly popular, whereas, on the other hand, there are few which are gaining popularity. If you are tired of the mainstream anime, or in the outlook of finding something which hasn’t been explored much, then the list below, will definitely help you.

    A total of 5 anime are which are worth a watch are mentioned below. Following new storylines, and gripping characters, the animes will get you hooked. Check the list below to discover more intriguing storylines and characters.

    1. Ousama Ranking

    Ousama Ranking

    Ousama Ranking is a feel-good anime. The anime has gathered a huge base of fans, owing to its cute character- The baby Prince. The way the anime has sketched and put the character into action has made turned anime lively. The main lead of the series is an infant Prince Bojji. His age is not the only surprising factor, he is also deaf and mute. His personality is despised by the populace of the kingdom, which is ironically the same reason he is liked so well by the fans.  They mock at his apparent ignorance, labeling him “The Useless Prince.”

    Bojji isn’t particularly strong physically, but he’s absolutely not a coward. His age doesn’t let him be less than any leader. He also gets in the process of befriending a strange person.  Instead of traumatizing him, a fortuitous meeting with a shadow monster leads gives him the false impression that he has found a friend at last.  others who only prefer to focus on his flaw this mysterious monster called Kage turned out to be pretty kind to him. He begins to go on meetings with Kage, the shadow, frequently to the degree where even the usually hostile animal starts to develop a liking for him.

    The prince’s path to overcome his worries and insecurities is about, to begin with, the odd relationship between Kage and Bojji. Bojji decides to achieve his goal of being the finest monarch he can be notwithstanding the continual jeers he receives. The anime unravels a very beautiful and selfless story of friendship. 

    The whole series has a very positive influence. The characters are unique. We don’t get to see such humble characters and storylines in much anime. The television series takes its inspiration from web manga. It has a total of 23 episodes, with an average runtime of 22 minutes. The fantasy anime is must watch if you already love watching fantasy. If you are someone who is experimenting with genre, then Ousama Ranking is a great choice. The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

    2. Odd Taxi

    Odd Taxi

    The anime Odd Taxi follows a very pleasant plot of a taxi driver. It also shows the journey of a taxi driver, and how he keeps on meeting new people with all kinds of personalities. Not only this, they are a listener of all the conversations as well. The walrus Hiroshi Odokawa is quirky and rude, but he maintains a very typical life. He works as a taxi driver and encounters a variety of interesting people there, including the idle Taichi Kabasawa who is determined to go viral, the eccentric nurse Miho Shirakawa, the unsuccessful comedy duo “Homo Sapiens,” and Dobu, a notorious felon. It’s crazy the kind of stories he has got to listen to. But what is Hiroshi’s story?

    Now Odokawa’s straightforward approach to life is going to be undermined. He is the subject of a police investigation into an abducted female. He’s in danger as the yakuza and two dishonest officers are already pursuing him. Odd Taxi is a fascinating tale about such a poor taxi driver and the puzzle of a vanished high school student, situated in an oddly familiar city populated by strange people.

    The anime presents your warmth. It’s an underrated criminal series. The character of the taxi driver and his experiences are noteworthy. The anime experiments with a new storyline. It represents many of our real life concerns. The anime was released in 2021. The original television adaptation aired a total of 13 episodes, with an average runtime of 23 minutes. If you are looking for a feel good anime, You should not miss out on Odd Taxi. The anime is streaming on Bahamut’ Anime Crazy and Crunchyroll.

    3. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

    Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song

    The anime follows a disastrous story. It depicts the harm caused by science and its terrible outcomes. It shows the harmful effects of science and advanced technology. The tragedy that results from highly advanced AIs trials to eradicate humans permeates the atmosphere with the scent of blood everywhere owing to the destruction. A researcher puts everything on edge onto a relic from history in a desperate wish to prevent the catastrophe from happening.

    The anime is set in the future. A century from the current time, AIs will have already become an important part of human civilization and will have been manufactured in a similar way with assigned tasks to do over their functional life lifespan. The first ever artificial AI, Vivy, is a singer, with beautiful vocals whose job is to increase joy with her vocals. She attempts to give her all during her performance this season in an amusement park at which she actually rarely receives a providing effective and efficient and is obligated to replicate it every day.

    That is until an advanced AI from the future appears in front of her and asks for her assistance in preventing a brutal war that has been in the works for hundreds of years. Vivy is thrust on a millennium odyssey to prevent the harsh history that is still to occur without having enough time to comprehend the information that turns her entire space upside down.

    The anime presents us through soft corners despite being known for its violent theme. The original television adaptation has a total of 13 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes each. Science fiction is underrated for its action scenes and suspenseful plot, but they are totally worth it. The anime was released in 2021 and is streaming on Funimation, Aniplus Asia, Wakamin, Bahamut Anime Crazy, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.

    4. Mars Red

    Mars Red

    The anime dates back to the 1920s. It represents the chaos spread by vampires, back in time. The anime series is set in Tokyo which is besieged by a vampire problem in 1923. The clandestine business in “Ascra,” a synthetic plasma substitute, serves as a catalyst for the town’s vampire populace to start growing quickly. The Special Forces Team 16 recruits vampires from the army to form Code Zero, a fresh covert vampire-hunting team. on instructions from Lieutenant General Sounosuke Nakajima.

    Colonel Yoshinobu Maeda is in charge of the squad. He seems to be under obligation to deliver effective results because of the increasing condemnation that could lead to the deactivation of the group. He is in charge of finding the origin of the Ascra business in addition to hunting down and eliminating vampires. This was not all.  Even worse happens, now because they are no longer a person, the division’s vampires are experiencing difficulty comprehending their unexpected abilities and personalities. The warriors of Code Zero should come together in order to stop the calamity because the planet is opposed to them and they else risk surrendering to their individual evil temperaments.

    Many vampire shows are popular. This particular series combines vampires and action, plus how can they be productive? The anime brings out a fresh theme, ditching the old and outdated patterns of representation of vampires. The anime has been released recently in 2021. The supernatural elements have been put into use perfectly. The anime has a total of 13 episodes, with a runtime of 23 minutes. For those who are looking for something historical and with intense drama and then the anime fits perfectly. The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Wakamin, and Bilibili.

    5. SK8 The infinity

    SK8 The infinity

    The anime is about a student who is passionate about skateboarding. It goes on to tell the kind of risky competitions he endures in order to explore his favorite game. Reki Kyan is a high school student, who is committed to skateboarding. During daylight he practices in the broad sun, but,  When it gets dark, he goes to “S,” an illicit underworld competition where skaters face grave danger through competitions. The underground competition takes place within a mine. A tragedy happens which leaves  Reki unable to practice at all. This happens following a defeat that leaves his arm injured and his skateboard in pieces. 

    Reki meets Langa Hasegawa, who a fresh student who is half Canadian and half Japanese and has never skateboarded beforehand when he is at work. Cash is truly unavoidable for Langa. When he got to know about the money that can be made in the underworld he visits it.  Upon visiting “S” together as instructed by Reki’s supervisor, they both get to find themselves in problems and are pressured into a gamble that seeks for Langa to compete in a sprint.

    Who everyone considered a rookie, turned out to be a holder of a Reki card. The card helps him in many ways to win competitions and make a good deal of money. The anime is a fun deal to watch. It is rich in sports spirit. And as very few anime focuses on skateboarding, this anime follows a unique plot. The anime was released in 2021. The original television adaptation has a total of 12  episodes, with a runtime of 23 minutes each. The anime introduces us to many characters like reiki, Langa, Miya, Kaoru, Carla, and many others. The characters look lively adding more interest and making it fun to watch. The anime series is streaming on several platforms like Bahamut Anime Crazy, Funimation, Crunchyroll, Bilibili, and Wakannim.

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